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Why are pilots forbidden to wear a beard?

For safety reasons, pilots are not allowed to wear a beard. This is due to the fact that the circumstances of the flight involve the wearing of an oxygen mask, and its loose fit threatens the safety of the pilot and, accordingly, the passengers.

Pilots should not beard only because the ban exists because of safety precautions, that is, safety on the plane. This prohibition is professional, and does not have a special role, since in principle abnormal situations rarely happen, but they do.

In this case, the ban exists only so that the oxygen mask, in the case of an apocalypse, catastrophe and other phenomena on the plane, could stay on your face. It is known that the beard can interfere, namely, it will serve as an obstacle to the tightness of the fit of the oxygen mask on the pilot's face. So, if you are going to pilots, then you need to shave your beard as part of security.

Why are pilots forbidden to wear a beard?

The main and quite significant factor, due to which pilots are forbidden to wear a beard, is the safety of the entire aircraft.

The fact is that in case of emergency, pilots are required to wear oxygen masks. In the case of a lush beard, she simply will not fit snugly to her face and, as a result, will endanger the life of both the pilot and all passengers. Everyone knows that control of an airplane completely depends on the qualifications and general health of the pilot, and for this reason such a rule has been introduced.

Who else is forbidden to wear a beard?

There are other professions where wearing a beard is strictly contraindicated. For example, all service personnel must shave their beards and collect their hair in a bun, as there is a high risk that they can get into a dish or drink. As a rule, employees of the subway, railway service, people in the public service, officials and politicians also cut their beards. It is believed that such a dress code framework is designed to add solidity to the employee, and will help other people to get to them. As a rule, the dress code of teachers and educators is determined by the internal routine of the institution.

In most cases, a beard will be a great advantage in a place where there are large temperature differences. Growing a beard is preferred by sailors, climbers, archaeologists and just those who can afford full care.

Brief conclusion

Sometimes, going on the road or to a restaurant, it is extremely important to pay attention to the staff themselves. His behavior, features of the dress code can tell a lot about the institution or the management of the flight service.

It is precisely because of such strict rules that representatives of the above professions can afford not to shave only during their holidays or long-term vacations.

If you need a smooth and safe shave, you can use an electric razor, and also, for those who like to combine quality with antiquity, a T-shaped or dangerous razor is suitable.

If you have a beard, I won’t tell you “yes”

For security reasons, no.

In emergency situations, the pilot must wear an oxygen mask. If he has a thick, such a hipster beard, then the mask will not fit snugly to his face. So, the pilot threatens both his life and the life of all passengers of the airliner.

Pilot as an airline representative

No wonder for the pilots and stewardesses a lot of rules have been written: how to look, what to wear, what is possible and what is not. First of all, after university, I decided to go to work not in my specialty, but to try myself as a flight attendant. So I know what I'm talking about.

Pilots should inspire confidence in people boarding. Of course, stereotypes play an important role. Studies show that we tend to consider bearded men more aggressive and angry.


Today, some airlines allow their pilots a beard. It should be well-groomed and excuses before a flight such as “I didn’t have time for a barber shop” are not accepted.

Most of them adhere to the rules of a smooth-shaven face, but my acquaintance from Swiss Airlines says that there are no strict regulations on this subject.

What is the result?

Everything turns out strange. The forums are overwhelmed with reports that you can’t wear a beard, otherwise everyone can be on board. However, in fact, some airlines allow you to have a well-groomed one.

I don’t know how they have it, but pilots without a beard are welcome in our airlines. Caring for passengers - above all!

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