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What perfumes do stars and celebrities use?

Men's perfumes emphasize the style of the representative of the stronger sex, make it sexy, attractive in the eyes of women, emphasize the character and charisma of its owner. Each self-respecting man holds branded perfumes on a shelf in the bathroom, and celebrities generally take their selection very seriously. What perfume do celebrities use for men?

A men's perfume can be found in the collection of celebrities, how much is this pleasure and how to choose the right smell for a stronger sex, it is worth considering in more detail.

Celebrities and Perfume

Famous singers, actors, athletes choose for themselves expensive, branded perfumes that distinguish them from the crowd, emphasize originality and a sense of style. Having considered what spirits world celebrities use, an ordinary consumer will understand what is needed in order to always look stylish, to be a real macho in the eyes of a beloved girl.

George Clooney (Creed "Green Irish Tweed")

World-famous actor George Clooney uses Creed's “Green Irish Tweed” branded toilet water. This perfume for men combines fresh floral notes and a light aroma of wood. Thanks to the Florence iris, the aroma of spirits is divine, it gives freshness and brightness, intrigues, hangs in the air, attracting the attention of everyone around. A fan of this fragrance is not only a famous actor, but also such famous men as Robbie Williams, Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood.

David Beckham (Aventus by Creed)

Using the phrase “world sex symbol among men”, the name David Beckham comes to mind. From his charm and male attractiveness, women all over the world go crazy. This celebrity uses the perfume Aventus by Creed.

This is a French toilet water, combining chypre and fruity notes. The aroma clearly shows notes of bergamot, red apple, blackcurrant and Indian pineapple. This composition is complemented by a light aromatic shade of birch, jasmine, patchouli and rose leaves, and the aroma of vanilla, musk and oak moss emerges with a final touch. This heady scent just perfectly emphasizes the character and charm of a celebrity.

Alec Baldwin (Habit Rouge)

Stylish men's perfume Habit Rouge chooses celebrity Alec Baldwin. This fragrance clearly conveys the natural notes of forest freshness, emphasizes the natural beauty of a man. The aroma is ardent and extravagant, gives off warm woody notes to the air, this celebrity fits perfectly.

Will Smith (Vera Wang Men)

Vera Wang Men is spiced and extravagant by celebrity Will Smith. It is full of notes of mandarin, nutmeg and anise. In the air you can smell sandalwood and tobacco, which betrays the owner of this perfume masculinity, makes him a real man, brutal and self-confident, but at the same time, stylish, caring and loving.

Hugh Jackman (Timbuktu by L’Artisian)

Hugh Jackman liked Timbuktu by L’Artisian brand men's fragrance. The perfume is based on the scent of East Africa. The aroma is unique and original, combines floral and fruity notes, which attracts the attention of representatives of the opposite sex.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Wild Tobacco by Illuminum)

Wild Tobacco by Illuminum perfume water was enjoyed by the gentle and sensitive actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She successfully combines notes of cedar and walnut, emphasizes that the man is a real gentleman.

Matthew McConaughey (The One by Dolce & Gabbana)

The perfume for real men The One by Dolce & Gabbana was to the taste of Matthew McConaughey. He is even an official person of this fragrance, advertises it, advises everyone. The aroma is different notes of freshness, emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of men.


The male smell should always be fresh, intrigue women. That is why famous men buy branded perfumes no matter what the prices of famous fragrances are. Actor Carrie Grant uses Colonia by Acqua di Parma perfume to attract attention, Colin Firth chooses the fragrance Gray Vetiver by Tom Ford. Each actor, singer or footballer is looking for exactly the option that will reflect his attractiveness and inner world.

Winter and summer perfumes, what is the difference and how to choose?

Perfume for the stronger sex is a universal thing, but in order to always smell attractive, you need to select separately summer and winter men's perfumes. 80% of men do not understand what is the difference between these aromas and this topic is worth exploring more deeply. The difference between winter and summer perfumes for men is as follows:

Winter fragrances for menSummer toilet waters and perfumes for the stronger sex
1. The aroma of perfume is warmer.

2. Fruity and floral notes, smells of spices.

3. The smell is stiff and dense, which makes it more stable in the cold.

4. In perfumes, a large concentration of essential oils.

1. The smell of perfume is more refreshing.

2. The absence in perfumes of a large percentage of essential oils, since in summer the perception of aromas improves.

3. Citrus, woody, herbal notes should be felt, which refreshes and cools in the summer.

Given these factors, it is worth saying that there are differences in winter and summer aromas. For the cold season, aromas of spices, perfumes with a high concentration of essential oils are suitable, in the summer you need to choose something less concentrated, light, refreshing.

The cost of perfumes

An original foreign or Russian perfume for men costs a lot. The estimated cost of branded men's perfumes is approximately as follows:

Flavor nameThe price of perfume water
Hugo boss baldesarini secret mission2500 rub.
Moschino Forever Men1700 r.
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue pour Homme Beauty of Capri2700 r.
Ajmal blu1500 rub.
Paco Rabanne Pure XS pour Homme5000 rub.
Christian Dior Homme Sport Very Cool Spray7500 r.
Armani Mania Pour Homme5000 rub.
Creed virgin island water7000 RUR
YSL La Nuit De L Homme Frozen Colodge3000 p.

Dear, the original perfume may not be cheap, but real men will appreciate the quality of such perfumes.

Professional Tips

Famous brands of men's perfumes cost a lot and therefore, in order to choose the right option, it is worth listening to the recommendations of specialists. When choosing men's perfumes, experts recommend following these tips:

  • determine the purpose of buying perfumes (for a date, work, for every day),
  • buy perfumes only in specialized stores,
  • when choosing, do not pour all the aromas on yourself immediately, because then it will be difficult to figure everything out,
  • choosing a perfume for the first time, use the services of a consultant in a store who will look at everything with a professional look and help determine what exactly is needed.

You need to choose a perfume carefully, using an expert who knows from the outside which aroma is better. To buy good perfumes in the store, just go to a consultant with the words "advise a men's perfume."

Olga Buzova

The presenter's collection has many interesting flavors. The choice of perfume for Olga Buzova depends on the mood, weather, style. But the most loved Perfume Fleur Narcotique Ex Nihilo. This perfume belongs to the group of flower-fruit aromas with notes of bergamot, jasmine and musk.

Ksenia Borodina

At one time, Ksenia Borodina simply adored one of the iconic perfumes of the French brand Montale. Now the favorite flavor of the popular TV presenter has become Noble VII Cosmos Flower - fruit and flower cocktail from the British niche brand Clive Christian.

Ani Lorak

The singer is always very attentive to the choice of perfume. A few years ago, she released together with Oriflame the signature fragrance Chiffon by Ani Lorak. In addition, Ani Lorak is a fan of the Armani brand. She especially likes them. perfume "She"which creates an indescribable individual flavor.

Nastya Ivleva

Complement of the elegant image of Nastya Ivleva steel Gucci Bloom Perfume. The flower arrangement has a special charm, combines the tenderness of jasmine and the sugary tuberose. This fragrance is one of the most beloved among the popular TV presenter.

Christina Orbakaite

For Christina Orbakaite, the most favorite was an exclusive fragrance Jo malone from the creator of Jo Malone London. This perfume is for those who prefer masculine scents with woody, citrus and ginger notes. Perfumes of this British brand are considered one of the best in the world.

Singer Nyusha loves romantic floral aromas, therefore prefers Italian perfume In The Mood For Love by Gianfranco Ferre. This is a rather complex and deep floral-amber composition with notes of sweet sandalwood and orange, which was created specifically for the gentle young ladies.

Heidi Klum

The mysterious supermodel Heidi Klum has created its own perfume brand. Her perfume collection consists of perfumes Shine, Shine Blue, Shine My Rose, Summer Shine, Surprise. These are classic aromas that add freshness and elegance to the look.


Everyone has their own signature perfume - even among the most famous men of this world. Whether it's a date, a red carpet, or just a weekend outside social events, your favorite star flavors say a lot about them. Find out their names right now!

Hollywood actors, producers, television hosts, singers, star football players - all these men have their own unique style. Some of them are style icons, others are admired by millions of fans around the world, while others managed to earn the love and attention of the most beautiful and worthy women.

It became interesting to us what aromas famous men choose, how they smell at social events and in their ordinary life. And here is what we managed to find out.

David Beckham

Star Choice: Creed Aventus

If you want your boyfriend to smell like Beckham, give him Creed Aventus. The English football star chooses a smoky, leathery, slightly fruity perfume with notes of jasmine. It is perfect for dating, meeting friends, celebrations - everything that happens in everyday life. Bonus: it smells a long time.

In general, look into the perfume line of David himself - in the arsenal of his brand of the same name David Beckham there are a variety of colognes for any time of the day or occasion.

Brad Pitt

Star Choice: Musk Lorenzo Villoresi

The object of admiration, desire and lust for millions of women around the world, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, relies on a woody-musky fragrance with a floral touch. The celebrity uses Musk Lorenzo Villoresi - one of the most successful creations of the greatest perfumer of our time Lorenzo Villoresi. No wonder Brad Pitt chooses it as his signature fragrance.

Justin Timberlake

Star Choice: Givenchy Play for Him Eau de Toilette

Yes, we know that Justin Timberlake is the face of Givenchy’s masculine Play fragrance, but that doesn’t mean that he cannot really wear it in everyday life? According to the singer and actor, this is one of his favorite perfumes. A strong, masculine fragrance with notes of bitter orange, black pepper and patchouli, is quite versatile and is great for both daytime and evening use.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Star Choice: Illuminum Wild Tobacco

The performer of legendary movie roles, the talented Leo, prefers to smell one of the most masculine smells ever created. The Illuminated Wild Tobacco masculine composition exudes notes of cedar and cloves, and recalls the cult of English gentlemen of the late 19th century.

What perfumes do celebrities use

Almost all of us have curiosity. And most often we are interested in other people. And everything that concerns celebrities becomes a center for studying and evaluating attention not only from their loyal fans, but also from ordinary people. Houses, cars, clothes, accessories, and even pets of stars quickly become an object of interest. However, if the external attributes of celebrity life are partly accessible for viewing, then such a delicate and in some sense delicate sphere, like their perfumery, often remains behind the scenes. So what kind of perfume do celebrities use?

Fragrances of the British Crown

One of the most popular persons of 2018, undoubtedly, was Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry. All over the world they are closely watching her every appearance, discussing her hair and wardrobe details. Meghan Markle is known to have a special passion for aromas. According to the British media, perfume is one of her favorite things. And if she forgets to use them when she leaves the house, then she returns for them. It is also reported that the Duchess of Sussex alternates flavors, but she especially likes Oribe Cote d’Azur, as well as Wild Bluebell and Wood Sage & Sea Salt of the British brand Jo Malone.

A fan of the latter is also the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who for many today is an icon of style. It is known that during the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the candles of Jo Malone were lit in Westminster Abbey. The fragrance called Orange Blossom of this perfume house Kate Middleton has repeatedly preferred.

But Diana, Princess of Wales and the mother of princes William and Harry, on her wedding day chose one of her favorite compositions - Quelques Fleurs of the French brand Houbigant. This perfume was first introduced in 1913! In the last years of Princess Diana’s life, Hermes’s 24 favorite perfume was 24 Faubourg by Hermes, a classic version of which is still popular today. But the perfumes of Quelques Fleurs, the olfactory favorite of this extraordinary and beautiful woman, were recently presented in the new edition.

Although Elizabeth II never confirmed officially, it is believed that the Queen prefers perfumes of the British house Floris.

20th century celebrity perfumes

Many remember Marilyn Monroe's answer when asked what she wears when she goes to bed. Of course, Chanel No. 5! This fragrance was one of her favorites and today is often associated with the name of the actress. However, later it became known that even during the filming of the movie "Some people like it hotter" Monroe perfumes Rose Geranium from Floris were delivered. Now this perfume is no longer available. Unlike Chanel No. 5.

Audrey Hepburn was the muse of Hubert Givenchy, head of the fashion house. Therefore, it is not surprising that the movie star’s favorite fragrance was L’Interdit. Perfumes were created specifically for Audrey Hepburn in 1957. The composition, whose name is translated as “Forbidden,” includes spicy and citrus notes, fruit and berry shades, as well as chords of violet, iris, lily of the valley and rose. The actress asked to make the fragrance not for sale. But as early as 1960, anyone could smell the famous perfume like Audrey Hepburn. This can be done today, as L’Interdit has repeatedly been reissued by Givenchy.

Many modern celebrities have their own perfume lines. But Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first to successfully present her fragrances. Moreover, White Diamond was chosen as an actress for herself. Another favorite of the Hollywood star was Jean Desprez perfume developed in 1962 under the name Bal a Varsailles. This oriental composition included more than three hundred ingredients, and among the main notes were sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and vanilla.

Joy from Jean Patou was a favorite of Vivien Leigh. Created in 1930, it became available to the public during the Great Depression. The name and composition of Joy contrasted the gloomy financial situation in the country and were a kind of olfactory symbol of hope. A flower arrangement with a Bulgarian and May rose, as well as nuances of jasmine was one of the most expensive for that time. Decades later, another celebrity, Jacqueline Kennedy, named perfume among her favorites. Today, legendary perfumes are no longer produced.

Gerard Butler

Star Choice: Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger

The famous Scottish film actor Gerard Butler, whose popularity was brought by the roles in the films The Phantom of the Opera, 300 Spartans, Naked Truth, Law Abiding Citizen, Bounty Hunter, Gods of Egypt, Geostorm and others, smells Unisex composition by Nutmeg & Ginger by Jo Malone.It includes notes of nutmeg, cedar and sandalwood, seasoned with ginger.

Chris Hemsworth

Star Choice: Hugo Boss Hugo Man

The well-known actor, whose frenzied popularity was brought by the role of one of the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Thor movie universe, Chris Hemsworth, is on the side of fresh green aromas with spicy overtones. Hugo Boss cologne perfectly emphasizes the ambitious image of a man. It combines notes of cedar and sandalwood, complemented by lighter citrus chords that resemble the ocean breeze on a hot day. In a word, a perfume that even the powerful god of thunder cannot resist.

Ashton Kutcher

Star Choice: Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege Pour Homme

Seductive and dynamic perfume with fresh citrus, fragrant herbal and spicy notes Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege Pour Homme has become the signature fragrance of the American actor, TV presenter and producer Ashton Kutcher. Now you know that the 41-year-old handsome smells like a sophisticated combination of woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, accompanied by violet leaves, rosemary, elegant jasmine and sensual musk.

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Hollywood star men are famous, successful and wealthy, they can afford all the best, including top-quality perfumes. When advertising men's aromas of mass use, the stars themselves prefer to use selective men's perfumes. Favorite celebrity perfumes often belong to limited editions of perfume, and some people prone to narcissism even order an exclusive fragrance for themselves in a single copy. We can say that Hollywood stars in the literal sense of the word surround themselves with the aroma of originality and wealth.

Therefore, when communicating with the star, it seems to us that they not only look like supermen, but also smell something unusual, some kind of divine aromas of fame and affluence. In fact, you can join the world of the rich and famous, become as attractive and memorable if you take into account the stellar experience of using selective perfumes. Let's see what masculine selective fragrances the famous “spoils of fate” from Hollywood love, which we all know well.

Speaking about the favorite men's fragrances of stars, we take into account that the stars have entire collections of aromas and they change their perfumes depending on their mood and occasion. But the aromas of some brands are present in the perfumery collection of most famous Hollywood men and stars of other countries.

One of the most popular selective brands in the starry environment is London's Creed perfume house. Creed uses natural ingredients in sophisticated combinations. Wealthy and famous persons who are versed in luxury and quality prefer Creed perfumes, and even royal people appreciated the high quality of Creed perfumes. Among the admirers of Creed among men, Hollywood stars of the first magnitude were noticed - George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt.

Elegant and charming George Clooney, the gentleman in everything, prefers Creed's Green Irish Tweed. This woody floral fragrance will be appreciated by lovers of powdery notes in men's perfumes. Top notes are iris and verbena lemon, middle note is violet leaf, base notes are sandalwood and ambergris. In addition to Creed, Clooney's favorites include refreshing citrus-fougere Mediterraneo Carthusia with white musk, jasmine, lemon and Sicilian orange and Annick Goutal Duel with a bouquet of notes of Paraguayan tea, iris flowers and mint absinthe.

Harrison ford A connoisseur of Creed's luxurious Cuir de Russie leather note, complete with a bouquet of vanilla styrax, languid sandalwood, tart bergamot, lemon and neroli. The calmer, unobtrusive and at the same time noble Creed Millesime Imperial fragrance replaces sensual skin from time to time. Exotic woody and musky notes in combination with invigorating and refreshing sea notes sound royal luxuriously.

The radiant smile of a Hollywood smoothie Brad Pitt accompanies the fragrance Creed Cypres Musc, a fan of which the famous actor followed his comrades in the profession. This chypre woody men's fragrance is full of passion and, at the same time, tranquility. Bottles of chypre Narciso Rodriguez For Him, with a sensual touch of violet and a soft unobtrusive Musc perfume from Lorenzo Villoresi, are adjacent to him in the Pitt perfume collection. Woody-musky aroma, enveloping and sensual, based on notes of galbanum, rose, geranium, rosewood and oak moss.

No wonder English football legend David Beckham I agree with the Hollywood stars in love for perfume from Creed. He is not only an athlete, but also a businessman - the owner of his own line of clothing and perfumes from David Beckham, by the way, very affordable in price. You must admit that a man of such a level of fame is simply obliged to wear a luxurious perfume, which he does when choosing Aventus by Creed - a slightly fruity chypre aroma with notes of jasmine, a persistent perfume with a pronounced train. By the way, the wife of David Victoria, a fashion designer and businesswoman, also favors Creed perfumes, but this is a completely different story - about the perfume preferences of celebrities among women. You can find out about them here.

He conquered the hearts of first English and American, and then Russian film fans inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch In an interview he mentioned several fragrances that he uses at once. This is a woody aromatic Guerlain Vetiver, Calm and elegant, oriental woody Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Pour Homme, dynamic and stylish, lightweight Hermes Terre d'Hermes, simple and complex at the same time, characterized by the classic combination of citrus, wood and musk, Annick Goutal citrus aromatic Eau de Monsieur, bright, perfectly balanced with a resistant loop.

Hollywood's most famous pirate is extravagant Johnny Depp highlights in his collection of men's perfumes Dior Homme Cologne by Dior. This woody, musky and slightly floral, with notes of iris, bergamot, lavender and neroli, the fragrance became for Johnny his favorite smell in the collection. It is not surprising, because the train of this powdery fragrance remains in the memory of many Depp fans for a long time and makes them languidly sigh about the dark-eyed beauty of their dreams.

Robert Pattison, a talented actor and musician adored by fans for his role as a romantic vampire in the Twilight saga, admitted to the press his commitment to perfumes French house Serge Lutens. Now the star’s favorite fragrance is L´Eau Serge Lutens. This is a very unusual smell that simulates the absence of smell and is inspired by the natural fresh scent of human skin and pure water. Colleagues are said to have already appreciated the fragrance of freshness emanating from Robert.

David Duchovny, a recognized expert on high-quality men's perfumes, distinguishes, among others, the noble smell of Black Code from Giorgio Armani, revealing notes of olive, aniseed seed, tobacco and bacouta wood.

Movie star and singer Will Smith prefers woody spicy Vera Wang for Men. This men's fragrance is very it is balanced, in it citrus fruits harmoniously mix with skin, spices and tobacco.

Courageous Hugh Jackman, a vivid example of a strong noble man, beyond which any woman is not afraid to go to the ends of the world, is fragrant with the warm spicy woody chypre Timbuktu from L’Artisian Parfumeur. These perfumes combine notes of mango, frankincense, patchouli, vetiver and myrrh. Recently, he joined the ranks of fans of Escentric Molecules, which does not smell anything until you apply it to the skin. Depending on the natural smell of the skin and the pheromones of the owner, the perfume is revealed in its own way.

Favorite smell Leonardo DiCaprio - men's perfume Zirh. The invigorating scent includes notes of ginger, lime, nutmeg and mandarin. Surprisingly, the woody wine glass Illuminum Wild Tobacco with cedar, cloves and sage, causing associations with strict English gentlemen, and not with a young man of a beautiful appearance, so attractive to young girls, also likes Leo and reminds us of the versatility of human nature in general and talented person in particular.

If after everything you read, you wanted to taste any of the mentioned men's fragrances or buy as a gift, but you did not find it on the site, this does not mean that we do not have it. You just need to write or call us and we will try to find the right perfume for you.

In addition to the standard gift wrapping, we offer men's perfumes in casts and samplers. Vials of small volume are very convenient to use and not burdensome for a wallet. Having trouble choosing? Ask questions, we will be happy to help you!

And we offer football fans to try men's fragrances from world-famous football stars. They are more democratic than the Hollywood ones for the price, and most importantly, your favorite football players personally had a hand and a nose in creating each perfume!

Egor Creed

Pretty singer Egor Creed likes male Fierce fragrance from the niche American brand Abercrombie & Fitch. And not in vain, because a powerful note of musk framed by shades of green lemon and cardamom creates a courageous woody-musky train.

Dmitry Nagiev

Brutal Dmitry Nagiev prefers perfume Valentino Uomo. Elite perfume combines the smells of expensive leather and vanilla. He emphasizes the individuality of each representative of the stronger sex and attracts the attention of beautiful ladies.

Fragrant selection of modern stars

Anne Hathaway is the owner of a vibrant but natural beauty that can be seen in films such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Intern. On film or red carpet, the actress is always refined and as if polished. Anne Hathaway carries over her classic but fashionable style to perfumes. Her olfactory repertoire includes Lancome, Byredo, as well as Chanel. An atmosphere of elegance with elements of the new is best conveyed by Chanel Chance with fresh notes of lemon and pineapple. It seems to prove that traditional and innovative aromas can really come together.

Taylor Swift started out as a country singer, but quickly captured the pop industry. The images of this celebrity, both on the red carpet and in everyday life, are very similar to her catchy tunes: funny and stylish. And when it comes to perfumes, Swift likes to project the brightness of his personality without looking childish at the same time. Her favorite is Escada Moon Sparkle with hints of flowers and fruits. In addition, the singer releases her own perfumes, which stand out for her girlish charm.

Adele is a British performer famous for extremely emotional ballads such as Someone Like You and Hello. Although Adele freely expresses her personal emotions through music, when it comes to fashion, her style is more restrained. The singer adds a touch of seduction to her sophisticated appearance by choosing spicy compositions. Therefore, one of Adele's perfume favorites is Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. Wearing this fragrance, it evokes a sense of drama and mystery, while remaining natural.

In an interview, Nicole Kidman said that she loves to create her own unique perfumes by mixing various essential oils. Her favorite is Angel, created for Thierry Mugler and based on notes of bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli. Developed back in 1992, this fragrance is still being produced and is one of the best-selling perfumes.

Knowing about the perfume preferences of celebrities, do not forget that it is your favorite fragrance that can make you a star!

Watch the video: Celebrity Fragrance Guide (February 2020).

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