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Boho masculine style: creating a harmonious look

In the direction of men's fashion there are a lot of new and interesting styles, among which boho should be noted. Many men, having heard this word for the first time, will not have even the slightest idea of ​​what is at stake, but in fact everything is very simple and as clear as possible. Boho masculine style is available for every representative of the stronger sex, will create a unique, stylish and inimitable image.

This direction has its own characteristics, which every guy should understand. Having studied the characteristic features of the boho style, a man will be able to understand whether he is suitable for him, what exactly is interesting and how difficult it is to choose things for such an image.

Characteristics of boho style

Boho masculine style has something in common with images from the themes of Shabby Hick, Rustic and Folk. Boho style for men is at the peak of popularity, well suited for the stronger sex of different age categories.

The characteristic features of this particular style are reflected in the following elements of clothing:

  • original trousers, classic and not only colors,
  • knitted cardigan and patchwork vest,
  • shirts, scarves and butterflies.

This is an ideal solution for those who simply can not stand strict suits, other, boring and most standard things. This style looks a bit shabby and contains light casual elements.

Varieties of direction

Men's clothing in the style of boho is a rather original and interesting solution for a successful addition to the image. The use of varieties of this style will allow a man to express his personality and make it clear to others that an extraordinary and creative nature is hiding against the background of a standard appearance.

The main varieties of the popular masculine style of boho are as follows:

  • ecotype,
  • retro,
  • hippie,
  • option of combining worn things together.

The ecotype combines a vest, shirt and pants. which are sewn exclusively from natural materials. Shades of clothing should also be natural. Various stripes, buttons and buttons should be present on clothes, trousers should be free-cut, they should have a hem.

Hippie style is considered a more modern direction. Pants for this direction can be taken in any style, it is better to give preference to bright or even colorful things that look original and evoke positive emotions from others. It is better to take a jacket with closed sleeves, the vest should have inserts, and the shirt should be bright.

For a retro boho style, a knitted vest is suitable; among accessories, it is better to give preference to glasses. Shirts can be taken in a cage or strip, they should have a fairly strict look. Famous trousers with suspenders will look stylish.

If we talk about a combination of well-worn things, carelessness should prevail in this direction.

The main elements of clothing for men

Boho style in clothes is a very bold and original decision. The following elements are considered to be the main elements of this particular style:

  • well-worn clothes that look worn
  • sweaters and sweaters
  • classic and denim trousers with a loose cut
  • clothes with various patterns, pockets and other accessories,
  • T-shirts and vests for a couple of sizes larger, ripped denim pants.

The image in the style of boho must be multi-layered, and it is better to choose accessories that are bright, large and unusual. Such a slight negligence in clothes allows you to feel comfortable, look stylish and original.

Color spectrum

A boho style men's suit is something so unusual and extraordinary that it is virtually impossible to confuse this style with another. Within the framework of this style, the use of things of the classic color scheme is allowed, but clothes of such tones must be used in it:

  • black and gray
  • blue and blue
  • white and beige
  • green and orange
  • red and purple
  • yellow and burgundy.

Must be present clothes with bright prints, as well as wardrobe items in a cage and stripes.

Male images in the power of boho

In the boho style, celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Robert Patinson often like to dress. This style allows you to create many interesting, diverse bows, among which it will not be superfluous to note the following:

  • denim jeans, a tan shirt and a long red check coat,
  • elongated undershirt, breeches, worn coat and scarf,
  • jeans with a twist and suspenders, men's boho style shirt with a checkered or striped pattern, a dark hat,
  • dark jeans and a black elongated tank top, a dark hat and brown boots.

These are just a few images in this style that will help men understand in which variations of the style it is boho that hides. You can create just a huge number of interesting and unusual bows, which in fact can not but rejoice.


The boho style is perfect for those men who are fine with imagination. Images in this style will decorate real experimenters and extraordinary personalities. You can successfully combine different things and forget what ordinary rigor is.

Boho style is suitable for brave men who are not afraid to experiment and are ready to change bows almost every day. The main thing is to correctly combine different clothing options and a holistic image will look just great.

The main elements of the boho image for the representative of the stronger sex

This direction has begun to gain momentum relatively recently. But now it has gained a huge number of fans in all corners of the planet. In addition to clothing, this style penetrated into the interior design of apartments, restaurants and entire festivals.

The boho style has its own icons - the people they follow and imitate the fans

In order for the male image to look harmonious, it is necessary not only to choose trousers or a t-shirt. To fully comply with the style, you will also need such things:

  • shirt,
  • vest,
  • Blazer,
  • cardigan,
  • accessories (scarves, butterflies, suspenders, hat or cap),
  • footwear.
Boho style - salvation for those men who hate strict suits and ties

At first glance, the thought may come that there are no limits and restrictions. However, it is not. After all, the masculine image should be casual with a slight touch, and at the same time a little “shabby”.

For men, cotton, jeans, velveteen, linen are often chosen as materials. Some things have prints. The most popular are floral and cell.

Boho style - clothes for the elite, for those men who can elegantly and tastefully choose and wear this bright folly of shapes and colors

In general, several main aspects can be distinguished:

  • A categorical “no” to the official costume.
Boho style is a style of creative, outstanding, free personalities.

  • There are practically no strict frames for pants. You can choose from almost the entire range. For the eco-friendly business, these are trousers made of natural materials such as jeans, wool, linen, cotton.
Boho style - a combination of incompatible materials and different directions

  • Shirts are selected both light and dark. Depending on the direction, attention is drawn to the coloring and the presence / absence of a print.
Shirt - an integral attribute of boho style for men

  • Jackets, vests, cardigans - you can choose depending on the weather and your preference. The jacket is usually worn with rolled up sleeves. Vests are suitable for both casual wear and festivities.
Trench - a clear assistant to create a masculine image in the style of boho

And yet, the most important criterion is convenience and simplicity. But at the same time, the image should be interesting and somewhat intriguing.

Bohemian clothes for men from different angles

Get ready to combine conflicting textures in one look. Business, sporty and classic men's style is too understandable and boring, but the male boho is still that experimenter! Bohemian clothes for men can easily be transformed into similar styles:

  • eco
  • retro
  • hippie
  • homeless style
  • steampunk
Most boho style fans are avid vegetarians Sometimes boho style makes a man look like a real conservative And the bum style looks amazing in the interpretation of boho

Add hippies, retro-futurism and homeless style

Stylish boho for men on an eco motif sounds in unison with nature, Slavic traditions. Outfit makes up a shirt, vest and pants and other clothes made from natural materials. Include things with interesting fittings in the form of buttons and buttons, ethnic stripes, woven belts or headbands in your men's wardrobe.

Almost all boho bows are made of eco-friendly clothing: cotton, silk, linen Beige, brown, cream, mustard - the traditional colors of the male boho style

Fascinating clothing for men, mixed in a cocktail with a hippie style, literally shouts in a “shout” about the originality and authenticity of the image. The style is characterized by ripped shabby jeans, checkered breeches or shorts, a men's t-shirt with a print, or a t-shirt with psychedelic abstractions.

Hippies don't take away male boho And how extravagant a man with a scarf or a plaid on his shoulders!

A male boho with a retro-futurism motif has a large knit sweater or knitted sweater. The theme of the image of a gentleman will be a classic shirt, bow tie and suspenders. Supplement the onion with a headdress referring to the masculine image of the first half of the 20th century.

Boho style can look neat and elegant

Finally, the extraordinary men's homeless style scares and at the same time attracts with deliberate negligence. This interpretation of boho with an admixture of deceptive “well-worn” charms with a free cut, wears T-shirts, jeans, oversize sweaters, coats and boots.

A pair of tattoos does not hurt to complete a boho bow for a man

Male boho - a message to confident and self-ironic men

However, male boho is not so often seen on modern young people, except that the bride will persuade the groom to hold a boho style wedding, because this is a fashion pop, the latest trend, an established trend. After leaving the festival in vests, plaid shirts and chinos, only a few friends of the groom continue to wear such clothes in everyday life. And they’re doing it right! Male boho offers:

  • boldly integrate silk, bleached denim, suede, linen, cotton and velveteen
  • add some art to measured life and men's clothing
  • light "untidiness" in the image of a man - a small stubble, long hair gathered in a ponytail, a collection of baubles on the wrist instead of cufflinks
  • inspired by the style of famous male boho fans - Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Robert Pattinson
The simpler men's boho clothing, the more accurately you hit the target when making bows Today more and more often you meet young people who prefer an extraordinary boho style

In men, the boho style finds a romantic tramp, a desperate traveler, a bard musician, and sometimes even a warrior. Bohemian clothes for men make gentlemen relax, rush headlong into adventures, be a little bully and a dude, well, that is ... their boyfriend.

A man in boho clothes is visible from afar

Bottom up - male boho look

Extravagant boho for men can bring some trouble in making up look’a, choosing clothes. To get started, try to let go of a beard or mustache, get interesting accessories in the form of a leather bracelet, strap. Let's take a close look at the appearance of a man dressed in boho clothes, a little embarrassment to him:

  1. Footwear. These are always comfortable, high-quality and not cheap sandals, rough boots, elegant oxfords, monks, sleepers, brogues with perforation. Men's boho shoes made of leather or fabric, associated with comfort and gloss.
  2. Trousers. So far, society is not ready to wear a kilt, although it is also an element of male boho. Therefore, it is enough to change into khaki cotton slacks, tucked up chinos, skinny velvet trousers or straight jeans. The main emphasis is on the cuffs on the trousers, a 2 cm turn.
  3. Top. Clothing for men in the style of boho necessarily includes T-shirts, shirts and coats. Replace the leather jacket with suede, and in the jacket - rolled up sleeves will be appropriate. The preferred materials for the top are thick and thin knitwear, cotton, silk, and the colors are all shades of brown, dark yellow, burgundy, green, blue.
  4. Accessories. Boho masculine style suggests “arming” with a strap, fedora hat, watch, glasses, a scarf or a neck scarf. As jewelry, you can boast of a tattoo or unusual rings that emphasize male personality.
Male boho loves derby, oxfords and rough boots The most conservative man can afford boho style cotton alladins Colorful or plain boho t-shirts, shirts and longsleeves fit any bottom Male boho can not do without funny baubles and massive bracelets

The male boho style of clothing intends to reflect the depth of your inner world. Dare to hang on your shoulders cardigans in beige and mossy green colors, trousers with cowhide, decorated with patches, knitted sweaters. Well, how do you like such a bright, original and fashionable collection ?!

Magical boho style and a man in adulthood. Decent combination

Variety of boho stylistics

Increasingly, there are young people dressed in the boho style on the streets. Men are attracted to this style because it is original, unique and has almost complete freedom of action. In such clothes I want to not only go out. I want to live in it!

Boho style for men - a great way to express yourself

It is worth noting that this direction has some varieties:

  • ecotype,
  • hippie,
  • retro,
  • a combination of "worn" things.
Men's boho wardrobe today is no less experimental field for designers than women's clothing

Boho style is rapidly gaining popularity among men

In turn, each of them has its own surroundings and some features that are not advisable to confuse. What is boho style?

As the name implies, the main items (vest, shirt, pants) are selected from natural materials. At the same time, natural shades and colors should prevail in clothes.

Boho style is more likely not clothing, but mood, feeling of self and peace

Despite the fact that for men usually there are not many decorative elements used, in boho you can observe a wide variety of patches, stripes, buttons, buttons and other decor. It is not necessary to use traditional accessories. For example, if a loose shirt was chosen, then it can be tied with a wicker belt.

Eco-boho clothing style - unusual, strange and mysterious

Pants are also chosen from eco-fabrics and most often free cut. Although a straight and narrower cut is also appropriate. A stylish accent for trousers is the cuffs, assembled by double bending of the trousers for a couple of centimeters. A vest can be thrown over the shirt, and as accessories, choose a fedora hat or a voluminous cap.

The boho style is first of all a style for the brave, for those who love bold experiments and endowed with excellent taste


This is a more modern direction in which an image for men can be created from a wide variety of clothing items.

Boho hippie masculine look

With the right combination, you can use almost any kind of pants: jeans with a simple cut with scuffs, plaid trousers and many others.

Hippy boho - territory of freedom

They are complemented by a wide variety of subjects:

  • bright shirt (you can choose both plain and print),
  • jacket with rolled up sleeves,
  • a vest with a variety of patchwork or embroidery inserts,
  • a knitted cardigan will give warmth and comfort in cool or inclement weather,
  • bright knit sweaters,
  • voluminous, carelessly draped scarf.
Massive men's scarves fit perfectly into the boho look

Fringe, embroidered inserts, rivets, bright scarves are the most popular decorative elements. Do not forget about jewelry - your favorite multi-layer baubles.

Boho style aesthetics developed on borrowings from the culture of gypsies and hippies

This is a warm and very comfortable destination. In comfortable jeans, a warm pullover with a cozy scarf it is pleasant to walk on a cool evening. This style will be appropriate at work, where there is no strict dress code.

Boho hippie style originated in the streets, as a provocation, as a denial of fashion, glamor and standards.


A scarf, glasses, a knitted vest and narrow-cut trousers are the main items in retro boho clothes.

Male retro boho style

The use of cages, stripes and some strict styles of shirts is far from news. As shoes, strict models are more often used: leather moccasins, classic shoes with a touch of casual. But original shoes that go beyond style to give a special eccentricity to the image are also welcome.

Retro boho style is peculiar and very original

As materials for pants can be jeans, wool, velveteen, cotton. A woolen, knitted or corduroy vest, a light plain shirt, a butterfly and a hat perfectly complement the image of men.

Boho retro is a completely new trend in cutting-edge fashion.

The combination of "worn" things

Negligence prevails in this direction: loose fit, specially selected items for a size or even two larger, comfortable shoes, jeans and T-shirts.

Modern homeless style

This style is very popular among world famous celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Robert Patisson.

Initially, looking at a man dressed in this way, the idea appears that he did not very successfully enter the second-hand. However, looking closely at all this mess, you can consider sophistication and a certain style. For men - this is primarily a convenience.

Homeless style is a challenge to gray everyday life

Worn or holey jeans combined with a T-shirt and coat are one size larger - what else is needed? Or pants with an "old" stretched, but such a native sweater, in tandem with a wide jacket and boots with artificially aged socks. This is the most daring direction in clothing, which in some way is also rebellious.

As accessories, simple jewelry made of metal or wood is chosen.

Homeless style is unusual, convenient and stylish.

Whatever direction you choose, the basic covenants are simplicity, convenience and style. It is worth remembering that no classical and traditional methods are used in the selection of clothing items.

Boho masculine style - freedom of choice

Boho, strict boundaries and conservatism are not compatible. There are only a few conditions that will help to approximately outline the circle of choice - do not forget that boho involves layering in clothes. Experiments with various materials in a single image are welcome.

The boho style in clothes combines several styles - it has something from the vintage era, cowboy, folklore, folk style

Boho masculine style - philosophy of freedom-loving hippies and elite bohemia

A multilayer mix of cultural traditions makes the boho style in clothes inimitable and easily recognizable.

Boho style textured materials are welcome.

Boho lovers boldly say “yes” to opposites and absurdities

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