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How to choose a men's suit for every day: a selection of bows

Hang the suit on a wide wooden hanger (no backs of chairs), the form will last longer.

Do not dry clean the suit too often; this may be harmful to natural fibers. Use a special brush with a soft coating.

It is recommended to iron the suit exclusively with steam or with the help of plastic protection attached to the iron, so as not to damage the fabric.

For seasonal storage of the suit, use special ventilated covers to prevent the formation of mustiness or mold.

Do not wear the same suit daily, let the fabric breathe for 1-2 days.

An unloved costume never wears out.

A fairly objective statement. Do not save where you do not need to. Investing in quality and comfortable clothes allows a man to dress correctly. Choose good men's suits, wear with pleasure, enjoy life and achieve success. Do not forget about such important elements of style as men's watches, shoes and perfume, which, along with a suit perfectly complement the image.

How should a man's suit sit?

The most popular version of the costume is a casual model that is used by almost every third man today. If a man is not connected with important state work, a casual suit can be chosen from those models that are relatively inexpensive, the main thing is that it should be made of high-quality and long-laced fabrics, look harmonious in the general image of the man and fit well.


Leading experts are ready to share tips on how a suit should sit on a man. And the first thing you need to pay attention to is the length and width of the trousers.

Proper fit of the trousers implies several nuances:

  • cropped trousers are permissible only if they are narrowed style,
  • the arrows on the trousers should be strictly vertical,
  • the length of the trousers should not completely cover the back of the shoe,
  • while traveling, men should not look out from under their trousers,
  • the traditional width of the trousers is 22 cm,
  • cuffs 3.5 cm high are allowed in a casual suit.

When choosing a length and model of trousers, a man needs to take into account his overall body configuration and height. Ideally, the pants should cover up to half the heel of the back of the shoe, and form a small crease or crease in the front. Shorter lengths are allowed, it is only important to observe the rule that the wider the legs, the longer they should be.


It is equally important to choose a men's suit for every day according to the correct fit of the jacket. During the fitting, stylists advise to pay attention to the fact that it is not too spacious or cramped. The collar and shoulder girdle should ideally lie gently over the shoulders, fitting the neck. If a man is comfortable in a matched jacket in the shoulder area, and the lower button is difficult to fasten, do not take a larger size, you can choose a different style. You can also take a jacket with patches - today it is in fashion, as well as this will lead to a longer wear.

The slots of the jacket must be evenly spaced and be closed, do not pull up. In a quality suit, the slots will be functional with cut loops for threading buttons. The length of the sleeves in the jacket would ideally be 2 cm shorter than the length of the shirt. The folds of the lapels should be adjacent to the figure of a man, not in any way clumping and breaking. At the back, you need to pay attention to the collar lying on the neck, and not protruding back.


The vest is the perfect complement to a classic costume, emphasizing conservatism and tribute to the traditions of men. For formal events, you need to choose woolen and cashmere models of a single color, for options of an informal style, options from denim, jacquard or knitwear are suitable. Protruding triangular floors, folds and rims on the back, buttons that cannot be fastened are not allowed.

Ideally, the vest on the back should have straps, with which you can adjust its fit according to the figure, as well as cuts on the sides. The cloth on the back of the vest may be slightly longer than its front. In tandem with a jacket, the top of the vest should not be at the level where the lower edge of the top button of the jacket is located. According to the classic, the vest covers the belt of the trousers, but not lower than the level of the femoral head, and the lower button of the vest is worn open.

How to determine the size and choose according to the figure?

You can pick up a casual suit for a man only with a visual inspection and fitting of a suit. Often there are times when a jacket of the same size is ideal for a man, but the trousers are large or small. Therefore, stylists advise separately to determine the size of trousers and a jacket, taking measurements.

  1. Pants size. Using a measuring tape, a man needs to determine two parameters - this is the girth in the hips and waist, many manufacturers advise measuring the length of the legs inclusive. It is better to measure these parameters in one underwear, and the waist area will be where the man will have a belt and a belt of trousers. Further, the obtained parameters are compared with the size table:
  2. Jacket size. When determining the size of a man, you need to consider which country the manufacturer is in order to select the size of the desired marking in the size table. Measurements are carried out using a measuring tape in a shirt or t-shirt, calculating the circumference in the chest at its widest point, as well as the length of the sleeve and the overall height of the man. Further, the data is compared with the size table:

The choice of material, style and color

A few tips from stylists about a man’s suit for everyday wear will help determine criteria such as color, print and materials for the production of the suit. Light or black shades are options that carry a traditional meaning, for everyday wear, stylists do not advise choosing such colors.

For everyday wear, you should not choose a narrower style, since this thing will be used regularly in different circumstances, without causing any embarrassment and discomfort. The suit should have functional pockets, but it is better to choose a discreet and discreet design. Marking and durability of fabrics is no less important, it is better to choose natural fabrics with a small addition of synthetics.

Men's bows in suits

For those men who do not have free time and knowledge to create a stylish look, stylists prepared numerous and ready-made male images. Among them are large-scale checkered suits that are fashionable this year, emphasizing conservatism and a sense of taste in a man, summer men's onions in bright colors, and options for a working business environment.


A man’s suit for everyday wear must be made of natural and flexible fabrics, long-lipped and practical with a high degree of comfort. The coloring and print should be as restrained and calm as possible, bright and solemn models for daily use - this is a bad taste. When choosing a suit, a man needs to determine its size, and also take into account all the nuances and indicators of its proper fit.

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