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The most delicious men's perfumes: the rating of perfumes, according to women, with reviews

Many men do not attach much importance to perfumes. They believe that only girls should follow this. However, they forget that at the first meeting, women subconsciously evaluate the smell of a man. Given this, you need to know what men's perfumes girls like.

Today we will discuss this issue and see what smells girls like and dislike. We will also see how important the fragrance is for the weaker sex. Moreover, we will consider how to choose the right smell.

Fragrances that make women crazy

To create a good impression and fall in love with a girl, you need not only to dress beautifully, but also to choose the right fragrance. As it turned out, many girls love the smell of citrus, amber and tobacco notes. Let's see what men's toilet water girls like.

  • The one for men
  • Dolce & Gabbana,
  • Fahrenheit
  • Homme intense,
  • Dune,
  • Sauage,
  • Hypnose
  • Gentlemen Only.

Bulgari Black is very popular, it contains a combination of vanilla, ambergris and musk. Girls cannot resist this smell. Special masculinity can give the aroma of John Varvatos Vintage. It helps a woman feel like a weak, but expensive vessel.

As you can see, the fragrance not only emphasizes the style of a man, but also helps to create the right atmosphere and position the weaker sex. Therefore, the guy should know about the popular colognes that drive girls crazy.

Why do women love smells so much?

It's no secret that the smell has great power. It often happens that only one smell can either attract or push a girl away. Not only men love to smell good from a girl, but women also want to hear a pleasant aroma from the stronger sex.

A men's perfume is able to make a girl so that she will be ready to have dinner even with a stranger. Sex drive can be aroused even simply because of the smell. Smelling can lead to the development of any feelings or sympathy. An opinion about a person can be made up by his smell. There are three types of smells:

From this factor, the girl’s attitude to the guy will depend. This happens unconsciously, but the smell immediately affects the assessment. Moreover, when a woman hears the smell of her man, she is immediately reflexively excited and there is nothing to be done about it.

What smells do girls like and dislike?

Now there are different men's perfumes that girls like. It is important for men to choose the right perfume before a date, so that the girl remains with a good impression. Women love such smells:

  1. Vanilla It has a light and non-imposing odor that instantly excites a woman. It is a bit sweet, so such aromas are intended only for evening dates.
  2. Mint helps a man stay awake and energetic. Mint always smells good and promotes intimate relationships.
  3. Musk strongly reminiscent of the smell of male pheromones, so it helps to arouse a weaker sex. This fragrance is better not to use at work, as you will attract the attention of many women.
  4. Jasmine helps a woman relax and feel free.
  5. Ylang ylang specially used for intimate relationships, as it perfectly excites women. Moreover, this smell helps create a cozy atmosphere and liberates the person.
  6. Patchouli Is a sexual stimulant.

Every man should have at least one perfume with these smells. The success of the date will depend on this. If you want, you can take aroma candles with these scents.

Girls can react very negatively to very harsh odors. Also, girls do not like fragrances that remind them of unpleasant situations or pictures from a past relationship.

What aromas do girls like?

The selection of perfume for a man is a responsible matter, in which unconditionally trusting your own preferences is not always the right decision. Of course, the owner should like the amber, because any meaning of its use is lost. However, the opinion of those whom the guy wants to impress also plays a significant role. The beautiful half is multifaceted, respectively, and the tastes are different. It all depends on the social status, age and environment, life goals of the lady. Below we have presented a list of the best smells that will not leave a lady without emotions.

A bit of history

During the Second World War, the trading house of the unrivaled Coco Chanel made a profit exclusively from the sale of perfumes and eau de toilette, bottled in small bottles.

The cost of perfume for one milliliter still amounted to a decent amount, but it did not stop people.

We select the perfect fragrance for ourselves and for her

Any fragrance smells differently on men. This is due to the smell of your own body, so you need to not only choose a cool smell, but also see if it suits you. When choosing a cologne, men pay attention to two factors - this is the type of perfume and its smell.

There are currently three types of perfumes:

  1. Eau de Toilette. Such aromas are the most light and unobtrusive.
  2. Perfume. Available in small bottles, as they are very concentrated. They need to be applied to the skin in a small amount so as not to overdo it with the smell.
  3. Eau de ParfumIt is intended for daily use, as it does not contain pungent odors.

Having bought a perfume, you need to know how to properly store it. It is important that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on the bottle, so it is better to put it in a dark place.

The next factor is the smell. In perfume, it consists of three notes:

  1. The first is a light note inherent in citrus and flowers. She disappears after 15 minutes.
  2. The second is the note of the heart. This smell is heard until it is washed off with water.
  3. The third is a loop. You can feel it well after time has passed. Returning home often, a man begins to feel how this fragrance opens.

Having examined these factors, you can understand that you need to choose perfume at one time. It is important that the perfume stays on a person for at least one day, then you can understand whether it suits him or not.

A bit of theory

A native of France, Pisset, the century before last, proposed a very interesting classification of aromas, harmonizing them with notes in music.

Perfume odors from that time are divided into “upper”, “medium”, as well as “lower”. They are called “notes”.

  • Base or lower notes - severe, last occur. These are usually woody odors, as well as skin and musk.
  • TO middle notes include floral odors that are felt 15 minutes after application to the skin of the body. For example, geranium, rosewood, lavender, tobacco.
  • For top notes lightness and volatility are characteristic. Thanks to instant evaporation, the smell appears immediately. This includes, for example, the aromas of citrus, eucalyptus, bergamot.

For a perfect balance of perfume, you must have all three notes of aromas.

How to use perfume?

Perfumes should be applied to the chest. After six hours, the aroma will be fully revealed. It is important to remember that perfume in combination with body odor can give an unusual combination, so the same smell will be different for every person. It may take a long time to find the right cologne option.

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

This toilet water is one of the most sensual, fresh and original from all options from the Chanel fashion brand. Perfume was born in the early 2000s and almost immediately won sympathy. First of all, flavored liquids are liked by men for their modernity, energy, energy, and women, on the contrary, because of unpredictability, sexuality, provocation and passion. The creator of this masterpiece - J. Polzh, displayed in his brainchild all the subtleties of the nature of a strong man. A delicious masculine perfume fragrance is suitable for those who like to achieve their goals, is a self-sufficient person. Eau de Parfum is highly resistant and has a stylish bottle design. It has a three-level structure: first it meets sea freshness, orange, notes of tangerine peel, then they are replaced by black pepper with cedar extract, and in the end: vetiver, thin beans, delicate vanilla and a little snow-white musk.

Sauvage by Christian Dior

For more than 13 years, the world-famous fashion house Christian Dior has been producing luxury cosmetics for the stronger half. Savage is a legendary fragrance that stands out radically from others. It conveys energy, willpower, inexhaustible masculinity and was created specifically for guys with a rebellious character. A delicious perfume for men was developed by the world famous master F. Demashi. The author of the masterpiece carefully selected the components, and as a result, his work is associated as: “a classic with the motives of audacity”. Ambre is characterized by versatility, complexity and ease of perception. The mix of citrus shades with hints of spices and wood overflow gives a taste of sweet bitterness, evokes pleasant emotions both for the owner and for the people around him.

The One for Men by Dolce Gabanna

Unprecedented softness, tenderness, luxury, warmth and extravagance - this is not the whole list that characterizes the most delicious smell of men's perfumes. The famous Dolce & Gabbana brand is distinguished by high product standards and uniqueness. Perfume deservedly occupies a leading position in international rankings. The fragrance is associated with guys who are always at the center of events, confident, smart with a good sense of humor. Overflow is classified as spicy with wood motifs. It makes women's hearts beat faster, causes admiration in men. Eau de Parfum is resistant, not too intrusive, rather moderate amber. The composition consists of three levels: after opening the bottle, you will feel the freshness of coriander, the sweetness of grapefruit and basil, then orange blossom, cardamom extract and ginger root. Finally, a delicate aftertaste of expensive tobacco awaits, an extract from cedar.

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

The unusual, fiery color of the bottle immediately speaks of audacity and passion. The name of this legendary perfume is familiar to all connoisseurs of luxury products from the Christian Dior fashion house. The fragrance was born in the late 80s of the last century and immediately won the hearts of both male and female audiences. He revolutionized the world of delicious perfumes for men. Despite its brutality and severity, the smell turned out to be cheerful with bright tints. Today, he is a classic and is associated with determined, self-sufficient and successful guys. Fluid chords have surround sound and high stability. Many who have once preferred Fahrenheit come back to her again and again. This is a good example of how traditions do not become obsolete, but, on the contrary, acquire more and more value. The composition, which gives an unforgettable experience, is quite simple - it is cedar, honeysuckle extract and healing hawthorn.

How to use perfume?

  • Apply the aroma only to a clean body,
  • Scope - the center of the chest,
  • you can still apply a little money on a handkerchief,
  • Perfume water can first be sprayed in the air and then enter this cloud,
  • Use hygiene products (soap, shower gel, etc.) with a neutral odor or the same line as the perfume.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

The legendary amber from a no less famous fashion house has gained popularity among men more than 20 years ago. It is characterized by rampant freshness, optimism and fun. The fragrance is classified as watery and is ideal for guys with blond hair. In 2015, the smell received an update and, as a result, a new wave of popularity. It differs in a pleasant loop, energy, high durability. The most delicious perfume for men is able to subjugate everyone who hears it. This is especially true for women - they adore him. For women, he is associated with freedom, ease and carefree. Eau de toilette is similar to the sea wind - it charges positively, unobtrusive and airy. The composition consists of:

  • Lime, a hint of bergamot, orange zest, tangerine and jasmine inflorescences.
  • At an average level: cyclamen, coriander, rose, peach extract, freesia and nutmeg.
  • In the end: patchouli, ambergris, extracts from oak moss, notes of snow-white musk and cedar motifs.

Men's perfume with pheromones

Each person's endocrine glands produce a smell unique to him.

When men and women communicate through this smell at a subconscious level, information about readiness for sex is read.

This reaction occurs due to the womer, which is located on the nasal septum near the tip of the nose. Vomer is responsible for the perception of sexual odors that affect the subconscious.

Since ancient times, people have been interested in enhancing their sexual attractiveness. Over time, compounds that were called pheromones were discovered.

Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana

One of the main flavors of summer from the legendary brand has a huge number of versions. The option presented in our rating is a novelty that is distinguished by tenderness, rigor, sensuality and freshness of the sea breeze. A successful combination of ingredients will send to the magical island of Lipari, the land of adventure and wandering. Perfumed liquid is very similar to the original, but is characterized by coolness and airy lightness. Light Blue Pour Homme Swimming in Lipari is the most delicious perfume for men, which is in the unisex format, that is, suitable for the female half. It is indispensable both for everyday use and for special occasions.

The action of male spirits with pheromones

  • such spirits act on women who are very close,
  • this aroma should be used in minimal quantities, as it has a very pronounced odor,
  • perfume with pheromones causes only sexual interest. Please remember this!
  • For some women, these perfumes may not work. At least outwardly. Perhaps they are married or very decent.

Conclusion: using perfume with pheromones, you need to observe ethics, as you involuntarily violate the personal boundaries of another person.

Terre D’hermes by Hermes

A vivid combination of citrus and wood motifs in one bottle over its ten-year history has already been updated several times. According to reviews, the fragrance remains in the memory for a long time. Many women consider this toilet water perfect. They associate it with a serious guy who likes to travel, adventure, enjoy life. Delicious inexpensive men's perfumes are suitable for business meetings, romantic dates, everyday use. The smell of wildlife, a mixture of sea breezes and fragrant green meadows, forests - these are just a small part of what you feel when you hear Terre D’hermes. The first thing that meets the opening of a fashionable bottle is grapefruit, bright orange, and then, to replace them, comes a rose, fragrant geranium, black pepper and an extract from cedar. At the end: patchouli, benzoin extract, combined with vetiver.

Prada Man by Prada

This perfume is the first to launch the legendary fashion house. The date of birth is 2006. The smell incorporated classical notes, elements of passion, masculinity and assertiveness. Women love this fluid for frankness and sexuality. First of all, it is addressed to resolute, strict, elegant and, at the same time, brutal representatives of the strong half. Oriental chords with exotic motifs are able to arouse a desire in ladies. Girls associate ambra with finances, seriousness and respectability.The three-level structure of delicious male spirits is revealed gradually. The first thing you will meet is cardamom, tangerine zest extract, fragrant bergamot and neroli. Further, they are replaced by the color of orange, musk, bright geranium, notes of vetiver with myrrh. Finally, clearly feel sandalwood, vanilla, delicate saffron, patchouli, tonka bean.

Pour Home by Dolce Gabbana

The classic smell from the famous Italian brand is an unforgettable combination of style, sophistication and sea freshness. The year of birth of this eau de parfum is 1994. For over 25 years, it has been a leader in the sales lists of most stores. She is adored by women of all ages. Perfume makes a man stronger, adds confidence, determination and severity to him. It is multifaceted and is revealed gradually. The first thing you feel when you open the bottle is notes of lemon, fragrant bergamot and sweet orange. Then waiting for fragrant sandalwood, rich tobacco and lavender. At the end, hear cedar and sage motifs.

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I really liked Dior Homme Intense, I first tested it on my arm. I carried it for several days and realized that I wanted my beloved man to smell like that)) very sexy, warm and enveloping. In the summer, no, but I like to cool. When I bought a perfume, the cons said that women and they take it for themselves)

I'm just going crazy with him. Gave beloved on the wedding anniversary. I myself could wear it, before that I like it. But we can’t smell the same with my husband :))) And he abandoned all the other scents :)

and for whom do you pick up a fragrance?

I choose for myself

I choose for myself if you select for yourself, it will be more effective to ask the opinion of the girl you want to like. If not, then ask the girls of the type that you like. because collecting information from ANY girls is pointless; everyone’s tastes are too different. And so, if you overhear the forms of opinions, then make a selection of the fragrance that scored the most votes (i.e., the sympathies of the girls). Next, get a fragrance that is not like the girls that you like.

then you will be disappointed that you seem to have done so much to like. and all the wrong women stick. Well, all that stuff. What do you mean, no matter what girls like certain scents, are you going to like everyone? this certainly will never happen.
And why do you like a huge amount?

on the topic: I like men's fragrances: "Dior Homme Sport", "Armani Code", "YSL Homme". - this is the first thing that came to mind.

"Dior Dune" and "Fahrenheit" (which is in a red bottle) are also not bad.

but in general I think the question you asked is simply useless for yourself. because no matter what flavor the girls like (even if a miracle happens and ALL of them will like the same scents. haha. how would you just live), this does not mean that the fragrance will suit you. It happens that the fragrance sits on a person - like a saddle on a cow and causes only regret or laughter.
The aroma is best chosen for you, your image, character and more. Then it will be harmonious, you will be comfortable and confident. and then he will make the right impression on the right girls. But not how you got together - to buy what the majority recommends and wear it in the hope that they will sink into the fragrance?

I love Dior Homme classic and with citrus notes, still like K. Arera

The same as asking what men women like outwardly. Everyone is different.

I agree, but there are well-known brands that have large statistics on sales.
here they wrote above about the dior. I have long been aware of this brand, the first thing I'll go to test it)

Oh, well, if you want the famous, then you are here http://www.etoya.ru/.
For me personally, this is a signal to ignore this product, regardless of quality. - :)

did not quite understand)) is it worth watching or not?))

the male part is
and women should not be bought as a gift for your woman

I don’t quite understand)) is it worth watching or not?)) It is worth)) these are the most popular fragrances in Idb stores, last month!

well-known brands that have great sales statistics. I explain - the fragrance is chosen in order to be different from others. Of course, each disclosure is different, the chemistry of the skin is different for everyone. But the general is usually very clearly manifested. No wonder they talk about the "Guerlain" or "Chanel" base. If the fragrance got into the top of sales (by the link - the top for July), then very many people bought it. And most likely, they will wear it - :)
No woman wants to have the same aroma with a colleague or boss - it's like putting on the same dresses ((((
Well, what you want is your choice. "Like everyone else" - or "just me" - :))))

I agree with you!) while the diesel engine approached the tests)) sniffed all the famous tops, not really like that. on the body, of course, what will be different

Burberry london for men

According to reviews, these delicious men's perfumes from the British brand are a great option for confident, decisive and charming guys. They can be used both in everyday life and in special, solemn occasions. The beautiful half of this amber comes into ecstasy. The liquid is based on cinnamon, fragrant lavender, pleasant mimosa and tobacco. Bergamot, oakmoss and guaiac wood extract will take on the middle notes. At the end of the opening, feel the aromatic opopanax and skin.

Lacoste Noir - the most delicious men's perfume

The memorable bright fragrance for real men from the legendary brand conveys all the strength of character. Ambre is characterized as cheerful, energetic and fresh. It is suitable for noisy parties with friends, business meetings and special occasions. It features high durability, richness and elegance. Women cause genuine admiration and delight. The composition is based on watermelon, notes of lavender and dark chocolate. Also, brand admirers will appreciate the extract of basil, fragrant coumarin and verbena.

Whatever smell you choose, it is worth remembering that any of them in the warm season at times becomes richer. Therefore, do not overdo it; try to combine eau de toilette with neutral and cold shades. In the online store Aromacode you will find a huge selection of the most delicious men's perfumes at an affordable price.

Sexy life

The products of this company have a pleasant smell.

The composition of the perfume composition for men includes musk, which in ancient times was used by the strong half of humanity to kindle sensual fire in girls,

Famous Brand Pheromone Perfume

Egoiste from Chanel. This magical perfume uses a combination of sandalwood and rose oils,

Obsession from Calvin Klein. The classic combination of musk, lavender oil and ambergris makes men unusually sexy in the eyes of girls. This fragrance was created specifically for this purpose.

Envy from Gucci. This perfume belongs to the work of Tom Ford for the perfume brand Gucci. The composition includes aromatic oils of frankincense, nutmeg and cloves, softened by the velvetiness of ambergris.

One million from Paco rabanne successfully continues to spin the heads of the fairer sex,

Escentrik molekules contains a unique synthetic component Iso E Super, acting as a pheromone.

Lalique Encre Noire - harmonious aroma based on musky base notes.

Mexx Men Man - sSexual appeal is due to sandalwood oil in the bottom notes of the composition.

A bit about the laws of perfumery

  • in the first half of the day, smells are perceived more sharply than in the evening and at night,
  • It is not recommended to buy perfumes during or immediately after an illness. Distorted sense of smell can play a bad joke with you,
  • in summer it is advisable to use lighter aromas, preferring eau de toilette to perfumes,
  • the fragrance tends to move from bottom to top, therefore it is recommended for men to apply perfume to the center of the chest,
  • when using perfume you need to protect jewelry from them. Aromatic oils can irreparably ruin a cameo on cufflinks or a tie pin. It’s also worth preserving glasses and other optics,
  • smokers should avoid sweet odors. But woody, grassy and leathery aromas go well with the smell of good tobacco,
  • perfume should be protected from direct sunlight
  • when using any perfumery means, it should be remembered that it is better to get a little undershot than to sort out.


  • A Spanish brand specializing in creating light fragrances for young and energetic.
  • Perfume is good, but not very persistent.
  • The plus is that it can be changed during the day.
  • The company also produces deodorant and shaving cream.


  • Elite French brand with high prices.
  • He advertises himself in the market as a brand for rich people with good taste.
  • Perfume is not bad, but it does not meet the price.
  • Very slurred aromatic palette.

Top 8 men's fragrances recognized as the best in 2016-2017

Hugo boss

The scent of musk plus patchouli. A very masculine fragrance that many girls like.

Ambre baldessarini

Warm woody composition with a medium note of the smell of whiskey creates a calm and relaxed mood.

Trussardi my land

Base notes leather plus wood. Very sensual, but light perfume, thanks to the top citrus notes.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Fresh and light perfume. Well suited for the spring-summer season.

Montblank Legend Spirit

Perfume for all occasions with very bright top notes with the smell of grapefruit.

Kouros from Yves saint laurent

A very decent flavor for creative men.

Carolina Herrera Men Prive

A sexy, slightly sweet scent for every day.

Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret

One of the sexiest flavors. The top note of a green apple gives airiness to this perfumery composition.

And further…

There are so many wonderful fragrances on the perfume market that it would be unfair to keep silent about the best of them.

  • This and fresh tart men's perfume designer Lacoste with chypre notes,
  • woody and spicy line perfumes Dupontthat go with women's perfumes
  • unique compositions Yohji Yamamoto,designed for creative people with a high personality index,
  • piquant aromas with a middle note of anise brand Eisenberg,
  • chic, multi-component, richly designed perfumes and eau de toilette from Valentino,
  • transparent floral and aromatic fragrances from Bruno banani,
  • sweet and sensual compositions from Burberry,
  • exclusive, fabulous and equally expensive perfumes from Shaik.

All this variety of aromas is intended for every man to find his own perfume, which will create an aura of success and sexual attractiveness for the opposite sex.

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