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The effect of mint on male potency: harm or benefit?

All poison and all medicine - so the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates believed, prescribing treatment for his patients. But for a healthy man, some products can become dangerous, especially if they are consumed in unlimited quantities.

Nutritionists consider beer to be one of the most dangerous alcoholic beverages that affect the potency of men. The fact is that this drink is made on the basis of hops, which contain phytoestrogens - plant-based analogues of female hormones. In the male body, hop phytohormones inhibit the natural production of the male hormone testosterone and stimulate the production of female sex hormones - estrogen.

As a result of excessive consumption of beer, men have female signs - fat deposition, and, according to the female type, in the area of ​​the hips, abdomen and buttocks, a “chest” appears, sexual desire decreases, sperm production decreases, and their quality decreases.

In beer alcoholics, under the influence of phytoestrogens, pathological changes occur in the testes, spermatic cords, and the prostate, serious erection problems occur, and the ability to conceive disappears.

The use of beer by teenagers is completely unacceptable - this “knocks down” the balance of sex hormones and inhibits the development of mental abilities.

The expert of Roskachestvo, doctor of medical sciences, nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina, in her articles indicates that not only soy, which is so loved in Southeast Asia, but all products from it - soy meat, tofu, soy sauces are harmful to men.

Soy contains isoflavones, which are also found in phytoestrogens - plant analogues of female sex hormones. These substances are called genestein, glycitein and daidzein. The action of soy is similar to the action of beer hops - suppression of the male hormone testosterone and an increase in the content of female hormones in the blood.

Moreover, soy also contains the substance equol - the strongest antagonist of male androgen hormones, androgens, which can even reduce the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is responsible for sexual desire.

Among other things, soy negatively affects the thyroid gland, interferes with the absorption of iodine, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism, obesity and a decrease in cold resistance of the body.

Soy products contain a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which in the human body break down into radicals and cause oxidative processes in the cells, damaging them, which also leads to a decrease in libido and inhibits the production of hormones.

But the specialist of Roskontrol Lyudmila Yurina believes that such violations are possible only theoretically, because men from Asian countries do not suffer from excessive problems in the intimate sphere, although they eat a lot of soy. Nevertheless, Russian nutritionists advise restricting soybean consumption to European men.

This is another plant that is rich in phytoestrogens, which is why mint is a primordially “female” seasoning. No, nothing will happen to you if you drink tea with this herb once a month, but if you try to replace tea and coffee with mint broth every day - wait for trouble.

Just like soy or beer, peppermint lowers testosterone levels, reduces sexual desire, inhibits sperm production, and if consumed excessively, can lead to infertility.

Kvass and cola

According to recent studies by experts of the European Association of Sexologists, sweet sodas and kvass can also affect potency.

But if sugar and preservatives, which affect primarily human health, are to blame for carbonated drinks, then kvass is harmful only if it contains malt. Its effect on the male body is similar to hops - malt inhibits the production of male hormones and contains analogs of female hormones.

Other products

According to recent studies, phytoestrogens are found in flaxseed, in legumes, including peanuts, in seeds, in milk and in dairy products, especially in cheese with mold, in cabbage, and in all its forms, in spinach and even in parsley greens. However, not all of them are equally harmful to men. The most active substances are found in germinated wheat, in olive oil, in palm and coconut oil and in dried fruits - dried apricots, in prunes and in dates.

Mint: useful properties

The ancient Greeks discovered the grass first, gradually it reached Russia and quickly fell in love with people. Our ancestors believed in the mystical properties of the plant to scare away evil spirits and diseases from the house, and therefore hung bunches in huts, woven into wreaths and even swept its floor. Found for the plant application in folk medicine, cooking.

Grass has many varieties, among which the most popular in our country are:

Mint is rich in essential oils that give it a special, pronounced smell, their amount reaches 2.5-4.5%. The bulk of menthol is contained in the stem of the plant, the leaves are saturated with it much less. In addition, it contains:

  • iron,
  • manganese,
  • valerianic, acetic, valerianic, ursolic and linoleic acids.
  • zinc,
  • sodium,
  • phosphorus,
  • vitamins B9, B5, B6, B2, PP, C, A, PP, B1, D.

Essential oil is extracted from the plant, which is used in the treatment of skin diseases, hair loss, combating the unpleasant smell of the feet, excessive sweating. A subtle cool aroma is associated with freshness and purity. Manufacturers use it as a perfume for toothpastes, shampoos, various hygiene and body care products.

Mint is part of many folk recipes, official modern medicine confirms its beneficial effect in the treatment of:

  1. ARI, ARVI, Influenza.
  2. Pathology of the digestive system.
  3. Flatulence.
  4. Irritable bowel syndrome.
  5. Tuberculosis.
  6. Asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  7. Hypertension.
  8. Arrhythmias.
  9. Skin diseases accompanied by itching.
  10. Inflammatory processes of the oral cavity and throat.

It perfectly eliminates bouts of nausea. For those who are sick with transport, it is useful to chew the leaves of the plant. Mint has the ability to reduce appetite, helps to normalize sleep, it is often used as a natural, mild sedative (sedative) remedy.

In detail about the beneficial and harmful properties of mint for men

The effect of mint on male potency has two directions:

  1. On the one hand, it helps to reduce the effect of stress, helps to relax, and after all, nervous tension is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age.
  2. On the other hand, mint in excess suppresses the production of testosterone. A decrease in androgen levels can cause a loss of interest in sex, problems with an erection.

If not abused, then the plant will definitely benefit male potency due to the fact that mint:

  1. Thins the blood.
  2. Promotes better saturation of the body with oxygen.
  3. Destroys pathogenic flora in the intestines.
  4. Improves digestive processes.
  5. Has a choleretic effect.

In general, increases immunity. Full rest increases working capacity during the day. Grass is able to stop minor inflammation in the body.

The version of American scientists about the effect of mint on potency

In the United States, scientists have set up an interesting experiment. They gave male rats a mint infusion for a long period of time instead of water, then they measured their blood testosterone levels and compared with indicators before the experiment. It turned out that all individuals had a reduced level of sex hormone.

The experiment with rats cannot be considered confirmation that the effect of mint on potency in humans is also depressing, because the animals were deprived of the ability to control the amount of drink infused due to lack of clean water. But having familiarized yourself with such experience, it is worth considering that the excesses in the use of even medicinal plants are not good for the body.

So all the same: harm or benefit?

The effect of peppermint on male potency will be positive if you do not abuse the plant. On the day you can afford to drink a cup of mint tea, but do not replace the broth with all other fluids. It is especially useful to take it in the evening. Many men experience stress every day at work, while driving, and before going to bed they like to “cheer up” themselves as an action movie or a shootout. Peppermint will help to relax, fully relax.

Grass in any form is not desirable for men:

  • Planning for paternity. Under its influence, sperm become less active.
  • Sitting behind the wheel. The calming effect slows down reactions, reduces attention.
  • Working on machines, machinery with high danger - for the same reason.
  • Having a history of varicose veins. The plant relaxes blood vessels, which causes the progression of the disease.

Contraindication may be hypotension, individual mint intolerance. There is a separate category of men who are starting to feel sick from drinking tea from aromatic herbs. You need to focus on your health.

Collection 3

Pour 6 tablespoons of a mixture of herbs, saints in equal proportions into the thermos from the evening:

Pour boiling water over a liter and leave to insist until morning. Drink 150 ml in the morning and evening. If desired, the infusion can be sweetened with a spoon of honey.

Any plant or product, if used thoughtlessly and without measure, can harm health. In small doses, mint does not pose any threat to the potency of men. On the contrary, it will become a source of valuable nutrients. The recommended dose of peppermint tea is not more than 2-3 cups per week.

Alcohol is the main enemy

Scientists from the American Association for the Study of Cancer in 2009 conducted a series of experiments to identify testosterone levels in men who were under the influence of alcohol. As a result, there was a sharp decrease in the level of the main male sex hormone after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. At the same time, a deterioration in the number and motility of sperm cells in the subjects was recorded.
American scientists concluded that one of the reasons why a man feels relaxed after drinking alcohol is the release of beta-opioid endorphins, in particular morphine, which are similar to opioids and can inhibit (slow down) the formation of testosterone in the body.
Moreover, scientists call beer the worst criminal among alcoholic beverages: a foamy drink not only provides an opioid effect, but also contains phytoestrogens - plant compounds that mimic estrogen. This study showed that after acute alcohol intoxication in each of the participants in a scientific experiment, the level of testosterone began to decline rapidly, and this process continued as the degree of intoxication decreased.
The results of this study are consistent with the findings of American colleagues from the National Institute of Public Health in Finland.

Why is milk and soda on this list ...

In the American scientific periodical Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2014, the results of studies were published that showed the effect of carbonated drinks and milk on testosterone levels. Lactose contained in milk, especially in fatty milk, helps to reduce the level of this hormone.
Sweet effervescent drinks release a lot of calories, causing a sharp surge in insulin levels. Accordingly, an increase in insulin content is directly related to a decrease in testosterone levels. Soluble and ground coffee (the caffeine contained in them), according to scientists, also affects the decrease in the level of this hormone, provoking the production of estrogen (female hormones), as with beer.

... and peppermint tea

Peppermint is also on this list. Experts at the American Institute of Nutrition found that this plant contains a large amount of phytoestrogens, so the systematic use of tea brewed on mint helps to reduce testosterone levels. Scientists at the Nutrition Institute conducted an experiment on mice that were given mint tea instead of water. After some time, the males lost interest in the females and in the toga became barren.
Scientists believe that the reason for the decrease in testosterone due to peppermint and other types and hybrids of mint (botanists counted more than 40) is that mint causes oxidative stress in the hypothalamus of the brain. After oxidative stress (the process of cell damage due to oxidation) increases, it leads to the synthesis of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, which, in turn, helps to reduce testosterone levels.

How a plant harms men's health

How peppermint can harm men is a frequently discussed issue. The effect of mint on potency is due to the frequency of application of the plant. Overuse of mint can lead to lower levels of testosterone in the blood. In this case, the statement that mint reduces an erection can be considered true, since the low level of the main male hormone is often the cause of erectile dysfunction.

To find out what effect mint has on potency, American scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory rats. Over a period of time, rodents were given a mint solution instead of water. The results of studies showed that pathologies were detected in the reproductive system of rats. Both males and females decreased testosterone levels. However, it should be borne in mind that exclusively mint infusion entered the animal organism. The rats were not given any other fluid. This once again emphasizes the fact that in order to avoid undesirable consequences, any medicinal plant must be used in dosage.

Frequent use of peppermint can negatively affect sperm motility, inhibiting their activity

Frequent use of the plant can also negatively affect sperm motility, inhibiting their activity. This reduces the likelihood of conceiving a child, but can not affect the physical capabilities of men. The ability to have sexual intercourse is preserved.

In addition, mint in large quantities is harmful to men due to the female hormones it contains. The constant use of a mint drink can lead to breast enlargement, a decrease in body hair growth and rounding of the forms.

In a normal dosage, peppermint can only harm those in whom this plant causes allergic reactions. If breathing difficulty is observed, swelling of soft tissues and a rash appear, itching occurs - you will have to forget about the plant. It is also believed that peppermint drinks should be taken with caution to those people whose activity is associated with constant concentration and increased concentration of attention, since the plant causes drowsiness.

The benefits of mint for men

Many are interested in the answer to the question whether mint affects potency in a positive way. According to some statements, mint and high potency in men are in no way related. But such an opinion can be considered true only if the man is excessively addicted to mint and drinks 3-4 cups of mint tea per day. If you do not overdo it with a dosage and do not brew the grass for more than 5 minutes, potency and mint are completely compatible things.

The composition and properties of mint

Mint contains plant hormone-like substancescalled phytosterols, or phytoestrogens.By their chemical structure, they are alcohols. Such substances do not dissolve in water.

Phytosterols are estrogen-like hormones of plant origin. They inhibit the activity of the adrenal glands and seminal glands, inhibiting their ability to synthesize the male hormone testosterone. At the same time, there is also a deterioration in the quality of seminal fluid, i.e., sperm production and motility are reduced.

Mint also contains ursulic acid. This substance also does not affect male health in the best way, reducing the libido and the amount of secretion produced by the prostate gland.

General effects on the body of men

With moderate use, mint has the most beneficial effect on a man’s body, thanks to the substances that make up it:

  1. hesperidin, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries,
  2. caffeic acid, which is an immunomodulator,
  3. betaine, which promotes the removal of toxins from the body and normalizes the liver,
  4. arginine, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the pancreas.

Phytosterols are also necessary for men in small quantities. They balance the nervous system, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and help build muscle after exercise.

Ordinary peppermint tea in the amount of one cup can stimulate the sexual potency of a man under stress or fatigue, thanks to soothing and vasodilating effects. However concentrated preparations with prolonged use adversely affect the quality of the erection and the intensity of sensations during intercourse.

What effect does grass have on testosterone?

Since ancient times, this plant was considered a purely female herb because of its ability to lower testosterone levels in the body. American researchers conducted an experiment in which laboratory mice were given broth of mint instead of water for two weeks. All experimental animals showed a decrease in the level of male hormone in the blood.

Therefore, according to scientific research, mint has a depressing effect on the synthesis of testosterone in the male body.

To significantly reduce the concentration of male hormone in the body, you need to use mint or products with its content every day for at least three months.

Hormone use

Any hormonal imbalance is a big burden for the body. With increasing levels of the male hormone testosterone The following symptoms are observed:

  • causeless aggression and irritability,
  • persistent sexual arousal, which is difficult to satisfy,
  • purulent acne,
  • body hair with baldness of the head.

With such a hormonal shift in men, thoughts of suicide, a tendency to alcoholism and drug addiction, and also develop prostate cancer may appear.

In this case, the constant use of tea, decoction or infusion of peppermint will be completely justified. This plant will not only help normalize hormonal balance, but also:

  1. reduce psycho-emotional stress,
  2. improve sleep quality
  3. cleanse the skin from rashes,
  4. stop the process of hair loss on the head,
  5. distract from obsessive negative thoughts.

This is due to the fact that the plant expels testosterone from the body.
You can brew mint like regular tea in an amount of 1 tsp. into a glass of water. If desired, you can make a concentrated decoction:

  • 2 tbsp. l dry raw materials
  • 200 ml of water
  • bring to a boil and keep on low heat for 5 minutes.

After cooking, cool, strain and drink throughout the day.

The infusion is prepared in the same proportions. Only mint is poured into a thermos and filled with hot water. Insist for one hour. Drink in one day in small portions. The drink can be consumed hot.

With increased testosterone for men It is also recommended to use aromatic lamps in rooms with the use of essential oil peppermint.

Herbal medicine with mint can be perfectly combined with medications prescribed by your doctor.

The course of treatment should not exceed 90 days. Then you need to take a break for six months.

It should be noted that the infusion has the greatest biological activity. Then comes the broth. Tea is the weakest drug. All men can drink it fearlessly, but only at night in the amount of one cup.

With its reduced content

Reducing the concentration of male hormone in the blood accompanied by the following unpleasant symptoms:

  1. erectile dysfunction
  2. apathy and depression
  3. high blood pressure
  4. obesity while reducing muscle mass.

In this case, the use of concentrated mint preparations is not recommended, since phytoestrogens will inhibit the already weakened adrenal glands and seminal glands.

However, if testosterone deficiency is a consequence of diabetes mellitus or chronic stress, then the use of weak peppermint tea (a pinch of 200 ml of water) in the evening can have the most beneficial effect on the male body:

  • normalizes sleep and blood pressure,
  • help lower blood sugar
  • reduce appetite and cravings for sweets, typical for men with this type of hormonal imbalance.

Minimizing the harm from taking a plant

The antagonist of phytosterols and ursulic acid is the usual ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. That is why peppermint tea is often served with lemon.

With increased nervous excitability, which interferes with full sexual relations, it is recommended that the herbal collection of mint, thyme and rosemary in a ratio of 2: 4: 1. A tablespoon of the mixture needs to be brewed with 250 ml of boiling water, insist for 15 minutes, strain and drink in three divided doses after meals. In a week it will be possible to note:

  1. improved erection quality
  2. normalization of the duration of sexual intercourse,
  3. clarity of mind
  4. surge of strength and energy.

It is advisable to drink such a fee for one month, but it can be longer. He does not cause addiction.

To normalize hormonal balance and prevent prostatitis, you can use the following recipe:

  • to take in equal proportions the herbs of clover, mint, nettle and hypericum,
  • Brew 5 g of the mixture like regular tea,
  • drink hot throughout the day, regardless of food intake.

This collection also has a stimulating effect on the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect, invigorates, and improves digestion. The course of treatment is 20 days every three months.

Despite the presence of phytoestrogens and ursulic acid, which reduce the level of testosterone in a man’s body after prolonged use of concentrated preparations based on peppermint, this plant, if used correctly, can help a man achieve harmony in his intimate life, get rid of nervousness and causeless fears, increase his working capacity and quality of life.

Useful properties of lemon balm and mint

  • Normalization of the sleep process,
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Beneficial effect on the nervous system,
  • Normalization of blood circulation processes,
  • Eliminate bouts of pain
  • Help with headaches, cure the inflammatory process in the throat,
  • Give tone to aging skin
  • Eliminate cough,
  • Capable of choleretic effect,
  • Help with bouts of heartburn, fever, nausea,
  • They give the body a refreshing effect.

Local use of drugs with these plants in the composition helps with radiculitis, arthritic manifestations

The use of bath procedures with these medicinal plants has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps with pain in the lumbar region, and eliminates the effects of infections.

The effect of mint on the male body

Many Ayurvedic treatises describe the beneficial properties of lemon balm, peppermint, they heal headaches, give a tonic effect to the entire human body. But it also mentions a relaxing, calming effect that these herbs have on the human nervous system. Thus, the correct use of these plants will help the process of harmonization of the whole organism, relax the body, calm the spirit, but also bring a surge of energy, vitality.

A man can notice the harmful signs of mint only if he can not limit himself to taking fluid, which has a large volume of mint in its composition.

Over the years, studies have been conducted at the institutes of dietetics about the possible negative effects of mint on the potency of men. The experiments involved rats, who were regularly given a mint drink. As a result, after a while, all males experienced a decrease in androgen in the blood. With a longer use of peppermint decoctions in animals, violations in the functionality of the testicles later appeared. It should be noted that rodents have replaced any intake of fluids, such as water, with mint tea. Therefore, the introduction of mint into the animal’s body was a constant process, without interruptions or replacements with ordinary water.

As a result, it becomes clear - frequent use of this plant is able to lower testosterone levels in men. Therefore, males should correctly approach the issue of peppermint.

Contraindications are also possible, for example, individual intolerance in some people of this plant.

This is elementary! To return and repeatedly enhance potency, you need every night.

As a result, we can conclude both the positive properties of mint and the negative effects on the male body with regular use of mint tea.

Not too frequent intake of mint tea is not capable of exerting a noticeable negative effect on male potency, testosterone levels, and even more so on the work of all other organs.

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