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Famous pitching with a beard: photos of big handsome men

All about the man who became the main motivator for the pitching of the whole world.

"Swing until you reach out!" Or: “Leave your lunch on the floor, but do it again!” All these are strongly smoothed quotes from the videos of the black athlete CTFletcher, who is known to jocks in Russia as Plush Beard.

Who is CT Fletcher and for what merits is he called the main motivator in the world of bodybuilding? Why does he always swear? How did he become a Plush Beard? How did Fletcher’s commercials translate into Russian in the war-torn Donbass?

A complete guide to the Plush Beard universe from Sovsport.ru

Photo of jocks with a beard

Fashion for a beard among the rolls of Hollywood and athletes appeared not so long ago, but many have already forgotten what the usual smoothness of the face is. Having decided to grow facial hair, well-known personalities completely changed their image, as can be seen by comparing their photographs “before” and “after”. We offer you to independently evaluate what came of it.

Bruce willis

It’s hard to find out the real hero of action films and comedy, the star of Die Hard Bruce Willis. Now he walks the streets in a completely new way. Bruce added a decent beard to his standard haircut.

Ill-wishers say that the actor lost ground, became very old and lost weight, and a gray beard aggravated the situation even more. But Willis fans react to the change differently, in their opinion, the new image did not take away a single gram of charisma and masculinity.

Samuel Jackson

Unique and inimitable. Jackson is on the list of muses of Quentin Tarontino himself. This is one of those actors who attract women with their charisma and appearance.

Samuel L. Jackson at his advanced age has a gorgeous figure and a silver beard, which without a doubt completes the image of a Hollywood actor who loves to use a strong word!

Jason Statham

Jason Statham’s brutal race is hard to imagine without his signature baldness and stubble. At the same time, not every fan knows that everything is normal with the hair of his beloved actor. He deliberately shaves his head baldly, and a three-day stubble complements the image of a sexy bad guy.

Such a mega-cool image always provided the actor with good successful roles, but also the love of the most beautiful women. It is likely that it is the beard that complements the charismatic image of Stathamai brings him luck.

Mel Gibson

This is not the first year that Mel Gibson has shocked fans with the amount of facial hair. If before the beard was well-groomed and had a small size, today the famous actor more and more resembles Santa Claus.

At the same time, even the most caustic comments do not bother the actor. He responds to all attacks positively and with humor and says that he is not going to change anything yet. According to him, both children and grandchildren like his big beard, and he himself simply gives it aesthetic pleasure.

I would like to say that pitching bearded men are not always bikers or lumberjacks. Our beloved actors with beautiful bodies, even at 60, look awesome and facial hair is not a hindrance. On the contrary, the presence of a full beard, even with gray hair, looks fashionably dandy and adds to the image of sexuality and masculinity. You may notice that female fans are not at all embarrassed by such changes in the style of idols, but rather incite even more debate and talk. But in any case, bearded men are chic and you can not argue with that!

It strengthens bones

With age, the bones of men lose weight, and, accordingly, strength. At one point, this can lead to a hip fracture or spinal injury. Mayo Clinic statistics show alarming data: 30% of men aged died within a year of a hip fracture.

The weakening of the spine makes us look like Quasimodo of the 21st century. Studies published in the Journal of Applied Physiology show a 3.8% increase in femoral strength after 16 weeks of strength training.

During the same time, the content of osteocalcin, a marker indicating the growth of bone tissue, increases by 19% in the blood.

It reduces the harm of fast carbohydrates.

When we consume foods with a lot of fast carbohydrates, insulin rises. The problem is that high insulin alone contributes to the development of diabetes and heart disease.

The University of Massachusetts conducted studies in which men who added only two basic strength training per week to standard aerobic activity, insulin after intake of foods rich in fast carbohydrates was 25% lower than those who practiced only aerobic training.

This holds power

Muscles are made up of fast and slow fibers. Fast - explosive power. Slow - endurance with repeated repetitions. Interestingly, with the loss of muscle tissue, the number of slow fibers is reduced by 25%, and fast - by as much as 50%. This is important, because every year we lose precisely our strength and power, which makes any power activity more and more difficult.

It speeds up the metabolism.

Within an hour after training, calories consumed go to the restoration of energy reserves in the muscles. To be more precise, then during this period, 73% more calories will go to the good cause, and not to the sides. Just two workouts a week for 18 weeks, and you lose 11 kilograms of fat without changing the diet, provided that before that your body weight was stable.

It improves your mood.

In 2004, the University of Alabama found that older men after six months of strength training, including three workouts a week, became less stressed, did not get confused so often, did not feel anger, and their general mood became much better.

The mechanism of the influence of strength training on mood has not yet been studied, but there is a completely logical explanation.

When you made your body 10 years younger, lost 1.5 kilograms of fat and gained 2 kilograms of muscle, increasing your overall strength by 42%, you will somehow be in a good mood.

Learned? This is Mel Gibson before filming The Expendables 3. In the photo he is 57 years old. What do you want to be at 57? Get ready for exercise.

0 august 14, 2016, 20:00

In the last couple of years, most of the news related to the name has focused not so much on his professional achievements as on problems and regular proceedings with former lover of the actor Oksana Grigorieva, who is stubbornly trying to sue Gibson for more money.

A few days ago, another one appeared in the media, connected with a loud breakup of the couple - this time it became known that Mel would have to give Oksana $ 14 million less than she had hoped. Having looked at the latest photographs of Gibson on this occasion, we realized that in recent years the actor has noticeably grown old and changed.

So we remember and watch how over time the image of Gibson has changed in our current section “Evolution”.

Mel Gibson was born into a family of strict Catholics in the United States, as a child, with his parents and ten siblings, he moved to Australia, where after graduation he entered the National Institute of Theater Arts in Sydney.

While still a student, Gibson played his first role in the film “Summer City”, and a couple of years later appeared in the second part of the “Mad Max” tape, which brought him worldwide popularity, so Gibson's path to fame was quite fast.

Among the other most famous paintings by Gibson, in which he performed as an actor - “What Women Want”, “Patriot”, “Signs”, “Maverick” and others.

But Mel Gibson for his many years of career tried himself not only in the acting, but also in the director’s field, which brought him no less fame: Gibson shot the films “A Man Without a Face”, “Braveheart” (the film received 10 nominations for an Oscar and won five of them), “Passion of Christ”, “Apocalypse” and “For reasons of conscience”.

From 1980 to 2011 (but in fact through 2006), Gibson was married to Robin Moore, who bore him seven children. In 2009, it became known about Mel’s romance with Oksana Grigorieva, who in 2010 gave birth to his daughter Lucia and in the same year, litigation began between Mel and Oksana, which continue to this day.

Although Mel's career was quite successful from the very beginning, this did not save him from a harmful alcohol addiction, which, most likely, influenced the fact that over the years the former charm and beauty of the actor began to disappear. If in the same film “What Women Want” in 2000, a fresh and fit man looked at us from the screens, but now, unfortunately, Mel has lost ground. Perhaps a healthy lifestyle will nevertheless restore his former strength and beauty?

Gibson was always very conservative in his choice of clothes, so you won’t see leopard fur coats and pink hats in his wardrobe.

But there are more than enough classic suits and jackets there, and they are worth mentioning to Mel.

In the 90s, the actor, of course, also sometimes appeared in front of cameras in leather jackets and more relaxed images, but still most often the celebrity gave and prefers trousers and jackets.

I'm nobody
did not kill.

My biggest weakness is
it is incontinence. But, thank God, I’m not as intemperate as I was once.

I never felt
the wrath of the Lord is upon him.

Journalists -
the only breed of people who can eat you alive.

Do I love those
who hates me? I do not like them, but I love them.

I like women,
because a woman is the best that the Lord intended. And if women want to be the same as men, that is, to go down a notch, well, so be it.

I like to be a father.
So you become younger. It’s also an opportunity to start life anew, looking at it from a different angle.

You learn more from children,
what do they learn from you.

I first thought
about becoming a director at 16 years old. I wanted to make a movie about the Vikings in Old Norwegian, which I was then studying. Stupid idea, huh? But that’s why I became a director.

To play is to lie.
The actor’s art is the art of subtle lies, and for a long time I was paid only for the fact that I intricately lied in front of the camera.

Everybody say
that Hollywood is a factory, but they forget to say that at this factory each of us is only an insignificant node of a huge mechanism. If we break, they change us.

Man dies gradually.
Are not many events in our lives stages of death? Doesn't life leave us in parts?

I have many different fears.
For example, that in the morning milk for cereal will run out or that someone will open eggs for me.

The evil is invisible
the worse it is. The devil does not hold the devil neon sign above his head.

  • Evil finds its way
    to each of us, but there is one thing in common: first of all, evil convinces you that it does not exist.
  • Give
    ice cream to enemies.
  • I do not understand,
    how can you not make friends with Jodie Foster.
  • All i have done
    after Lethal Weapon-4, is an attempt to apologize for Lethal Weapon-4.

What makes a good movie with a person?
Entertaining? Or maybe it teaches? Or elevates? A good movie does it all at the same time. Otherwise, you are simply wasting time in front of the screen.

Most movies are
it's just mountains of reels with film, if you look.

Man on screen
and people in life are different people. Remember what Cary Grant said? He was asked what it was like to be Cary Grant, and he replied: "I have no idea what this guy is."

Any change
accompanied by pain. If you don’t feel pain, then nothing has changed.

  1. Sometimes it seems to me,
    that the greatest ability of the human mind is the ability to forget.
  2. Best answer
    which you can get to a stupid question is silence.
  3. Dreams always look pathetic
    on paper.
  4. I never said
    that he’s ready to die with weapons in his hands.

For some reason, it seems to many

21 reasons why guys with a beard are cooler

How a beard can change a person’s image for the better! Among the celebrities there are a lot of bearded guys, from whom it still blows attractiveness, courage and sexuality. So why are bearded beauties still better?

Take a look at how many people I sent


CT Fletcher inherited his talent to motivate people to great achievements from his father-preacher. He was a worker in the fields of Arkansas. Then need pushed him to change places, and he ended up in Compton, the “black” suburb of Los Angeles, which is annually included in the top five most dangerous cities in the United States .–

“Father was preaching. He preached first in the old garage for 4 cars, and then founded his own church. He did well, ”says Fletcher, presenting himself on own site.

He was born in 1959, and ended up in Compton at the age of 2.5 years. Fletcher saw how Black Panther brigades were formed in the city, a paramilitary organization of black leftists who fought for the rights of the black population.

Later, when Fletcher became a famous powerlifter in the late 80s, he was a bit of a local celebrity with the Bloods gang.

Today it is America’s fifth largest gang - it is believed that in their youth, rappers 2Pac and Snoop Dogg were close to her.

In 1988, when Plush Beard was on the record for lifting biceps, other NWA rappers released the album Straight Outta Compton, where they told the world about the ongoing criminal lawlessness in the city.


In the late 70s, CT Fletcher joined the army. Its part was deployed in Germany. In the army, he said, he began to study karate, and after demobilization, returning to California, he became interested in bodybuilding and lifting extreme weights (powerlifting).

“Iron has become my passion,” says Fletcher. “In the afternoon I worked at the post office, and in the evenings I plowed in the hall, all seven days a week.”

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In the 80s and early 90s, Plush Beard became the winner of international bench press competitions.

His best official result was 295 kg in the bench, although he assures himself that during training, outside the cameras, he squeezed all 330 kg (by the way, his result in squats was the same).

He also became the champion of national bicep lifting competitions. He managed to bend his elbows with a barbell weighing 120 kg.

“I wanted to be bigger and bigger, and lift heavier weights,” says Fletcher. In the end, it let him down ...


He weighed 138 kg and looked like a buffalo when, in 2005, at the age of 46, he had a heart attack. Doctors warned him about problems with the heart valve before, but the question was about life and death: Fletcher had an open heart operation.

“The problem was food,” he says. “For twenty years I have eaten everything I wanted, and wherever I wanted. Every day I threw a bunch of hamburgers into myself and did not think about the consequences. "

“Maybe it's not about junk food, but about steroids?” They often ask him. Fletcher denies taking the drug: "I am a 100% natural athlete."

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In 2005, Fletcher left the hospital. Doctors recommended that he lose weight, and he lost weight to 117 kg. In the late 2000s, Fletcher discovered social networks.

At first, he simply posted videos on YOUTUBE where he explained the principles of training. But very soon, the talent and genes of the father-preacher made themselves felt.

The tone of the videos has changed - now Fletcher cursed with a selective obscenity and literally kicked his students: “Come on, girl! Another fucking replay! ” And it worked.

Today Plush Beard is known to every regular trainer. Celebrities want to train with him, so Fletcher became the owner of a network of his own rooms - Iron Addicts Gym. “Thank you, Lord, for creating social networks!” He says.


Russian "zoozhnik" ST Fletcher is known by the name "Plush Beard" - that is his name in Russian voice acting. The 25-year-old Ukrainian bodybuilder Vyacheslav Bo, who in the past worked as a miner in the Donbass, is involved in the translation and dubbing of the videos.

“We voiced the first videos in Gorlovka, where I lived then,” Bo says in an interview with Sovsport.ru. - Around the bombs exploded, there was a war. Enthusiasts did the translation, and I was the voice of Plush Beard.

- Why "Plush Beard"?

“Well, how can I tell you.” His beard was so curly, thick - not that some have a rare shoot. Therefore, they called it “Plush”.

The videos in the voice acting of Vyacheslav Bo went on the Internet and became memes. Bo himself lives in Kharkov today. Last year, he got into a car accident, seriously injured his leg - this limited his own bodybuilding activities.

On the rollers of Plush Beard, he, according to him, earns about $ 100 a month. At the same time, he does not agree to dilute commercials with advertisements, as he is often offered, says that advertising will ruin everything.

Vyacheslav Bo earns a living by selling sports food, he is the owner of his own brand of protein Iron Line.


On one of Fletcher’s birthdays, Russian fans, led by Vyacheslav Bo, mounted and sent him a video with congratulations. The 57-year-old athlete, the father of seven children, the eldest of whom are training with him in the gym today, was moved. “These crazy Russians made such a difference here!” He wrote on his social network.

Attention! For censorship reasons, the Plush Beard rollers used in the design of the material are given without translation

About beards, tattoos and jocks

Emelyan Danilov from Facebook "also noticed." Namely:

“I noticed that on the streets of Moscow there were a lot of strong bearded men. You know, probably, a fashionable type - a well-groomed beard, a taut torso, hands clogged with old-school tattoos, a craft beer in his fist (even in the subway) and a tweed cap of the Peaky Blinders style (even in the summer in thirty-degree heat). This seems to be called the Lambersexuals, the urban hipster lumberjack. ”

Emelyan is probably a little where it happens, otherwise he would certainly have noticed that there were a lot of such "lumberseks-lumberjacks" not only in Moscow, but in general everywhere, including in the West. Beard, bitsukha-delta-wings, tattoos - everything is attached. And beards also have their own fashion.

It used to be beards for officers, generals, Trotskyists, bishops, professors, and now it is in the trend of Wahhabi and ZZ-top. Wahhabi - according to my classification, as it is called - I do not know for sure. In general, such a beard from ear to ear, but without a mustache. Sometimes, to the heap, they also shave their heads.

Moreover, it is not Wahhabis and ISIS supporters who grow it at all, but people of a completely Slavic appearance, although clear relics are still leaders in the frequency of repetition, because their far ancestral homeland is the Middle East.

Further, the author writes:

“The most interesting thing is that all the bearded men I met are my peers, that is, children of the 80s and early 90s of their birth. “Generation of painful drischi,” as one seasoned military commissar near Moscow aptly put it in a personal conversation.

He shared his sincere joy that our generation crossed the 27-year milestone, and he was replaced by healthy guys, both physically and mentally.
“Your generation was terrible, you won’t look without tears. Underfed or vice versa loose. Weak, clogged, spines in all patients.

Chronicles with pathologies, goners. They served poorly in the army, ached, cut veins. Mom’s son from single-parent families brought up on consoles and in computer clubs. Then, in the nineties, I decided that this was the end, sailed, the khan came to our gene pool. But somewhere from the end of the zero, normal, healthy men again went.

Patriots, zinger. And they serve well in the army. Now there is no end to those who want to serve, before there was a shortage, and now it’s too much.

It’s hard to say whether statistics are in front of us or just the emotions of an old wolf.

But the fact that it was our generation of “mother’s cartoons” on the approach to 30 years that massively rushed to gyms, tattoo parlors and barbershops, making up the backbone of the “Lambersexuals”. And many did rush to the front, becoming Donbass militias or volunteers of the Azov regiment (on both sides are the same post-Soviet children with the same gestalt). "

This is actually the thing here. You need to understand that the generation of 1968-80. “healthy men” abounded, no less, but much more. Factor of. Ten times.

The Soviet cities were teeming with youth gangs and by the year 1983, that is, when the first modern “lambersexuals” began to emerge, the problem reached such a level that it was no longer possible to remain silent about it even in the Soviet media, which were more than syrup and oil in those days didn’t exude anything.

Is this not the most obvious evidence of the abundance of “healthy men”? But in the 90s, a significant part of them were knocked out in criminal showdowns, rotted in zones and from drugs. The quantity is estimated differently - from 2 to 6 million. That is, the loss is actually the same as that of the Russian Empire in the First World War.

Is this good or bad? Previously, I could not unequivocally answer such a question, because very little time had passed. But now I’m saying it for sure: it’s good. And, of course, chopping off in a gangster redistribution and ennoble your body in quality rooms and tattoo parlors are two very big differences.

On the other hand, those who normally slipped through the 90s became very successful people and, most importantly, many of them have a kind of vaccine from any official doctrine imposed by the state, they learned this easily and quickly in the USSR.

They kind of kept the “thieves' approach”, according to which any cooperation with the system should be minimal, because everything that represents the “system” (the Jews who surrounded me as a child used the word “melicha”, they, unlike the Russians, had such a special the word, yes, and there was a special experience too), there is just an ordinary open lie to cover up hidden goals. As for the current "bearded lumberjacks" I have no confidence. And this confidence has some good reasons.

The warmest as usual at the end.

“And this is not just“ a new fashion for masculinity, a protest against the metrosexuality imposed by the mass cult, ”as they say in advanced journals. Rather, some kind of compensation for children and adolescent complexes on the scale of a whole generation. Only an experienced comrade of the military commissar still can not be fooled. He saw all of us, drashchi, in his underpants and knows everything about us. ”

Here! I don’t know what they write in magazines, I basically don’t read the printed word, but about compensation for “children's and teenage complexes” - it is. But we must remember an indisputable fact: neither children's nor teenage missed levelles are compensated in any way.

Why? Yes, simply because of the unambiguous focus of time, biological processes and a fundamentally different value system existing at different ages. Children, and they have a purely primitive psychology, most of all quote only one type of domination - power. The rest have no special value for them.

But if that were the case in the adult world, then the planet would have been ruled not by you know who, but by huge brainless monkey-shaped thugs. In fact, thugs now are always nothing more than guards and meat. But, I repeat, in the adult world and at the stage of moving away from primitive society.

That is, the 28-year-old former school driver and omega go to the gym, pump everything you need (chemistry does wonders and quickly!), Makes brutal tattoos - spiders, Japanese letters, knights in helmets, a cool inscription in Gothic letters from Nietzsche or “Dictionary of Latin Phrases”, grow a beard a la “Imam Nasrallah”, put on a tight-fitting T-shirt (all bitsukha and tattoos are visible) - and the next Alfazamet is ready! But, but ... at 28, this is not a top level! This is just a substitute for school "omega" and nothing more. No, well, girls can pay attention or some youngsters, but no more. Although ... the girls also have their own scent and not every tattooed broiler will deceive them with their appearance. Not everyone. That is, we have ordinary narcissism and an extremely belated attempt to prove and show something to someone. A belated attempt at compensation.

Summary: The author correctly described the situation, but it is clear that he knows only his generation and has no real ideas about life in the USSR. And the scheme here is this. For those born after 1990, life is easier than for those born in 1980-1989. In turn, the "eighties" it is even lighter than the "seventies." Etc.

That is, life has become easy, there are no goal-setting, the influence of relics is growing, therefore, according to the experience of the ancient world, all of us suddenly took up their bodies. Well, what else to do? No, this is very good, I have always and consistently upheld the thesis about the correspondence of internal and external content, but there is no need to replace the goal with a motive.

In the 70s (and earlier), only convicts made tattoos, in the extreme case some professional categories. And the tattoo said something. Now it’s just a style. In the 70s there were no quality rooms, people just went to boxing, wrestling, swimming, running. Now you need to look healthy, and you can’t swim at all.

They used to go with beards because it is not just growing, but also because the shaving industry was completely undeveloped. Shaved, for example, kings. And that’s not all. For this, they had a personal barber with them. Now - it is also just an element of "extra strength" and "steepness." Like a black Mercedes, a red jacket, a golden tourniquet and a pit bull dog in the 90s.

Therefore, they grow not just beards, but beards like those of “tough and strong” - “Wahhabis” and “Americans”. And some of them accept Islam and run to these same “Wahhabis." As to the "center of power."


From stomp to pitching and vice versa: 10 incredible transformations of Hollywood beauties

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In order to become a boxer, you need to train in the same way as boxers do it. This principle adhered to the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal in preparation for the film "Left-handed". At first, the handsome man trained for 3 hours a day, but then he saw that he could not reach the required level by the time the filming began, and therefore decided to increase the training time to 6 hours.

All the actors of the film “300 Spartans” should have looked like real buffaloes, so they trained quite hard and hard. The results are noticeable on the example of Gerard Butler.

Bradley does not differ from nature in a particularly large physique, but for the role in the film "American Sniper" he had to work hard in the hall, because the American airborne sabotage troops are remarkable for their remarkable strength. To get in the right shape, the actor introduced strength training into his lifestyle and ate 6,000 (!) Calories per day.

The famous rapper made such sacrifices for the role in the film "Miscellaneous Things." “How?” You ask. Yes, he just sat on a drinking diet.

But to Christian Bale, everything is numb, because he fully surrenders to each role not only mentally, but also physically. After tight weight loss for the role in the movie "The Engineer", the actor was faced with gaining weight to play in "Batman: The Beginning". The actor sat on a high-carb diet, practiced a lot in the gym and was able to gain 45 kg!

That is what Chris had to look like in order to play the role of a sailor who spent a huge amount of time on the high seas. And all for the role in the film "In the Heart of the Sea"!

This transformation of the American actor for his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy amazes and surprises not only the world community, but Chris himself.

Tom Hardy was waiting for 2 transformations. At first he became strong and muscular for his role in the film "Warrior", and then only improved his form and played in the "Dark Knight".

Ronnie Coleman

Many experts give the palm in the world of bodybuilding to this particular athlete. Thanks to perseverance, Ronnie Coleman (Coleman) earned the title of King of Bodybuilding. Its parameters are:

  • Height - 180 cm
  • Weight - 138–149 kg,
  • Biceps - 61 cm
  • Chest - 148 cm.,
  • Waist - 78 cm.,
  • Hip - 87 cm.

The athlete was born in 1964 in the city of Monroe (USA). Already at birth, he struck obstetricians with his size. At the beginning of his sports career, Ronnie became a member of the football team and earned the title of best player. Once in the school gym, the athlete decided to try his hand at powerlifting and began to achieve good results using work with maximum weights.

Coleman accidentally entered the first bodybuilder competition. In 1990, during classes in the gym, B. Dobson drew his attention to him and offered to participate in the Mr. Texas bodybuilders tournament. After a well-deserved victory, Ronnie made his debut at Olympia, but did not succeed. It was not in the character of the giant to retreat, and in 1998 he climbed the highest step of the Olympia podium.

Coleman became the champion of these prestigious bodybuilding competitions 7 more times in a row. During his career, an athlete has achieved victories 26 times. He ceased to participate in competitions in 2007 due to the started health problems. In 2018, R. Coleman underwent another complex operation on the spine. However, after the operations, the athlete does not stop training and says that he will do this in any state until his death.

Louis Ferrigno

A famous star in the world of professional bodybuilding, actor, participant in the television show Louis Ferrigno remained behind the scenes for the mass audience. He began to do weightlifting under the guidance of his father at the age of 5 years. According to the athlete, the Hulk became his idol. Later, the actor became famous in the movie precisely as the performer of his role.

Already at the age of 21, Lou won the title "Mr. Universe." Such early results to date remain a record in bodybuilding. In 1974, Ferrigno secured success and simultaneously became the inhabitant of two titles: "Mr. Universe" and "Mr. America."

The young athlete achieved such success thanks to impressive parameters:

  • Growth - 194 cm.,
  • Weight - 130 kg.,
  • Chest - 145 cm.,
  • Biceps - 58 cm.,
  • Shin - 50 cm.,
  • Hip - 74 cm.

In 1975, after a fiasco at the Mr. Olympia tournament, Ferrigno decided to take a break from bodybuilding. A year later he returned and quickly regained shape. But he did not participate in competitions in connection with the filming of the movie The Incredible Hulk.

In the 90s, Ferrigno returned to the world of bodybuilding, but participated only in veteran tournaments. The bodybuilder career ended in 1994. Louis Ferrigno is currently one of the most expensive bodybuilding trainers in all of America.

Greg Kovacs

Colossus from Canada Greg Kovacs began his sports career as a hockey player. Once, having decided to pump up his hands, the young man went to the gym and became interested in powerlifting, and then switched to bodybuilding and threw hockey for him.

The athlete achieved amazing results in a short time. Thanks to outstanding genetics, the athlete had impressive parameters:

  • Height - 191 cm.,
  • Weight - up to 200 kg.,
  • Biceps - 63 cm.,
  • Chest - 187 cm.,
  • Hip - 89 cm.

The professional debut in bodybuilding competitions was a failure for the athlete. The judges were interested in the ability to take beautiful poses and the proportionality of the figure, rather than the giant size of the muscles. The square shape of Kovac’s figure was not recognized, and he decided to work on aesthetics and plastic.

At tournaments, Greg rarely performed, only 6 times in his career, taking places from 13th to 17th. When he realized that he could not see laurels in competitions, he began training young athletes.

During a training session in 2008, the giant lost consciousness and was on hardware life support. An athlete died at the age of 44 from a heart attack. His heart simply could not stand the increased loads.

Noah Steer

American bodybuilder of the highest growth Noah Steer did not achieve bright victories in bodybuilding. However, it invariably aroused interest due to unique parameters:

  • Growth - 204 cm.,
  • Weight - 160 kg.,
  • Biceps - 66 cm.

The most outstanding achievement of Stear is the 5th place at the National competitions in 2001. The athlete keeps his body in great shape and now, but does not participate even in demonstrations.The athlete did not want to subject his life to the strict rules of professional bodybuilding. Currently, he is the owner of a sports nutrition store and continues to train not for outstanding results, but for himself.

Dorian yates

Bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates has won the title of Mr. Olympia 6 times. At the peak of his sports career, the athlete had the physique of the mythological hero Heracles:

  • Height - 178 cm.,
  • Weight - 121–131 kg.,
  • Chest - 148 cm.,
  • Waist - 86 cm.,
  • Biceps - 54 cm
  • Hip - 86 cm.,
  • Shin - 56 cm.

Dorian was born in the village of Staffordshire in 1962. Being engaged in an ordinary basement gym, by the age of 21 he had reached a good shape and began to participate in competitions. The first UK Championship was won in 1986.

In 1987, he torn his thigh muscle, but after some time he returned to the ranks of bodybuilders. In 1990, at the American Champions Night tournament, Yates took 2nd place and received a missile defense card.

In 1991, at the Mr. Olympia tournament, Yates became the second to be upset. But from the next year to 1997 he became the permanent owner of the highest title of this tournament. A few days before the last competition, the athlete broke the triceps, but did not interrupt the training. Later, this unfortunate injury caused the departure of Dorian Yates from bodybuilding at the peak of his career. The athlete is the owner of 15 victories and 2 second places for the entire professional period.

Jay cutler

Three-time Arnold Classic winner and four-time Mr. Olympia title holder Jay Cutler started serious bodybuilding at age 18, but at first did not achieve outstanding results due to incorrect training. Jay began to study special literature and after 2 years he won the first NPC Iron Bodies Invitational bodybuilding competition in his career, and after 2 years he became the winner in the Champions Night tournament. After these victories, Cutler became a professional bodybuilder.

The athlete received a professional card after winning the US Championship. Since 1999, Jay Cutler began climbing the Olympus and confronted Ronnie Coleman. At Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler took second place 5 times. But after all the defeats, he still became the winner of this prestigious tournament 4 times.

Parameters of Jay Cutler:

  • Height - 176 cm.,
  • Weight 114–130 kg.,
  • Biceps - 58 cm.,
  • Hip - 81 cm.,
  • Caviar - 51 cm.,
  • Waist - 73.5 cm.,
  • Neck - 47 cm.

Paul Dillett

Canadian Paul Dillett in his youth seriously engaged in football. His bodybuilder debut took place at the 1991 North American Championship. But the impressive forms of the athlete did not help him become a champion. Paul decided to try his luck the following year and made a splash. He considered this victory the most significant achievement in his life.

Paul Dillett did not receive the expected popularity. The ascetic regimen used by an athlete to lose fat caused dehydration during his 1994 performance at the Arnold Classic. Paul had cramps at the performance.

In 1994, Paul Dillett won the Grand Prix of France and the Grand Prix of Germany. The bodybuilder’s greatest achievement is the title of Winner of the Night of Champions in 1999. Athlete Parameters:

  • Height - 188 cm.,
  • Biceps - 61 cm.,
  • Hip - 86 cm.,
  • Weight - 130 kg.,
  • Chest - 152 cm.,
  • Waist - Waist 81 cm.

Ralph Muller

The name of the German bodybuilder with the figure of Apollo is still widely known, although his sports career ended in 1990. Bodybuilding R. Muller started in 1978, and after 2 years he became the winner in the junior bodybuilders tournament. By 1982, his name was on the 4th line in the championship championship table. In 1983, the novice athlete was invited to the tournament "Mr. Olympia" for guest posing.

Ralph Muller received the PRO-card in 1986. After 2 years, Ralph took part in professional competitions, but did not rise above 20th place. Over the course of his professional career, Ralph has been able to win the title “Mr. Universe” once.

Realizing that he did not become a titled champion, the athlete decided to try his hand at the cinema. A textured figure helped make the career of an artist a bodybuilder. Parameters of R. Ringer:

  • Height - 197 cm.,
  • Weight - 125 kg.,
  • Biceps - 51 cm
  • Hip - 69 cm.

In 1992, when the athlete emigrated from Germany to America, he received an offer to star in the movie "Conan the Barbarian." It is in this series that the athlete especially demonstrates his beautiful body. During the filming of several seasons, Ralph continued to train so as not to lose shape. According to R. Muller himself, the most memorable role for him is Hagen in the film "Gladiator", which won 5 Oscars.

Victor Richards

The little-known, but outstanding black athlete Viktor Richards is one of the unique bodybuilders in the history of this sport. With a growth of 176 centimeters, this giant weighs 150 kg., And in the offseason 167 kg. Outwardly, it is huge and quite embossed. Athlete Parameters:

  • Biceps - 66 cm.,
  • Waist - 90 cm.,
  • Hip - 93 cm.,
  • Chest - 170 cm.,
  • Shin - 60 cm.

At 17, Victor took part in the America's Cup and took second place. Then the athlete won several more tournaments, but suddenly stopped participating in competitions. Richards himself explained this step as a loss of interest in titles and awards. He believes that he has no equal, and does not want to interfere with athletes who dream of titles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The idols of the future star of Arnold Schwarzenegger were athletes Steve Reese and Reg Park - professional bodybuilders. Admiring their bodies, Arnold decides to become a bodybuilder and begins intensive training at the Libernauer Club. Natural data and regular intensive training helped the athlete to quickly reach the necessary forms and in 1970 became the owner of the title “Mr. Olympia”. During his professional career, Schwarzenegger became the winner of the tournament 7 times.

In 1980, Arnold ceased to participate in bodybuilding competitions, but did not stop doing favorite sports. In 1988, the famous bodybuilder became the organizer of his own Arnold Classic tournament.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the personification of a real bodybuilder and the idol of thousands of young athletes. In 1969, Schwarzenegger won the titles of “Mr. International” and “Mr. Universe.” Anthropometric data of the “iron” Arnie at the peak of his career:

  • Height - 187 cm.,
  • Weight - 107–118 kg.,
  • Biceps - 56 cm.,
  • Chest - 145 cm.,
  • Waist - 86 cm.,
  • Hip - 72 cm.,
  • Shin - 51 cm.

The tournament successes and outstanding parameters of these athletes are not only data from nature, but also the results of a large number of hard, intense training, overcoming oneself and remarkable strength of will. Each of them entered his name in the history of bodybuilding and will remain in it for centuries.

The coolest mustache and beard ever

Probably, nothing makes a dude look more peasant than a mustache and a beard.

Whatever the weaving about gender equality, only men can grow a mustache and beard (although whom am I kidding? Some women have a very impressive mustache, but that's already out of the ordinary).

It even got to the point that in the USA November was officially recognized as the National Bearded Month: dudes grow beards in November, preparing for a harsh winter.

And in Australia, this inconsistent November was called Movember at all - this is from the word mustache, which in English means "mustache". It is not for nothing that people seem to fetish these parts of the body, so to speak. We at the editorial office pondered and decided to create a whole selection of mustachioed and bearded historical figures. Check it out, doesn’t facial hair make them even bigger?

Semyon Budyonny

This is a well-known military leader who proved himself both during the Civil War and during the Great Patriotic War. He was a good man, talented, bold, and exorbitantly whiskered. Maybe if it weren’t for this mustache, nothing would have happened to him.

Ernest Hemingway

Old Ham - who knew life, knew how to drink and write. A harsh writer, a singer of a lost generation - he cannot be imagined smoothly shaven and dressed up with a needle. Only in a sweater, only with a beard!

Charles Darwin

This dude really turned human ideas about the world order. Thanks Charlie! And another of his talents is to grow a beard that any monkey will envy.

Theodore Roosevelt

This American president is known not only for his rules of life and the teddy bears named in his honor, but also for a standard-looking mustache.

Friedrich Nietzsche

The old and extremely unkind Nietzsche, who buried God and gave birth to a gorgeous mustache. Someone even believes that thanks to his mustache, Nietzsche thought he was a superman. They may have laughed at him, but we think there is something in this thought.

Lev Tolstoy

We will not be mistaken if we call him one of the greatest Russian writers and bearded men. Tolstoy wrote thick novels, did not resist evil and the growth of facial hair. The most wonderful person was.

Sergey Pakhomov

Only a person who spent the last ten years in complete information isolation may not recognize him. The phrase "Brother, I brought you something to eat" and a snappy beard - this is what the leading man in the film "Green Elephant" is associated with. Such a bearded man.

Chuck Norris

The fact that this type was born with a beard is a well-known fact. When the doctors tried to shave it off, the baby gave them what is called a heel in his nose and was like that.

Zach Halifianakis

Probably the most popular of modern bearded men. An actor who starred in the favorite films of all dudes - "Hangover". He will make even the dead laugh!

Nikita Dzhigurda

He is red, bearded and tough. His songs are taken for the soul and for the eggs. And God save you to cross with him on a narrow path!

Serge tankian

A smiling Armenian living by fate in the USA, a member of the System of a Down group. He is bearded and talented, a very, very sincere person.

Boris Grebenshchikov

His braided beard has already become a legend. Just as Russian rock cannot be conceived without BG, so BG itself cannot be imagined as beardless. That is, of course, possible, in young years. But now BG without a beard is no longer BG.

Zz top

Since we are talking about musicians, who are the most bearded men here. The faces of Billy Gibbon and Dusty Hills are the embodiment of the dream of any bearded man. It's funny that their drummer, Frank Beard (and in English, as you know, his last name means "beard") was beardless. Ha!

Santa Claus

Someone, and a fabulous grandfather who brings gifts and does not have a beard at the same time, is a profanity. Santa Claus is a bearded icon, this is an honorary citizen of Veliky Ustyug, this is the best friend of any peanut and an excellent bearded man.

Mark Twain

They say that all modern American literature grew out of this guy. And this phrase belongs to him: “In twenty years you will be more sorry about what you did not do than about what you did. Therefore, cast aside doubts. ” In addition, he was the owner of a beautiful mustache.

Karl Marx

He is not only the greatest theoretician of communism, but also a respectable bearded man. Each city has a street named after him. In my hometown, there’s also a central street. With such a beard, it is not a sin to make a revolution, and capitalism can be overcome.

Che Guevara

Well, who knows how to make a revolution. But the real underground fighter does not shave comme il faut every morning, turning in front of the mirror like a fool. Only a beard, only austerity, only a revolution.

Dmitry Mendeleev

This great man can boast a really big beard! The owner of seven spans in the forehead, a truly heroic dream and enviable facial hair. Will you still argue that a beard affects a person?

Salvador Dali

This guy was crazy, and his mustache was kind of crazy too. Well, how could a person with such a mustache teach at school or work as an accountant? No, this mustache obligated Dali to paint surrealistic paintings with ants, rhinos and crutches. He is insane, great and mustachioed.

Alexander Pushkin

We are all about mustaches and beards, all about the great ones. But the whiskers are also growing on the face, and Pushkin is our everything, so we did not hesitate to include him in this list, leaving, so to speak, for dessert. Creator of immortal literary works, without which modern Russian would have a completely different face, and part-time man with the most stylish whiskers in history.

While we were making a selection, we thought that it’s most likely worth we cutting our beards too: well, we’ll write a book with her or we’ll make a revolution. And our boss, by the way, is already bearded!

Watch the video: 10 Most Handsome Men in The World (February 2020).

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