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What should be the size of a member?

According to the organization, the average length of the penis at rest is from 9-9.5 centimeters, in the state of erection - 12.8-14.5 centimeters, girth at rest - on average 8.5-9 centimeters, in the state of erection - 10 -10.5 centimeters.

This is a personal health question that most men would like to get an answer more than any other question: am I appropriate?

Until that time, even if you were able to gain confidence in order to ask your doctor, however, you may not have enough confidence in his answers.

Changes occurred this week in connection with the publication of an article in the British Urological Journal, aptly entitled "I'm normal?" and become the largest research ever undertaken of this kind.

“There are a lot of psychiatric and psychological problems in men who believe that they are not up to standard,” says a friend of mine who has been working in the field of sexual therapy for 18 years.

What size male penis is normal?

Royal University of London researchers have analyzed data from more than 20 studies involving more 15,000 peoplewho underwent penis measurement by health professionals using a standardized procedure.

The average length in men was 9.17 cm in normal condition and 13.13 cm in excited, the middle circle was 9.32 cm in normal condition and 11.65 cm in excited.

At a time when men are bombarded with advertisements from fakes and pictures of the organs of porn stars, this study is an update to see a scientific study of the approved dimensions of the penis, which are normal.

In the world of pornography, even those penises that meet the grounds for normality often get the label of little ones. Therefore, we are encouraged by worried men with this corrective message.

Why is it scientifically important?

People have real life problems because of this. We saw guys who, at the age of 40, had never had a relationship before, because they believed that they were not normal, and now doctors can tell them that they have everything in order with this.

I really hope to reassure all men who feel inferiority and because of this lie under the knife.

Doctors prey on them to have surgery when they don’t need it. It is a bit like if you had 41 size shoes, but would you like 44.

You cannot make a leg anymore; this is the ultimate bone length. If you are trying to increase the size of your “buddy”, then you will not have progress in this, even by applying a lot of efforts most of the time, you will be able to achieve a short-term result that will disappear later 1-2 weeks.

Most of these people start with psychological problems, with a medium or slightly smaller penis. They do the operation, becoming on 10,000 dollars poorergetting a deformed penis and even more psychological problems.

Comparing one’s own attributes or someone else’s with others is a double-edged sword and can reinforce awareness of one’s own inferiority.

This is especially problematic for men who have difficulties with the whole picture of their body. Some may understand this in such a way that, by definition, half the population should be below the average in the normal distribution.

What is not widely known is that it would seem that these more 50 % tend to be calmed and satisfied compared to those whose rates are below average.

But just those who have higher rates 50 %are more likely to maintain self-doubt or dissatisfaction.

Many researchers and doctors are trying to answer the question that men and women want to hear the answer: what size penis is normal?

This article presents facts from reviews and scientific articles that address the issue of penis size. After reading, you will receive the most correct answer. The dispelled myths and accurate scientific information will give confidence about the size of your penis or the penis of your partner.

Affordable porn and assertive marketing by large corporations that offer extension cords and penis enlargers are reasons for men's insecurity about their size. For videos and photo shoots, models with a larger size are chosen - men compare them with their own and are disappointed. It is not surprising that researchers have recently revealed in men anxiety and anxiety about their own sexual qualities.

Facts About Average Penis Size

Here are some basic facts about the average penis size:

  • 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis, but men still remain uncertain about this issue,
  • 45% of men are sure that their penis is insufficient in volume and length,
  • according to studies, the average length of a non-erect penis varies from 7 to 10 cm,
  • the average girth (thickness) of the non-erect penis is from 9 to 10 cm,
  • the average length of the erect penis is from 12 to 16 cm,
  • the average girth of an erect penis is 12 cm.

When is penis size too small?

Scientists published an article in the Urological Journal. The subject of the study is the size of the penis before and after an erection under the influence of drugs in 80 physically and somatically healthy men.

Researchers found an average indicator and concluded: a small reproductive organ is considered such when its length in an un-erect state is less than 4 cm, and in an erect state - less than 7.5 cm. Men with such dimensions are recommended to perform an operation to extend the penis. In other cases (more than 4 cm and 7.5 cm), the dimensions of the penis are regarded as normal.

However, normal does not mean average.

What is a “normal” or average penis size?

In the same publication in the article of the “Urological Journal”, researchers identified individual cohorts (among the 80 studied men):

  • the average length of a non-erect penis reaches 8.8 cm,
  • the average length of a member in an erection is 12.9 cm.

Scientists have determined that there is no relationship between the length and volume of an erect and non-erect reproductive organ. This means that a subjectively small member in peace can be larger when he is in an erection. In addition, the researchers did not reveal a relationship between the size of the penis and the age of the person.

The lack of correlation between the size of the penis in a calm and erect state is confirmed by studies in which 200 men from Turkey participated. In the article, scientists concluded: the size of the non-erect penis does not matter when determining the penis in the "working" state.

In January 2016, researchers interviewed 1,600 Americans regarding the size of their penis. At the same time, an objective physical examination of the penis was not carried out - the men themselves measured and gave information. However, this study can be considered reliable: if the length of the genital organ coincided with real indicators, condoms were given to men.

  • the average length of the penis during an erection is 14.2 cm,
  • the average circumference of the erect penis is 12.2 cm.

Scientists have noticed that the results of self-assessment of their sizes coincided with the data of other scientific publications. Experts noted that the size of the penis is affected by the state of awakening after sleep and the source of arousal - the hand, preparation for sex, or watching pornography.

How to measure the length of the penis: take a ruler and attach it to the base of the penis. The length from the pubic skin, where it goes to the beginning of the penis, to the end of the head - is the size of the length of the penis. To measure the girth of the genital organ, take a measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of the penis.

Penis Size: Women seem to care less about this than men

Men worry about matching their penis size to women's expectations. But in most cases, this concern is inappropriate. In the eyes of the man himself, the penis seems smaller than it can be in reality. When a man looks at his penis from above, he seems to him smaller than when viewed from the side or front.

Such a difference in perception, when a man looks at his penis from above, and somewhere in the pornographic film from the side, strengthens the untruthful notion of insufficiency of his own size. But how do women perceive the size of the male genital organ?

The publication in the British Journal of Urology International states: 85% of women are satisfied with the length and girth of their man’s penis. But for men this does not inspire confidence.

45% of men think they have a short penis. But according to studies, a small genital organ is a statistical rarity.

In one study, 170 women were interviewed. Got the result: although women pay attention to the size of male dignity, this is significant only for a small proportion of respondents. At a time when most men are fixated on the length of the penis, girls attach importance to width and girth.

The study, which involved 50 students with regular sex lives, says that out of 10 girls, 9 pay attention to the width of the penis. Only 10% of girls are worried about its length. This percentage is due to the fact that for sexual satisfaction of women, width plays a greater role than length.

Women do not want men with large penises

To clarify preferences, the researchers went the other way: they asked women to choose a printed 3D model of the penis from 33 different size options.

The sizes of printed penises ranged from 10 cm to 20.3 cm in length, and from 5 cm to 18 cm in girth. The choice of these values ​​was based on previous studies that cited the average size of the male genital organ: 15.2 cm in length and 12 cm in girth.

Three-dimensional models of penises are made of blue plastic - this is done so that when choosing a woman they are not guided by racial concepts about the average size of a member.

All 75 women were selected according to two criteria: the genitals for a long relationship and the genitals for one-time sex. For the first case, most girls chose 15 cm in length and 10 cm in girth. For the second case - 16.2 cm in length and 12.7 in circumference. Fears in women regarding huge penises are justified: during sex, unpleasant sensations can occur, up to pain.

More penis measurements

Many researchers are trying to determine the average size of a member. In 2001, 3300 Italians aged 17 to 19 participated in the survey. Scientists have established the average size of their penises. For a non-erect member, the parameters look like this: 9 cm in length and 10 cm in girth.

Another publication examined a sample of 301 somatically healthy men from India. The data obtained were compared with the results of penis sizes of men from other countries.

These results are needed for people who consider their penis size insufficient to satisfy a girl and who want to have an operation to change the size of their penis. Received data:

  • non-erect penis: average length reaches 8.2 cm, average girth - 9.2 cm,
  • erect penis: the average length is 13 cm, and the girth was 11.5 cm.

This article in the journal Nature shows a table that shows data on the average parameters of a member in men from countries around the world. Click to open the table.

Of the 16 cited studies in different countries, the very first publication with data on average penis sizes was released in 1899. Despite the centuries-old study, the parameters of the male genital organs have not changed:

  • the length of a non-erect penis varies from 7 to 10 cm,
  • the circumference of an unreared penis varies from 9 to 10 cm,
  • the length of the penis in an erection state is from 12 to 16 cm,
  • the circumference of the penis in an erection state is about 12 cm.

Increased fears, “erroneous” desire to increase

Another publication states that most men who go to penile extension procedures have a distorted view of the average size. Due to marketing and pornography, they don’t know what size penis should be physiologically normal.

One study involved 67 men. As a result of the survey, it turned out that these men are not satisfied with their own sexual organ. However, the same men underwent an objective examination: scientists measured the length and girth. It turned out that all 67 men had a medium-sized member, sufficient for sexual satisfaction and fertilization. The authors of the study said that recently men have become more likely to seek procedures to increase penis.

How Obesity and Age Affect Erect Penis Size

In 2015, doctors from Saudi Arabia conducted a retrospective cohort study involving 778 men. The subjects were aged 20 to 82 years. All of them from time to time used medical services in outpatient urological medical centers.

For the purity of the experiment, the study did not involve men: under 18 years old, with Peyronie’s disease, with congenital curvature of the penis, with clinical hypogonadism, with surgery and acquired trauma.

The men studied had an erection and the parameters of the penis were measured:

  • the average length from the skin above the pubis to the tip of the head was 12.53 cm,
  • the average length from the pubic bone to the tip of the head of the penis was 14.34 cm,
  • the average girth of a penis was 11.50 cm.

In the same study, scientists measured the body mass index (the ratio of a person’s mass and his height). Body mass index increases with body weight. As a result, scientists have established an extremely weak relationship between the body mass index and the length of the penis in an erection state. The thing is in subjective perception: against the background of a wide body and a protruding abdomen, the penis seems smaller than it actually is.

The study found a low correlation between aging and a decrease in the length of the erect penis. According to the study, the length difference in men of 70 years and 20 years was less than one centimeter.

What to do if a person is concerned about the size of his penis:

  1. Measure its length and girth as described above using a ruler and a measuring tape. Compare with the average. If the indicators correspond to the average size, you can not worry. If the indicators are normal, but the anxiety does not go away, most likely the person has unconstructive beliefs and attitudes. In this case, you need a consultation with a psychologist.
  2. If the sizes are below average and you experience discomfort during sex, you need to consult a urologist. He will conduct an objective examination and say what to do next.

The average length of male dignity, depending on nationality

The first thing that every man should pay attention to, concerned about the size of his genital organ, is nationality. The size of the organ is considered normal for each race with completely different indicators. For example, in the post-Soviet space, the highest rates of norm go to Georgians - 15.6 cm, Belarusians own 14.6 cm, Ukrainians 14 cm, Russians 13.2 cm.

If we consider the Europeans, the most worthy indicators are observed among the Hungarians - 16.1 cm, immediately followed by the French and Czechs 15.9-16 cm. In the world ranking, the leaders are the inhabitants of the African continent, their penis size is 17 , 5-18 cm. The smallest figures of 9-10 cm belong to Asian nationalities, for example, Thailand.

What determines the size of a man’s penis?

To understand why nature has awarded a man with specific dimensions of the penis, it is worth looking into the anatomy, considering the structure and factors of influence on the growth of the penis. Specialists call the following factors:

  1. Genetics - The data that are observed in men in the last generation will be transmitted by the genetic code to subsequent men.
  2. Hormone balance - Normally, the male body should have an optimal ratio of both male and female hormones.
  3. Genital malformations - There are many congenital or acquired pathologies that are reflected in the shape and size of the penis.
  4. Chronic diseases - the growth and development of the phallus can be affected by various systemic and chronic diseases associated with the endocrine, genitourinary, cardiovascular system, brain and spinal cord.
  5. Lifestyle - Inhibition of growth and development or disrupt member functions can be bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition.

Also, there are cases when small indicators of the length and thickness of the phallus were observed in men living in adverse environmental conditions.

Normal penis length and diameter

To identify the most normal penis size for a particular country, state and nation, experts repeatedly conduct research and experiments. So, for example, in the course of 17 studies, one specialist was able to identify one pattern. Among the 100 men studied, only 5 people had a penis greater than 16 cm, while as many had indicators below 10 cm.

In general, the medical certificate says that the optimal length of the penis in an erect state should be 13-18 cm, in a relaxed state - 8-10 cm. The average penis will not exceed 15 cm in length. As for the thickness, a figure of 3-4 cm is considered normal. When measuring the circumference of the penis during an erection, 10-15 cm is considered the norm. Despite these parameters, the concept of normal penis thickness is not practiced in sexology.

What is more important: length or width?

Each man for himself determines what the normal size of the genital organ should be in order to satisfy the woman.

Practice proves the fact that the concepts of the normal size of the penis in men and women are completely different. Multiple studies have only confirmed that for sexual intercourse and pleasure of a woman, thickness is more important than the length of the phallus.

Possible deviations from the norm

As already mentioned, factors such as genetics, hormones, diseases and pathologies, as well as age, can affect the condition of a man’s genitals. All future data regarding the penis is laid in the fetal development. Rarely, but congenital anomalies occur that lead to a change in the shape and size of the phallus, for example:

If there is a lack of testosterone in the body, doctors diagnose hypogonadism, which may result in underdeveloped testicles and micropenis. Possible risks include injuries, as well as acquired pathologies that affect the development of the genital organs. It can be vascular and heart diseases, elephantiasis, obesity, etc.

Opinion of women and men: polls

The first thing you should pay attention to regarding the size of the penis is the opinion of women. For this, polls were repeatedly conducted, in one of which the following interesting statistics were established:

  • 81% of the women surveyed would choose a plain-looking man, but with a greater phallus than a handsome man with modest sizes,
  • 75% of women said they consider both girth and penis length important
  • 61% would even be willing to refuse to communicate with a man whose data on this issue do not coincide with their expectations.

If you look at the data of male surveys, we can conclude that 66% consider their penis to be medium in size, 22% are satisfied with their size, and 12% consider their phallus to be small. Among all men, only 8% were firmly convinced that their body was of sufficient length and circumference to satisfy a woman.

How to measure length and thickness correctly

The length and diameter of the penis can be measured in two states - relaxation and erection. In any case, you need to take the ruler, attach one part of it to the area of ​​the pubic bone above the penis so that the ruler rests on it. Next, you need to measure the distance to the extreme point on the head of the penis.

Penis girth with a ruler will be more difficult to measure, so you can use a measuring tape. It is taken and wrapped around the thickest part of the phallus, after which they get the final result. If the tape is not available, you can do it with a piece of paper, and then measure its distance with a ruler.


No specialist will give an answer to the size of the penis. But if you take into account the average statistics and calculations, you can set a certain norm for a nation and even a specific country. Statistics say that among Europeans, the normal length of the penis is 13-15 cm, and the thickness is 3-4 cm. Small errors should not be a cause for concern and complexes.

What about urban myths?

The relationship between penis size and other body measurements, such as weight, length of the fingers or toes, shows an inconsistency or inconclusive relationship, except for an insignificant but significant relationship between the length of the penis and height.

If someone thinks about it as they usually say, that tall people have more hands, a heart, a mouth - and the situation with “masculine dignity” is a reflection of this belief. But we are talking about millimeters of difference, but not about centimeters, which can already make many relax.

Why actually measure the penis?

Because of the idea of ​​having good potency, which is closely intertwined in our society with the ideas of some people about Machismo (male chauvinism) and safety, knowing exactly where you are on the scale of length and circumference can be a step forward in gaining much more self-esteem and confidence in everyday life.

Remember: you cannot change some of the physical characteristics with which you were born, height, facial features and skin color, how your “little buddy” looks like - this is also part of personal identification and should not be something that you need to be ashamed of !

How to measure the size of the penis?

There are three main parameters that you will want to know - length, girth and diameter.

No. 1 - How to Measure Your Length

You will need: tape measure, pencil or pen, paper, or something else to make notes on.

The first technique I'm going to walk you through is actually simple and focuses on length. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Get a good erection (you can use a lubricant to add pleasure).
  • Place the tape measure at the very bottom.
  • Place paper over the tape measure.
  • Be careful when you press the tape measure to the pubic bone!
  • With a pencil or pen, make a mark on the paper where the head ends.
  • Measure on paper how long your penis actually is, from the base and along its entire length.

Please note: Pressing the roulette to the pubic bone will help to avoid a significant discrepancy in making your length shorter than it actually is! These steps will help determine how much normal penis size you have and get the exact length.

No. 2 - How to Measure Your Girth

You will need: a measuring tape or tape measure, a piece of thread and a pen.

Obtaining an accurate quantitative girth of your penis is very easy and, in addition, a simple process! All you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Again you will need to achieve a good erection (you can use a lubricant to add pleasure).
  • Identify the densest part of your fully eroded organ and carefully wrap a piece of thread around it.
  • Make a mark where the beginning of the thread wrapped around the penis occurs by itself after a circle is made around once.
  • Once done, put the thread on a piece of measuring tape or tape measure to accurately measure your length.

Remember: Many women say that long intercourse is more important than your length!

No. 3 - How to Measure Your Diameter

You will need: Measuring tape or tape measure, a piece of thread and a pen.

Optional: grease and calculator.

  • Obtaining an indicator of diameter is closely related to previous processes. You need to follow these steps:
  • Get a good erection (you can use a lubricant to add pleasure).
  • Take an accurate girth measurement (see manual above).
  • Divide the girth of the organ by 3.14 (you can use a calculator to avoid mistakes).

The amount that you get as a result, this is the width (diameter) of your member!

Note: It will be prudent to conduct repeated experiments (at least 3) of each measurement in order to determine the “average value” and increase the credibility of the final numbers that you will come to when you finish. If you do not, then you will not be able to measure the size of the penis with accuracy.

Hit parade of female preferences

If your indicators do not fit into the high category of the table, or in general the result “E” is not a reason for panic or frustration. After all, real and experienced cowboys know that mastery of “weapons”, and not its caliber, is the main thing.

What size should be the member.

You can easily get the national average size thanks to condoms, as they are made taking into account these average indicators.

  • Length - from 13.97 to 16 cm
  • Girth - from 11.43 to 12.9 cm
  • Diameter - from 3.5 to 4.06 cm

We conducted our own survey among 1,463 men in the CIS countries. The age of respondents is from 23 to 52 years.


According to the Presidential hospital of Russia (Moscow) for 2015, the average male size of Russians was 9.6 cm at rest in length with a girth of 9.4 cm. At the time of an erection, the length is 14.16 cm with a girth of 11.73 cm. Research Herbenick D., Reece M. Schick V., Sanders SA shows that Americans have almost the same parameters.

According to 2011 (Journal of Urology) in Belarus, the length of the penis in men is 11.2 cm in a calm state (coverage 9.1), and with an erection - 13.98 cm (coverage 11.38).

A survey by the Irish University showed that the average length of the penis of Ukrainian men is 13.97 cm. Data from another 2015 survey, where respondents themselves determined the size of their dignity, say that the length of a penis in a relaxed state among Ukrainians is 9.7 cm, girth - 9.8 cm, and when excited, the length is 14.2 cm with a girth of 12.28 cm.

The results of the 2015 Genital size measure survey showed that the average penis length for men in Kazakhstan is 9.3 cm (volume 9.1), and in the erect state - 13.46 cm with a thickness of 11.34. Almost the same indicators have men in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.


African men hold the largest penises in the world. The leaders are Sudan (17.95) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (17.93). The top three also include representatives of South America, the average male size in Ecuador is about 17.59 cm. The top ten owners of large penises also include men from another republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Ghana, Venezuela, Lebanon, Colombia, Cameroon, Jamaica These men lead in the length of erected male dignity (from 17.95 to 16.30 cm).

The smallest penises are possessed by men from Thailand, North Korea, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea and the Philippines. The average size of their male virtues at the time of excitement does not exceed 9.43,410.85 cm.

Average male size: country table (according to another source)

North Korea9.398

Does size really matter?

Previous studies have shown that for women this is a much less important topic than for men.

In 2006, according to reliable data 85% of women They were satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis and thought that everything was normal with them. At the same time, only 55% of men stated that they were satisfied with the long farm.

For you to understand, the middle vagina has the depth of everything 7.62 cm or 10.16 cm, so most guys with their average size do a great job.

And what is your opinion (the data collected is completely anonymous)?

I talked with a sexual therapist who has extensive experience, I talked with him for a long time, I wanted to find out what really is the problem, he told me the following:

« Those cases where size matters mainly relate to the penises of guys who are rather large than too small.This can create additional problems and most often lead to painful sensations from sex in women.

Despite this, most positions for sexual intercourse are such that they directly stimulate the clitoris, as the epicenter of the female orgasm.A man who cares about the satisfaction of his woman acting as a sexual partner should worry less about size and more about how to access the clitoris in order to act on him directly ».

I would like to add a few lines to the conclusion. Penis size is just a figure, this does not reflect the portrait of a man as a lover and that he is able to get up in bed. Those who understand this will never worry about any centimeters.

Well, according to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the structure of the female vagina, the size of the member does not matter. Large size is a psychological trap into which our consciousness easily falls.


It is sometimes claimed that one can guess the length of male dignity by the arm, leg, height, nose and even the ear of a man. However, according to a 2006 study, there is no connection between penis size and physical condition. In several other observations, experts have deduced the relationship between the size of the buttocks and penis, but it looks unconvincing.

Does growth affect male size?

Scientists have not found a connection between these two parameters. Most likely, the growth of a man does not affect the length and thickness of his penis. For example, the owner of the world's largest penis Jonah Falcon has a height of only 175 cm.

Watch the video: Elena Malysheva on manhood (Live Healthy! Program)


The BJUI survey used data from 17 studies, with 15,000 men involved. Scientists have found that only 5 out of 100 men have a penis longer than 16 cm. Similarly, only 5 out of 100 have an erect penis shorter than 10 cm. Other studies have given similar results.

A review published in the Journal of Urology also showed that the length of male dignity in a calm state does not affect penis size at the time of an erection. In other words, different men may have the same length of erect penises, but the size of their organs in a calm state will vary.

On average, women consider the normal size of male dignity equal to 13.8 cm, and the ideal length is called 15.8 cm. For men, judging by the polls, the average length of the penis is 14.1 cm and the ideal organ is 16.6 cm.

The Journal of Urology calls the deviation from the norm a penis length of less than 4 cm in a relaxed state and less than 7.62 cm at the time of stimulation.With these parameters, after consultation with a urologist, a man may be recommended an operation to increase the penis.


According to BJUI magazine, women are more focused on the appearance and personality of men, the size of the penis is not a priority for them. Many men whose male dignity is 12‒13 cm when excited or less, begin to doubt their size. This is a common belief that can lead to problems with self-esteem and a feeling of insecurity. 12‒13 cm are average indicators of manhood, which are not a deviation from the norm.

In addition, length is not so important: according to two studies, almost 90% of women prefer a penis with a larger girth than a longer one.

Does Male Dignity Matter: Girls' Opinion

However, a survey by the University of California showed that 68% of women whose men have penis sizes below the average or national average want their men to have more dignity. At the same time, the majority of female respondents in the study (85%) said that they were still satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

In the same study, men were asked to evaluate their own worth. More than half of respondents (66%) rated their penises as average. 22% felt that their penis is large, the remaining 12% consider their penises to be small. Men who rated their genital organs as large are also inclined to consider their overall appearance more attractive. This may mean that the size of the penis affects a man’s confidence in his own attractiveness.

The opinion of women on the size of male dignity was also studied in a Mister Poll survey. 81% of more than a thousand female respondents would refuse a very attractive man with a small penis and would prefer a man with a normal appearance, but a large body. In the same survey, 75% of respondents felt that the girth and length of the penis are very important. In addition, 61% of them admitted that they would refuse to communicate with a man if the size of his penis did not meet their expectations and were smaller.

The survey also involved more than a thousand men. They were asked how they feel after reading women’s responses regarding penis size. The results showed the following:

  • 44% are sure that their penis size is normal,
  • 19% are absolutely sure that most women can satisfy their manhood
  • 17% are not sure of their size,
  • 9% are not sure about the size of their penis, but believe that they can satisfy a woman,
  • 8% are absolutely sure both in size and that they can satisfy their partner.

Research and measurement accuracy

Despite careful study, there is still a huge error in measuring the size of the penis, especially if the measurement is carried out by men themselves. In addition, some factors can affect the erection: ambient temperature, mood, age, mental state.

What is considered the norm?

If a man is able to satisfy a girl in bed and have children, everything is in order with his reproductive organs

While many men measure the penis with a ruler in different poses, hoping to at least visually win the extra half centimeter, doctors say that the normal size of the penis is a length sufficient to carry out a full sexual intercourse and conceive a child.

From the point of view of physiology, a normal penis size can be considered a length of more than 8 centimeters. This is due to the peculiarities of female physiology, because for conception it is necessary that the ejaculation is carried out in the depths of the vagina, and for this it is enough about 6 cm. To satisfy a woman during sexual intercourse, it is necessary to know the characteristics of female physiology. So, the main number of nerve endings that are sensitive to stimulation are located at a depth of about 7-10 cm. This determines the physiological norm of the size of the penis.

In other words, the norm of penis size is determined by the main function of the organ, that is, the possibility of fertilization. Interestingly, a man with a normal penis size, that is, about 10 cm, who wants to have an organ enlargement surgery, may be refused in most clinics, as from a medical point of view this is the normal length of the penis, which does not require surgical intervention.

The diameter of the penis, the norm of which is not determined in any source, should be comparable with the length of the organ. On average, the girth of an organ in a man with a small penis is about 8.5-9.5 cm.

Statistical Standards

As a result of research, it turned out that for the majority of the fairer sex, size is not of fundamental importance

Having figured out what is the normal size of the penis from the point of view of doctors, you should turn to statistics. It is disappointing for Asians, and Russians may also not agree with the data provided, however, these are official statistics, measurements of the organs of volunteers were carried out by medical personnel.

What is the normal length of a member - it depends on the place of residence. Statistics provide the following data:

  • Asian countries - 10-11 cm,
  • Europe - 15.5 cm
  • USA - 13.5 cm
  • Africa - 17 cm.

Each region has its own average size fluctuations. So, the smallest penises among Asians belong to Koreans - about 10 cm. Moreover, due to the peculiarities of life, among the inhabitants of North Korea, penises are 9.5 cm, while among the South Korean population - 10.5.

The inhabitants of India also can not boast of large sizes, the average length of the penis is 11 cm.

In Europe, the sex giants are Czechs, the average size is 16.5 cm. For the countries of the post-Soviet space, the statistics as a whole are much more modest than is generally believed:

  • Russia - 13 cm
  • Belarus - 14.3 cm
  • Ukraine - 14.6 cm,
  • Georgia - 15.2 cm.

But “hot Italians” have an average penis length of 15 cm. Of course, there are exceptions to each nationality. The data given do not mean that for all Russians the members do not exceed 13 cm.

The normal thickness of the penis is not given in any statistics. The fact is that in medicine this indicator is not taken into account, since with a sufficient length of the penis, fertilization occurs regardless of the thickness of the penis.

The only statistics that take into account the thickness of the body is the norm of penis size by age.

The norm of the length of the penis in adolescent boys is important information that allows you to timely recognize a number of anomalies in the development of the reproductive system. The average data are given in the table.

Height, cm141146151160165170172176
Penis length, cm8.59.311.714.815.316.316.116
Penis circumference, cm77.59.710.210.61111.212

The table shows the length of the penis in an erect state.

The penis size norm changes with age only during puberty. The data are for Europe, therefore, they can be slightly higher than the average for the Russian Federation or Belarus. Interestingly, until the age of 16, the penis grows predominantly in length, but after that it quickly increases in girth. Due to the change in size, the length of the penis decreases by about 3-6 mm, so the size after 17 years becomes a little smaller.

Upon reaching puberty, the size of the penis does not change. Hormone therapy and other conservative methods other than surgery cannot affect these indicators.

What determines the size of the organ?

Problems during pregnancy can lead to underdevelopment of the genitals in the baby

Contrary to popular belief, the size of the penis does not depend on other physical data, such as the size of the ears, nose, or foot. The maximum size is reached during puberty, and the penis remains the same size until the end of life, as in 18-19 years.

Factors that may affect the final penis size:

  • genetics,
  • childhood diseases
  • ecology and nutrition,
  • intrauterine malformations.

Genetics plays an important role. If all men had small members in the family, the penis size norm for posterity will remain at about the same level, with slight deviations of 1-2 cm.

The most important factor affecting the development of the genital organs is the work of the hormonal system. A lack of testosterone and growth hormone entails a slow growth of the penis. A violation in the production of these hormones is associated with intrauterine abnormalities in the development of the fetus, or with severe diseases suffered in childhood. The synthesis of these hormones in adolescents may be adversely affected by prolonged glucocorticoid therapy or cancer chemotherapy.

Another important factor is ecology and nutrition. People living in industrial regions, areas of increased radioactivity or in areas with a high content of heavy metal salts in the soil may experience delayed sexual development and a weak hormonal system, which leads to the fact that their normal penis length is noticeably lower than statistics say .

Food has the same effect. The lack of useful vitamins and minerals can cause various disorders in the development of the child, including delayed puberty. It is due to the fact that the overall environmental indicator and food quality have increased, with each year there is a slight "increase" in the average size of a normal penis.

Deviations from the norm

Due to serious illnesses in early childhood, the genital organ may not form

Having figured out what size of the penis is considered the norm, one should consider the extreme degrees of deviation. Interestingly, a deviation to a larger side from the norm is not a pathology and is not considered by medicine as a problem.

Today, it is considered normal to have a penis whose size exceeds 10 cm. If the length is less than this value and is within 5-9 cm, a diagnosis of “small penis” is made. This size may not be enough for fertilization, so a decision can be made on the surgical enlargement of the penis.

The extreme degree of deviation is micropenia or micropenis syndrome. The genital organ in this case is developed normally, but its size is 2-4 cm in an erect state. It is for the timely detection of this problem that you need to know what is the norm of penis size in a teenager, since the first signs of micropenia are noticeable already at the beginning of the puberty period.

How to measure the penis?

Knowing what the normal length of a penis in a man, everyone will want to compare their indicators with the norm. For this, it is necessary to correctly measure.

The man should stand up straight and lower the erect penis slightly so that it is parallel to the floor. Then a measuring tool is applied to the base. When measuring, the distance between the base and the head is taken into account.

To measure the circumference or girth of a member, the norm of which depends on the length of the organ, it is necessary to take three measurements at once - at the base, in the center and near the head. To do this, take a centimeter tape and wrap an organ with it, fixing the final value. After all three digits are added up, divided by three, and the resulting number is considered to be the coverage of the penis. Such calculations are more accurate than simply measuring the penis in one place, as its width varies from base to head.

The obtained value means the girth of the penis. To calculate the diameter, this number must be divided by 3.14.

So, having figured out which member is considered normal, one should not forget about the diameter. In an average man with a penis larger than 12 cm, the diameter of the organ is approximately equal to 4.

When do you need to enlarge a member?

Indication for an operation to increase the penis is not enough length for a full sexual intercourse or fertilization. On average, surgery is indicated in all cases when the penis is less than 9 cm.

Since the operation is complex and can lead to serious consequences, surgical enlargement of the penis is not performed for men with medium and normal sizes due to the risk of complications. For example, for a man with a 15 cm penis who wants to enlarge the organ to 18-19, it will be difficult to find a surgeon who will take on such responsibility.

Mandatory indications for surgical treatment are a small penis and micropenia. In these cases, the penis is enlarged by dissecting the tissues at its base, as well as removing fat in the pubic area.

With micropenia, hormonal treatment is indicated, but it is prescribed only in adolescence, since a man over 18 years of age does not help testosterone injections to enlarge his penis.

Having figured out what penis size is considered normal, you should think carefully before attempting to increase it. Especially dangerous are home methods of enlargement, which most often consist in injuring the tissues of the penis. It is important to understand that the average size of the penis is comparable to the average size of the female vagina, so there are no problems in the personal life of men with small penises.

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