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Types of weaving silver chains

Currently, there are a huge number of gold chains with the most diverse weaving. Each of them has its own history of appearance, as well as its creator. Masters and jewelers tried to create something original, depicting an increasingly interesting structure of links on sketches, putting some meaning into their drawings. At first glance, many weave golden chains are very similar to each other, but if you look closely, you can see how diverse and unique they are.

Men's gold chain can be presented both in the form of a bracelet, and in the form of a necklace. It can serve as a separate accessory, and can be used to carry a cross, pendant, pendant. The large necklace made of gold is an independent jewelry that does not need to be complemented. She has a solid and luxurious appearance, due to which she can emphasize the high social status of any man.

Weaving a gold chain can dramatically change its appearance. There are chains with such weaves that can be worn daily, and there are more elegant jewelry that is more suitable for special occasions. By weaving, women’s, men's and children's gold chains are also distinguished. But some patterns are still suitable for people of absolutely any gender and age. In addition, the types of execution of the gold chain affect its reliability and strength.

The most suitable for men are the following types of weaving:


This species got its name due to the fact that the links are really visually similar to a chain for an anchor, since each subsequent link is perpendicular to the previous one. The most common type of such a male gold chain consists of round rings, and a more complex and interesting version completely repeats the weaving of the ship chain. In the latter embodiment, the links were in the form of an oval with a dividing line in the center. A more original subspecies of the anchor chain is twisted anchor weaving, which is twisted around its axis, and each link has a slightly irregular, curved shape.

The anchor type is classified as unisex, but still such chains are often worn by men. For male chains, the bonding of larger links is characteristic, because such chains are more massive. As a rule, the weight of a male chain leaves about 50 grams, depending on its length. Men's jewelry with such a pattern is considered very practical, since its rings almost do not collect dirt and dust inside themselves. In addition, anchor weaving is a very reliable and strong type of pattern; such a chain does not deform for a long time and does not stretch if the normal conditions of its wear are observed.

The most original chains of this type are jewelry with weaving in several rows. Usually these are three or four levels. This thickness of the chain looks very solid, and therefore this weaving is very popular among men.

It is believed that anchor chains are more suitable for adolescents and young people under the age of thirty. Older men stylists are advised to give preference to more classic models of gold chains on the neck.


This type has evolved from anchor weaving, but it has some distinctive features. The links of the Venetian weaving are larger and at the same time have the shape of a square or rectangle. Another distinguishing feature is that the holes in the middle of each link are quite small. Each link is also attached perpendicular to the previous one, but these components of the golden chain have a more flat shape.

This is a unisex chain; larger models are usually chosen by men. The weaving itself is quite unusual; not every master can make it manually. In order to make this golden chain, masters use a special machine. This variety is reliable and convenient.


Another type is shell armor, which is somewhat reminiscent of anchor, but has a number of differences from it. Each link of such a golden male jewelry is slightly flattened, the links are less voluminous and more even, so this chain is more practical: it does not cling to clothes and does not create a feeling of discomfort on the skin. Typically, such chains are further worked out and polished with a special device. Male armored gold jewelry is larger than female and has a rougher appearance.

Such weaving is better for adult men. Men who wear shell chains tend to attract attention and emphasize their high position in society. Such a gold chain will be a wonderful gift for a respectable man who follows fashion.


This species is derived from the carapace, so many confuse them. Figaro is different in that it is less uniform than the shell. Each link is also located in the same plane as the previous one, but they may vary in size. As a rule, the links of such a chain are fastened according to a certain regularity: one large element, then several small (usually three or four), and then again large and so on. On the whole, the entire male figaro chain develops into a common pattern repeating in a circle.

Figaro is an exclusively masculine type of weaving. It is quite reliable and generally comfortable to wear. Unless sometimes the links of such a chain can be twisted due to differences in size. But such weaving is quite beautiful.


This species got its name due to the shape of the links, which have a diamond shape. This variety of men's gold chain has a minimalistic appearance, so it fits almost any style and is very popular among men. This type can be made in two links in width, this type has the name double rhombus. As a rule, it is from this type of weaving that chains are made around the neck, and triple rhombus weaving is most often used for men's gold bracelet chains. These weaves are one of the most durable, since each link is connected not with one, but with several neighboring links at once, such a chain is difficult to break. Such wide gold jewelry looks more brutal and therefore perfect for men.


This is one of the most common types of weaving, which is also called cardinal. It is one of the oldest and, therefore, the most reliable. It is so strong that it is almost impossible to break or damage such a chain, which is why it is perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle and are fond of sports.

Silver chain: types of weaving

Regardless of whether you use it to wear a pendant or as an independent accessory, like a beautiful necklace, chains are beautiful jewelry that you can collect and enjoy. They are produced in dozens of models, each of which has a unique weaving of silver chains - therefore, the appearance and specific characteristics.

Jewelers offer chains of various metals, from gold and silver to base metals and steel. You will see some of these common weaving options if you look at items in your jewelry box or those sold at your local store.

Ball chain. The aptly named "ball chain" looks like a series of small balls connected together. This is a very flexible and fairly powerful weaving method. You do not often see this style of a chain made of precious metals, but it is often used for jewelry or fun items, usually to support a pendant or addressee. This is a great choice for children's jewelry, as it is such a casual style.

Bird's cage. These types of weaving silver chains for men have complex, thin links that resemble a bird's cage. This style looks great on its own, as the design of the chain itself makes jewelry style a statement. They also tend to be thicker, which makes them less popular as supports for pendants. Sometimes they are in base metals, but most often it is sterling silver or sometimes gold.

Box chain. Box chains have a classic look that works on its own or to support the suspension. Their conventional locking links provide a durable yet flexible option with an elegant look. Links can be rectangular for a modern look or rounded for a more traditional style. You will find these types of weaving silver chains made from almost any jewelry metal, including gold and silver.

Silver chain anchor weaving. As the name implies, this design is a traditional style of weaving that you can think of when you hear the word “chain”. Links can be the same size or alternate between large and small, and can also be engraved or cut for a more complex look. The book chain is a variation of this style. These are some of the most powerful and flexible chains, especially if the links are reliable. As a rule, you will see it with oval links of the same size, often made of sterling silver or base metal. Since large chains of this type may require a lot of metal, gold versions are generally thinner.

An equipped chain is similar to a cable design, however, each link is twisted to allow it to lie flat on the skin. It is still very strong and flexible, and it can be made of any metal. Such a silver chain weaving and link sizes can be the same or different, depending on the desired style. It looks a bit more modern than a regular anchor chain, but it still remains a classic choice for carrying pendants or just on its own.

Christmas tree chain. These names of weaving silver chains are probably familiar to you, including this flat style, which is usually very shiny and modern. More delicate options can be used to support the suspension, but they are often too wide for this purpose. They provide a simple accent for any outfit when worn alone, in gold, silver or non-ferrous metals. They are quite strong, however, inflexible.

Silver chain weaving snake. Like the Christmas tree chain in that it has a solid appearance, being round and very flexible.

These are just a few of the many weaving styles available on the market. Get to know the styles that you like, as well as the strength and flexibility of the various options to be able to choose the chain that you will enjoy for many years.

Modern weaving for chains

Dozens of types of weaving chains created only in the last century allow you to embody creative, interesting and effective design ideas. Of course, listing all the methods of connecting the links without exception will be quite difficult, so we will focus on the most popular weaving options beloved by customers.


One of the varieties of the most popular weaving Bismarck, which we will also tell you about. In contrast to the universal anchor, this type of link fastening is more suitable for men - this chain is immediately noticeable: the intricate and technically complex linking of the links gives volume, weight, massiveness. And again, one should not assume that, due to the complexity of execution, the Cardinal weaving is offered in only one form. Compare - Classic Cardinal (left) and Cardinal with a long link (right).

One more type can be distinguished - triple Bismarck with alignment. It is also called Python, Italian, American, Caprice, Pharaoh. After the chain is ready, all its links are woven, the finished product is processed in a certain way to give an even, more flat shape, without the effect of a spiral.

The final result depends on what type of links is chosen for weaving: oval and round are more common and rarely need additional processing, while square ones require certain manipulations. Such a chain looks more dense, monolithic. The number of rings in the Cardinal weaving segment can reach 5 - all these factors affect the complexity of the work and the final appearance, cost of the product.

Weaving Rollo or Chopard

This species is very reminiscent of the anchor type of Giotto, also known as the Shutter. But the difference is the very shape of the chain rings: Rollo (aka Chopard, aka Belzer) looks more voluminous, and the chain links are closer to each other. This achieves a rather interesting effect - the chain looks elegant, but at the same time it feels like there is a lot of gold or other metal in it. This type of weaving became popular after the Chopard fashion house chose it as the main one for one of its jewelry collections. With equal success, classic, double and triple links are used. Some faces can be sprayed, sometimes gold of different shades is used - and all this looks pretty impressive.

Fox's tail

Perhaps someone prefers other names for this type of weaving - Byzantine or Royal. It sounds great, looks amazing. The complex symmetrical weaving from the Bismarck family is endlessly liked by women: it can be considered for a very long time how rings are woven, how links are connected to each other. A chain with such weaving is very beautiful, looks expensive in any form. And there are three of these types - at least in jewelry, so as not to create a lot of confusion, such names are accepted.

Round fox tail

Weaving daisy

This method of connecting the links of the chain is extraordinarily beautiful and equally complicated in execution. Many rings, woven quite intricately, really look like a flower bud. Exceptionally feminine jewelry - chains and bracelets - look delicate and at the same time festive, spectacular. It is also found under the name "Rose".

Cartier weave

In fact, we already mentioned this type of chain - its second name, Figaro, belongs to the category of shell-type weaving, and as a variety we can note the number of small rings connecting large elements of the chain. There are several schemes - 5 + 1 and its more popular version 3 + 1, then on a decreasing scale of demand: 4 + 1, 2 + 1 and the logical completion of the list 1 + 1.


Weaving harness

Judging by the strength, this type of linking will not yield to Bismarck. But the nature of the jewelry made using the Harness technique is completely different. Other weaving names are Troyshnyashka, Snake, Snake, Tondo, Lace. Products really resemble snake flakes, tightly fitted to each other (snake in English snake).

Square snakeFlatSnake round

Other types of weaving

Of course, it’s impossible to list all the techniques without exception, and every jeweler seeks to discover more and more new types of weaving chains. But no matter how fancy and original jewelry looks, the variations will always be based on the three main types of anchor, shell and Bismarck. An exception is Perlin's technique, when hollow balls and / or barrels are used together with the links. From how many rows in such a chain, its cost and, of course, relevance to a particular case will depend. Single-row options are beautiful, including for young girls.But wearing thick, luxurious and spectacular triple chains of Perlin still stands for celebrations or big events with an evening appearance.

A few examples of unusual, non-standard types of weaving chains.

We have no doubt that you were able to determine what type of weaving underlies each of the fantasy options. If so, then boldly go and choose a chain that will be worn for a long time and will delight you with your appearance, graceful weaving, and quality.

Pros and cons of different types of weaving

It is worth knowing that modern opportunities in jewelry can be, if not all, then incredibly many. Even if your chain is torn “in the most interesting place”, despair and look for where it is profitable to turn gold into a pawnshop, just like scrap precious metals is not worth it. It may be more difficult to repair some products, but the important result is that a good craftsman can bring almost everything back to life.

Maintainability is one of the key characteristics of each chain. We already mentioned that Bismarck will be worn for a very, very long time, but can you also trust other types of weaving?

The answer depends on the frequency of wearing: if you intend not to remove the chain either day or night, of course, it is worth choosing the anchor type. The weave is very simple, but reliable, goes well with pendants and pendants, and looks elegant in a solo project. Any breakdowns are eliminated even at home with a certain skill and skillful hands. Such chains do not rub the skin, are light enough that the lock can withstand their weight, a high-quality product does not cling to clothing fabrics. Another indisputable plus is the low cost and relevance at any time of the day, for any reason.

Carapace types can sometimes be uncomfortable by pinching hair or fibers on clothing. For example, weaving Snake or Singapore is capable of this. In a serpentine chain, links with certain active movements open, and the spiral is itself a moving element. But if you do not plan wild dances or other follies in chains of this type. There’s nothing to worry about.

The breakage champion is stamping decorations, but the fashion for such things, we hope, has long passed. And it was replaced by a true understanding of savings and benefits: high-quality chains with machine and manual weaving of any pattern will last a long time, and countless times will delight you and others with your look.

How do you create chains?

A chain is created in many ways:

Using the machine method, they operate special equipment or machines that themselves create links up to 0.2 mm. Some types of male chains can be made only with the help of a specialist - a chain link.

A handmade product can have a minimum weight of 6 grams. This work is very painstaking. It is necessary to bend the gold wire and cut into the same ring size. Then the master needs to manually link these rings, while he must still knit the desired pattern. Each link must be fused so that the chain does not break. To make the rings flat, they need to be clamped with a specialized shaft.

Only from the finished links are stamped decorations made. Such rings do not solder, they are simply threaded through each other. These chains are cheaper, but they can twist and break quickly.

Selection tips

When choosing a chain for a man, you need to pay attention to three very important factors.

  1. Metal. In order for the jewelry to serve you for a long time and always look worthy, you need to choose chains of gold, platinum and silver.
  2. Length. You can’t say for sure how long the chain and bracelet should be, but the most optimal options are 40, 45, 50 and 55 cm. For young men or men with a thin neck, 40 cm is suitable. For a stronger floor with an ideal weight, a chain of 45 cm is suitable. Universal the size is considered 50 cm. Full men need to choose a length of 55 cm.
  3. View. It is important to understand what type of accessory you want to buy. For a rougher look, you can choose anchor weaving, and figaro weaving is suitable for an unusual style.

Having made the right choice, you can enjoy the appearance of your jewelry. A quality chain will not break quickly, so it can be worn every day.

How to choose a length

To choose the length of the accessory, you need to take into account the complexion of the man and his wishes. The key rule that should be followed when choosing a model is: the longer the chain, the thinner it should be. The minimum length is 45-50 cm. In thickness, it should be at least 2-3 mm.

To determine the size you need to consider such features:

  • Short chains are suitable for men who love business style. It is also a great option for athletes. The length of such products reaches 45-55 cm. They perfectly fit around the neck, located in the clavicle.
  • The average length of the product is approximately 60 cm. Similar accessories can be worn on top of t-shirts.

  • Long chains of more than 65 cm are suitable for representatives of creative professions. Also, such products are a great option for large men. On them, models of a smaller diameter look disproportionately.

Thick or thin

The chain can be thick or thin. When choosing a particular option, you need to focus on your own preferences.

Also of great importance are the features of the figure. Larger people should choose more massive accessories. Slender men need to pay attention to more concise accessories.


This name means "snake." The decoration is convex in shape and includes details resembling snake scales. The links are quite close to each other. As a result, high strength is achieved.

Such a product is well polished, because it has a smooth structure. Due to the shape of the accessory, it is often called a lace.

Similar models can be round or square. The second option is more practical. The product does not cling to things and the body.


These chains are traditionally considered the most popular option. This is due to the fact that gold products are not subject to corrosion and oxidation. They do not darken under the influence of water or time.

Such accessories are perfectly combined with classic things and are in perfect harmony with everyday clothes. For those who do not like traditional yellow gold, other variations of this metal are suitable - white and red.

To obtain white gold, silver or platinum is used. To obtain red metal, copper is used. The most popular option is gold 585. Accessories made of this material are very durable and beautiful.


This is an expensive and elite material that perfectly suits status men. Products from it resemble silver accessories. However, there are certain differences. The key advantage of the material is high quality and excellent durability. By cons include the high cost.

From silver

Such products are considered more budget, but they also look just perfect. Silver chains complement any bow with ease. In this case, the metal undergoes oxidation. Therefore, it is often covered with a special rhodium layer. Thanks to this, the product becomes more brilliant.

Tungsten carbide

Such accessories are incredibly durable. This alloy is considered very durable. The coating of the chain can undergo many cleanings or polishes and not lose its appearance. In addition, the alloy is hypoallergenic. It is suitable for all people with skin pathologies.


This option is suitable for fans of budget accessories. Copper products look unusually attractive. However, not everyone knows that they have healing characteristics. Copper provides healing of wounds on the skin and prevents infection by viral infections.


Men's chains of this brand have a special recognizable weaving. First, there are several small links that are bonded to each other. Then they are attached to a longer fragment. Also, the products have a magnificent diamond cut, which gives them a stunning shine.


This Italian brand offers popular products. Shops of this company are represented in many cities. They are presented accessories for every taste.


This famous Italian company has a rich history. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry. They are distinguished by attractive appearance and exclusivity. Such products help to emphasize the individuality and impeccable taste of their owners.

Chain Weaving Technology

The manufacture of chains is carried out in several ways - manual, machine knitting or stamping.

Machine weaving is an automated technology using special equipment. Using machines allows you to create jewelry with links up to 0.2 mm thick.

Despite the latest technology, some types of weaving can only be done manually. And here you can not do without specialists - chain linkers. The minimum weight of the manual weaving chain is about 6 grams, and its quality largely depends on the skill of the jeweler.

This is really a painstaking and time-consuming job. First you need to stretch a gold or silver wire, wind it on a prepared base and cut the resulting spiral into rings of the same size. The chain linker manually fastens the links with the help of pliers, "linking" the pattern, which provides for the type of weaving. In order for the rings to not disperse, all the links are soldered. The resulting chain is clamped between the special shafts so that the links become flat.

Stamped chains are made from prefabricated links - dies. At the same time, they are not soldered to each other, but threaded into each other. As a rule, such jewelry is less durable, easily twisted and deformed.

Solid or hollow: what is the difference

All chains, regardless of the type of weaving, are divided into solid and hollow.

A distinctive feature of hollow chains is a combination of volume and lightness. The wire from which the jewelry is woven is hollow inside, therefore, with the external thickness of the links, the hollow chains have little weight. Most often they are made using complex decorative types of weaving and look quite solid. The advantage of such chains is their affordable price, which is determined by the mass of the product.

One-piece chains are much heavier than hollow ones, which affects the cost of decoration. However, they are very comfortable in everyday wear, resistant to deformation and external influences and therefore durable. In case of damage to the links, a specialist will be able to easily solder the product and restore its original appearance.

Types of weaving chains

There are three basic technologies for knitting chains: “Anchor”, “Carapace” and “Bismarck”. Over time, they received so many variations that today there are more than 50 types of weaving: from the simplest to the most intricate with links of complex configuration. Each weaving has a special name and can be made both in gold and in silver.

It is easy to guess that the "Anchor" weaving got its name due to the similarity with the weaving of a real anchor chain. It is simple and straightforward. In the classic version of weaving, each link has an oval shape.

Links can consist of either one or two “rings”. Therefore, the technology "Double Anchor" is also distinguished.

Anchor weaving with round links is known as Rollo. At one time, this type of knitting became popular thanks to the fashion house Chopard, so it has a second name - "Shopard".

Very similar to the "Rollo" weaving "Garibaldi." The links of these chains have a circular forked shape. It is believed that the mating was named in honor of the spouses Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi, the national heroes of the Italian liberation movement, who were very friendly and shared each other's views.

The fantasy types of Anchor Weaving also include Aurora and Hawaiian.

The "shell" technology has become the basis for the creation of various types of decorative weaving. Its distinctive feature is that the flat links polished on both sides are attached not perpendicular to each other, but as if in one plane. The technology, characterized by high strength, got its name due to its resemblance to chain links.

Weaving can be single, double and triple depending on the number of bonded rings. The "shell" knitting with the links in the form of a rhombus is called the "Rhombus" (it can also be double and triple).

"Nonna" - one of the most elegant varieties of armored weaving. Thanks to the diamond facet applied on both sides, such chains shine more strongly in the light. Despite the appearance of sophistication, these jewelry are very durable. Oddly enough, the name of weaving has nothing to do with the female name. Nonna is short for Italian maglia della nonna, which means "grandmother's weaving."

No less spectacular type of shell mating is Figaro, named after the famous comedy hero Beaumarchais, who was distinguished by his changeable disposition. Like Figaro, weaving is characterized by "inconstancy" - links of various shapes, short and long, alternate in the chain. The most common combinations are from 1: 1 to 1: 5. Figaro chains gained popularity thanks to the Cartier jewelry house, and gradually became known as Cartier.

Often chains get their names due to the special shape of the links. So, heart-shaped “rings” gave the name to the romantic and delicate weaving “Love”. Thanks to the links twisted into a spiral, “Snail” weaving appeared (it is also called “Clip” for the similarity of “rings” to the stationery of the same name), and similar to the most beautiful division flower gave the name of the chain “Rose”.

The smooth jewelry cord, similar to a snake, with the links tightly adjoining each other, is known as "Snake" (from English snake - a snake). This weaving is comfortable in everyday wear, therefore it is often used not only in the manufacture of chains, but also bracelets for pendants and charms.

The most popular twisted weaving is the “Korda” similar to the rope and “Singapore” shimmering in the sun. Such chains are usually worn by women. These jewelry are elegant and reliable at the same time.

But the Bismarck is considered to be a truly masculine type of weaving in Russia. Named, according to one version, in honor of the first chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck, he is also known as the "Kaiser" or "Cardinal". This weaving is one of the most difficult, so it is often done manually. Fantasy knitting consists of links, which in turn consist of several multidirectional "rings". Weaving can be double, triple or quadruple, making it considered one of the most durable. Due to the thickness and volume, one of the varieties of "Bismarck" was called "Python".

The undeniable trend is the so-called fantasy chains. These decorations are distinguished by unusual types of weaving, a combination of various shades of metals, layering and the inclusion of decorative "links". Fantasy chains resemble more necklaces or beads and are completely independent jewelry that can be worn without a pendant.

Which weave to choose?

Of course, this is primarily a matter of taste. However, some types of chains are traditionally classified as female, male, or universal. Thus, the massive and solid "Bismarck" is most often preferred by the stronger sex, and the elegant "Nonna", "Singapore", "Rose", "Love" and a number of other varieties are considered truly feminine. A typical unisex weaving option is Anchor.

For children, the most optimal chains are tightly knitted, for example, Snake, as well as jewelry cords made of rubber or leather.

Choose a chain length

One of the important criteria when choosing a chain is its length. As a rule, the size range is from 40 to 70 cm.

  • 40 cm - the chain is worn at the very neck
  • 50 cm - the chain is worn at the top of the neckline
  • 60 cm - the chain is worn at the level of the middle part of the neckline
  • 70 cm - the chain is worn at the bottom of the neckline

It is believed that it is better for women to choose chains up to 50 cm, and for men - longer. And yet, there are exceptions to each rule, and when buying a jewelry it is necessary to try it on.

Types of chain locks

When purchasing a jewelry chain, pay attention to its lock. Firstly, it must be of high quality, since it is from this "insignificant" detail that the preservation of the decoration depends. And secondly, the lock should be convenient so that you can independently fasten and unfasten it, freely putting any pendants on the chain.

As a rule, the type of lock is selected by the jeweler depending on the weight and type of weaving of the product. More massive chains have reliable carbines, while the spring lock is more suitable for graceful thin models. Most often, both types of fasteners allow you to freely put on pendants with different thicknesses of the eyelet on the chain, therefore, in terms of convenience and reliability, they are approximately equivalent to each other.

Combination of chain with bracelet and pendant

Many of us wear a chain all the time, so we don’t perceive it as a decoration. Nevertheless, do not forget that this is an accessory that, just like any jewelry, requires special combination rules.

The pendant should be matched to the chain in terms of size, weight (about two times lighter) and the color of the metal. So, a large pendant or a cross on a thin chain will look ridiculous, and at the same time, a too small pendant will not put on a massive product.

Be sure to check that the suspension ear passes freely through the lock.

In addition to ordinary chains, there are also chain bracelets that are often worn by both women and men. Ideally, the types of weaving of both products should coincide, but this is not common - jewelry can be donated, bought in different places or with a difference of several years. Therefore, it is enough that the bracelet and chain are combined with each other in thickness and metal. For example, the Nonna chain will look good with a Rhombus or Love weave bracelet, and Bismarck with a wide “Shell” viscous.

In any case, if you doubt the compatibility of the two jewelry, it is better to leave one. As the incomparable Coco Chanel said, “When choosing accessories, take off what you put on last.”

Watch the video: Viking Knit Weave Tutorial (February 2020).

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