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Men's winter boots Timberland (Timberland)

15 points about which boots, besides the yellow Timberland, are considered to be working, with which they can be worn, and how long the dirt on them can still be considered a working moment, and not a stain on your reputation.

It should immediately be noted that there is no single true definition of “work boots”. The heavy skinhead Dr Martens, the esthetic Wolverine 1000 miles, the yellow Timberland - all of them are, to one degree or another, working boots. At least, they were thought and worn for a long time by working people.

Of course, almost all work boots have certain similar features - a height covering the ankle, a thick sole that protects against cold and water, rough thick skin, a wide nose, not restricting leg movements. However, this time we will focus on one type of work boots - classic wide toe boots with a round toe.

As an almost perfect example, in our opinion, we take the silhouette of Timberland 6 Inch Boots. Since yellow nubuck has long been sore, we prefer noble burgundy skin.

In principle, this model can be considered the crown of "domestication" of rough work shoes. The thick corrugated rubber sole provides good traction, anti-shock technology, like on good sneakers, keeps your foot from getting tired even during long-term wear, and soft suede lining around the area of ​​your ankles will not let you rub your feet into the blood while wearing shoes.

By the way, over the past couple of years, the Timberland brand has become the official sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival.

The good news is for those who believe that winter boots in Russia must be lined with fur from the inside - this model has a 400-gram insulation that allows you to wear them with a warm toe in winter and not complain about frost.

Speaking of socks, it is thick woolen socks that will ideally look with any work boots in the autumn-winter period. You can grandmother, but you can - such as shown below.

You will be surprised, but good work boots can also be worn in warm weather with shorts and athletic white socks. However, as long as you do not live in California, putting on such a kit should only be on a mountain trip.

Let's go back to the harsh northern climatic realities: work boots are great shoes for uncompromising winter down jackets and parkas.

The first thing that comes to mind to wear with a pair of work boots is the good old jeans. But you can refine the kit a bit, for example, wear corduroy pants, a shirt and a warm knitted cardigan.

Well, tweed pants and a vest will, of course, be aerobatics. It’s even allowed to peek at American-specializing brands like Gant and Tommy Hilfiger.

Note for pedants: do not constantly shake over the presentation of your work boots, they were originally designed for long-term wear in semi-wild, not at all greenhouse conditions. Every dent and every scratch will only add charm to such shoes. But without fanaticism. If you understand that the original color can no longer be discerned behind the layers of dirt, it's time to take on a rag.

In winter, your boots will have to deal with water, salt and anti-ice chemicals, not to mention extreme temperatures. So no matter how courageous a new couple would look, it will need your care. Someone uses water- and dirt-repellent sprays, someone insists on natural products like Sno-Seal, a beeswax-based water deflector. However, every self-respecting manufacturer of work boots, as a rule, has a full range of tools in the online store.

Timberland work boots are an unprincipled and extremely democratic thing, everyone wears such ones: Rihanna, J-Z, Justin Bieber, or the other day we saw Sergey Garmash in those.

Finally, one request: do not wear work boots with untied shoelaces, showing aggressive masculine negligence. As they say, it's’s so 90s.

Photo: press materials, illustrations: Nikita Pavlov

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Advantages of Timberland boots (Timberland)

The clothing and footwear company was founded in 1952. The creator of the timberlands, Nathan Schwartz, produced things for tourism and outdoor activities. Over time, fashionable sand-colored shoes entered the everyday wardrobe and became a must-have for urban mods.

Today, many men dream of trying on berets of the American brand. Why are brand products so popular?

The answer to this question lies in the specifics of production.:

  • Only natural materials are used to make shoes. For men, leather shoes are created, as well as nubuck products,
  • The basic gamut of shoes is nude. With the growing popularity of beige and sand and brown shades, the original Timberland has become fantastically in demand in a fashionable environment, although today the product range includes bright and extravagant models,
  • double insulation allows you to make winter boots unusually comfortable. Timberland have natural fur as insulation and a unique smartwool fiber to improve heat-saving properties, while air exchange remains at a height
  • Removable cushioning insoles allow you to walk in boots non-stop without fatigue. The pressure is distributed evenly, the foot is not overloaded. Timberlands are designed primarily for tourism, which means that shoes are designed for long walks without fatigue and a feeling of heaviness.

Do not forget that the boots securely fix the ankle and minimize the risk of injuries during vigorous activity. Design and unmatched comfort also feature bonuses to American boots.

How to distinguish the original

But all of the above applies exclusively to original products. You should not expect from a counterfeit high operational characteristics. So, how to distinguish an original from a fake?

Real timberlands are complemented by a brand nubuck tag. In addition, each pair has an individual number.

Meticulous buyers can compare the purchased pair with products presented on the official website. The tread pattern must match. Unfortunately, most buyers are convinced that they became the owner of a fake only after operating the boots.

The counterfeit has an artificial insulation, a low-quality sole, not the most successful block, and therefore causes discomfort while wearing and quickly becomes unusable.

Fashionable solutions for men

Those who are looking for a successful couple for the winter should definitely get acquainted with the new products offered by the Timberland brand. Designers are increasingly experimenting with the palette, but the basic elements of hiking and everyday boots are unchanged. The products have an anti-slip coating, they warm well in severe frosts, and are combined with sports and street clothes. The brand produces not only berets, but also lightweight shoes. Let's try to choose the best model for the winter.


There are such shoe pairs, the appearance of which already indicates that the shoes belong to a particular brand. These are the classic Timberland red boots with watertight seams, anti-slip tread and nylon laces. They are distinguished by a light sole, a slightly elongated tongue, reinforced elements on the lateral parts of the berets.

The palette ranges from light sand to bright red. There are models with a colored sole and contrasting stitching. All products have an improved pad, waterproof surface, insole and lining made of genuine leather.

Features and Benefits of Timberland Boots

Such shoes have long been considered a true embodiment of quality. It is actively worn by many men. The American company was registered in 1973. At the same time, shoe production began long before this point. The first collections of the brand were intended for lumberjacks. They were solid shoes, which reliably protected the feet from moisture and cold.

Brutal men liked the actual design and application of innovative technologies. Initially, shoes were used for work and tourism. However, over time, many men began to include such models in their everyday bows.

The characteristic colors of such shoes look great in combination with different models of jeans, making the composition more effective and courageous. The key advantages of such shoes include the following:

  • Full waterproof. This effect is achieved through the use of a proprietary technology called the “sealed seam”. Such products have a special silicone base. It helps to avoid the accumulation of water and dirt on the surface of the product.
  • The use of branded membrane Gore-Tex. In combination with a high-quality sole, each pair of such shoes becomes surprisingly practical and lasts quite a while.
  • The presence of a dirt-repellent layer of Ion-Mask. It helps to avoid the occurrence of persistent stains, stains and sagging. Because the shoes of this brand for a long time retains a flawless appearance.

  • The presence of the tread sole. The boots have a grooved traction system that provides easy movement on snow and ice.

Attention! Shoes of this brand are preferred by many celebrities. This is due to the high quality of products. They have a wonderful warming layer of wool, fur or fleece. Such shoes are considered the most practical option for frosty or slushy weather.

With fur

Those buyers who are looking for Timberland with fur will be surprised that all winter models have fur filling. The original products do not use synthetic insulation. The fur is necessarily present inside, but sometimes it can appear outside. True, such a decor is not peculiar to running timberlands. If there are products with fur trim, then they are of a limited nature.

In the current collection of the brand, you can find classic red shoes of the original design with sheared fur on the top. It will also be possible to try on berets with a soft roller and a lining of a sheepskin in a contrasting color, which also acts as a decorative hem.

3 tips for wearing Timberlands for men

The most obvious, but at the same time the most effective option with which to wear Timberlands for men is with jeans. Feel free to wear a shirt, stylish sweater or cardigan. This combination is always appropriate - both for work and for the country, and depending on the circumstances, you can add accents in different styles, for example, military or country.

2. Classic style

Timberlands will also fit into the noble classics - velvet or tweed trousers, vests, jackets. By the way, tweed lapels will look great with the Timberland Roll-Top. However, it should be remembered that it is better for men to abandon trousers with arrows and classic shirts in favor of either more democratic or more noble options. You can also wear Timberlands with loose shoelaces - demonstrative negligence will emphasize the pronounced masculinity of these boots.

3. In the warm and cold season

The versatility of Timberland boots allows you to walk in them all year round: in winter they can be safely combined with a noble coat, and with a down jacket or parka, and in summer with comfortable shorts and a T-shirt.

Whichever way you choose, with what to wear Timberlands for men, we are sure that you will never regret your purchase. In Timberland boots you will be comfortable at any time of the year, and this is important! Come to our showroom at the address: Moscow, per. Stoleshnikov, 11, office 349 and see for yourself!


The product range for men includes leather shoes with a matte or glossy finish. If fleecy berets seem impractical, then products from smooth skin are easier to care for and to a greater extent meet the requirements of men who are accustomed to utilitarian shoes.

Buyers are available shoe pairs in black and dark brown tones, as well as burgundy models with contrasting soles. In the collection of the brand there are sports design shoes that are more reminiscent of insulated sneakers. For lovers of the style of casual sports, such models will be a godsend.

Men's timberland boots

They look solid and restrained at the same time, which fully admits their presence in the wardrobe of both young men and men of more respectable age. In the production of branded shoes of the Timberland brand, only natural materials are used: leather or nubuck. At the same time, they are necessarily amenable to finishing with silicone impregnations, and also give strength due to the frame of nylon threads.

As a heater, the manufacturer uses materials such as natural fur and Smartwool.

If you have questions about what to assemble timberlands with, you need to remember:

  • these shoes are not worn under a formal attire,
  • they don’t harmonize with baggy trousers,
  • the overall image should not resemble a cabbage.

With these boots you can wear skinny jeans or pants. If you need to wear jeans or pants with lapels, it must be borne in mind that the lapel should not be wider than the neck of the boot.

If a man is looking for new ways to wear winter timbers. Then you should wear a sweater and a long black coat. Add a scarf and brown boots to the opposite to complete the look.

Timberland low shoes

Any things from the wardrobe will be wonderfully combined with low shoes, as they are universal. All women like it when their man wears a leather cap, a plaid shirt, a regular T-shirt, trousers and low shoes in timberland.

To get a street style, just combine your brown jacket with marsh-colored boots, and you will look better than all the other guys. The next set can be formed from a white shirt and blue jeans. The jacket and low shoes should be chosen in one color.

Timberland sneakers

These shoes can be used both for sports and for daily wear. Timberland sneakers have a thickened insole and internal insulation, which allows the legs to not freeze even in the most severe frosts. The surface of warm sneakers does not crack even if water gets on them or a sharp temperature drop.

A great example is a light neutral suit with a white shirt and blue athletic sneakers. It should be noted that in the pocket of the jacket should be a blue square scarf and a gray tie. Thus, you can get the most harmonious look.

When choosing clothes for sneakers, you should follow these tips:

  • it’s better to wear a T-shirt rather than an official shirt,
  • combine pants with a T-shirt, sports or leather jacket and cardigan, which will be in perfect harmony with the sneakers,
  • combine a suit jacket with jeans while paying special attention to their colors,
  • avoid wearing a tie or bow tie.


The traditional red boots are replaced by practical berets with a sole in tone. Such, without a doubt, are black boots, suggesting the idea of ​​militaristic design shoes. The Timberland brand also produces monochrome shoe pairs, where the logo and company name are written in white.

Winter boots for men with dark gray and smoky accents look good.Black shoes with contrasting stitching will appeal to young men who do not tolerate platitudes in clothes, but who do not want to wear too extravagant shoes.


Moccasins, once invented by the Indians for silent walking and speed, were adopted by practical Europeans, and after centuries they never lose their relevance.

If this is a classic soft color model, then it is suitable for almost all items of everyday wardrobe. They can be worn with any things that will be in harmony in color. If the moccasins have one of the universal colors, then they can be safely worn with a denim suit or jeans and a leather jacket.

In summer, moccasins can be combined with thin shirts, sports-style t-shirts, shorts and Bermudas, or a club jacket can be put on top.


Summer boaters can be found in various colors and shades. These shoes look like moccasins, but they are heavier and not so flexible. Often they have a white sole. The most popular color combinations are red with blue, yellow with white or a completely green hue. They look great with brightly colored T-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts.

If the top is made of breathable material, this means that such sneakers are designed for hiking or playing sports. Sneakers can also be made from textile or suede. The choice should correspond to the purposes for which this shoe is purchased.

A combination with jeans is considered classic. This option is suitable for any season. The image can be complemented by a denim shirt and a leather jacket. The summer version of the sneaker can be combined with denim shorts and a T-shirt of any convenient length. If you need to create a classic look, you should wear dark trousers, tapered to the bottom, a white shirt and dark timberlands.


Given that Timberland shoes come in such models as derby, oxford, slip-ons, classic, as well as for hiking, the choice of clothing should be appropriate. For example, jeans are best worn with derby or slip-ons, and trousers and a shirt are combined with oxfords or classic timberland models. Shoes also look good with suits and thick cotton chinos.


The world of men's fashion is becoming more diverse, and now it’s not enough to have walking shoes and a pair of slippers - it's time to think about which shoes to buy and which pants to choose for them. Timberlands can be one of the best acquisitions. They combine with many things, and in order for them to last as long as possible, they should be properly looked after.

How Men Wear Timberlands in Winter

These shoes can be worn all year round, but still Russian men for the most part prefer to wear them in the cold season.

Classic timberlands have seven pairs of eyelets through which shoelaces pass. A feature of their wearing is free lacing. It is considered correct to leave some openings without a lace, “not noticing” one at a time from different sides.

Another way to emphasize masculinity with the help of shoes is not to bring the lace to the end by a pair of eyelets and unscrew the remaining edge of the tongue forward.

These are just recommendations from stylists. Act as you see fit, because convenience is the middle name of timberlands. For wearing in dirt and bad weather, a turned tongue and an open hole are not quite what is required to protect from moisture and cold. Snow or water falling through loose lacing will clearly not warm anyone.

With any method of lacing that you choose - free or fixed - be guided, first of all, by common sense. If there’s a blizzard on the street, it’s ridiculous to think of fashion at the expense of warmth and comfort.

Velveteen, cage and knitted cardigan

The thick sole and insulation of PrimaLoft allow you to wear timbers in the winter even despite the absence of the usual fur lining. PrimaLoft fibers imitate goose down and have all its best heat-insulating qualities, but they are significantly superior in functionality because they retain heat and hold their shape even when wet.

Any jeans that are cropped or tucked to a comfortable length will do, but velvet trousers provide maximum comfort. Complex at first glance, the color of shoes is called universal for a reason. boots really can be worn with almost any clothing. A kind of classic - a plaid shirt and a knitted cardigan, which are especially good in the cold. Warm gloves, a hat and Alaska - and you can storm a snow-covered city.

The image is good for those who value convenience, walk a lot and have to put up with frost.

Denim, turtleneck and camel coat

Dark gray 6 Inch Premium Boots look more interesting than black ones; the nubuck texture adds depth to the color. An everyday look with boots: blue or black jeans, a turtleneck and a beige coat. Take a Michael Kors briefcase or bag to work, for a short business trip, a black or dark brown leather backpack is more suitable.

Autumn-spring version with a coat can become winter if you add a Agnelle scarf, hat and gloves, and the waterproofness of the monolithic sole, the tightness of the seams and the special nubuck coating using the Waterproof technology will allow you not to think about the weather. The lining and the upper of the insole are made of breathable textile, making your feet comfortable on the street and indoors all day.

Chinos, T-shirt and leather jacket

A less familiar option is timberlands. gray green embossed nubuck. Wear them with chinos or jeans, a simple t-shirt and a leather jacket. Autumn-spring version for every day, which can be worn anywhere.

The model has an insole with Anti-fatigue technology against foot fatigue. The insole consists of special cone-shaped air pockets that distribute pressure in key areas, absorb shock that occurs when walking, and return energy so that the feet can remain in good shape all day. In addition, the cone-shaped pockets significantly lightened the weight of the sole. An ideal pair of shoes for those who spend all day on their feet.

Timberland men's boots are a year-round story, they can be worn even in summer, combining with shorts. For the city, this option is unlikely to be suitable, but holidays in the mountains and summer festivals will allow shoes to prove themselves.

Fashion style

Timberlands came from the work environment, they are not compatible with the classical style, although sometimes there are exceptions to the rules. But the images of everyday style with such shoes are wonderful.

Let's look at an example. A young man in a black turtleneck, a gray sweater, black jeans and a long coat will look very stylish if he completes the outfit with gray timberlands. In black boots, such an outfit will approach business style, and a green or cherry pair will lower the degree of officialdom and bring the bow back to casual style.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that such shoes have the right to exist in different styles:

  • First of all, in everyday life,
  • sometimes to create business bows.

Timberland Pants

Denim jeans and trousers faithfully accompany these shoes for many years. Choose skinny models of trousers, and they will demonstrate not only the sporty figure of the wearer, but also will show what stylish, comfortable shoes he wears.

Jeans are either tucked inside the boot, either spread on top of it. In both cases, there should be neither excessive collection, nor perfect straightening. Still, the timberlands dictate some negligence, which rejects sloppiness and welcomes the verified optimal fit of the trouser model.

Wide jeans are also worn with boots, but then their upper part is closed for review, therefore all chic is lost. The model looks if it is clearly visible in full. Indeed, for someone, we bother with lacing, trying to look courageous and stylish.

Different trousers are suitable for timberlands. Interesting combinations are obtained with the following varieties:

Skinny models of trousers, combined with a white shirt and supplemented with boots, will allow you to attend an official event in this outfit without a dress code, an exhibition, or go on an excursion to a museum or a movie.


In cool time, men can wear a variety of jackets, trench coats, leather jackets, jackets, insulated vests, pea jackets, coats, short fur coats, and boots with boots. Volumetric top is welcome. These shoes fit everything.

But the most interesting combination of a winter wardrobe is timberlands and an elongated parka or alaska jacket. For example, a dark blue parka with a black sweater, steel pants on an elastic band make up an excellent set with red timbers.

Some tips

For boots, wear loose-fitting shirts, flannel, in a plaid. Voluminous sweaters, knit cardigans or with a textured pattern are also suitable. All kinds of hoodies and hoodies will be appropriate. T-shirts - any, better authentic. Drawings, images, stripes, prints - everything is considered in the form of successful additions to casual bows with timbers.

Of the accessories, they perfectly fit the images with boots: a hat-toe or a beanie, an ear-flaps, a bomber jacket. Do not forget about the scarf - soft, voluminous, possibly a scarf-snood with a two-tone English rubber band or large braids. Watches, large sports bags, leather belts, belt chains complete the brutal image.

When buying shoes, pay particular attention to their quality and features: whether the heel is firmly fixed, and the sole height is comfortable to use. The nose should be wide to avoid squeezing the toes, and the insoles should be soft, removable. They must have the necessary cushioning, taking the form of feet when moving.

When purchasing a new pair of timberlands, think about their color. Perhaps your wardrobe is better suited to a gray or green hue instead of yellow, which is sore.

If you prefer a mono-color in the wardrobe - black, gray - stop on contrasting boots and the attention of the opposite sex will be provided.

Timbas in the fall and winter are not easy: take care of them from the day of purchase, and the shoes will thank you with a long wearing time. In the home arsenal of care products should be mud and water repellent sprays, special funds for soaking suede, creams with beeswax and others. These are not model shoes and you don’t need to polish shoes daily, but you often need to free the sole from dirt. Regular care, taking into account the type - leather shoes, nubuck - will bring the expected result.

Nerds wear tight-laced boots

Intellectuals prefer a certain secrecy and mystery, because they do not like increased attention to their person. But the "timba" will not let you go unnoticed, so to wear such shoes, you need to be confident in yourself and be ready for increased attention.

Everyone knows that timberlands look great when not fully laced or too tight. Does this mean that you will literally fall out of your shoes as you move forward? Not at all! But this also does not mean that you need to lace up the shoes so that they fit snugly against the ankle.

On the classic 15-centimeter timberlands, there are 7 eyelets on each side of the boot for passing laces through them. If you want to lace up your shoes looser, you need to lace up the factory lacing and lace up the shoes, skipping some holes. Also, do not lace up the boot at the very top.

There are no strict rules on how to lace up shoes, but if it seems to you that they are laced too tight or vice versa too loosely, then simply un-lace them the way you like.

If in doubt about what to wear, try wearing pants or jeans that are tapered to the bottom with boots.

Guys are sure to rebel by reading the headline. But do not rush ... If you want to look stylish, then the best option is to wear narrowed trousers to the bottom. Regardless of whether you prefer skinny jeans or trendy models of trousers, the main thing is that they do not pull off and, in extreme cases, do not get out of your shoes. This will not create a sense of untidiness and sloppiness in the image you created.

The guys who wear Jordans jeans with comfortable Nike sneakers look especially cool. Recently, this fashion trend has even got its name - #NTDenim. This is when baggy jeans are put on over comfortable sneakers. Of course, it cannot be argued that only narrow gins will suit timberlands, although these are shoes that deserve to be proud of, and not hidden under baggy jeans or flared jeans.

By the way, shorts will look great with timberlands. Of course, these boots have a stunning tread. You can’t hide such beauty. Perhaps the only one with whom this number "rolls" is Farrell Williams. In 98% of cases, this image does not look so hot, but if everything is done correctly, success is guaranteed.

Skinny tight pants - faithful “friends” of timberlands

Given all of the above, it should be noted that some guys just do not like when their gins or trousers are collected, and even more so get out of their shoes. If you want to wear timbers with jeans or trousers with lapels, keep in mind that if the cuff is wider than the neck of the boot, then you should choose a different model of trousers. We understand that sometimes you want to show passers-by the top of your shoe, peeking out from under your jeans, but if some kind of parachutes hang over your timbers, it will look at least strange.

Under jeans, large knit sweaters, parkas, sweaters and t-shirts, sweatshirts are perfect. And do not forget about accessories: hats, scarves, belts, watches and sunglasses.

Timberlands should be selected literally "on the foot"

Many experts advise buying shoes one size larger, but this rule does not work when choosing timberlands.

Tip: Choose timbers at least one size smaller than the shoes you wear all the time. This tip is especially relevant if you are going to wear loose-laced boots. If in doubt, you can see the size chart on the official website of the Timberland trademark. But if you are the type of guy whose leg size varies depending on the brand, then you should also choose timberlands one size smaller. Give thanks later.

Timberlands - one of the few brands of shoes that belongs to the category of all-weather shoes, that is, they can be worn in any weather

Timberlands are versatile boots. In addition, timber even can be worn year-round, if environmental conditions allow, of course. What can I say, all the guys, for sure, will want and will wear timbers all year round. And, in general, this is not such a bad idea. But try walking in the timberlands along the street, when outside the window plus 26 degrees. What about shorts? Yes, you will not look the best!

Although it all depends on how supportive Mother Nature is to you. At the same time, you can safely wear timbers in the offseason until mid-May. Or you can’t remove the timberlands at all, just like George Costanza, the main character from the popular American series Seinfeld, who decided not to remove the timberlands after meeting the girl of his dreams, only because he was afraid to seem lower than he really is.

The warmed low shoes

This model has a heater and is great for not too cold winters. Also, these shoes can be worn in the fall. They blend wonderfully with skinny jeans.Of the stylish additions, it is also worth choosing a bomber jacket or a quilted jacket.

Take care of your timberlands and they will serve you well

Proper maintenance is the key to the long service life of your shoes. Timberlands need to be properly looked after, as indeed, for any leather shoes so that they remain like new throughout the season. A Timberland brand ad says these boots are waterproof. And in some ways this is true.

But when they say “waterproof”, this means that your feet will remain dry, even if you decide to take a walk through the puddles, that is, water will not get into the boot, and not in the sense that the boots are water-repellent. Unless, of course, indicated on the boot label. That is, without proper care after a while, your shoes will not be at their best.

Timberlands - Original or Fake? How to distinguish (video):

Most shoe stores offer a wide range of shoe care accessories, including special impregnations for suede shoes and water-repellents. When applying a protective cream or spray to ensure optimal protection against dirt and moisture, apply a minimum of two layers of the product. In this case, the layer of cream or spray should dry for at least 20 minutes before applying the next layer.

You can apply shoe protection with special brushes. Do not be surprised if over time your shoes become slightly discolored. This is a natural process.

Shoes discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or when applying cream. Do not despair, because timberlands belong to work shoes, right? Therefore, caring for them is not necessary. It’s a joke ... But small wear, some “aging” or loss of color will not spoil them at all.

Nevertheless, you should carefully approach the choice of colored timberlands.

The fame of the Timberland brand has allowed designers and brand owners to expand their shoe range by offering their customers colorful options, not just classic ripe wheat shoes. After all, colored shoes are not only fashionable and stylish, but also in their own status.

Villa, in particular, proposed trying on emerald-colored timberlands, and Farrell Williams was so inspired by the idea to create a collection of timberlands that he created a limited series of brick-red timberboards with a bee honeycomb pattern with the talking name Bee Line, which in English means “Flight of the Bee ". Well, how are things going for bees with the shortest route to the hive, no one checked, and with Williams, the flight of fantasy was a success.

In addition, it is worth noting that more and more often on the streets of the city you can find lucky owners of timberlands, which are not inferior in color to the sneakers that are beloved by everyone and fashionable this season. Nobody is against experimentation, it is always welcome, but if you are building fences (or you have never had a pair of timberlands before), opt for classic timber wheat ripeners or black classics.

Do not forget that regardless of the color of the shoes or pants you choose, the tongue of the shoes should always be on top of the pants.

In general, if we talk about such boots as timberlands, then it is very important to pay attention to the position of the tongue of the boots. Yes, yes, the position of the timber tongue is not just a matter of taste.

The basic rule that you need to learn: the tongue of the shoes should always be on top of the trousers! If you decide to lower the trousers over the boot, then the tongue should be from the bottom. Depending on how you lace up your shoes, you can release the tongue over the lacing or the laces over the tongue in the classic version. You can simply lower the tongue slightly down so that it moves freely as you move.

Believe it or not, timberlands blend well not only with street-style clothing

Yes, in the classical sense, timberlands are work shoes, but Timberland has achieved some success not only in hip-hop culture, but in the fashion world as a whole. Although initially these shoes were conceived exclusively as shoes for workers. And all thanks to comfort and convenience. But, as you know, fashion is a fickle lady, and what was originally conceived as mass-market shoes smoothly passes into the category of VIP, and sometimes art objects.

However, do not forget that, like the Red Wing, Viberg or Wolverine boots, timbers are not just for outdoor wear. In general, I must say that these shoes are very functional. They can be worn with any outfit that is in your wardrobe. The only thing is by no means to wear them with a classic suit or tuxedo. No wonder the designers came up with classic shoes.

When choosing a classic yellow or color "timber" should follow the rules of harmonious color combination. It is desirable that in the outfit one of the accessories was in the tone of the shoe, then the desired balance will be preserved in the image.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?
How not to run into a fake? The issue is extremely urgent, especially during the reign of Chinese fakes.

The original “timber” has a uniform structure of the sole material. A fake cannot boast of uniformity; it has visually visible “transitions”.

The original "timber" is made entirely from natural materials, in connection with this fake is easy to distinguish by decoration and lining of faux fur. In addition, in real timberlands, the laces are made of nylon, unlike rags in a fake.

The copy differs from the original in its service life and quality. In addition, as you know, the avaricious pays twice, so do not save and get the original timberlands that will serve you faithfully for any season.


Clothing and shoes in blue tones are becoming more and more popular every year. It is not surprising that the American company released several successful solutions in blue. These are athletic shoes resembling sneakers, as well as blue berets with brown nubuck and leather trim. The dark blue base is in perfect harmony with the gray and brown soles.

Blue boots with a fleecy surface and black inlays of smooth leather look great.

How to wear timberlands

Where are timberlands appropriate and what to wear with these shoes? It is clear that in a business or strict outfit, informal shoes are unacceptable. Timberlands are designed for travel, street walks, leisure.

The presence of berets on the sides obliges you to wear boots under straight or narrowed trousers. If you are unable to tuck jeans or pants inside, then leave the boots unlaced. This option is suitable for young men and fashionistas accustomed to informal bows. Interestingly, even weakened laces do not interfere with walking. The block of shoes is such that they remain on the foot, even if there are no laces at all.

Straight jeans can also be tucked up, leaving a lapel at the level of the tongue of the shoes. Timberland models with sporty and military-style clothing look good. Men wear fashionable boots with joggers, tights, cargo pants, provided that they have a not too wide cut.

Timberland shoes are designed for casual wardrobe. Men willingly wear nubuck boots with large knit sweaters and jumpers, sports hoodies and sweatshirts. Parkas, down jackets and straight jackets with fur trim are suitable as outerwear. Successful accessories will be beanie hats, scarfs, snoods, leather belts and youth shoulder bags.

Actual materials

For the manufacture of shoes, the brand uses exclusively natural and high quality materials. In this case, the raw materials are processed. For this purpose, use the following:

  • nylon fibers - they help strengthen the surface and increase resistance to mechanical stress,
  • silicone impregnations - increase the resistance of the base to the action of water.

The material from which the shoes of this brand are made is resistant to frost up to 40 degrees. It is not contaminated and does not require specific care.

Winter shoe models are great for frost. They have a natural insulation layer of fur and Smartwool fibers. The sole is well ventilated, which gives amazing comfort for prolonged use. Thanks to the presence of a special insole, it is possible to adjust the load on the legs.

Attention! The sole system includes several layers of rubber, which has a different density and a complex of air pockets. The presence of the tread helps to avoid slipping and provides good adhesion to any surface option.


Such models allow you to add surprisingly noble notes to the brutal composition. Therefore, they are very popular among men.


Such products look very elegant and fit perfectly into warm winter compositions.

6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots

Thanks to this model, the brand has become known throughout the world. The upper part of the product is made of nubuck and has a water-repellent impregnation. The sole is attached using a special seamless technique.

The brand line is presented in yellow colors. Such models are perfect for extreme hiking. Also in the collection you can find stylish black and brown products that are perfect for men of any age category.

Pro series

This series of boots is suitable for professional use. The models are made of thick leather, which has a special finish. The characteristic elements of products include:

  • the presence of titanium fragments that provide additional protection for the feet,
  • special treads that have innovative performance technology,
  • the use of modern heaters,
  • the presence of an electrical protection system on the sole.

These boots are designed for work, regardless of the degree of complexity of the weather.


Boots in this series are made using innovative technology. Timberlands are characterized by impeccable quality and are slightly different from other products in appearance.

They are more like shoes for hiking or hunting. It should be borne in mind that the brand name of the brand can be found on the wrong side of the shoes.

Euro sprint hiker

This collection is the best suited for long walks or hiking. The product does not contain fur inserts and has excellent ergonomics. It is characterized by amazing lightness and high strength.

How to choose an original?

To buy the original of this brand, you should contact a certified store. This will protect against the acquisition of low-quality fakes. It is also worth paying attention to a number of features:

  • The insole should be made of soft fabric and repeat the shape of the foot. To facilitate shoe care, this element is made removable.
  • The sole of the shoe may be flat or embossed. But in any case, it is characterized by sufficient flexibility and plasticity. Such models allow you to easily overcome all the bumps. When choosing a height, you should consider your own needs.
  • When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the shade of the skin or nubuck. On the surface of the shoes should not be stains, uneven staining. Also, high-quality timberlands do not have a bad smell.

  • During the fitting, you should focus on the fit and mass of shoes. Feelings are of no small importance - the model should be as convenient as possible.

What to wear?

Many men are interested in what to wear such shoes with. These shoes are versatile. However, there are still certain rules that are not recommended to be violated.

Stylists do not recommend combining these shoes with baggy trousers or using them to create layered compositions. Do not combine loose-fitting boots with formal suits.

Timberlands look great with jeans or casual trousers. It is advisable to choose narrowed down models. Moreover, the trouser legs can well be slightly rolled up or tucked inside the boot.

As for the top of the bow, you can pick up coarse sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies. When choosing outerwear, it is worth giving preference to fairly loose products. Great options are down jackets, parkas, jackets. Equally important when creating a bow are accessories - hats, scarves, belts.

Timberland men's shoes are very stylish and fashionable shoes that organically fit into everyday compositions and reliably protect from the cold. To choose a high-quality model, it is worth considering many criteria. Moreover, buying a product is best in certified stores.

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