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Men's haircuts with a beard

Men's style today is full of diversity, from all kinds of clothing styles to fashionable haircuts and hairstyles. It's no secret that the new trend of the current season is facial hair, which must be harmoniously combined with a hairdo on the head. Men's haircuts and beard are combined according to different criteria, such as age, lifestyle and general style, as well as the shape and structure of the beard.

Modern men's haircuts with a beard can be of different lengths, from bold and brutal short models to model medium and elongated options. If you look at the photo of men's haircuts with a beard on men known around the world, you can come to the conclusion that fashionable hairstyles with a beard perfectly adjust the shape of the face, emphasizing the best features in appearance, in addition, this is the very peak of the trend.

Fashion for wearing a beard and its varieties

Like hairstyles, a beard for men is a fashionable and stylish accessory, and barbers and hairstylists offer a huge number of models and types of beards. It is important to synchronize the beard not only with the hairstyle, but with the age of the man, his features of appearance, style of dress and lifestyle. And in order to choose the ideal form of a beard, men first need to get acquainted with its most trendy varieties.

To date, barbers offer the following types of beards:

  1. Professional - medium-length hair frames the area of ​​the mouth, chin, but has a clear border and a neat appearance.
  2. Suvorovskaya - a beard descends from the temples along the cheekbones, which flows into the line of the mustache, but the cheeks and chin are shaved baldly.
  3. Balbo is a neat beard with a mustache, without whiskers and with smoothly shaved cheeks above the line of the chin.
  4. Hipster is the most trendy image with a slightly messy dense vegetation on the face in the form of a full beard, mustache and whiskers, but with a fringing on the neck and cheeks.
  5. Full Russian - a full, but neat and well-groomed beard with a natural form, combining mustache and sideburns.
  6. The Hollywood captain (aka Bretta) is an image from the 30s when, along the line of the chin and cheekbones, to the very side of the whiskers, he left a narrow strip of hair, and also formed a narrow mustache and a tuft of hair under the lower lip.
  7. Goatee is a beard from the 90s, during its design a short beard covers only the chin, the mustache and beard around the mouth are complemented by a rounded border.
  8. Van Dyck - the hair is left only on the chin, and also in the form of a pointed thin tendrils, but the cheeks and jaw line are smoothly shaved even from the bristles.
  9. Goatee - a beard for bohemian personalities, which takes a small area of ​​hair on a triangular chin, thin neat mustache are acceptable.
  10. Bristle is the easiest option for everyday life when a man leaves a couple of millimeters of stubble in the area of ​​a mustache, beard and sideburns, but with a clear edging around.

Of course, this is not the whole list of models and varieties of male beards, but only the most common and well-known options. In addition, it is these models of beards that stylists and barbers combine with fashionable haircuts, from strict classics to model and hipster options.

Who is it for?

Stylists say that a fashionable men's haircut with a beard will suit absolutely any man of mature age and older. It is important only to choose the right form of hairstyles and beards for the shape of the face in order to favorably adjust the appearance. For example, a full beard and similar models of a thick wide beard are suitable for owners of a narrow type of face. A trapezoidal beard is suitable for chubby men, rounded shapes of beards and the presence of tanks are suitable for a rectangular face.

For the oval shape, considered a standard, stylists recommend absolutely all styles and options. A skipper beard will be able to correct the trapezoidal shape of the face; for a triangular shape, square variants of beards, such as a horseshoe beard, are advised. According to the same principle, haircuts are also selected, which will correct the angularity of the face with volume and rounded shapes and vice versa.

The choice of hairstyles for bearded men

If a man has an oval face shape by nature, a haircut and a beard look can be absolutely anything, but masters recommend opening the correct oval as short as possible with short haircuts and a small neat beard. But other forms of the head have clear limitations, for example:

  • for chubby men, it’s better to pick up a round-shaped hair with smooth transitions and a slightly elongated crown,
  • a square face is much more suitable haircuts voluminous haircuts with a rounded shape that can smooth out the angularity,
  • hairstyles with lateral laying of strands, a stepwise and multi-layer method of shearing are more triangular in shape.

If hair is naturally thin, stylists recommend graded and multi-layered haircuts with asymmetrical lines. Curly hair also requires careful selection of haircuts taking into account the direction of the curls.

Determine the shape of the face

To begin the formation of the image follows with the definition of the oval of the face. Half the success of the entire male image depends on this. To do this, follow these guidelines.

  • Hairstyles with side parting and combined length are suitable for a triangular shape of the face.
  • Male chubby men are recommended short or medium length male haircuts to avoid additional volume.
  • Holders of a square face will suit voluminous hair or a men's haircut with short-cut temples.
  • The oval shape is universal for any hairstyle and beard shape for men.

We determine the structure of hair

An important factor for choosing a male haircut is the hair structure. When choosing a hairstyle, consider the following tips and recommendations of stylists.

  • Owners of curly hair should consider the direction of growth and curling of vegetation.
  • Thick, lush, straight or slightly curly male hair will suit any hairstyle.
  • Men with thin hair should give preference to a bob haircut or haircuts, implying asymmetry.

Options for different lengths

Each man has his own individual style, his own taste. Therefore, you should determine your type of beard and harmoniously combine it with a hairstyle. Fashionable men's haircuts mainly welcome the presence of facial hair. Having determined your hair type and face shape, you can begin experiments with appearance. Men's hairstyles with a beard have many variations, but there are classic combinations that are always relevant.


The choice of men's haircuts in this case is small. Often hair is the same length, but sometimes there are multilevel haircuts. Such a hairstyle looks like a Hitler Youth with cut sides. Mostly men prefer a tail or a bun. According to the latest fashion trends, the beam should be high, almost on the top of the head. For styling, it is necessary to carefully comb the hair, collect it up and fix it with an elastic band. This men's hairstyle is combined with a goat and a Russian beard. Mustache or small stubble is also welcome.

Options for men's hairstyles with a beard: short haircuts or long hair, what to choose?

Growing a good beard and giving it a neat appearance is not always enough for the image to be complete and individual.

Everyone wants to have their own highlight in the style, which can be easily emphasized by choosing the right shape and hairstyle for your beard. Exclusivity and beauty are guaranteed to those who approach this issue scrupulously.

What are men's hairstyles with a beard? How to choose the one that suits you? Let's try to find answers to these pressing questions.

Determine the type of face and choose a style

Men's haircuts with a beard are multivariate, in order to perfectly determine the suitable look, you need to build on several factors that will help to do this:

An important role in the choice is played by the oval of the face. Under the shape of the face, an appropriate hairstyle with a beard for men is selected, which can emphasize the advantages and remove the imperfections.

It is also necessary to proceed from the selection of opportunities and time costs that will be spent on caring for hair and styling it correctly.

Naturally, the style and combination with the beard will be an essential indicator when choosing.

For, in order to do everything right, follow these steps and based on them, view all sorts of variations.

Determine the type of beard that exists with the owner. It is necessary to do this, because the male beard plays a significant role in the appearance of any man and the hair, which could look good without bristles, with bristles will not be so attractive.

With the already defined version of the haircut, preferably with its image, and preferably several, contact the hairdresser. Having variations of the haircuts you like, the master will be able to recommend the best based on the intricacies of his profession.

A specific haircut looks good under a certain oval of the face:

  • if the face is oval, then you can safely choose any haircut and be sure that it will look great,
  • a round face does not like volume on the head, round hair. The best option would be a haircut with short temples and medium length,
  • to a triangular face, it is preferable to choose hairstyles on the side, multilayer and step,
  • a square face will look good with a large volume of hair, it will help smooth the oval of the face. Otherwise, it is better to opt for haircuts with small temples and sides, behind which remains density and volume.

You need to pay attention to the structure of the hair. Thin ones like quads or asymmetrical haircuts. From thick hair you can do any hairstyle, the main thing is not to go too far with the volume. When creating and choosing a hairstyle for curly hair, you should take into account the direction in which the hair grows.

Short men's hairstyles with a beard

Each has his own style and you can choose a lot of hairstyle variations in combination with a beard. In general, a harmonious choice of a combination of “male beards - haircuts” requires an individual approach.

But given that style is an art, and any art has its own canons, here you can highlight some of them so that there is something to rely on when choosing.

For owners of short lengths, the easiest way to decide is, because cutting a short length if it cannot give chic, it will not spoil in any case, no matter what type of beard is on the face. A short haircut and a beard is a classic of the genre, there is a whole set of them.

Boxing. The simplest, but convenient and relevant haircut at all times. It will be combined with the type of beards as: Hollywood, goatee and simple bristles.

Half box. It differs from the previous haircut in that it has longer hair on the crown than in the rest of the head and has the ability to blend with a bang. Suitable for such types of beards as Russian, Hollywood and just stubble.

Hedgehog. It is quite popular among young people, differs from boxing in a slightly larger long hair and shape. Combine it best with regular bristles.

Military. Suitable for men with a brutal type, who have very clear facial features, on guys with a different appearance, such a haircut will not cause anything other than laughter. The difference from its half-box is that the length on the parietal part is much shorter, the sides are cut very short. Suitable for such a beard haircut type goatee, ordinary bristles and just a mustache with light bristles on the chin.

These hairstyles are also very convenient because they can be made independently and periodically brought to the desired form, after regrowth. In order to make a haircut on short hair yourself, you just need to know the basic principle, and the rest vary by haircuts:

  • in order to do the hairstyle yourself, you need a hair clipper,
  • nozzles, which are usually attached to such devices, allow you to choose the required length by which the hair will be cut. It’s worth picking up depending on individual choice,
  • for haircuts like boxing, a half box is suitable nozzle number 1 or number 2. For the military, you need to use two nozzles in different parts of the head, i.e. smaller on the sides, larger on the parietal part. To make a hedgehog haircut, the nozzle can be any, but you must follow the correct form, which this haircut suggests,
  • in order to accurately do everything necessary and get the desired result, you can help print your favorite haircut and put as a visual aid during the design of the haircut in front of you.

Do not forget about such an option as a haircut. Bald men with a beard do not lose their popularity.

Medium length haircuts

To haircuts that can be done on an average hair length include:

    • classic long hairstyles,

  • gavrosh - a youth version that looks torn, the hair length is about average size throughout the head,
  • square,
  • under the "pot" - the lower part of the hair is cut short, and the upper remains long,
  • Hitler Youth - strands of medium length are left on the crown, and the occipital part and sides are shaved or remain with the shortest possible length,
  • mr cool - very similar to the previous one, but differs in length on the sides,
  • Canadian - smoothly passing locks of medium length on the top and back of the head to short on the sides.

Basically, not very large men's beards and mustaches are suitable for haircuts for medium hair length. Do not clutter your face, choosing to a medium length on your head and a lush beard. Types of beards like goatee, ordinary stubble, Hollywood perfect for a medium hairstyle.

When choosing a haircut with an average length, you need to remember that in any case, it needs proper care and styling. The advantage will be that there is the possibility of variations of the image at will. In order to do a hairstyle you need to adhere to some recommendations:

  • First, you should choose a special hair care product that will suit your hair type,
  • after applying a small amount of gel or mousse, you need to simulate the necessary hairstyle,
  • after which you can fix the result with a hairdryer, combing the hair in the right direction, or let it dry on its own.

Do not forget that care is also required for the beard itself. To do this, you can use special tools: wax, oil, balm and soap.

And if the hair is long?

Hairstyles on long hair are not so many, usually it is either a tail or a bun. Long hair can be solid, i.e. over the entire head there is a length greater than 25 cm and combined with short ones. The last option looks like a Hitler Youth, only the difference in length.

The combination with the types of beards is different, they can be with a Russian, a goat, a mustache, a beard-curtain and ordinary bristles.

To do a hairstyle on long hair, you don’t need to put a lot of effort. You need gum and comb, with the help of which the hair is combed up and fixed. The height of the beam can be selected individually at will, you can experiment. Fashion dictates that men's bunches should be, the higher, the better.

See below: men's beard and different haircuts photo

For short hair

It is easiest to choose short haircuts with a beard, as they are universal and look organically with different styles of clothing.It is important only to correctly compare the selection criteria and haircuts, and the shape of the beard, so as not to overload the image with excessive vegetation. The most popular short haircuts to which a beard is allowed are:

  • boxing - a short haircut with a sharp transition, combined with stubble, goatee and a Hollywood beard,
  • half-boxing - an elongated form of boxing with smooth transitions, bristles, a Russian and a Hollywood beard are suitable for it,
  • military - ultra-short brutal haircuts, which often form the usual stubble, goatee or voluminous mustache,
  • hedgehog - a disheveled youth haircut, which can be picked up to beard in the form of a simple bristle or goatee.

If a man does not have time to visit a salon, a similar style can be formalized on his own with the help of a clipper alone. First, the hair on the head is cut under one or more nozzles, shortening the lower sections of the hairstyle. Next, you can cut off the excess hair on the beard under the nozzle, after which with the knives of the machine to make a border. The result is a short sports haircut with bristles.

Why you can not wear a beard with all the hairstyles

The image of a modern brutal macho man is impossible without a beard, stylish and well-groomed (even if she looks deliberately careless, everything is thought out here!). A selection of the optimal shape, length, color of vegetation on the cheekbones and chin is a troublesome and painstaking process, because there are thousands of options. On top of that, if you decide to grow up a manly stubble, you have to think about what kind of haircut will be needed now. Men's hairstyles with a beard are slightly different from ordinary ones.

There are certain rules for combining hair and facial hair, which should not be neglected if you want to look stylish and attractive. Let's figure out which men's haircuts with a beard are in trend this season and how to choose the perfect hairstyle for a beard.

Medium length

The average length of hair is the most ideal option, both for men themselves, and for stylists and hairdressers, as hairstyles are pliable for styling and accept different design options. The hairstyle for bearded men of medium length in tandem with a beard can be of the following types:

  • gavrosh - medium length hair with torn careless styling,
  • Kare - the ideal form of hair to the shoulder line, combined with a beard and bristles,
  • under the pot - a model haircut with a voluminous top and a sharply shortened bottom of the hairstyle,
  • Hitler Youth - a strict haircut with a side parting and smooth styling, to which you can pick up only neat small forms of a beard and mustache,
  • mr cool - an elongated version of the previous haircut, which will suit a lot more varieties of beards,
  • Canadian - medium-length hair at the crown with a smooth transition to short temples, the nape, combined with classic models of beards.

For this hairstyle, small and shortened versions of beards are more suitable so as not to clutter the man’s face with excessive vegetation. The best options are goatee, light bristles, goatee, Hollywood beard.

Hairstyle Guide

The first and main rule when choosing a hairstyle for a young man with bristles on his face is that the longer the vegetation is below, the shorter it is at the top. That is, the more the beard grows, the more hair is removed on the top of the head. But this is a classic. And creative barbers can offer the completely opposite option, this is a matter of your taste and audacity.

The second rule, no less important - you must take into account the shape of the face and head: harmony should be in everything, in your power to create ideal proportions of clean skin and vegetation on the face and head, hide minor defects and highlight those features that you attribute to your undeniable merits.

For long hair

But the elongated hairstyle for bearded men actually require special attention in matters of combining with a beard. Most often, stylists recommend collected hair or model haircuts, such as bob or bean. And it is better to choose a beard from the following proposed options - Russian, Hollywood, goatee, curtain or simple bristle. The ideal option is a thick beard and gathered hair in a bun.

Beards and hairstyles for your type of face

For a round face, such forms of a beard are suitable:

And such hairstyles:

  • British - shaved whiskey and an elongated crown combed back or to the side,
  • quiff - shaved almost to zero whiskey and nape and elongated forelock raised up,
  • any haircuts with an elongated crown combed up and back,

If we analyze the options offered for a round face, it becomes clear that the goal of visually lengthening the face is achieved by creating volume on the crown, partially masking the cheekbones and cheeks with sparse vegetation and lengthening the lower part of the face with the help of the beard itself.

Holders of square jaws are recommended such options for cutting bristles:

  • duck tail - who does not know what the duck’s tail looks like, can go to the zoo to get reliable information or admire the latest photos of Pierce Brosnan. As for the mustache, you can let them go or not - it doesn’t matter,
  • the old Dutchman - resembles a skipper, but the shoots on the face will need a thicker and longer, rounded or oval in shape on the outer edge,
  • balbo - a beard without tanks, grows in the center of the chin and the lower edge of the cheekbones,
  • box - uniform, dense vegetation of arbitrary length over the entire area of ​​the cheekbones and chin.

And here are the haircuts you can choose in this case:

  • British - the eternal classic goes to everyone and under everything, without exception,
  • a haircut with an elongated bang combed on one side,
  • any short hairstyle with a uniform length of hair on the crown from 1 to 5-7 mm,
  • Faux hawk - if you don’t know what it is and what it looks like, just rewrite the name and show the barber, he will understand for sure.

With a triangular face, stylists advise to opt for such beard shapes:

  • Hollywood - the classic and easiest option for leaving and keeping fit,
  • French fork - already by the name you can understand that the outer edge will be bifurcated,
  • duck tail, skipper, old Dutchman - all these variations listed above will also look good on a triangular face.

The best complement for triangular cheekbones will be such stylish haircuts:

  • Canadian - short whiskey and nape and elongated crown combed up,
  • any haircuts with a long bang, voluminously laid back,
  • all the same quiff and faux hawk.

And finally, the most stylish and successful beards and hairstyles for the face of the correct oval shape. In principle, there are no restrictions, a classic - it is a classic. Lucky with an oval face can safely experiment with any form, density and design and choose any hairstyles for them. If you have a beautiful skull and clear, expressive facial features, you should not hide such advantages. Cut your hair under a boxing or half-box and let go of a neat short beard with tanks along the contour of the cheekbones - it will be very sexy and courageous.

If you do not like short haircuts and shaved tops, you can make a Canadian, British, any haircut with an elongated bang, which you need to comb back without fail to open a high forehead and eyes. Such hairstyles go well with goatee, a Hollywood beard or just a weekly bristle (do not forget that the direction of hair growth and their length must also be strictly controlled). If you want something original and stylish, experiment with options for an anchor or zappa.

Advice: for sure, you have already found out for a long time which haircut without a beard suits you the most, regularly maintain and update your hairstyle with a trusted master and are generally happy with everything. But remember: when growing a beard, the oval of your face will visually change, facial features will be perceived differently. In order not to “get lost” in the lush vegetation on the face and head and not to turn from a fashionable young man into a Paleolithic resident dressed in converse and “boyfriends”, think over your new haircut and change it accordingly to a new look.


Numerous stars of the world show business today, under the influence of fashion trends, prefer to choose men's haircuts for a beard. Just look at the bright image of Brad Pitt with a Canadian haircut and a goatee, as well as Jared Letto with a long square and a thick Russian beard. Such an image will maximally emphasize masculinity and brutality in a man, it is important not to overdo it with vegetation.

The most fashionable trends

There are basic haircuts with a beard, photos of which are usually offered for viewing in salons. On their basis, you can build any hairstyle, depending on the age of the client, his style and professional activities.

    They look great, sexy, courageous, solid and at the same time stylishly shaved head and beard, but not very long and not thick. Such hairstyles are also suitable for students who are slightly over 30. But keep in mind: the more you are over 30, the longer the vegetation on the crown should be longer, add one millimeter to each year. Then you will not look like a young grandfather with an early bald head and unshaven cheeks.

If you do not want or do not have the opportunity to consult a professional stylist and decide to create your own stylish image with a beard yourself, first let go of full, dense vegetation, and only then begin experiments, giving the beard one form or another. By trial and error, you will eventually find your best option.

Watch the video about the comprehensive care of the hair and the beard itself:

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