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Haircut Canada for boys: sports half-boxing, boxing

Teenage boys grow up and need to create their own style, not only in clothes, but also in hairstyle. Today, the trend has included many fashionable haircut options that make it possible for boys to acquire a brutal, courageous appearance. At the peak of popularity, sports haircuts with their own characteristics and different variations.

Sports hairstyles for boys look great on any hair: curly, straight, thin, thick and regardless of structure, color. It’s easy to choose the right hairstyle for any type of hair, because stylists today offer many different stylish models for boys.

Varieties of sports hairstyles and their features

You can create a sports haircut with both ultra-short and medium length hair. The best varieties of hairstyles for boys:

  1. Canadian, sports haircut with the presence of asymmetric strands or elongated bangs. Feature - the absence of protruding strands, climbing in the eyes. Haircut care is simple; no complicated styling is required. It’s enough to smooth, comb the strands.
  2. Boxing, brutal hairstyle with ultra-short length and without bangs. The best option for adolescents involved in sports, leading an active lifestyle. The haircut does not need styling and it is enough to give the hair only 2 minutes a day: smooth, comb from time to time, adjust the hair.
  3. Classical, a common version with a voluminous crown and a short nape.
  4. Hedgehog, an ultrashort version with ears and forehead fully open to give the parts of the body the correct shape. Suitable for kindergarten boys. The haircut does not need special care, although it is suitable exclusively for hard, straight hair.
  5. Half box, as a kind of boxing with a work on long hair and the presence of bangs. This is a universal option suitable for boys of any age. Looks good on curly and straight hair. Gives masculinity to teens.
  6. Area, stylish fashionable haircut with flowing lines, clipping on the top of the shape of the site. Suitable for any face shape. Stacked in different ways from classic to informal.

Half box

Long haircut with the possibility of bangs. Hairstyle allows you to give more variations in styling. It is considered universal, suitable for any age for males. Looks good on curly, straight hair and combines with any type of face. This is a purely masculine, specific haircut. You can stack the strands with gel, mousse or give a sloppy, slightly mischievous messy look.


The choice of fashionistas and dudes. A distinctive feature is the smoothness of the lines, cutting the hair on the top of the head in the form of a platform. Suitable for any face shape and different styling: from the usual version to the classic worker. Haircut begins with the back of the head with a gradual increase in the length of the hair closer to the crown. To obtain a flat area, the scissors must be held perpendicular to the head, observing the angle when cutting the side strands at 90 degrees. The temporal area is cut short, under the typewriter.

Features of short sports haircuts

If you think that a sports haircut is an ultra-short length and shaved whiskey, then this is far from the case. Modern haircuts can have an average length, but at the same time be quite “sporty”. Such, for example, is an elongated version of Canada. In addition, a sports haircut may well have an elongated bang or asymmetric parietal strands. There are a lot of options - each man will be able to choose the right one for himself.

Sports hairstyles look very relevant, the strands never stick out, do not go into the eyes, do not distract. A great option, contributing to hard work, an active hobby.

It is very easy to look after a sports haircut, especially a short haircut for men. It does not require complex styling - just comb it, or even smooth the hair - and the man is ready for his daily activities.

Sports haircuts are extremely versatile. They will look good not only in the "rocking chair". They combine perfectly with a classic business look, and with informal jeans. In any image, a man with such a haircut will feel confident and look great.

Sports haircuts give the young man brutality and masculinity. Therefore, they are especially worth choosing for those men who have soft facial features, feminine appearance. With a brutal sports haircut, the image will become much more impressive and “masculine”.

These types of haircuts are equally well suited for men of mature age, and for very boys. They are also ideal for teens and middle-aged.

Sports haircut is suitable for hair of any structure. It will look good on straight and curly hair. Thin or thick hair - also does not matter - numerous options allow you to choose the right hairstyle for any hair.

On the video, a sports haircut for men:

Modern options for sports haircuts do not adhere to strict canons. Stylists allow the introduction of a variety of innovations in technology. Therefore, men and boys can choose any length of the crown, nape, and can decide on experimental options. Also in sports haircuts shaved patterns and drawings on the temples are very popular. Such a stroke immediately makes the young man's appearance memorable.

For those who want to understand how to choose a men's hairstyle for an oval face, you should follow the link and see the contents of the article.

How Korean men's hairstyles look and are performed correctly, the details are described in the photo in this article.

But how long men's hairstyles look and how difficult it is to make such a haircut, is described here: https://opricheske.com/muzhskie/s-strizhki/dlinnye-pricheski.html

Which men's hairstyles for curly hair are the most popular and easiest to perform, you can see in the photo in the article.

Features of the choice for boy children's hairstyles - how to cut a boy, in what style

Modern children pay close attention to each other's appearance and clothes. You should not trim the child under the pot, so that later you will not be surprised that he is teased and offended at school. Fashion is fashion, and it is necessary to adhere to even the smallest members of society, so as not to cause ridicule of peers.

A sports haircut can make a boy a little man, give his appearance seriousness and efficiency.

Such a hairstyle is very convenient for boys of 10 years, since the hair does not bother them at all. Boys can easily read, study, play outdoor games, play sports - their hair does not fit into their eyes.

With a sports haircut, the boy looks neat and tidy. This kind of student is welcomed by teachers at school. Sports haircuts allow you to make the boy’s too tender, “girlish” appearance more masculine and hide some flaws - protruding ears or round cheeks.

The smaller the child’s age, the easier the hairstyle should be. The multi-tiered and step versions with asymmetric bangs will look strange on the head of a two-year-old baby and look quite organic on a teenager.


Consider the most popular and relevant types of men's sports haircuts. It should be noted right away that most of the options considered are great for men of all ages - from boys to older gentlemen.

  • One of the most brutal hairstyles that can only be for men. It has an ultra-short length. This haircut does not include bangs.
  • Perfect for those men and adolescents who play sports and lead an active lifestyle.
  • Simple to maintain. No styling and fussing with hair dryers and combs. A man does not have to spend more than 2 minutes a day on hair care - you just need to comb or smooth the strands. But, of course, you will need to regularly update the hairstyle from the master. For those who want to learn more about men's haircuts, boxing and semi-boxing, you should follow the link and see the contents of this article.

Classic haircut for guys

This version of a sports haircut is one of the most common. It has a short nape, but at the same time a voluminous crown.

How to do:

  • Comb your hair and treat the occipital area first - it should be cut very short.
  • On the parietal zone, select the control strand on which you will be equal, and cut its entire length of the head along its length. 3 cm haircut.
  • At the end of the haircut, process the edges, the temporal zone and make a fringing of the occipital region.

  • Ultra-short sporty haircut. It completely opens the ears and forehead, so it is advisable that these parts of the body have the correct shape.
  • Perfect for younger kindergarten boys and men involved in power sports.
  • Absolutely no need for care.
  • Suitable for hard straight hair. On curly or soft hair does not look.
  • In order to perform this simple haircut, it is not necessary to visit the master in the salon. With minimal skills and the presence of a typewriter, a child or a man can be trimmed by one of the households. But how to make a male haircut hedgehog at home, is described in this article.

Canada for men

Stylish and current haircut. Great for young people and teens. Looks good on boys too. The Canadian implies an elongated bang, which should be combed back. Therefore, at least minimal, but styling in this case should be present. This haircut involves a short nape and whiskey. But the parietal and frontal region are elongated.

In the photo - a haircut Canadian:

How to do:

  • Prepare your hair: wash and dry.
  • It is necessary to draw three edging lines: horizontal through the crown from ear to ear, and from each of the temples to the first edging line.
  • Start the haircut with the frontal part. It is necessary to cut the strand by strand, shortening them to the desired length. The optimal length of this part is 3 cm. By the first edging line this section ends.

Caution: cut the strands at a right angle.

  • Treat the sides of the head.
  • The machine must handle the back of the head. The lower part of it is cut very short, and as it moves toward the crown, the length of the hair gradually increases. All lines should be smooth, without jerking and sharpness.
  • Trim the strands, smoothing out all the transitions as much as possible.

And here is how a Canadian short haircut is done, you can understand by looking at the contents of this article.

This haircut is great for boys of almost any age. It is often done to young gentlemen for graduation in kindergarten or school.

Men's hairstyles under zero

This option is the simplest and least maintenance-intensive. Perfect, for example, in the case of summer heat - hair will not interfere at all. The hairstyle does not hide any flaws, so it is suitable if the skull has a perfect shape, and the facial features are correct. There should not be any flaws or defects on the skin.

To make this haircut, you will need the simplest tools: scissors, a frequent comb, a razor and a machine with a nozzle "unit".

How to do:

  • Wash and blow dry your head.
  • If the hair is long, then shorten it first with scissors to a minimum length.
  • Machine the back of the head and sides with a machine, shortening them and leveling to a minimum level. Attention: first walk vertically, and then again horizontally so that the hair length is as even as possible.

On the video, how to cut a men's sports haircut:

To make a neat hairstyle, go with a razor to the head and trim the edges of the haircut, removing excess and protruding hairs. You may also be interested to know what causes of male pattern baldness at age 30 can be.

We examined many options for men's sports haircuts for men and boys. Choose the appropriate option and make your appearance more relevant, stylish and fashionable. And our advice will help you with this.

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Zero haircut

A simple option that does not require special care, suitable for teenagers to wear in the summer, so that the hair does not interfere, but hide flaws on the head. Of course, a haircut looks better in the presence of an ideal head shape and regular features without defects, flaws on the skin. Haircuts can be done on long hair when they are shortened to the minimum length, then the back of the head is processed from the sides to give the hair the maximum even length.

Head shape, hairstyle

If you take into account the shape of the face, then on:

  • a round face is suitable for asymmetrical styling, which can visually lengthen the face or variations with a bang: haircut-cap,
  • a trapezoidal face is an elongated haircut,
  • oval - a real, unlimited flight of fantasies, when you can give almost any image and make any haircut,
  • elongated, a volumetric haircut will do,
  • triangular - a haircut with a long, oblique bangs to give more proportionality to the face,
  • square, then the asymmetric version will become appropriate.

In children aged 1-3 years, the hair is quite thin, so the preferred model is simple, with a clear border. Children aged 3-6 years old should choose a convenient, modern model: boxing, hedgehog, Caesar.

Today, at the peak of popularity, the presence of patterns on the head of boys, but such haircuts are suitable if there is only a rigid hair structure, ideal head shape.

School children can prefer a hat or a longer model that does not need special care with smooth transitions of the lock: from long to short.

If the shape of the head is not quite correct, then do not resort to a short haircut. It is better to choose a longer option:

  • a cap with a smooth transition from the crown of the head to the back of the head,
  • a pot for boys with thick strands,
  • Caesar with the presence of a short fringe of 5-6 cm.

Convenient and stylish haircuts: semi-boxing, boxing, Canadian are suitable for almost any type of hair. These are options with an extended bang.

A hairstyle - a hedgehog will be an ideal option for boys, regardless of the season or grunge - a multi-level haircut with elements of clutter on the head.

The most popular models for teens are simple, vibrant and fashionable.

Football haircuts

Today, football hairstyles for boys are more in demand than ever. These are original and popular models suitable for active games, creating an intelligent image. Haircuts for football players are suitable for active teenage boys with elongated strands in the back of the head and a smooth transition into the tail or shaving original patterns on the temples.

For teenagers, creating patterns on the temples or in the back of the head can give a creative image like, like famous athletes:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, a haircut with shaved lines on his temples,
  • Gareth Bale, stylish haircut - mohawk with combed back, shaved temples on the sides,
  • David Louise interesting hair texture with curls,
  • Javier Pastore, voluminous haircut with shaved parting.

Photo gallery of sports haircuts

For boys, haircuts remain original in this 2018 season - half boxing, gavrosh, hat, Caesar, Iroquois, hedgehog, square.

Novelty of the season - blurry contours, lack of patterns to create an individual hairstyle for boys.Classical options with parting will suit the complaisant, fidgets - haircuts with a slanting bang, pigtails or a classic model that can revive, create a creative mess on the head.

In the season of 2018 - complete freedom of action for experiments on creating your own image on your head. Haircuts of any length are in fashion: from short open to long with a mysterious way. The priority is short models that allow you to modify your appearance every day, giving a different form of hairstyle.

Fashionable haircuts can create a bright personality. Although of course, to make the hairstyle look stylish, it is not at all necessary to build a huge comb on the top of the head. It is enough to make a short haircut, slightly raise the strands on the top of the head. These are haircuts: a half-box, boxing, a mohawk with a small crest on the crown, for which it is enough to sprinkle the upper part of the strands with gel.

Thus, almost any structure can be built on the head. Adolescents are advised to take into account the views of specialists in order to embody the goal of a conceived impeccable image that can emphasize physical strengths and hide existing flaws.

Rules for choosing hairstyles for boys 14-15 years old

14-15 years is a dangerous age. The youth feels and understands that he is a person. He thinks he is special, not like everyone else! Boys begin to express their potential through appearance. They put on ridiculous clothes, pick up accessories and experiment with hair. Parents need to push a little and direct their growing child on the right path. Together with the master, you can dream up and combine several haircuts in one. Let the child show his creativity, declare himself as a stylish teenager. At the same time, when choosing, consider several points:

  • Laying should be easy.
  • Make sure that there are no strands falling down over your eyes. This can not only interfere with the educational process, but also harm health.
  • Take into account the oval of the face, hair structure and style of clothing.

Try not to impose your opinion when choosing hairstyles for teenage boys. The types and rules of haircuts are determined by the master. Your task in this matter is to find a compromise with the child and the hairdresser.

Many young people prefer restrained hairstyles, simple haircuts that do not require complex styling. But there are also such young representatives of the stronger sex who like to experiment with hair and lead others into delight and surprise! Even the simplest haircut can be supplemented with unusual details. Shaved whiskey, an ornament on the back of the head, bright strands or a mini tail - all this means cool hairstyles for guys.

There is a category of teenagers who wear long hair. And the braid "Spikelet" crowning the head of the young fashionista became the last trend of the season. This is a very convenient option for study, sports or painting. The hair is neatly laid, nothing restricts movements and does not go into the eyes. But not every guy decides to leave the house with such a haircut. After all, there is a stereotype that pigtails are the lot of girls.

The most popular hairstyles for guys aged 14-15 include boxing that is well known to each of us! This name is known even to grandfathers and great-grandfathers. But the haircut has improved over the years. Now it is very popular. Athletes especially like this option.

Fashionable hairstyle boxing for boys 14-15 years 2020

A haircut called boxing is known all over the world. It does not require long styling, in the summer heat it does not cause problems and will not lose its appearance under a hat in the winter. A universal haircut that goes for almost everyone. But it doesn’t look very good only if the hair is too thin. The length of the bangs does not exceed three centimeters, so this is a great option for the school. For young athletes, this is a great choice. Hair will not interfere with running and doing exercises.

The distinctive features of boxing is the hair length - from 1 to 4 cm. This short haircut opens the face and gives the child's features masculinity. Curls do not stick out in different directions, so the image will always be on top.

To create a boxing hairstyle you will need the following tools:

  • Thinning and hairdressing scissors.
  • Comb.
  • Razor.
  • The machine.

Boxing is a universal option that suits almost all representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of face shape and hair color. Hairstyle blends perfectly with any style, always looks neat. This is an ideal haircut model for those who are tired of daily washing and styling.

Men's hairstyles with long hair are not uncommon in recent times. They make a man more creative and stylish.

Useful information about fashionable hairstyles for long hair for men 2020 read more

Fashionable half-box hairstyle for boys 14-15 years old 2020

The half-box is very relevant today, it is applicable in various variations (it is taken as a basis) and has slightly more names, but the essence remains the same - a short-cut temple and nape with an equally long crown and voluminous bangs.

Suppose a parting, both medium and lateral, it looks aesthetically pleasing with both straight and curly hair. On the short parts, a variety of geometric-trimmed patterns are often made.

Suitable for any season: on the first of September, on the new year, on the last bell (spring), for the summer period, and for any kind of activity: to a disco, to school, to sports (for playing tennis, for example) or evening entertainment (for a date, for example), for a holiday (for a birthday or can be an excellent New Year’s sketch), etc.

Fashionable hairstyle grunge for boys 14-15 years 2020

The haircut “grunge” refers to a multi-layer cluster, it is characterized by a specific torn tip processing technique. Behind the seeming randomness of the hairstyle is actually a carefully verified scheme. The most vivid “grunge” demonstrates its creativity, an interesting structure on straight hair.

Hairstyle can be done for curly strands, but in this case, it is advisable to abandon the bangs in favor of free-framing curls. It should be noted that, despite its other name, “anti-glamor”, the hairstyle requires regular styling with styling tools.

Fashionable "adult" hairstyle for boys 14-15 years old 2020

Of course, any teenage boy dreams of looking older than his years. In adolescence, boys want to appear more mature, and hairstyles need to be selected appropriate. For such boys, there is a real adult haircut, which is also suitable for teenagers:

  • From the side of the temples and in the crown area, the hair is cut as short as possible, almost to the base. Shaving hair in these places is not necessary. The optimal hair length is 2-3 millimeters.
  • But in the occipital region, only long hair should be present. Here, their length should reach 2 centimeters.
  • This hairstyle is also quite easy to care for, because only the top needs to be combed. The upper part can be laid when you want, and in any case, the model will look great.

Fashionable hairstyle hedgehog for boys 14-15 years 2020

A popular haircut suits boys of any age. Simple, neat styling is easy to maintain. If desired, mom easily evens out the grown strands. For a children's matinee, a hedgehog is easy to turn from a calm, everyday look into a creative styling. Use cosmetic oil, ruffle the locks, raise the hairs up. Emphasis on protruding "spines" will give the image of dynamics. With a suit or smart shirt, the hedgehog looks stylish, spectacular.

Before choosing a nice, neat “hedgehog”, think about whether this option is suitable for the child. With an imperfect head shape, discard in favor of an image with longer strands that adjust the shape of the skull. Take a look at the photo. “Hedgehog” for boys is provocative and strict, sweet and impudent. Hedgehog 2020 with an extension on the back of the head is suitable for preschool children and adolescents.

On the one hand, short locks are convenient for everyday activities, on the other hand, a fashionable length is added in the back of the head, which many guys dream of.

Fashionable bob hairstyle for boys 14-15 years 2020

The layered structure of the bob haircut softens the sharp features of the face, adds volume to thin hair, while preserving certain notes of masculinity in the image. The main element of the model is a rather long fringe, reaching the eyebrows. Its shape and direction are determined by the type of face. To preserve the main accents of the haircut, it is mandatory to correct the length of the bangs at least once a month.

The “bob” may look different depending on the styling. For the everyday version, washed and slightly carelessly laid strands are quite enough, for the solemn version smooth hair with a "wet" effect or textured with mousse is assumed.

The desire of adolescents is to look shocking and bright. Children 16-17 years old, it is important that they see a young man and admire.

Photos of the most beautiful hairstyles for boys 16-17 years old 2020 look here

Fashionable hairstyle hat for boys 14-15 years 2020

Surely everyone saw a similar "hat". Here are the main features of this model:

  • She is distinguished from other cropped hair on the back of her head. They are shaved off a bit with a razor, but not completely.
  • At the very top, the hair reaches its greatest length.
  • The transition from the crown to the back of the head can be both smooth and sharp. The latter option is most common for teenage boys, because it is more than the first option, attracts the attention of girls.

  • Interestingly, this light hairstyle for every day looks great on both boys with straight hair and curly-haired guys. The thickness of the hair does not really matter. Haircut is suitable for any type of curls.
  • Such a haircut does not require special care. A teenager just needs to comb his hair correctly every morning. No styling or gels are needed here. To trim the hair on the back of the head with this hairstyle does not cause the slightest difficulty.

Watch the video: 10 Most ATTRACTIVE Men's Hair Styles. Top Male Hairstyles 2017. Attraction & A Man's Hair Style (February 2020).

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