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Constipation with hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

One of the main symptoms that characterize hemorrhoids is constipation, that is, obstructed, untimely, incomplete, irregular bowel movements. In a healthy person, bowel movements are observed at least 3 times a week, a maximum of 3 times a day. Normally, bowel movement occurs at the same time (the most active period is 6-7 hours in the morning), no physical effort is required.

With constipation, feces become denser, and the load on the rectum increases. With the inevitable straining, the mucous membrane is injured, causing inflammation of the hemorrhoids, bleeding, anal fissures and other complications. In order to prevent exacerbations of hemorrhoids, it is important to get rid of the rhythm of defecation on time.

Background for constipation with hemorrhoids

Can there be constipation with hemorrhoids, and what is the danger of this condition? Solid feces injure the intestines, enhances inflammation of the hemorrhoid plexuses. When straining, they fall out, and it is more and more difficult to put them into place each time, as the disease goes to the next stage. There is a feeling of the presence of a foreign body in the rectum. Fear of another trip to the toilet due to great need makes us postpone this event for later. The greater the delay in defecation, the more acute the problem.

The main causes of constipation:

  1. Genetic factor - structural features of the intestine are inherited,
  2. Constantly holding back the urge to defecate,
  3. Unbalanced diet with insufficient fiber in the diet or regular malnutrition,
  4. Abuse of fasting diets
  5. Nervous disorders (frequent stress, depression),
  6. Pregnancy and lactation
  7. Inadequate fluid intake in the body,
  8. The use of certain medications, in particular the abuse of laxatives,
  9. A busy schedule at work,
  10. Lack of exercise,
  11. Fear of going to the toilet due to sad experience.

If hemorrhoids is the cause of constipation, the underlying disease must be treated. Many fear a visit to a proctologist more than to a venereologist, but there is nothing shameful in this state. Experiments with folk remedies and laxatives can lead to a chronic form, and it is much more difficult to treat. In addition to a proctologist, you may need to consult a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist, and in some cases a psychologist.

Causes and symptoms

Symptoms of constipationDiagnostics
Decreased frequency of bowel movements, intense stress during bowel movements, frequent urge to empty, a feeling of incomplete bowel movement, liquid feces.Palpation of the abdomen, history taking, rectal digital examination, blood and feces analysis to detect hidden blood, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, etc.

Impairment of intestinal motility causes constipation.

There can be many reasons for this:

  1. stress, depression,
  2. malfunction of the endocrine system,
  3. taking medications
  4. sedentary lifestyle,
  5. impaired blood circulation in the intestinal walls,
  6. diseases of the rectum and gastrointestinal tract,
  7. pathology of the anorectal region.

To provoke the onset of an unpleasant process can:

• Frequent use of bakery products,
• Lack of fluid, fiber and greens in food,
• Daily is worse than fatty meat and sausage products,
• Alcohol abuse.

Eliminating the main cause of the disease can count on a positive result

Only by finding out the true cause of the pathology, you can cope with it and exclude the development of inflammation of the hemorrhoid plexuses and nodes. Internal hemorrhoids that appear after constipation are a frequent manifestation that requires immediate treatment.

How is the process going

Before food enters the stomach, they are thoroughly chewed and softened by saliva. Once in the stomach, the food is treated with hydrochloric acid and pepsin. Then it enters the duodenum, where its digestion takes place. In this case, bile and digestive enzymes join it.

Then the food enters the small intestine, where the split vitamins, minerals and nutrients are absorbed from it. A lump, losing beneficial substances is sent to the large intestine. In this place, feces are formed. The latter contain powerful poisons, germs, fats and cholesterol.

Feces should be in the intestines for no more than 8 hours. In the case of a long delay, the reverse process of absorption of toxic substances occurs. In addition, the intestines begin to deform and may rupture. In such cases, intestinal inversion and severe toxic poisoning most often occur.

Signs of a bowel movement

If the baby is fed breast milk, which is ideally suited to his body, you may not even see the daily result on diapers, since the food product is completely absorbed. If you feel normal, you don’t have to worry about this. Violations should be thought of when changing the consistency and type of feces, when they come out with difficulty, in parts, the intestines are not completely empty, bowel movements are irregular. The contents of the intestine, which is condensed with constipation, scratches the mucous membrane, creating conditions for the appearance of anal fissures and bleeding.

How to recognize the symptoms of constipation?

  • Abdominal muscles constantly have to strain,
  • Untimely and irregular bowel movements,
  • Deviations from the norm (from 3 times a day to 3 acts per week),
  • The feeling of incomplete bowel movement after going to the toilet,
  • Flatulence and bloating,
  • The presence of a foreign body in the rectum
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.

With constipation, the patient experiences constant weakness, a feeling of fatigue due to intoxication of the body with decay products, which can again be absorbed into the blood. Until the problem has become chronic, its causes should be identified and a doctor should identify ways to eliminate them.

Necessary treatment

An effective treatment for constipation in hemorrhoids is to improve the digestive tract.

You can eliminate problems with bowel movements with the help of a diet and increase motor activity. If these measures are not effective enough, then the doctor prescribes laxatives and enemas.

Table: Drugs for constipation

Difficulty stoolPlantain seeds, lactulose, sorbitol, bisacodyl, sodium picosulfate, senna, aloe, domperidone, duphalac, metoclopramide, hyoscine butyl bromide,
Constipation and painmebeverin, drotaverin, otilonium bromide, papaverine, pinaveria bromide, peppermint oil
Bloatingsimethicone, diosmectite
The complex of all symptomsparoxetine, glycerin suppositories

Each organism reacts individually to any changes. For someone to establish a daily stool, a diet is enough, and someone can not cope with the problem without an enema and medication. Many people benefit from eating enough fiber and liquid.

Within six months, conservative treatment is carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

If during this time no positive changes occur, then surgical intervention is often inevitable. In this case, the colon is partially or completely removed.

Recommendations for the use of laxatives

General rules for the use of drugs:

  1. Before use, consultation with a proctologist and gastroenterologist is required.
  2. Better to take before bedtime with an adequate amount of liquid.
  3. For emergency bowel cleansing, rectal preparations with herbal ingredients are recommended.
  4. After 2 weeks of therapy, there must be a break.
  5. Contraindications for use are: bowel obstruction, acute gastrointestinal diseases, acute hemorrhoids.

Proper nutrition

How to get rid of the problem in a natural way? Proper nutrition for hemorrhoidal disease and constipation is the key to quickly eliminating pathology.

Eating food is best divided into small portions.

The list of products that improve digestion and promote daily stool is quite wide. It includes raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Preference is given to cereals rich in dietary fiber. This is bran bread and wholemeal, soybeans, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, peas, lentils, dried fruits, nuts and much more. All of these products in large quantities contain vegetable fiber. It is not digested, but increases the amount of feces.

Another group of products helps to increase the secretion of digestive glands, stimulating fermentation. All this improves intestinal motility. The list of these products is also quite large: beet and cane sugar, natural honey, dried apricots, prunes, grapes, pumpkin, melon, gooseberries, blueberries, plums, apples and more.

Useful folk recipes

To get rid of constipation at home, you can use proven folk recipes. Steamed dried fruits have laxative properties: figs, prunes, apricots, dried apricots.

You can use the following recipe:

  • Grind 250 g of a mixture of dried fruits with a blender or mince. Mix the finished mass with 10 g of crushed dried senna leaves and 250 g of natural honey. A couple of tablespoons of the remedy eaten before bedtime will provide morning stool.

People with chronic constipation are advised to enrich their diets with foods rich in organic acids. Yogurt, yogurt, bifidok, kefir, pickled vegetables and kvass normalize intestinal motility.

Products containing fatty acids are also able to normalize the intestines, as they facilitate the passage of feces through the intestines. This includes nuts, cod liver oil, fish oil or oily fish, spices, and vegetable oils.

Dishes prepared on the basis of gelatin or agar agar contribute to an increase in feces and their better movement through the intestines. People with bad stools definitely need to fall in love with mousses, jelly, pastille, jellied dishes.

Treatment with folk remedies in the form of tea, decoctions, tinctures is better coordinated with the attending physician.

Medicines for the treatment of constipation

When constipation with hemorrhoids, what to do, the doctor knows, and not a thematic forum. The basis of drug treatment is tablets, drops, rectal suppositories and other forms of drugs with a laxative effect:

  1. Dufalac. Syrup on the basis of lactulose enhances the contractility of the intestine, softens the consistency of feces, improves the composition of the intestinal microflora. Take the syrup until the problem is completely resolved in concentrated form or diluted with water.
  2. Guttalax. Drops improve intestinal motility, work locally, not absorbed into the systemic circulation, accelerate the process of intestinal cleansing. Dilute the medicine with water.
  3. Regulax. The result occurs 10 hours after drinking the drops, so it’s convenient to take a popular German drug at night. Sodium picosulfate, the active component of the drug, has a positive effect on the inner surface of the intestine. Drink Regulax with a large volume of liquid. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 4 years old.
  4. Picolax. The medication can be purchased in tablet form or in the form of drops. In addition to sodium picosulfate, it contains lactose and sorbitol. The tool improves intestinal motility, begins to work 6-10 hours after ingestion.
  5. Senadexin. The tablets are convenient to use, since the frequency of administration is only once a day. One tablet is enough to stimulate the process of bowel cleansing during the day.
  6. Norgalax. Fast gel designed for rectal use. Reduces the density of feces and accelerates its progress to the exit. Desires for defecation are observed already 5-10 minutes after the drug is introduced into the body.
  7. Mukofalk. Orange-flavored granules based on plantain extract can be diluted in water or washed down with liquid. Natural plant ingredients are not absorbed into the systemic circulation, work locally and purposefully, and are excreted from the intestines naturally. Suitable for people with limited diet. The effect of the drug is similar to the healing properties of bran. The natural composition minimizes the list of contraindications: children will reward up to 12 years, intestinal obstruction, individual intolerance.
  8. Bisacodyl. Sold in the form of tablets and suppositories. Tablets are recommended to be taken in the morning or at night. Candles are placed once a day, placing them as deep as possible. The result comes in half an hour. Contraindications - the acute phase of hemorrhoids, cystitis, childhood.
  9. Normase. Syrup with lactose and fructose liquefies the contents of the intestine, stimulates its peristalsis, improves the absorption of calcium salts.
  10. Forlax. Powder with the smell of citrus is readily soluble in water. It is not absorbed through the walls of the intestine, the residues are removed completely, naturally. Take in the morning once a day.

Laxatives for constipation with hemorrhoids should be taken strictly according to the indications. Many of them have an addictive effect, unforeseen consequences are possible, especially if the regimen of taking tablets or drops is not observed. If you see strange symptoms or worsen, stop taking the medicine and discuss the problem with your doctor. After an additional examination, he will prescribe an analogue of the drug.

Causes of constipation

Hemorrhoids and constipation are interconnected. The causes of complications of the bowel movement:

  • After surgery to remove internal hemorrhoids, the bowel movement is impaired. The reason is the psychological fear of the patient to feel unbearable pain during an act of defecation, a possible rupture of postoperative sutures. Therefore, during rehabilitation, the stool is soft.
  • Pregnancy at 7-9 months. Causes:
  1. A rapidly growing uterus compresses the vessels of the pelvis. The veins of the rectum expand, causing stagnation of blood. The last months of pregnancy - there is an exacerbation of hemorrhoids due to the growth dynamics of the baby in the uterus.
  2. The pressure on the intestines increases, disrupting its work. Chewed food stagnates in the stomach, hardens. The vessels of the rectum are injured. After constipation, hemorrhoids are formed.
  3. Due to a sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy, stagnation of the circulatory system of the legs and digestive system occurs.
  4. In pregnant women, eating habits change. Spicy and salty foods provoke blood flow into the rectum. There is stagnation of lymph, the formation of a lump in the anus.
  5. The psychological aspect. When carrying a child, a pregnant woman is prone to stress and negative thoughts.
  • Constipation and hemorrhoids occur after childbirth. The reason is the strong attempts of the young mother during childbirth. The result - the stretched muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and uterus cause constipation.

Where does hemorrhoids come from

The name of the disease is composed of two words, translated as “blood flow”. Indeed, the most common symptom is the appearance of drops of blood when going to the toilet. The lower rectum and anal canal are penetrated by a network of blood vessels. Veins form hemorrhoidal caverns - sacs filled with blood. The blood pressure in these caverns ensures a healthy bowel movement, holds feces.Another role of vascular sacs is the barrier to infections, this is the immune guard of the intestines.

The venous plexus of the rectum is part of an extensive network of veins of the pelvis and abdominal cavity. An increase in blood pressure in the system inevitably causes an increase in pressure in the hemorrhoidal plexuses. The principle of communicating vessels is triggered. Venous sacs swell, become inflamed, bleed - hemorrhoidal disease develops.

The following conditions provoke hemorrhoids:

  • constipation. Regardless of the original cause, stool retention contributes to stagnation of blood in the hemorrhoid plexuses. Feces in the rectum squeeze veins with their mass, making it difficult for blood to flow. The situation is aggravated by stubborn straining when the patient tries to squeeze out the accumulated feces,
  • pregnancy. The fetus, along with the uterus, squeezes the organs around it, worsening the blood flow from the rectum,
  • prolonged stagnation in the veins of the lower half of the body. It is characteristic of persons whose professional activity is associated with long standing. Typical of a sedentary lifestyle, hard physical work, obesity,
  • any inflammatory diseases of the rectum and neighboring organs. Prostatitis, cystitis, ovarian inflammation contribute to the spread of harmful bacteria to hemorrhoidal veins with the development of inflammation,
  • Passion for alcohol, heavy and fatty foods. Gastronomic excesses lead to stagnation of blood in the hemorrhoid plexuses,
  • hereditary factor. The role of a genetic predisposition to defects in the connective tissue of the vascular wall is noted.

The possibilities of traditional medicine

Home recipes for treating constipation such as home-made rectal suppositories from household soap with chlorine and alkali are passed on from generation to generation. If constipation with hemorrhoids, what to do, can you believe in folk remedies? Check with your doctor. Decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants can be part of the treatment regimen, but they are used only as an adjuvant, fixing the result of drug treatment. They are also useful for the prevention of constipation.

  • Dried fruit dessert. For this delicious recipe, you need to cook dried apricots, figs, prunes, raisins and nuts (in equal parts). You can grind dried fruits in a meat grinder, season fruit mixture with honey. As a medicine, it is used 2 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
  • Flax seeds. The composition is better to cook every day. Two teaspoons of seeds are enough for one serving. They are poured with water in the evening and insisted. In the morning, flax seeds are added to a salad of raisins (0.5 cups), grated apples and carrots seasoned with honey. It is necessary to eat all this during the day, for 3-4 receptions. Sometimes an apple with carrots in a recipe can be replaced with yogurt.
  • A decoction of senna. Buy senna dry grass from the pharmacy. It will take 2 bags of raw materials. They are added to a glass of raisins, filled with boiling water. The mixture must be kept a little in a water bath, and then still insist 2 hours. A bottle of holosas is added to the infusion. Take the medicine at night, a quarter cup.
  • Dill tincture. Grind dill seeds on a coffee grinder, brew boiling water and insist. Drink several times a day, the course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  • Bran. For lovers of miracle pills with instant effect, this method is not suitable, since bran treatment can take several months. At first they are taken processed: brewed with boiling water, drained water and use steamed tea leaves. After a month, you can eat dry bran, adding them to porridge, kefir or salad. The course of treatment is long, but the effect of the drug is persistent.

In the future, it is combined with other methods. As an emergency measure, you can drink a teaspoon of oil (ideally castor oil), but it will work only after a few hours (especially with severe constipation). An oil enema will help cleanse the intestines in minutes. The oil is warmed to body temperature (in the intestine it is a degree higher) and injected into the anus.

Rectal suppositories, especially glycerin suppositories, have a similar effect. Because of the mild effect, they are put even to children. This is still safer than helping the baby's intestines with the end of a mercury thermometer, as advised on the forums.

Laxatives - tablets or syrup

A doctor must choose an effective drug. Medicines act differently. If the patient is treated independently, this will negatively affect the body.

  1. Irritant drugs (Guttalax, Regulax) are used with a slight reduction in the walls of the stomach. Assign one tablet to release the rectum from feces. The period of use is a decade.
  2. Osmotic laxatives - Forlax, Lavacol. It is prescribed for severe constipation for single use. Do not weaken muscle tone.
  3. Prebiotics - Dufalac, Poslabin. Safe drugs for severity. Improve intestinal microorganisms. After two days, a positive result is achieved.

Effective method - the use of suppositories

Suppositories for constipation with hemorrhoids are not harmful. Used for its intended purpose during pregnancy, after removal of hemorrhoids. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Laxative suppositories are administered after bowel movement.

  1. Suppositories with glycerin are used when bearing a child and in the postpartum period. Safe for young mother and baby.
  2. Sea buckthorn suppositories are a restorative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent containing alpha acids. Positive effect on the rectum. Due to the natural elements contained in candles, it is safe for pregnant women and children.
  3. Gas-forming candles - used for regular suppression of urge to stool. Ferrolax, Calciolax. Emitting carbon dioxide in the intestine, irritate the wall of the rectum and lead to irritation, physical activity.
  4. Postoperative suppositories - help the body fight the effects of anesthesia and surgical trauma. For postoperative constipation, doctors recommend using bisacodyl. The function of suppositories is to stimulate the production of rectal mucus.

And what is locked under the development of pathology

When drawing up your daily diet, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the properties of the products. From your menu you need to exclude products that inhibit intestinal motility! These are pasta, jelly, mashed potatoes, semolina, rice and millet porridge.

When treating constipation, doctors recommend completely abandon alcohol and remove white bread from the diet. Dishes should be cooked, baked, stewed, steamed. Drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day. If there are no contraindications, then you can drink a glass of sparkling mineral water twice a day on an empty stomach. Such types of mineral water as Borjomi, Slavyanovskaya, Essentuki No. 17 are suitable.

Nutrition for constipation

To combat constipation from hemorrhoids, follow a diet. A balanced meal, a developed regimen with meals 5 times a day in small portions will help get rid of constipation.

  • Soups
  • Oatmeal, buckwheat, millet porridge.
  • Sour-milk products - kefir, fermented baked milk.
  • Vegetables - cabbage, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers.
  • Fruits - bananas, pears, apples, plums.
  • Natural juices with pulp.
  • Mineral water.
  • Dried fruits - dried apricots, prunes.
  • Nuts - peanuts, walnuts, almonds.

In acute illness, it is forbidden to use:

  • Porridge - rice, semolina.
  • Chocolate.
  • Bread of the highest grade.
  • Strong tea, coffee, alcohol, soda.

Why hemorrhoids cause constipation

These two painful conditions are so closely intertwined with each other that it is difficult to understand which of them arose primarily. Accumulated feces and fecal stones put pressure on the intestinal wall and prevent blood from circulating freely. The tension of the muscles of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor when trying to go to the toilet increases the pressure in the venous system even more. Hemorrhoidal veins swell, become noticeable upon examination. The process is accompanied by tissue edema around the anus, expressed by painful sensations. Waiting for pain during bowel movements makes you restrain the urge, worsens the course of constipation with hemorrhoids. What to do, how to break the vicious circle?

Therapeutic diet

Treatment of pathology involves mandatory abstinence from food. A therapeutic diet for constipation and hemorrhoids normalizes daily stool, which contributes to a quick recovery. The diet menu is designed in such a way that it has a large number of foods rich in fiber.

Acute pains in the anus, difficulty in defecation cause a lot of questions in patients about compiling their own menu.

The principles of diet are quite simple:

  1. In the diet, cereals made from whole grains, as well as raw vegetables and fruits, must certainly be present. These products make the bowels soft and trouble free.
  2. To adjust the intestines to a certain rhythm of work, you should eat in small portions. Eat every 3 hours at the same time. This mode will help get rid of constipation and prevent the development of hemorrhoids.
  3. Patients with acute pathology, as well as after operations, are not recommended to include wheat bran in their menu. During this period, they are contraindicated.
  4. Dried fruits contain a large amount of soft fiber. They improve bowel function. But eating them should be steamed.

Causes of constipation with hemorrhoids

Can there be constipation from hemorrhoids? Yes, and why is this circumstance dangerous? The accumulation of solid feces negatively affects the inflamed area of ​​the anus.

The patient suffers from a foreign body sensation in the anus, pain in the hemorrhoid. Chronic constipation causes a person to push hard during bowel movements.

it leads to the loss of hemorrhoids outward and to the difficulties of their reduction inward.

The unpleasant prospect of experiencing pain and discomfort during bowel movements makes the patient postpone the process for later.

There is a vicious circle: feces press on the walls of the rectum and provoke the emergence of new cones.

In most cases, stool retention occurs due to certain eating habits and an unbalanced lifestyle. Among the main causes of constipation with hemorrhoids are:

  • regular containment of urge to defecate,
  • fiber-poor diet
  • neurological disorders (depression, shock)
  • lack of fluid intake,
  • taking certain medications, abuse of laxatives,
  • busy work schedule,
  • psychological fear of pain and discomfort.

If hemorrhoids is complicated by chronic constipation, you must visit a proctologist and gastroenterologist to diagnose, consult and determine treatment methods. We hope that thanks to the above information, you could learn a little more about constipation with hemorrhoids.

Treating constipation with hemorrhoids at home

Treating constipation at home:

  • Decoction of tansy. Affects hemorrhoids, constipation, flatulence. Recipe: a spoonful of dried tansy is added to a glass of water. Boils and insists hour. Strain the broth and take one tablespoon 3 times a day before eating.
  • Enema with boiled water. Cleanses the intestines, prevents constipation, reduces the manifestation of internal hemorrhoids. In an enema, a liter of warm fluid is collected, injected into the rectum. After an enema, lie down for 15 minutes. Apply once a week.
  • Flax seed infusion. Prepared: 2 teaspoons of seed pour a glass of water, boil, let it brew for 12 hours. Drink a decoction with seeds.
  • Aloe juice. Used with honey. In a ratio of 4 to 1. Drink a teaspoon 2 times a day.
  • Decoction of leaves and dandelion root. Chop dandelion. For 3 tablespoons, you need 400 ml of water. Boil, let it brew for half a day. Take a tablespoon 3 times a day before meals.
  • Mountain ash infusion. Collect red mountain ash before the onset of cold weather. Cork with a lid, previously covered with sugar. Let it brew for a month, strain the syrup. Dilute half a liter of the resulting composition with 50 ml of alcohol. In the morning before meals, consume 25 ml of the product.
  • Nettle broth. To prepare a tincture of nettle, you need to prepare half a liter of boiling water for 2 tablespoons of leaves. Stir, insist day. The next day, in three doses before meals, drink the resulting solution.

An additional action in the treatment of flatulence is an active lifestyle, walks, physical exercises that restore intestinal motility.

Drug treatment of the disease

How to get rid of constipation with hemorrhoids? One of the conditions for the successful treatment of constipation in hemorrhoids is the selection of the most suitable laxative drug. It can be drops, tablets, syrups, rectal suppositories.

Consider the most well-known remedies for constipation with hemorrhoids, well-established as laxatives:

    Dufalac. The drug is based on lactulose and purified water, is available in the form of a syrup.

Stimulates bowel contraction, softens feces, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Syrup can be taken both undiluted and with water. Guttalax. Drops from constipation increase intestinal motility, are not absorbed into the digestive tract and bloodstream, stimulate the bowel movement and accelerate bowel movement.

To receive drops diluted in warm water. Regulax. The tool is released in the form of drops. The laxative effect occurs 10-11 hours after administration.

At the heart of the drug is piconic acid sodium, which has a beneficial effect on the intestinal wall. Take the product should be washed down with plenty of water. Picolax. The drug is released in the form of tablets and drops.

It is also based on sodium picosulfate with excipients containing lactose and sorbitol.

Beneficial effect on the large intestine, enhances its motility, the effect of the drug is felt after 6-10 hours after administration. Norgalax. Quick-action gel for rectal use.

It softens feces and stimulates their free movement through the intestines. Defecation occurs 5-10 minutes after administration of the gel. Senadexin. Release form - tablets intended for single use per day.

The active components of the drug stimulate the intestinal wall, increase motility and accelerate the process of emptying. Mukofalk. The product is released in the form of orange granules. They are diluted with water, stirred and taken, additionally washed down with water.

Plant components normalize the intestines, are not adsorbed, are excreted from the body along with feces. Bisacodyl. The drug is released in the form of tablets and rectal suppositories. Tablets are taken before breakfast or before going to bed.

Candles are injected deep into the rectum 1 time per day. After applying suppositories for constipation with hemorrhoids, the bowel movement occurs within 20-30 minutes. Normase. A syrup that causes liquefaction of intestinal contents.

It contains fructose and lactose. Stimulates intestinal motility, improves the absorption of calcium salts. Forlax. Release form - powder, easily soluble in water with the aroma of orange and grapefruit.

It is not absorbed into the intestines, is excreted along with feces. Recommended for use once a day after sleep.

Now that you have learned a little more about the medical treatment of constipation for hemorrhoids, what to do urgently at home is the next question that arises by itself.

The occurrence of constipation after surgery

Flatulence in the intestines after surgery is a common occurrence

Many face the problem of bowel movement after undergoing surgery to remove hemorrhoids. It is necessary to get rid of this pathological condition competently and in time. For this, it is necessary to state the essence of the problem to the attending physician.

Defecation after hemorrhoid surgery is normalized with:

  • The use of laxatives. Rectal suppositories and tonic drugs are used.
  • The use of microclysters, oily or prepared from decoctions of medicinal plants.
  • Compliance with the principles of a therapeutic diet.
  • Performing special exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Do exercises 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Daily long walks.

Restrictions for pregnant women with constipation

Physiotherapy of the disease - electrophoresis with Novocaine solution, inductothermy, electrical stimulation for pregnant women is contraindicated. Diadynamic currents, sinusoidal modulated currents used for the severity of the stomach, are not allowed to girls in position. Negatively affect the child being born and the sensitization of the body to irritants.

Do not take a laxative for hemorrhoids, being in position, due to the risk of interruption. Potent remedies - magnesium sulfate or Karlovy Vary salt, and less strong - rhubarb, senna leaves, buckthorn bark, are prohibited. Limit yourself to foods rich in fiber.

Folk remedies

Many patients make their choice in favor of folk remedies. Often, folk recipes are inferior to medications in effectiveness, but give fewer side effects and are not addictive.

How to go to the toilet for hemorrhoids and constipation using only natural products? Below is a list of the most popular recipes for constipation for hemorrhoids:

    A mixture of dried fruits. An equal amount of dried apricots, prunes, figs, raisins and nuts are crushed in a meat grinder.

A little honey is added to the mixture. Take 2 times a day for a tablespoon. Flax seeds. 2 teaspoons of flaxseed are poured overnight with water, in the morning add grated apple and carrots, as well as half a glass of raisins and honey.

Fruits and vegetables can be replaced with yogurt. The resulting mixture is taken in a tablespoon before meals 3-4 times a day. A decoction of senna. 2 sachets of dried senna grass and a glass of raisins are poured with water and kept in a water bath.

After insisting for 2 hours, filter, add a bottle of holosas to the broth. The resulting medicine is drunk in ¼ cup before bedtime. Tincture of dill seeds. The seeds of the plant are ground in a coffee grinder, poured with boiling water, insist.

Drink tincture several times a day for 2 weeks. Bran. The process of treating constipation with bran takes several months.

Initially, bran is taken in the form of a crumb, which is obtained after brewing bran with boiling water. After a month, bran can be eaten dry, adding them to the main food.

The treatment is long, but brings a positive result.

Tummy massage

To establish the natural functions of the intestines, sometimes a special massage of the abdomen is required. This procedure removes all the difficulties of defecation. Such a massage can be done on your own, without involving a specialist.

During the procedure, you need to perform stroking around the navel, vibration shocks, light tapping. By time, a massage of the abdomen takes 10 minutes. On the day you need to do 2 - 3 procedures. Such a massage is contraindicated in patients who have undergone appendicitis removal, surgery to eliminate hemorrhoids or hernia.

Treatment of constipation after removal of hemorrhoids

In addition to psychological trauma, the cause of constipation lies in the effects of anesthesia, which relaxes the muscles of the body. It will take time to recover. Follow the postoperative rules:

  • Fasting drink a glass of water.
  • Use laxatives - Dufalac, Normase.
  • To enrich the microflora of the rectum, use probiotics - Hilak Forte, Simbiter.
  • Follow a diet - eat fermented milk products, cereals, bran bread. You can not drink black tea, coffee, soda.

First aid for constipation:

  • Use laxatives.
  • Apply enemas (based on medicinal herbs).
  • Follow a diet, eat foods high in fiber.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. Exercise 3 times a day until relief.
  • Hiking
  • Drink more fluids.

In some cases, a massage of the abdomen is prescribed, which positively affects the work of the intestine. Massage is acceptable in the home environment. Stroking, easily tapping around the navel. Repeat the procedure a couple of times a day for 15 minutes. Consult a physician before doing abdominal exercises.

General tips and tricks

What to do with hemorrhoids with constipation? In the process of getting rid of constipation with hemorrhoids nutrition plays a big role.

It should include more vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, dairy products in the diet. It is better to refuse fatty, fried and spicy dishes, as well as strong drinks.

The laxative effect is the intake of various oils: flaxseed, pumpkin, sea buckthorn.

Relieve chronic constipation drug enemas. Hemorrhoid enemas with simple boiled water that cleanse the intestines well are also effective. With increased rectal bleeding, it is better to refuse an enema!

An active lifestyle, a sufficient stay in the fresh air, sports activities also contribute to the normalization of digestion. When sedentary work is recommended to periodically get up, warm up, perform simple gymnastic exercises.

Bowel movement

Patients suffering from constipation are advised to strive to urinate at the same time. There are several ways to develop such a reflex.

In the morning on an empty stomach you need:

  1. drink a glass of fruit juice or cold water,
  2. eat a salad of grated vegetables and fruits,
  3. eat oatmeal soaked in the evening with the addition of honey and nuts,
  4. in the morning do a light massage of the abdomen.

Treating constipation of young mothers

When treating constipation, a nursing mother should take food seriously. Food causes allergic reactions in the child!

Safe and acceptable intake of vegetable oils, brown bread, cereal, oatmeal. Facilitate bowel movements dishes containing carrots, beets, squash, pumpkin. Add cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, apples, cherries, apricots and melon to the diet. It is desirable to drink compotes from dried fruits, sour-milk products.

Limit your intake of cheese, rice, pears, quinces, strawberries, or currants.

The use of:

  • Candles based on horse chestnut - reduce the amount of breast milk.
  • Senna-based preparations - Glaxenna, Trisasen.
  • Laxatives - Regulax, Gutalax, Dr. Theiss.

The problem is unpleasant, but following the recommendations of the doctor or treating yourself correctly at home, you can easily and painlessly get rid of it. Life without constipation is possible!


Constipation with hemorrhoids is a common occurrence, usually caused by improper organization of your diet and daily routine.

The possibility of eliminating constipation with laxatives should not be considered as the only treatment.

Properly selected diet, competent physical activity successfully eliminate the symptoms of constipation, which, in turn, facilitates the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Effects in the body

The consequences of chronic constipation are always deplorable. A person experiences a feeling of bloating and even pain.

Long processes of restraining bowel movements can lead to the following complications:

1. Headaches and severe fatigue,
2. Partial vision loss,
3. Poor condition of nails, hair and skin,
4. High sugar and cholesterol,
5. Intestinal obstruction,
6. Bowel cancer.

The reason for the absence or inability to empty the intestines is better to find out with the doctor. The specialist will prescribe the most effective treatment and give valuable tips for prevention.

What to do if constipation and hemorrhoids begin during pregnancy and after childbirth? Urgently see a proctologist! Only an experienced doctor can give a remedy that does not affect pregnancy or mother's milk.

Causes of occurrence

Normal bowel function is determined by three factors:

  • peristalsis of the colon
  • rectal innervation,
  • tone of the intestinal wall.

The peristalsis of the colon is provided by smooth muscle fibers of the intestinal wall muscle layer.

The nervous system provides control of peristalsis. In the walls of the intestines are nerve endings that are irritated by the incoming feces. A gut overflow signal arrives, and the brain gives the command to defecate.

There are several main factors of constipation:

  • colon dyskinesia - a violation of the coordination of peristalsis of the intestinal wall, resulting in decreased muscle tone,
  • dyshesia is a violation of bowel movement due to the occurrence of hypertonicity of the muscles of the anus, resulting in decreased sensitivity of the receptors of the nerves of the rectum.

As a result of a violation of tone, innervation or peristalsis, constipation occurs.

Ways to alleviate the condition

The following main methods and tools are used to treat constipation with hemorrhoids:

  • laxatives
  • rectal suppositories
  • special ointments
  • enema procedures
  • special massage
  • traditional medicine.

As a result of treatment at home with laxatives, lazy bowel syndrome can develop over time, when the patient is no longer able to empty on his own without the help of drugs. Therefore, when such a problem arises, it is important to immediately receive qualified help from a specialist.


Three groups of drugs are distinguished to facilitate the bowel movement:

  1. Drugs that irritate the mucous membranes of the rectum. They have a significant drawback: the body develops addiction to the action of a laxative. Therefore, such medications should be prescribed in a course of 5 days. These include: castor oil, Senadexin, Guttalax.
  2. Osmotic laxatives: Forlax, Lactulose. These drugs draw fluid from the tissues into the intestines, causing the intestinal walls to stretch and cause bowel movements.
  3. Medicines for accelerated softening of feces. For example, liquid paraffin and glycerin suppositories. In the acute stage, they are not recommended.

The choice of the drug should be carried out by a qualified specialist. During self-selection, it is important to consider the following:

  • laxatives are taken in short courses so as not to cause addiction to the body,
  • it is better to choose drugs with a mild laxative effect. Strong laxatives provoke diarrhea, often causing complications of hemorrhoids,
  • diet and drinking regimen are mandatory when taking laxatives.

How to understand that you have constipation

The World Health Organization has determined the rate of defecation at least 1 time in two days. Lack of bowel movement for more than 48 hours means constipation. Fecal constipation with dense, compressed, can form fecal plugs.

Constipation with hemorrhoids, unfortunately, is an inevitable phenomenon that poisons the already difficult life of the owner of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids and constipation are characterized by pain during bowel movements, a feeling of incomplete emptying.

There are acute and chronic constipation:

  • acute - the first episodic case of stool retention for more than 48 hours. Feces dry, lumpy, humidity less than 60%,
  • chronic - regular difficulty emptying for 12 months. In this case, the stool volume is less than 40 g per day.

Constipation is accompanied by pain and bloating, heaviness, increased gas formation. Prolonged constipation becomes the cause of general intoxication of the body with products of putrefactive fermentation in the intestine. In severe cases, perforation of the wall of the thick section is observed.

Why do constipation and hemorrhoids occur together?

In the tandem of constipation and hemorrhoids, there are three types of relationships:

  • constipation and hemorrhoids occur in parallel. The causes of both pathologies are similar - poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, and bad habits. When developing, constipation and hemorrhoids exacerbate each other,
  • in 70% of cases they get hemorrhoids after constipation. The pressure in the vessels of the pelvic cavity with constipation increases, hemorrhoidal plexuses increase. Dense feces injure swollen vessels, causing damage with bleeding. An abundant microflora of the anus rushes into the formed wounds. Inflammation begins with the expiration of exudate. Exudate irritates the anus and perineum, the patient feels itching, burning,
  • often a situation arises when constipation occurs with an existing hemorrhoids. The act of defecation with hemorrhoids becomes painful. A person deliberately delays emptying, delaying unpleasant sensations. The rectum is stretched, the muscles are in a state of atony, the stool is delayed regularly. A similar clinic is observed in women after childbirth, when hemorrhoids sharply creep out from strong attempts.

Constipation from hemorrhoids can be primary and secondary. Coprostasis complicates the course of hemorrhoids, contributes to bleeding, inflammation. Pain and tension during bowel movements injure swollen nodes, causing additional discomfort. Long-term effects of delayed emptying - anal fissure, inflammation of the intestinal tissue.

Treatment of constipation with hemorrhoids

In the initial stage of the disease, conservative drug treatment will save. With the transition of hemorrhoids complicated by constipation to the last stage, surgery is indicated. When taking hemorrhoids, tablets, suppositories, ointments, gels and drops. Good decoctions of laxative herbs. Crucial importance is given to diet and moderate physical activity.


Methods of treating constipation with hemorrhoids include the use of tablets. Use tablets (as well as other means of constipation) is constantly impossible. An unsystematic intake will cause intestinal atony, addiction and drug dependence.

There are several groups of drugs for constipation with hemorrhoids. According to the active substance and the principle of operation, tablets are isolated on the basis of:

  1. Senna or Cassia extract irritates the intestinal wall, causing peristaltic movements. Issued under the trade names Senade, Regulaks, Glaksenna, Sealeks, Tisasen. Take one tablet at night for morning stool. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children.
  2. Bisacodyl is indicated for the weakening of peristalsis after childbirth, surgery, strokes. They are the best pill for constipation for hemorrhoids in older men. It can not be used for acute hemorrhoids with bleeding. Sold with the names Dulcolax, Bisacodyl, Laxatin.
  3. Sodium picosulfate accelerates the advancement of intestinal contents, reduces the absorption of water and electrolytes. Can be taken by pregnant women from 2 trimesters. Known under the brands Regulax, Slabilen, Laksigal, Picolinate.
  4. Lactulose is one of the mild laxatives allowed for children and expectant mothers. Contains disaccharides, which soften feces and facilitate their discharge. In the pharmacy network there are both Portalac, Goodluck, Dufalac, Normase, Romfalac.
  5. Macrogol is prescribed when you need to urgently empty the intestines. It is allowed for use in children from the year pregnant and nursing as prescribed by the doctor. Medications with a macrogol - Lavacol, Forlax, Transipeg, Fortrans, Osmogol.

Only a doctor can choose an effective treatment for constipation with hemorrhoids. The age, gender, stage of hemorrhoids, the presence of other diseases, the physical condition of the patient are taken into account.

Candles and ointments

The use of suppositories and ointments for stool retention in patients with hemorrhoids allows you to safely, but effectively release the rectum. The best suppositories from irregular bowel movements:

  1. Bisacodyl is released not only in tablets, but also in rectal suppositories. Acting on the nerve endings of the colon, they cause contractile, pushing muscle movements. Feces come out an hour after application.
  2. Multicomponent suppositories Relief, in addition to analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects, with hemorrhoids also have a laxative effect. Especially recommended for men suffering from constipation on the background of hemorrhoids and prostatitis.
  3. Candles with glycerin, for example, Glycelax, soften dense stools, contribute to easy bowel movements. The use is not limited to expectant and nursing mothers, with acute hemorrhoids.
  4. Sea buckthorn oil suppositories are a good, delicate remedy for constipation. Heals intestinal tissues, relieves inflammation and edema with hemorrhoids.
  5. Suppositories with rhubarb act on the principle of irritation of the intestine with carbon dioxide bubbles. Carbon dioxide is formed by the interaction of the components of the candle, stimulated by the heat of the human body.

Ointments are used to eliminate the symptoms of constipation - itching, burning, inflammation of the anorectal zone. Combining suppositories and ointments, they achieve successful treatment of constipation with hemorrhoids.

Diet for constipation and hemorrhoids

Nutrition for constipation and hemorrhoids involves an increase in the proportion of dietary fiber in the diet. To eat properly, include in the menu:

  • vegetables, raw fruits, steamed, baked,
  • cereals in the form of cereals in the water,
  • instead of sugar and flour products, dried fruits are used. The use of prunes, dried apricots stimulates the intestines, eliminates constipation, enriches the menu with trace elements,
  • drink at least one and a half liters of fluid per day. Recommended sulfated mineral still water, dried fruit compote, weak chamomile tea.

Efforts to comply with the diet and diet are aimed at enhancing the muscles of the intestines, normalizing the microbial composition of the intestines, and liquefying feces.

Constipation provokes the development of hemorrhoids, exacerbate its course. The joint manifestation of pathologies is a serious health problem. Treatment of constipation is carried out by tablets, suppositories, alternative methods. A diet with a predominance of plant fiber significantly improves the evacuation function of the large intestine.

The information on our website is provided by qualified doctors and is for informational purposes only. Do not self-medicate! Be sure to contact a specialist!

Gastroenterologist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Prescribes diagnostics and conducts treatment. Expert of the group for the study of inflammatory diseases. The author of more than 300 scientific papers.

Nutrition for hemorrhoids with constipation

A patient with hemorrhoids often suffers from constipation, which, in turn, does not appear from scratch. Defecation rhythm disorders are caused by impaired digestive function due to malnutrition. A nutritionist will help to correct eating habits. He recommends increasing the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet. They contain a sufficient amount of plant fiber, necessary for loosening feces. Limit the use of potatoes and bananas.

Fresh juices are useful for hemorrhoids. The healing effect has juice from beets (it is desirable to dilute it), as well as from the pulp of aloe (1 tablespoon of juice in a glass of water).

Fermented milk products improve intestinal motility. They should be fresh and low in fat. Fat home-made cottage cheese or peroxide yogurt can provide the opposite effect.

It is useful to add dried fruits to salads, cereals, cottage cheese, kefir, pastries. Raisins, dried apricots, prunes have a mild laxative effect.

With a deficiency of fiber in the diet, oat and wheat bran will help.

If the unusual taste of new products is repelled, you can improve it with cinnamon, vanilla and other spices.

To soften the consistency of the intestinal contents, one fiber is not enough: in parallel, you need to drink 2-3 l of pure water. An individual fluid rate will be specified by a specialist.

Exclude products that increase gas formation: legumes, whole milk, carbonated drinks.

Fatty, spicy, fried foods, as well as alcoholic beverages provoke a delay in bowel movements. Vegetable oils make the situation easier: pumpkin, linseed, sea buckthorn. They can be taken not only inside, but also in the form of enemas. In the latter case, you need a consultation with a proctologist, since with rectal bleeding, enemas can be harmful.

How to eat with constipation and hemorrhoids?

So, to prevent the development of hemorrhoids, you need to deal with constipation. The surest way to improve bowel function is to change your diet. It is important to achieve a daily soft stool. Feces when passing through the anal canal should not injure hemorrhoids.

The consistency of feces depends on the food consumed and the amount of fluid consumed.

Fiber-rich foods - a list for hemorrhoids:

  • Vegetables. They occupy a leading position in the content of coarse fibers. The indigestible components of plants are not absorbed by the intestines, but interfere with stagnation of feces. Plant fiber works like a brush, sweeping away everything superfluous in its path. The diet for hemorrhoids and constipation necessarily includes two to three servings of vegetables daily. The method of use depends on personal preferences, fiber does not lose its properties when frying, cooking or baking. High fiber can be obtained from vegetable smoothies - smoothies. A smoothie of leafy vegetables such as spinach, celery will saturate the body with coarse fibers in full.
  • Fruit. They contain a huge amount of polysaccharides, which swell in the intestinal lumen and soften feces. In the case of fruits, it is better to follow the reaction of your body, which of the sweet fruits give the greatest laxative effect. Fruits are ground on a blender, combined with sour-milk drinks.

  • Dried fruits. Heads a team of healthy prune treats. Dried fruits are available in any season, will help out when holding a chair. The berries are poured with boiling water, eaten on their own or in combination with other dishes. Other fruits (figs, dates) will also appreciate the sweet tooth.
  • Porridge. With hemorrhoids and constipation, it is important to choose a suitable grits for cooking. Suitable cereals with a high content of coarse grain elements. The best choice is oat, buckwheat, pearl barley. White rice and semolina dishes are considered refined, i.e. maximally cleared of dietary fiber. These cereals are not suitable for the diet of people prone to hemorrhoids.
  • Whole grain bread. With hemorrhoids and constipation, bread from refined white flour is strictly limited. Buy or bake long loafs, whole-wheat flour buns with the addition of bran.
  • Liquid. The above products will be ineffective with insufficient water consumption. The coarse fibers of the food are soaked in liquid. If there is little water, then dry fiber forms lumps and even fecal blockages. Therefore, drinking is an indispensable condition for establishing stool with hemorrhoids.

Prevention of constipation

In addition to malnutrition, among the main triggering factors is physical inactivity, a global problem of modern man. Modification of lifestyle in the direction of increased physical activity, sufficient stay in the fresh air, adequate physical exertion will be the key to the long-term effect of drug therapy and will help to avoid surgical intervention.

If work is associated with a long stay in one position, both drivers and hairdressers need to change their position every hour and do a short warm-up. With hemorrhoids with constipation, squats are useful. You can train the sphincter muscles by contracting and relaxing them. If conditions allow, do leg exercises (“scissors”, “bicycle”). Regular exercises on an elliptical trainer will help get rid of constipation and reduce weight.

Constipation with hemorrhoids is a delicate problem. But this does not mean that its discussion should be avoided. Do not consider laxatives as the only panacea. The abuse of drugs contributes to the formation of the "lazy intestine" syndrome, when it no longer works without doping. Only an integrated approach with a change in eating behavior and daily routine will help get rid of the symptoms of constipation for a long time, and this, in turn, will accelerate the treatment of hemorrhoids.

  • Recipes and treatments for hemorrhoids with aloe
  • Which venotonic is best for treating hemorrhoids?

Because of this cursed constipation, hemorrhoids usually occur :( I noticed already that if I didn’t take the regulax in time, the nodes would come out ... Although I changed the nutrition and began to move more, but to no avail.

I learned a lot of useful things and took notes for myself. It is commendable 5. Thank you, there would be more such explanations.

Laxative choice

The constipation of hemorrhoids poses the problem of how to safely go to the toilet. Laxatives for hemorrhoids and fissures should not irritate the rectal mucosa. The following means correspond to this condition:

  • Lactulose produced by any pharmaceutical company. Trade names on the pharmacy shelves are “Dufalac”, Russian “Lactusan”, Italian “Normase”. The active substance is completely safe for hemorrhoids. The optimal dosage is 30-50 ml for adult patients at night,
  • microclysters, for example, “Microlax”. They will help to empty the intestines with hemorrhoids and its complications - anal fissures, they work as a local laxative. Apply once a day, preferably in the morning,
  • glycerin suppositories for hemorrhoids and constipation are also suitable for use with cracks. Suppositories are neutral with respect to inflamed venous nodes.

Herbs and herbal preparations are undesirable for constipation, hemorrhoids and anal fissures. An abnormal amount of the active substance can cause the opposite effect. The stool will become too loose and irritate the mucous membrane of the anus.

Quick help for hemorrhoids complicated by constipation includes the mandatory use of ointments and suppositories. Local drugs relieve pain, reduce inflammation and itching. The choice of funds is carried out by a doctor. Most often, such drugs contain vasoconstrictor components, local painkillers and anti-inflammatory components. Suppositories and ointments are combined with laxatives. Be sure to observe the interval between the introduction of laxatives and antihemorrhoidal suppositories in 1-2 hours.

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy greatly worsen a woman's well-being. Pain during bowel movements due to hemorrhoids must be eliminated with safe suppositories and ointments. External hemorrhoids are lubricated with special creams. Suitable, for example, “Relief” or “Relief Advance”. With internal hemorrhoids, similar suppositories are chosen.

The above laxatives are suitable for pregnant women, relieving constipation in the event of hemorrhoids.

Important: hemorrhoids - this is not a funny and even more so not a shameful disease. Going to a doctor in the early stages will significantly alleviate the condition, do without surgery. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids cannot be treated independently. At home, you can establish proper nutrition, prevent constipation.

The soft action of suppositories

Rectal suppositories are used to treat inflammation of the hemorrhoids. They differ from other drugs:

  • direct effect on the affected areas of the mucous membrane and blood vessels,
  • quick healing effect
  • minimal impact on other organs,
  • lack of side effects.

The following types of drugs are distinguished:

  • symptomatic - analgesics and antispasmodics,
  • therapeutic - have anti-inflammatory, decongestant, hemostatic effect.

It is impossible to distinguish the best suppositories from hemorrhoids, since there are a huge number of parameters for their effectiveness. Consider the most popular drugs:

  1. "Relief" has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, regenerating, analgesic effects. Very effective in the early stages of internal hemorrhoids.
  2. Hepatrombin G has anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anticoagulant effects. Effective with the potential risk of thrombosis in hemorrhoids. It is widely used before surgery.
  3. "Proctosan" has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and decongestant effects. Suitable for the treatment of II and III degrees of internal hemorrhoids.
  4. "Anuzol" has a pronounced analgesic and astringent effect. It is indicated in the chronic stage of internal hemorrhoids.

To prevent complications, it is recommended to consult a proctologist on time.

Constipation as one of the factors in the development of hemorrhoids

Normally, the intestines empty at least three times a week. If this does not happen, the excrement hardens, compacts, and presses on the abdominal organs. Unpleasant sensations in the stomach over time degenerate into colic. Blood circulation in the rectum and anus is disturbed, bumps are formed.

Even more harm from constipation with chronic hemorrhoids. Food debris hardly moves along the rectum, damaging the already inflamed surface along the way. Trying to push them out, the person pushes, the pain in the perineum intensifies, the affected areas begin to bleed. Over time, hemorrhoids fall out, sometimes completely block the anus, in addition, new injuries occur.

The psychological factor aggravates the situation: the fear of pain outweighs the desire to visit the toilet on time. A person drags out bowel movements to the last, the process becomes more painful, and the disease is more dangerous. With hemorrhoids, constipation acts as a furious provocateur of the disease.

Treatments for constipation

In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article, which will tell you as much as possible about how to cure hemorrhoids as soon as possible.

If you do not know how to get rid of hemorrhoids with the help of medicines or folk remedies, we recommend reading the article of a proctologist.

Hemorrhoids and constipation are stubborn enemies, in the fight against them you need to use a set of techniques:

  • change the menu
  • move more,
  • wisely use laxatives,
  • use proven folk remedies,
  • forget about bad habits.

Physical activity

Constipation with hemorrhoids very often develop due to a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. In order to achieve good treatment results, physical activity and special exercises are very important, thanks to which the blood flow is increased and the muscles of the pelvic muscle come into tone.

The following sports give a good result in the fight against the problem:

  • Nordic walking
  • skiing,
  • run,
  • swimming,
  • wellness yoga.

It is very useful to do a Kegel exercise:

  1. Bend your legs at the knees, fix the feet on the floor.
  2. The pelvic muscles are contracted to feel the constriction of the sphincter and retraction of the anus.
  3. Stay up for a few seconds.
  4. Then relax the sphincter.
  5. Gradually increase the duration of compression of the anus.

Exercise is important to repeat several times a day.

Nutrition Correction Is The First Step In Relieving Constipation

The diet is designed to saturate the body with healthy foods and establish digestion so that a person does not bother with all his urge, but defecates daily.

The most important nutritional condition is moderation, both overeating and hunger are equally dangerous, a person should always be slightly fed up. It is better to divide the entire daily volume of food into six to seven parts and organize three fairly dense meals and three to four light snacks.

Dietary Basics

In order to minimize constipation, the diet for hemorrhoids should be as gentle and balanced as possible. It is imperative to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient: age, gender, chronic pathologies.

The basic principles of the diet:

  • fractional nutrition
  • regular meals
  • thoroughly chopping food to reduce the burden on the digestive system,
  • cooking, preference for boiled and stewed dishes,
  • active use of fermented milk products,
  • intensive drinking regimen
  • calorie intake up to 2200 kcal per day.

Nutrition rules

The principles of the diet for hemorrhoids and constipation are as follows.

  1. Drink plenty of water: still water and mineral water, freshly squeezed juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks based on natural fruits. The daily fluid rate - at least 1.5 liters - will dissolve food debris in the intestine. If possible, drink 200-300 grams of water before each meal.
  2. Mandatory use of cereals, bread from wholemeal flour, adding bran to dishes. The best breakfast will be cereals: pearl barley, herculean, barley, buckwheat - they will improve the digestive process, provide a painless bowel movement.
  3. The inclusion in the daily menu of fermented milk products: kefir, yogurt, yogurt - to improve intestinal motility.
  4. Love for vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. Cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, prunes, dried apricots are especially conducive to relaxation.
  5. Regular intake of vegetable oil. It is remarkably absorbed in vegetable salads, but you can take it alone: ​​drink a glass of water in the morning, swallow a teaspoon of oil in half an hour and have breakfast after twenty minutes. This method perfectly launches the food processing process for the whole day.

Features of the course of the disease in pregnant women

During pregnancy, exacerbation of hemorrhoids is observed in many women. A pregnant woman needs to get rid of constipation in order to organize the work of the intestines without prolonged straining. To do this, it is important to follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Any alcoholic drinks, spicy dishes, any products that increase blood supply to the pelvic floor veins and hemorrhoidal venous formations should be excluded.

Physiotherapy exercises improve the function of the colon, increase the tone of the muscles of the pelvis, and reduce stagnation. It is important to avoid hypothermia and abandon prolonged sitting work. A pronounced effect is given by mandatory hygiene procedures after each bowel movement. It is useful to carry out ascending cold irrigation of the anal area.

Prohibited and strictly dosed products

TitleWhy not
AlcoholIt undermines the immune system, worsens the general condition of the body, causes inflammation of hemorrhoidal lesions.
SaltIt retains fluid in the body, contributes to the occurrence of edema, stretches the walls of blood vessels.
Carbonated drinksLead to dehydration, resulting in hardening of feces.
Legumes (beans, peas, beans) and eggsThey lead to an excessive accumulation in the intestines of gases that press the abdominal cavity.
Fatty, fried, smoked dishes, as well as instant dishesGastrointestinal tract irritation, provoke inflammation.

With exacerbation of hemorrhoids, constipation is unacceptable, for one or two days it is better to completely exclude solid foods and sit on a "liquid" diet. Allowed broths, decoctions of vegetables, sparse mashed soups, natural juices.

Physical education: what is possible and what is not

AllowedAre forbidden
Classes on elliptical trainersExercises that heavily load the press: tilting, lifting the legs
Long distance walking, Nordic walkingWeight lifting
SwimmingSharp kicks
RunDeep squats
A ride on the bicycleBody-building

Constipation with hemorrhoids: is it possible to do exercises and what to consider

Take breaks in sports is recommended only with severe exacerbations. The rest of the days should be practiced, not forgetting the following recommendations.

  1. Watch your health. If you experience even slight pain, stop exercising.
  2. Perform the exercises calmly, smoothly, at a measured pace.
  3. Breathe evenly and deeply, breath holdings are unacceptable - they increase pressure on the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Choose exercises specifically for you. An individual reaction of the body is possible at any workout. If any action causes discomfort in the perineum, feel free to exclude it.

Effective Laxatives

RegulaxIn the form of drops. Heals the intestinal wall. It acts gently, 10-11 hours after use, so it is better to take at night.

It is forbidden to pregnant women and children under 4 years old.

BisacodylCandles It acts instantly, 20-30 minutes after the introduction into the rectum.

You can not take children with acute hemorrhoids and cystitis with exacerbation of the disease.

DufalacSyrup. It softens the excrement, reduces the intestines, causes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Suitable for long term use.
MucofalkThe optimal tool for people who consume a small amount of food. Acts as a natural fiber: feces melt and increase in volume.

Contraindications: intestinal obstruction, age up to 12 years.

Help for folk remedies - the fourth step to the disappearance of constipation

In times when there were almost no medicines, grandmother’s methods of “constipation” were inherited. Thanks to the naturalness of the ingredients, the gentleness of the effect, the absence of contraindications, folk remedies are still alive. Treatment of hemorrhoids on them also causes an undoubted effect.

Doctors confirm the benefits of the following prescriptions.

  • A mixture of prunes, dried apricots, raisins, figs and nuts, crushed in equal doses, is supplemented with honey to taste and taken twice a day for a tablespoon.
  • Brewed with boiling water bran can be eaten constantly.
  • Dill seeds passed through a coffee grinder insist and drink twice a day for a crescent.
  • Gruel with flax seeds. Pour 2 teaspoons overnight with water, and add vegetables or fruits in the morning. There can be either one or several components: grated carrots, chopped apple, steamed raisins. To sweeten the dish, you can add honey. Start breakfast, lunch and dinner with a spoon of this mixture.

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