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Men's haircut British: photo, styling, features

The English style with its inherent stiffness and elegance captivates and fascinates women. That is why many men prefer the British haircut. To recreate an original and attractive image, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Timberlake, will not succeed on short and curly hair. What other features should be considered when choosing a popular hairstyle, secrets of quick styling, advantages and disadvantages. Read about all this in our article.

Brief about haircut

For the first time about the "British" learned in the 50s, she appeared in the UK and acted as a visiting card of the British subculture "Teddy-Boys". Her popularity was strengthened by such personalities as Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Eddie Corcoran, James Dean, Little Richard. Shortened whiskey and nape are opposed to elongated crown and bangs. This combination looks original, but also requires regular styling.

Externally, the hairstyle resembles such popular haircuts as "Canada", "Pompadour", "Hitler Agent". "British" can be safely attributed to the varieties of male "Anderkat".

"Canada" and "Pompadour"

"British" is performed exclusively on medium and long hair. Owners of short hair should wait until the hair grows. The extended top can be laid to one side or combed back, with and without parting - any of the options looks elegant and restrained.

"British" refers to the classic English haircuts for true gentlemen. She is characterized by characteristic neatness and elegance, a peculiar mannerism and sophistication. The British love non-shouting, original hairstyles with elongated strands, "British" is a compromise solution to this issue. On the one hand, these are short-cut whiskeys and the back of the head, emphasizing the decisiveness and perseverance of male temper. And on the other, an elongated fringe that gives the image a touch of flabbiness and creativity.

These days, Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Timberlake made a trend haircut. They returned the second wind to the men's haircut, and also demonstrated that the option is suitable for those older, and not just young people. Currently, the "British" remains in demand around the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Timberlake

Who is suitable for

The English by nature are reasonable personalities, so bright, reckless haircuts are not peculiar to them. "British", despite its original bangs, is also demanding on the type of man. Rudeness, excessive brutality and striking will not be in harmony with a sophisticated, stylish hairstyle. A fashionable haircut will turn out to be just calm, balanced, business and romantic persons who are characterized by a sense of tact and taste.

The British has no age limits, but the prerogative remains with young men. A similar option on tall people looks succinctly.

Haircut is not demanding on the shape of the face.

Note, "British" visually slender face. Therefore, owners of a lean structure should be careful.

The main criterion for choosing a haircut is the length of the hair. Briton is not performed on short hair. In structure, it is preferable that the hair be straight. A hairstyle on a curly hair can look untidy, without the inherent English accuracy and clarity of lines. Not bad if the hair is voluminous. Too rare hair will be harder to style.

Hair color may vary. Stylists say that the natural range, in particular, light brown, light brown shades look more harmonious and spectacular. Ombre look good, natural highlighting using colors one tone lighter or darker than the main shade of the hair.

The English version of the hairstyle is easily combined with various styles of clothing, including business, casual. A strict shirt, checkered vest or jacket in a gentleman's style will distinguish the mod from the crowd and once again emphasize its sophisticated taste.

The haircut of overly active individuals, athletes is contraindicated. The option is not suitable for those who are not ready to spend time on daily styling in the morning.

The difference between the "British" from the "Canadian"?

British men's hairstyles are very similar to the Canadian, some even confuse them. They differ from each other only in execution technique and styling. Making Canada, the masters on the back of the head shave their hair strongly. However, in the British, this part is cut off with scissors. Guys who wear canadian have a slightly disheveled appearance thanks to their protruding hair. The British, always looks stylish and neat.

Difference from Canada

Men's haircut "British" is often confused with another popular hairstyle - "Canadian". Their main differences are the haircut method and styling options. In the process of creating a "Canadian", the master cuts the hair on the back of his head as short as possible. For this he uses a razor. But in the option of creating a "British" hairdresser uses scissors.

Young people with a haircut “Canadian” have a daring and careless look, and those who chose the “British” look more neat. Therefore, this option is chosen by those who want their image to be more restrained and courageous.

A bit of history

Pompadour, the Iroquois and the flattop are all direct relatives of the British. The main feature of the famous hairstyle is a straight protrusion of hair that hangs in front. The bangs are laid to the side or combed back.

This trendy haircut appeared during the period of representatives of the Teddy Boys movement, in the post-war period.

The war is over, years go by, and in society there are no significant changes and recognition of fearless values, true freedom and the desire to say goodbye to sorrow and fears. In the spirit of resistance, a cheerful and bold rock and roll arises.

James Dean, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard - all these are living symbols of the era, which are best illustrated by fashion revolt.

The famous haircut became part of the image of the dude - a man wearing defiantly tight trousers, a long jacket and invariably colorful shirts. And then the Beatlemania swept the world and men began to grow their hair. However, when the 80s arrived, a new round of popularity of the "British" gave rise to another understanding of the old haircut.

And now, in the tenth years of the XXI century, the "British" is back in fashion, only now men are increasingly combining it with a beard. And even the most conservative guys risk trying a slightly defiant hairstyle, because it demonstrates that the male sex also seeks attractiveness and is ready to impress without sparing time for styling.


If you have a square or round type of face, this haircut will definitely present the features of your appearance. But faces of a more regular (oval) shape are great for the "British". If the oval of the face is elongated, the pros will advise the option with bangs - to balance facial features. The haircut will also allow the appearance of guys with a low forehead, as it masks visible flaws due to the volumetric top.

A parting, which is a constant accent of a haircut, will make the image of a man stylish and elegant.

But at the same time, a British haircut is not the case when, after going to the hairdresser, a man does not have to pay attention to his hair. On the contrary the hairstyle requires styling, a laid and well-groomed pile, even parting. This style and careless styling can not be combined.


There are several varieties of haircuts, be sure to tell the hairdresser the option of hairstyle that you like best.

You can choose the following solutions.

  • Classic style. This is a smooth bang, laid on its side. The hairstyle is characterized by clarity of lines, thinning is not provided. The maximum hair length is 5 cm.

  • Sports option. From short locks in the lower occipital to long in the upper provides a smooth transition. In this case, styling is minimal, the hairstyle retains its original appearance even in windy weather.

  • Romantic. Everything is simple here - a haircut is performed on wavy hair. Or the owner of straight hair will have to regularly style hair with gel to form curls.

  • Military. This is the name of a multi-layer haircut without thinning. She goes to those who prefer a strict image. It will look good on men with straight thick hair.

  • Grunge Loose haircut with transitions, torn areas, disheveledness and asymmetry. Haircuts are suitable for rebels, who, however, do not resist order when it comes to daily styling.

Usually the preferred style is quickly guessed, but you can arrange an experiment and try several variations of the "British", by comparison and draw a conclusion.

Haircut technology

If you are a beginner hairdresser, then training and experience will give invaluable benefits in your development. And since the "British" is a haircut in demand, she needs to learn, if not in the first place, then in the number of starting worked out schemes.

For work, the master will need scissors for thinning, a comb, styling for styling.

Step-by-step process:

  1. washing your hair or lightly moisturizing your hair,
  2. separation by parting of the part whose length you will leave - “immobilize” it with a clamp,
  3. the back and sides of the hair need to be cut short,
  4. the platform should be cut from the crown, increasing the length,
  5. near the forehead, the bangs should remain long, because there you should not cut the hair,
  6. side strands and bangs need to be profiled,
  7. blow dry your hair, fix the result with a mousse or other styler from virtually all sides,
  8. the upper part is combed to the side or up.

A competent master will tell the client how the English haircut is stacked every day. Sideways or up - there are variations. If the face is thin, then it is recommended to comb the hair back. If a man’s face is round or plump, it makes sense to dwell on a voluminous bang or a hedgehog on the crown.

The rules of care are elementary: you need to wash your hair every other day. Start styling immediately after washing. Choose high-quality and suitable styling products.

The process of creating a british haircut in the video below.

Popular images

And now we will consider the most vivid images of famous men who prefer or who once turned to the "British". Look for that male type that is as close as possible to your type of appearance and evaluate how much a haircut suits him and what kind of variation the star chooses.

Here are the 10 best star images with the Briton.

  • Justin Timberlake. He is always elegant, gorgeous and just does not leave a chance not to notice him and not to fall in love. But this applies not only to women. Men often copy the style of Justin, who began as a curly teenager, and became the face of the era. Convincing, elegant, courageous.

  • Brad Pitt. When he grows his hair, it may seem that this guy is hiding his extraordinary beauty in a modest and unpretentious way. But as soon as he makes a haircut, there is no doubt - this is Brad Pitt, whose image does not exactly fade over the years.

"British" emphasized the stellar status and ideal natural data of one of the best actors of our time.

Five reasons to make a haircut

Do you want to arouse admiring glances among others and be especially attractive in the eyes of the fair sex? Then it’s the British woman that suits you. Men's haircut in this style began to be carried out in the middle of the last century. Most men quickly preferred her for several reasons.

  1. Will make any representative of the stronger sex stylish and well-groomed.
  2. It is simple in execution, but it looks as spectacular as possible.
  3. It does not require a lot of time for laying, and if you adapt, you can beautifully arrange it in just a few minutes.
  4. Declares an individual style of media, can be additionally painted, highlighted, colorized.
  5. It is worn by most celebrities around the world, demonstrating the brightness of this image.

Distinctive features

In America, Europe, Russia is now distributed in a variety of variations "British". Men's haircut is similar in appearance to the "Canadian", but do not confuse them. These hairstyles have a number of important distinctive details that indicate the nature of its owner and his scrupulous attitude to his appearance.

Previously, it was worn by dandies - secular young people who dress exclusively in fashion and style. It was thanks to them that the Briton began to enjoy such popularity. The men's haircut has undergone a lot of interpretations, but its essence has remained the same - to emphasize the extravagance of the image and make the appearance as spectacular as possible. This haircut is preferred by many celebrities; Justin Timberlake and world famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo always shine with it.


Many men's hairstyles, including the British, originate in England. Guys wearing a british want to create the image of a courageous, daring and restrained man. In such an image, a bang is always present, which is laid on its side or combed back. Whiskey and the back of the head are shaved, leaving very short hair. The hair on the top remains long, given the desire of the client.

Hairdressers advise to grow hair up to 13 cm to make the perfect British woman. Parting is not an obligatory element, however it is he who creates a unique image. Men who have an extraordinary appearance often choose just such a haircut, as it emphasizes their dignity.

The British has different types:

  • Sports. Its feature is that short hair smoothly transforms into long. This hairstyle does not need to be styled, and it will look good in any weather.
  • Grunge. This kind of British is well suited for rebels. The options for the execution of this style are very different, it is characterized by asymmetry, ragged sections, a bright color of hair and randomness.
  • Classic. The hairstyle has an even bang that needs to be laid on its side. The length of the strands on the crown reaches 5 cm. The Briton has clear lines, without thinning.
  • Romantic. It is preferable to do on curly hair.
  • Military. Haircut is done without thinning, having a large number of strands. This image is suitable only for strict men.

Given that the British has a large number of different variations, each man can choose for himself the style that suits him.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this haircut is that it suits men with different types of faces. This hairstyle is done by a man, taking into account the features of his appearance and style. The British also helps to change the image of the stronger sex and gives it confidence. Thanks to different styling options, guys can change their appearance for any occasion.

Men's British haircut has some disadvantages. This way you need to be monitored daily. Hair styling is done every day, otherwise the hairstyle will lose its appearance, and light randomness in this case is not suitable. The careless state of hair will simply ruin the image. Moreover, the British is not suitable for guys who have ears sticking out and large moles on the scalp.

Find out about other popular short hair haircuts:

Short hairstyle description

Men's haircut "British" appeared in the UK. It is suitable for young people who want to emphasize masculinity and look bold and at the same time restrained. A distinctive feature of the male "British" is the presence of a bang, which is most often laid back or on its side.

The hair in the temples and the back of the head is left as short as possible.At the crown, the strands are left elongated. Stylists recommend to grow hair up to 13 cm, so that you get a classic British men's haircut. Some make parting, which adds a special charm to the hairstyle.

Care and styling

To make the haircut look stylish, you need to know how to style the canadian. To do this, you must have varnish, mousse, gel and foam. Try to use only high-quality products so that they do not spoil the hair. There are many different styling options, you need to choose the one that suits you personally. You can consult your stylist and choose the right image.

The styling can be changed, considering what event you are going to. It’s better for guys with a thin face to comb their hair back. Chubby men need to do bangs or lay a hedgehog. With such a hairstyle, you can experiment by creating different images.

There are two main types of styling:

  1. Hedgehog. This style is suitable for courageous and confident guys.
  2. Hair is laid back by men who have a strict appearance.

In addition to styling, you need to carefully monitor the hair and, from time to time, engage in their healing. You need to wash your hair every other day. After all, if you wash your hair every day, then the hair will become oily faster. It is better to lay on wet strands, and dry need to be fixed. Some guys with thick and curly hair do not use fixing means at all, since they have a hairstyle and so hold on all day.

How often to visit the wizard?

British men's hairstyle needs regular correction. You need to visit your master at least once a month. However, you need to consider the structure of your hair and the rate of their growth. Every man’s hair grows differently. If you see that the haircut is losing its appearance, then it is better to consult a specialist.

Also, if you have grown a beard or stubble, you need to visit the barbershop very often. Some take care of facial hair on their own. It is very important to trim the beard in a timely manner, otherwise the created image will lose its appearance, and the man will look careless.

Face shape and haircut

The British is not a universal haircut that will suit absolutely any man. It is important that the man has long hair. Moreover, a haircut looks perfect only on thick and curly hair. Curly hair is better settled, and they immediately attract the attention of the opposite sex. However, if a man has straight hair, they can be styled or curled.

This image suits tall and young men, as the British creates an image of a romantic personality. As for the shape of the face, here the haircut is suitable for absolutely any representative of the stronger sex. In men with different face shapes, the Canadian will look different. Having an oval face, it is better to grow a bang, it visually rounds the face.

Having short or sparse hair, it is better to abandon this image. Also, if you do not like to do styling or you do not have time for this, then this hairstyle is not for you. If a guy wants to have an official and strict image or if he needs to look like a cool man, then you need to stop on another option.

Celebrity Photo Gallery

After watching photos of famous men, fans are eager to make themselves the same hairstyle. Probably every famous man once made himself this hairstyle, because it suits any type of face. To understand whether such a haircut suits you or not, you need to look at the photo from all sides.

How to choose a haircut?

"British" is a universal haircut that suits any type of face. For example, bangs will make the features of a square shape smoother and softer. And short hair in the temples and a long thick bang will correct the face of a round type and make it visually more elongated.

But the master must take into account individual characteristics that will make the haircut as perfect as possible. Such a hairstyle looks especially impressive on thick hair. It can also be done on curly hair, because the shape of the haircut makes it easy to style this type of strands.

"British" looks spectacular on both adult men and boys. Because the image is strict and at the same time a little impudent. A british haircut for a boy is one of the most popular. With such a haircut, the little gentleman becomes like a young dandy.

How to improve your image?

As already mentioned, the British should be regularly taken care of and do different styling. This will help the guy always look stylish and fashionable. Some want to look extravagant, so they repaint their hair in a bright color. However, to look original, you can dye some strands in more natural tones. Another accessory that men use is a beard or stubble.

Haircut Walkthrough

"British" can be done at home. It should be borne in mind that it must be done on wet hair:

  1. You need to separate the part of the hair that you leave long. To do this, take the strands in front and on the top of the head.
  2. Using a clipper or scissors, cut your hair as short as possible in the temples and neck area.
  3. Separate the control long strand and begin to cut all the other strands, starting from the top of the head. The length of these strands should increase towards the forehead.
  4. Make milling of the elongated part of the hair.

You can also make parting to make your hair look even more impressive and bold. You will need to make a haircut correction so that it does not lose its shape and also looks stylish. The frequency of visits to the master depends on the structure and speed of hair growth.

Styling methods

You can find a photo of the men's haircut "British" from all sides and see that it looks especially stylish with styling. Styling makes the image not only more fashionable, but also neat:

  1. Side bangs are one of the most popular styling methods. To do this, apply the styling product to the elongated strands. Then blow dry the strands by styling your hair with a comb on its side.
  2. Also often comb the bangs back. On wet hair, apply styling, blow dry. With this comb, put the bangs back - you get a stylish men's hairstyle.
  3. The option of creating a mohawk is suitable for daring and creative natures. To do this, you need to raise your bangs. To create such a styling you will need a styling tool with a strong hold. Divide the lengths of the strand into several parts, then dry them while lifting. You got an unusual and spectacular styling.

It is not difficult to make such styling options, but your haircut will look neat and stylish. You also need to monitor the condition of the hair: after all, any styling will look spectacular on clean and well-groomed strands.

Men's british haircut is an ideal option for those who want to look fashionable and at the same time courageous. She will well complement any image, making it more effective. But this is one of those haircuts that need to be styled so that it looks perfect. Even if you are a fan of cheeky style, your styling should look a bit sloppy.

Some complement this haircut with a beard. Only then, you need to make a correction not only to your hair, but also to your beard so that your whole look looks neat and stylish. Some supplement the "British" parting - only its line should be straight and clear - thus the transition between short and long strands will be visible. "British" allows you to show creative abilities in creating styling and make the image even more spectacular.

The story of the appearance of the "British"

"British" is a classic English haircut, she skillfully combines such haircut styles as pompadour, flattop, mohawk. Depending on individual preferences, a haircut can be worn with or without parting, both with a bang and without. A distinctive feature of the "British" is a small protrusion of hair hanging over the front. The bangs of natural length can be laid to one side, or combed back.

The British man’s haircut appeared at the time of the representatives of the British Teddy boys movement in the late 1950s in the post-war period, when people began to show a rebellious spirit of resistance, rock and roll and teenage non-recognition of the system. With the help of the world-famous Elvis Presley, James Dean, Cliff Richard, the "British" entrenched in the image of a fashionable riot. “Teddy boys” used the “British” in combination with tight trousers, a long jacket and colorful shirts.

In the 1960s, The Beatles dealt such a strong attraction to haircut in the struggle for long-haired freedom. But by the 1980s, the popularity of the "British" revived in Europe. Widespread television programs, an open interest in the fashion of the last century, returned the "British" in the ranks of modern styles. Thanks to the originality and creativity of the haircut, it causes great demand among young people today.

British hairstyle - haircut scheme

Among all the existing hairstyles for men, the British is the most sophisticated and stylish. How to make it and what is needed for this, we will consider further.

In order for this haircut to succeed, it is necessary that the hair of a man be of medium length, while the bangs should be slightly longer than average. Any master can make such an image, since the creation process is very simple.
How to cut hair to get a british hairstyle?

The British haircut technology is similar to the well-known Canadian hairstyle. The haircut scheme is presented below.

On the back of the head you need to cut your hair very short. You can do this both under the machine and with scissors. In this case, the bangs are not touched, only it is permissible to give it its proper form with the help of thinning.

A separate part is a parting. You can create it or not, it depends on your wishes. But it is worth remembering that when creating a haircut for a square face, parting will not be appropriate, as it will make the face even more angular, especially if it is a direct parting.

Ways to stain British

For the British, staining is very important, it gives special expressiveness to the image.
Since the hair varies in length, the colors can be made different, it will look very cool. But you need to choose the right color, otherwise you can only ruin the haircut.

For men, light tones close to natural are best. If the image has a lot of bright color that will simply scream, then the hairstyle will not give masculinity, but, on the contrary, will create the image of a parrot. Color should be taken more seriously and responsibly. But a little play with brightness is acceptable.

Highlighting is good, especially for the bangs.

Who should give preference to this hairstyle

The British men's haircut is quite universal, as it suits men of different ages, and also suits different types of faces. And even for children, hairstyle is acceptable.

Until recently, it was believed that the British hairstyle is suitable exclusively for young men. But after many age-old celebrities, mainly foreign ones, began to use this styling in their own style, it became popular among a huge part of the population, despite its age.

As mentioned earlier, it is worth creating such a masculine look only if the hair has reached a sufficient length. It is worth considering that the British is not very suitable for thin hair, since a haircut looks best when there is a small volume, especially on tall and slender men, they become harmonious and moderately romantic. But even if the hair is not very thick and the face type is far from ideal, the competent master can still choose the best option for the styling to look decent and emphasize everything that is needed.

There are some points at which the hairstyle will not look very good, it is worth paying attention to them so as not to hit the face with dirt.
Firstly, very short hair, even a very good master will not be able to style and the image will be bent. Therefore, you still need to wait for the correct length.
Secondly, the British is a hairstyle that visually stretches a face. This is very good for people who have a round or full face, as it will become visually thinner. But, if it is already elongated and thin, then such a haircut can only strengthen everything, which is not at all beautiful for an adult man, and even for a guy.
Thirdly, with this type of styling, dirty curls stand out very strongly, so you will have to regularly monitor their condition. Think about whether this option of permanent care is right for you. If your work is connected with a road where it is inconvenient to take a shower or your hair gets dirty very quickly, then it is better to abandon this option for hairstyles.

How to cut: technology and scheme of haircuts

Men's haircut "British" can be recreated at home. To do this, you will need to use: thinning scissors, a comb with rare teeth, a hair clipper, styling mousse. Execution process:

  1. Wash your hair or moisturize it.
  2. Using a comb, separate from the sides that part of the hair that you leave untouched, secure with a clip.
  3. Shave the back of the hair and on the sides with a clipper.
  4. Leave the forehead bangs untouched, as this should be the longest part of the hair.
  5. The remaining strands must be trimmed with thinning scissors, while it is important to ensure that the transition from the nape to the temples is smooth.
  6. Dry your hair, fix the hair with mousse. If you have a thin face, put the hair to the back of the head, if the face is round or plump, make the bangs voluminous or fix the hedgehog.

Types of men's haircuts British

Differences in the nature and lifestyle of each man made it possible to create several variants of the "British":

  1. Classic. The same horizontal bangs, laid to one side. The lines in such a hairstyle are clear, there is no thinning. Hair length does not exceed five centimeters.
  2. Sport. In this embodiment, a smooth transition from the lower short strands to longer upper ones is noted. A haircut is very convenient, since it does not require careful care. The advantage of the sports style is that in any weather, the "British" does not lose its shape.
  3. Millari. Haircut is performed in several layers by graduation without thinning, which creates randomness in the whole image. Most often, such a strict "military" style is used by men with straight hair.
  4. Grunge This is truly the style of riot fans. Here you can use multiple transitions. Torn areas, bright colors and asymmetry distinguish this kind of "British" among other species.

The British men's haircut will attract the attention of fans for a long time with a variety of approaches, its elegance and brutality. It is chosen not only by mature men, but also by teenagers, and children, and even women. This proves that grooming does not take much time.

Who will suit the hairstyle and its varieties

British - fertile ground for variations with style. If you dye your hair, then the men's haircut will become trendy. This British version attracts adolescents, men who want to express themselves, to emphasize their individuality. When staining, the barber can play on the contrast of length, staining strands of different lengths in shades. A British man’s haircut will go bad if a bad color or a rough transition is chosen.

Men status, middle-aged staining is not contraindicated. It is worth choosing light colors close to natural, so that the British look natural, elegant and restrained.At the same time, laying a bang on one side, carefully smoothing all the vortices and a strict dress code are a good option for an official meeting. This combination gives the business man sophistication and gloss, and the hairstyle emphasizes awareness of fashion trends.

Casual style it’s even easier to wear a British man’s haircut - just comb your hair back and the hairstyle is ready. This is a sports option, it was used by players of elite sports - golf, croquet. This hairstyle is also called military, because it does not require special care and was used even by the military.

If the client has not yet decided on a full hair color, then highlighting can become an experiment. Highlighting looks great on a bang, emphasizes its volume, but at the same time, restraint when painting does not allow a man to radically leave the chosen style.

The British is such a unique hairstyle that is suitable even for boys and teenagers. In the best way, for a boy there will be a natural hairstyle without coloring, but for a teenager you can also use variations, for example, coloring, color transition. And if you paint the ends of the bangs two shades lighter than your own hair, then this creates the effect of burnt hair.

Teens are actively experimenting not only with color, but also with the length of their bangs. A very popular type of British woman is a grunge-style haircut, in which the bangs scheme involves torn ends, asymmetry. This gives the image a certain rebellion and negligence.

In order for a male haircut to emphasize the image, it is worth doing it according to the rules. Therefore, only on the hair of the desired length and volume can the desired wow effect be achieved. An interesting fact is that the British romantic is also suitable for men who have curly hair - it creates an easy look if the curls are laid randomly, but when using styling products, strictness appears in the image.

In the presence of thin and rare hair, you can abandon the British men's haircut and pay attention to other types. If a man wants this particular hairstyle, then when styling it is necessary to use a diffuser to create volume. At first, this can complicate the styling and make it long in time, but men learn to use a diffuser very quickly, therefore, in this case, the British are quite possible.

When choosing a hairstyle, it is worth considering the oval of the face. She visually stretches her face, makes him thinner, focuses on the temples. Therefore, men with a thin face of an oval, elongated shape should not cut their hair, otherwise the face will visually lengthen.

It is best used in men with a round face, because a haircut makes it right, giving an oval.

Another requirement for the British - clean hair. Of course, this is important with any hairstyle, but the Briton especially clearly shows her hairy hair when a lot of sebum is released. In this case, you need to be prepared for frequent washing of the head, so as not to spoil the impression of others.

British technology

In order for the barber to work with hair to create a British man’s haircut, it is necessary to have medium length hair, and in the bangs area the length should be even longer - about 12 cm. If this is a prerequisite, then further work with hair is not difficult, because a typical British Canadian is very similar to a common hairstyle and every barber knows how to make such a hairstyle. Gradually, the haircut is done according to the following technology:

    On the back of the head, it is necessary to cut the hair quite short so that the scalp is visible. It’s best to do it under a typewriter, but you can also use scissors, the length of the cut hair is from 3 to 9 mm. The classic British woman suggests shearing exclusively with scissors, but today barbers are actively using the machine to simplify the process. A very important emphasis - shaving hair on the back of your head is not worth it, as is done in a Canadian hairstyle, but you need to leave short hair.

After the British haircut is laid down and the master has finished his work, the man will be told how to care for her so that she has a perfect look.

Is it possible to make a haircut yourself

"British" is not the most suitable option for homework. The haircut scheme is simple, but requires hairdressing skills from the performer.

If you still decide not to contact the professionals, arm yourself with thinning and straight scissors, a clipper and a comb. To correct the contour, a razor or shaving machine is useful.

For less daring and creative personalities, a British haircut in Moscow will cost 800–1500 rubles. The location of the salon, its rating and the qualifications of the master also affect the price of a fashionable transformation.

Formation technique

Only on medium length hair is a british men's haircut done. The photo shows that special attention is paid to the temples and the back of the head, the bangs and top of the hairstyle remain long, and they form its general appearance. Courage, dynamism, simplicity, elegance, charm, style and a little rebellion - these are the main distinguishing features of this haircut. It is chosen by confident young people who care about the opinions of others and their approval. To make the shape of the future hairstyle as successful as possible, before going to the hairdresser, it is better to grow hair to a length of ten to fifteen centimeters.

Hair styling and care

Hair styling is not at all a problem at home, so men without fear choose this type of haircut for themselves. Cope with this and not a professional. The only thing that is needed at first for styling is just 10 minutes of free time to create an image. In the future, with the help of sleight of hand and skills already acquired, care will require even less time.

For a beautiful and neat styling, you will need one of the following tools:

Mousse and foam perfectly hold the shape of the strands and allow you to create a good styling, you can not worry about it even in windy weather. If a man decided to use varnish, then a medium fixation tool is suitable. It is recommended to use wax during official meetings.

When laying, attention should be paid to the bangs, because it is she who is the highlight of the image. After washing the hair, the selected fixative is applied and the hair is gently combed in the necessary direction with a thin comb, while they are dried with a hairdryer. The fringe rises and goes forward, moving forward on a forehead.

In the classic version, the mass of hair rises slightly and is directed to the forehead, but the strand is distributed to the side. When combing a haircut to one side, it does not look so voluminous, but the British back clearly visually seems higher.

Care and daily styling - the main part of the work on creating the image. Do not forget to men about the fact that hair grows quite quickly. The correction of the hairstyle occurs once a month - the barber will cut the length of the hair, remove excess from the temple and the back of the head.

The Briton belongs to unpretentious hairstyles, but still she needs care. With a professionally made haircut, caring for hair is not difficult, but the English haircut creates a harmonious image and emphasizes all the advantages of the owner of the hairstyle.

Execution technology

Creating it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and if you master a number of skills, you can do it yourself.

  • "British" is always performed only on medium length hair, with the help of a machine only the occipital part is shaved off, while the master always cuts his whiskey with scissors.
  • The bangs are left as long as possible and most often combed straight back to increase the volume. If you intend to wear it on its side, this should be considered when cutting, shortening the desired side.
  • Too thick or curly hair the master tames with the help of thinning - thinning hair, this method makes the styling procedure easier, and the hairstyle visually effective.
  • Important: the crown and bangs of hair have different lengths, the back is shortened as much as possible, the temples are formed according to the type of face.

Stylist Tips

The most various styling methods lend themselves to a British haircut for men. How to cut it, it became clear, but everyone will cope with the care of so organically formed hair. Stylists offer here three main options:

  • to make the hair volumetric, combing the bangs and pointing it up,
  • to put your hair to the side, making a side part, you can give them a little wavy,
  • the classic option is to comb the bangs to the back of the head.

This haircut requires frequent hair washing and daily morning attention. Be sure to stock up on quality professional styling products - varnish, wax, mousse and gel. You can make the hairstyle as spectacular and voluminous as possible with a hairdryer and a round comb, and a straightener will help to give the bangs smoothness. At first, it will take more time to determine with the style and the best location of the hair, but when the fingers get used and get used to repeated movements, the entire styling will take no more than ten minutes.


Over the past few years, the popularity of this haircut is gaining increasing momentum. Fashion experts advise: do you want to look stylish and significantly different from others? Add some color to your hairstyle. Sufficient for dyeing the length of the hair in the upper part of the head is "British". Men's haircut allows you to realize a lot of the most spectacular experiments with color. Stylists advise:

  • lighten the ends of the bangs, creating a soft harmonious transition to dark roots, this ombre technique visually emphasizes the eyes and makes the face more expressive,
  • make highlighting on separate strands, thereby creating the effect of naturally burnt hair, this method will additionally make the hairstyle more voluminous,
  • perform coloring - part of the strands should be painted in darker colors, thereby giving the general appearance of the hair versatility, and the haircut itself - complete completeness.

Such a well-groomed and well-styled haircut is in perfect harmony with good clothes, youth and a beautiful complexion of its owner. She looks very stylish and embodies the image of a little rebellious, but romantic nature.

Styling options and secrets

Men's haircut "British" requires special attention and care, get ready to style your hair every day. Arm yourself with a hairdryer and comb, styling tools in advance.

There are no strict rules for styling a hairstyle. Follow the advice of the hairdresser, relying on external data. For instance:

  • Chubby men are recommended to open their foreheads as much as possible. To do this, comb the long bangs back without parting, forming a kind of “hedgehog”. To maintain the desired styling during the day, use a strong hold varnish,
  • for men with an oval face shape, you can lay the strands to one side, separating them with a clear parting,
  • romantics, going on a date, you can try curly "British". To do this, curl the upper part of the hair on a large curling iron and lay it on its side.

It is not recommended to use the gel in styling, it makes the hair heavier and conceals the volume of the hairstyle. Therefore, air mousses, foams, and spray are more often used.

You will have to update the haircut once every 1-1.5 months.

Pros and cons

Fashionable British haircut is distinguished by its sophisticated look, accuracy and originality. However, these are not all of her positive qualities:

  • It looks elegant, neat and stylish,
  • "British" is not demanding on the style of clothing,
  • a man’s age doesn’t matter
  • chubby handsome man helps visually narrow, lengthen the face,
  • consistent with fashion trends for a long time, recognized as a trend in 2019,
  • quite simple to perform.

Cons of haircuts:

  • there are restrictions on the length of the hair, it does not always look harmonious on curly hair,
  • does not hide flaws, flaws in appearance (for example, emphasizes deafness or thinness of the face),
  • Requires extra laying time. If you’re not ready to devote 10-15 minutes every morning, then this option is definitely not yours,
  • not suitable for active, athletic personalities,
  • you’ll have to wash your hair every day or every other day, even a little dirty hair will ruin the look.

Star examples

Many famous men managed to appreciate the beauty and impeccability of the haircut. Discoverers, those who raised the "British" to the podium, became Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Little Richard, Eddie Corcoran, James Dean.

Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard

Egor Creed, Joni Depp, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson also been seen with a trendy hairstyle.

Egor Creed and Robert Pattinson

"British" is undoubtedly a successful and sophisticated men's haircut. She will decorate any man, give his appearance a special charm, style and attractiveness. But when choosing a fashionable haircut, be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Are you ready to spend time on beauty in the morning?

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