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The most interesting thing about a woman’s life

Although having sex has its own benefits, sometimes men and women refrain from it. Ladies endure such a practice much easier, but abstinence for men is the benefit and harm - this is a very interesting and relevant topic, which is the subject of discussion of many personalities.

Is it useful to refrain from men, how much to do so as not to harm health and how to abstain properly - it should be considered closer. Knowing such important nuances, you can not only protect yourself from health problems, but also make it much stronger.

What is considered the norm?

Sexual abstinence in men who live with a woman is not such a common occurrence. If this process is still observed, then it lasts only a couple of days, which can be considered the absolute norm. If a man abstains from sexual contact for more than a week or even longer, then this cannot be considered a normal condition, it is most likely pathological. Of course, we are not talking about the need to refrain from sexual intercourse from various injuries or diseases, here we mean abstinence from absolutely healthy, young men.

How does abstinence affect men?

The body of each person is a unique structure, so long-term abstinence for some is the norm, and for others it causes very great harm. Of course, in everything, as in the process of abstinence from sexual intercourse, the golden mean should be noted, because only then can the risk of additional problems arise. Abstinence can make a man calmer or, on the contrary, irritable, cause problems or restore health.

Pros and cons

If we talk about such a topic as the benefits of abstinence, then it is worth noting that it still exists and consists in the following points:

  • an opportunity for the body to relax and recover,
  • after a short abstinence, both man and woman will be able to get more pleasure in bed,
  • abstinence will be useful to those who need to restore their intimate health.

The advantages of abstinence have already become clear to everyone, but whether abstinence is harmful to the young male body should be clarified. Yes, the harm from such a practice can be quite large, because if it is quite long and at the same time the man does not live alone, then more harm will be done to his health than good. If you refrain for too long, then there is a chance that even a young man can become impotent, face various diseases and pathologies of the intimate sphere.

The consequences of prolonged abstinence in men

What leads to too long a lack of sex, some members of the stronger sex are not even aware. So, if a man does not have sex for a long time, the following consequences may overtake him:

  • various kinds of nervous disorders,
  • the appearance of diseases of the prostate gland,
  • sperm quality is significantly reduced
  • the reproductive system does not receive enough oxygen,
  • the occurrence of congestive prostatitis, decreased libido and erection,
  • development of insomnia.

Yes, the consequences of such experiments can be serious, but often they are also useful.

When is withdrawal helpful?

If a man practices a month of abstinence, then there is nothing good in this. But still, there are times when this practice is very useful. If we talk about the benefits of such a process, then it is of the following nature:

  • refraining from frequent sex, you can achieve heights in study or at work,
  • so that sexual relationships acquire new colors,
  • if you need to spend more energy on some other thing,
  • in the presence of different beneficial genitalia in men and women.

There is no particular benefit from unjustified sexual abstinence, therefore it should not be practiced.

The opinion of sexologists

Qualified sexologists do not approve of such practices as abstinence from sexual relations. This can be very harmful for both male and female health, and they should not risk it. Of course, the younger the man’s body, the worse this practice affects him. Nor, if the intimate sphere of a young man can recover faster, then at an older age it is impossible to achieve this.

For men, sexual abstinence is clearly not something that can bring significant benefits. That is why such a restriction should not be made frequent. Of course, there are cases when such practice is extremely necessary, but they cannot be called frequent. If the lack of sexual contact is short-lived, then there is nothing wrong with this, but long-term torment of one's own body can result in very serious consequences.

If abstinence is practiced in order to improve health indicators, then it is necessary to approach this moment correctly and in a timely manner. During such a practice, a woman definitely should not try to excite a man, because this will affect his health extremely negatively.


It is better to lead a normal, regular sex life and it will definitely be much better than some kind of abstinence. Of course, having sex too much is not worth it, everything should have its own measure, which will become the key to good intimate health in the future. It is unprofitable for healthy people to abstain from sexual activity, and doctors speak about this in full voice. If you listen to the opinion of a specialist, then in terms of sexual life, everything will be fine. The moment of abstinence, as well as the issue of lengthy sex, should be approached carefully and calmly, considering the pros and cons, because only then will it be possible not to harm.

Prolonged lack of sex in men, and its consequences

Is long abstinence from sex harmful, does it lead to the development of prostatitis, mood swings or depression? Studies claim that men can be divided into two types. The first type is those leading active sex lives that react to giving up on it painfully. The second type includes men with different priorities in life. Abstinence is not a problem for them and does not affect their mood or health.

The degree of harm that abstinence can cause has a direct dependence on the age of the man, the older he is, the more dangerous it becomes for him a long and unreasonable sexual restriction.

If a man after forty refrains from sex, this can lead to consequences such as the development of prostate adenoma, the phenomena of stagnation, and the likelihood of developing cancerous tumors increases.

There is no significant benefit from restrictions on sex, and the only reason that can be really weighty is the separation or. But abstinence from promiscuous sexual intercourse is always helpful. It is better not to leave your beloved for a long time and not deny yourself and her sexual pleasure. Moreover, it has long been proven that abstinence entails moral depression, bad mood and even depression.

For any inhabitant of our planet, sex is an integral part of life. Humanity is engaged in it for procreation and for pleasure. But sometimes a situation arises when, due to circumstances, you have to refrain from intimacy for some time. And then the question arises: what are the consequences of abstinence for men? The benefits and harms of it, myths and truth are revealed in the article.

No one has died from abstinence. But he was not born.

Abstinence for men - what is the benefit and harm, and most importantly - which is still more?

Even without numerous research by scientists, intuition and experience tells us that regular sexual contact is not only pleasant, but also very useful. But, alas, life is not always perfect, and for various reasons, men sometimes have to face the problem of not having sex as often as they want.

And if you find yourself in a similar situation (or you're just curious), then let's try to figure it out together: male abstinence is useful or harmful, and what it can lead to.

The concept of abstinence

It is temporary forced or from intimacy. The period when the absence of sex can be called abstinence cannot be determined.

The need for sex is determined by the temperament and worldview of a person. For some, abstinence means giving up sex for several months, while others find it difficult to hold out for a week. Men who have a reduced level of sexual activity need proximity 1-2 times a month, it is easy for them to postpone the time of forced abstinence. But for representatives of the strong half of humanity who have elevated levels of testosterone, discharge is needed much more often.

It follows that all men can be divided into two groups: those who are active and those for whom abstinence from sex is not difficult. Both the first and second cases are the norm, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, heredity, emotional state, physical health, age, climatic zone, ecological state, and upbringing.

What is the danger of abstinence for men, what are the consequences?

Forced sexual abstinence provokes unpleasant phenomena that develop in two directions: local stagnation in the genital area and neurotic symptoms. What is the danger of abstinence for men, what consequences does it have?

What happens to a man’s body during abstinence?

And we would like to start this conversation with an interesting term of sexology, namely, the Tarkhanov-Belov phenomenon. Now you will understand why.

As soon as a man’s life begins a period of long absence of sexual contact (another name is sexual abstinence), then, according to the phenomenon of Tarkhanov, sperm begins to accumulate in his body, increasing his sexual arousal. And since these "surpluses" cannot leave the body naturally, during sleep man is confronted with emissions - involuntary ejaculation. And this is absolutely normal.

If the period of abstinence from sexual intercourse is delayed, then the Belov phenomenon comes to replace the Tarkhanov phenomenon: the body decides that since sex is not currently among your priorities, then you should not produce sperm in the same quantities as before. As a result, over time, the problem of sudden erection, arousal, and pollutions becomes less relevant.

Fortunately, this is a reversible process: as soon as your lovemaking becomes periodic again, everything will return to normal, and the body will leave the “energy-saving mode”.

Physical consequences of abstinence

Under local phenomena understand the swelling of the veins of the spermatic cord, scrotum, hemorrhoidal nodes, rectum. Outwardly, this is manifested by painful sensations in the perineum and frequent urges to urinate. The phenomena described above are most pronounced during the period of hypersexuality in adolescence.

It has long been established that frequent ejaculation is an excellent preventive measure to avoid the occurrence of prostatitis, since the prostate is constantly being cleaned.

The penis, like all organs of the human body, requires a sufficient amount of oxygen for normal functioning. It is thanks to the erection that oxygen enters the penis.

With age, in the process of blockage of blood vessels by cholesterol, oxygen enters in a smaller amount, in addition, the activity of the penis decreases.Its increase depends on the regularity of sexual intercourse.

By the way, sex, being intense physical activity, can improve blood circulation of the whole organism.

Abstinence for men leads to a number of other negative consequences that are associated with the vessels of the penis. Abstinence longer than ten days leads to the breakdown of sperm, its dissolution and reabsorption by the body. The consequences of this process are reduced sperm motility.

Refrain from sexual intimacy is no more than two days, especially if in the future it is planned to conceive a healthy heir. 48 hours is required for the sperm in the ejaculate to grow.

The benefits of abstinence for men: several pros

But until this happens, the question “is abstinence useful?” Continues to be relevant. Well, some people think that lack of sex can have some benefits.

Firstly, the benefits (or even the need) of temporary rejection of sexual contacts are undeniable when one of the partners undergoes a course of treatment for sexual infection.

Secondly, in a situation where abstinence was prescribed by a doctor during the rehabilitation period after an operation, a heart attack or other serious illness.

Many doctors also believe that weekly abstinence positively affects the quality of the seed and can increase the chances of a couple to conceive, but not everyone agrees with this opinion.

There are some more unofficial opinions on what abstinence is useful for, but before you bring them, we warn you right away: we are in no way engaged in propaganda - we just give you the opportunity to get to know them.

Proponents of "celibacy for medical reasons" argue that frequent orgasms deprive the body of such beneficial substances as proteins, flavins, amino acids, phosphorus, potassium and other elements that make up sperm.

In addition, they emphasize that sex is a real stress for the body, increasing blood pressure, negatively affecting the nervous system and requiring high energy costs. Therefore, abandoning this activity, you thereby "protect" your body from unnecessary stress.

Another adherent of abstinence (but precisely from ejaculation, and not from sex itself) are adherents of the ancient Chinese philosophical doctrine of Taoism. According to their views, the less often a man ends, the higher his chances of extending his life by “saving” energy.

You are probably aware that many athletes practice temporary abstinence in preparation for important competitions and, by the way, they have been doing this since ancient times. And finally, let's talk about representatives of creative professions who believe that sexual energy can be very successfully used to create various masterpieces: paintings, books, music and anything else.

Among the most prominent supporters of abstinence, it is worth highlighting such personalities as Da Vinci, Newton, Spinoza, Nietzsche and Aristotle. As you can see, the company is serious, but small.

How does it affect a man’s body?

Sex is an integral part of all people of sexually mature age, it is so inherent in nature that in every man the instinct of procreation takes precedence just as much as in a woman. But for a number of reasons, such as the absence of a sexual partner, circumstances and personal prejudices, a long abstinence from sexual intercourse can occur. Today, there are many conflicting opinions about whether long abstinence is useful or harmful to the body of a man.

Due to the total sexual propaganda for many men, life without sex seems impossible. In fact, one can figure out the feasibility of abstinence or active sexual life, if you know for sure how the absence of discharge and sexual intercourse affects a man's body.And such issues should be considered only from the point of view of medicine, and not stereotypes and unofficial ideologies imposed by society.

The danger of male abstinence

And now let's move on to the minuses of prolonged abstinence in men and its negative health effects.

Evidence that abstinence can cause problems with reproductive function was a study conducted in Israel. Seven thousand men participated in it, the examination of which showed: a long absence of discharge affects the quality of the seed.

Another harmful factor of abstinence is stagnation of sperm in the prostate gland, which can lead to prostatitis, adenoma or hemorrhoids.

The next moment is “oxygen starvation” of the genital organ, which occurs in the absence of an erection for a long period of time. It leads to clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques and, as a result, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The psychological consequences of abstinence should also not be underestimated: despondency, irritability, decreased performance and insomnia are quite common “side effects” of abstinence.

Long abstinence is how much?

After reading these not-so-good news about the dangers of abstinence, you probably wondered - when does the absence of sexual detente become dangerous? In a month, a year or a decade?

The exact figure is impossible to name. Each person has their own individual sexual needs, level of libido and potency. Some men begin to experience physical and psychological discomfort from a lack of orgasm in a few days, others can easily endure abstinence for several months.

Many urologists argue that a healthy adult man needs to “finish” at least once a week, because after 10 days of lack of ejaculation, the process of splitting the seminal fluid begins, as a result of which it is absorbed by the body back. And this leads to a decrease in sperm motility and potential problems with reproductive function.

Masturbation is the way out?

If long abstinence is harmful, can masturbation help in this situation? Let's talk about this exclusively from a medical point of view. Experts say that in the absence of a partner it is normal and even useful to solve the problem on your own. Do this with the frequency with which you yourself are comfortable.

Sometimes, however, it happens that a person begins to abuse masturbation greatly, doing this many times a day. Then the consequences of masturbation can be as follows.

Attention: all the problems indicated below are possible only if masturbation becomes an addiction and a complete replacement of sexual intercourse.

1. The risk of prostate cancer

According to a study by American scientists (from the University of Medical Sciences of South Dakota in Vermillion, the respective universities in Kirksville and Minneapolis), one can find a connection between excessive masturbation and prostate cancer. However, the authors of the study emphasize that the data for any general conclusions are not enough, and in subsequent works their colleagues will have to take into account the age of the participants and the number of ejaculations.

According to Sandra Lamorghese, Ph.D., author of Switch: Time for a Change, masturbation helps get rid of toxins and prevent prostate cancer.

2. Increased risk of erectile dysfunction

When a man gets used to masturbate for hours and constantly postpones the moment of orgasm (or does not reach it at all), this can lead to erectile dysfunction.

In an interview with Vice magazine, sexologist Michael Perelman, a psychology professor at Cornell University, cited the following statistics: 40 percent of men who come to his office complaining of delayed ejaculation admit that they masturbate in a very "peculiar" way.

However, urologist Dr. Richard Santucci emphasizes that, in his opinion, masturbation is not among the ten most common causes of erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. Taking certain medications and diabetes cause this problem much more often than masturbation.

3. Premature ejaculation

Some sexologists suggest that frequent masturbation can play a bad service for your sex life, because it creates a conditioned reflex of the onset of orgasm, which in the future can cause problems when trying to have a long and passionate sex with a partner. In addition, in their opinion, too frequent masturbation can cause a feeling of lethargy and fatigue.

On the other hand, it is difficult to deny the reduction in stress levels and the improvement in sleep quality that occur with a moderate number of acts of self-satisfaction.

4. Injury to the penis

If you masturbate too often and actively, then, according to the website of Medicalnewstoday, you can encounter very painful swelling of the foreskin of the penis and head (which, fortunately, disappears in a couple of days).

Another thing is torsion of the testicle, which leads to compression of the vessels and nerves passing in the spermatic cord. This pathology requires emergency medical intervention, otherwise serious problems can arise - up to the termination of the functioning of the penis.

Here you need to "stand up" for masturbation and add that, according to the publications of domestic urologists (Nechiporenko and Lyulko), testicular torsion can also occur with strong pressure of the press, coughing, or even simply. in a dream (good night and good dreams to you today, by the way).

And, finally, we repeat once again - men face all of the above “side effects” only when masturbation becomes a real addiction for them. In most cases, masturbation is absolutely safe and has little effect on the frequency and number of sexual contacts in both sexes.

Such conclusions were made by scientists from the University of Texas at Austin, who conducted a study in 2017, in which 7648 men and 8090 women aged 18 to 60 were interviewed. It turned out that for most respondents their lack of sexual satisfaction was a more obvious cause of masturbation than the frequency of sex.

Types of Abstinence

Abstinence (sexual rest) - lack of regular sexual intercourse. Provoking factors can be very different.

Examples of reasons for voluntary abandonment of sex:

  • Asexuality, when a man does not need sex. Libido is compensated by sublimation, for example, in creativity or sports,
  • Vow of celibacy, spiritual practices,
  • Preparation for sporting events,
  • The psychological barrier.

Forced abstinence gives a man much more problems, because psychologically he is not ready to put up with the lack of sex. The reason may be detention, illness, work characteristics, lack of a partner. If the tension is periodically relieved by masturbation or pollutions, then such abstinence is called "partial withdrawal." Complete abstinence (lack of sexual activity and ejaculation) - total withdrawal.

The consequences of abstinence

Abstinence has its pros and cons. A prolonged lack of sex in men does not always entail negative consequences. A vivid example is the Tibetan monks who consciously refuse to have sexual intercourse, suppressing all manifestations of arousal, but at the same time remain in good physical shape and maintain complete mental balance.

Another thing is men with a strong sexual constitution, expressed by libido, which is not so easy to sublimate into anything. For them, abstinence for more than a week is already dangerous for mental disorders: neurosis, depression, aggression.

In some cases, abstinence negatively affects physical health.. The problem is especially relevant for men leading passive lifestyle. The consequences of abstinence over a long period (more than a year) can occur in a number of diseases:

  • The development or exacerbation of congestive prostatitis.Irregular emptying of the gland leads to obstruction of the ducts and the multiplication of pathogens,
  • Varicocele (scrotal varicose veins),
  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Long abstinence on the background of a passive lifestyle after 40 years, it may result in the development of adenoma, cardiovascular disease.

Some men note that in the absence of sex, the testicles swell, hurt, break, and condense (“eggs ring”). The pain can give to the stomach. This happens due to overflow of seminal vesicles, which swell and cause discomfort. This condition does not present a danger; it passes on its own when decomposing unclaimed sperm. The body can independently regulate the process through nighttime emissions..

When abstinence is necessary:

  1. Before the spermogram.
  2. To normalize the increased sensitivity of the spinal nerves.
  3. To refresh the feelings of partners.
  4. To restore normal ejaculatory reflexes after prolonged masturbation.
  5. Before fertilization.

Abstinence is harmless and even beneficial for young people under 20, since the psychosexual side of their personality is not yet fully formed. Teenagers often find themselves in difficult situations due to early sexual intercourse. With abstinence, more sex hormones enter the bloodstream, which creates favorable conditions for the physical and mental development of the young man.

Too frequent (especially erratic) sex can lead to hormonal exhaustion, when the body does not have time to renew the energy and biochemical resources spent. Signs:

  1. Increased irritability.
  2. Sallow complexion.
  3. Chronic fatigue and inattention.

Perhaps a feeling of discomfort from the genitals. Since sex requires compliance with hygiene rules (rinsing the glans penis), as a result of frequent procedures, dysbiosis often develops - the protective microflora does not have time to recover.

Age limits

Young men and young men 20-30 years old with prolonged abstinence, the body increases sexual arousal (Tarkhanov phenomenon) and solves the problem through nighttime emissions. At an older age, in the absence of sex, the brain simply “turns off” the libido so as not to deplete mental and physical resources (the Belov phenomenon). About after a month, abstinence ceases to bother. As soon as a relatively regular sexual life begins, the testes activate their activity, the attraction returns to the previous level. In men with a strong sexual constitution, this process occurs much faster.

For persons after 50-60 yearswhen testosterone levels are already critically low lack of sex life can provoke the onset of menopause, and with severe negative manifestations. At this age, the reproductive system “sags” without training quite quickly (in 2-3 months), it will be next to impossible to restore libido and potency (read about measures to restore potency). In cases of forced abstinence, it is recommended at least sometimes to masturbate in order to maintain sexual reflexes, stimulate testosterone synthesis and spermatogenesis.

Abstinence, testosterone and sports

Many athletes (a vivid example of Mohammed Ali) try to refrain from ejaculation before performances as long as possible, believing that testosterone levels drop from sex, and the severity of the reaction decreases.

Immediately after sexual intercourse, prolactin rises, which really inhibits testosterone, but this effect is so short-term that the level of male hormone does not have time to significantly decrease. In sexually active men, the average level of testosterone is higher than in those abstaining from sexual intercourse and masturbation..

To achieve optimal athletic performance, consider: maximum level (approximately 145% of the initial) among athletes after 30 yearstestosterone reaches 7 days of abstinence, up to 30 years - on the 3rd day. Then it gradually falls to the base value. Men who value high testosterone just reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse to 1-2 per week.

As for the loss of protein and other substances, then during ejaculation they are insignificant and quickly recover. To speed up the process, you can additionally take vitamins of group B, C, zinc, potassium, magnesium. Fats and proteins (such as a protein shake and a handful of almonds) are also needed.

According to experts, prolonged sexual abstinence before a performance or competition is pointless, a few days is enough. After training, sex is beneficial because it activates immune cells and speeds up body repair..

Reviews of the effect of sex on physical endurance are mixed. In some men, recovery takes about two days. Immediately after ejaculation there is drowsiness, difficulty with concentration.

Abstinence and spermatogenesis

It is believed that the longer the abstinence, the greater the volume of sperm (more about increasing the volume of ejaculate) and its quality is higher. However, Israeli doctors denied it. A study of ejaculate was conducted more than 7 thousand men who have long refused sex. The volume of seminal fluid in them really increased, but the quality of sperm cells deteriorated - mobility became lower.

This fact is explained by the fact that after about 10-12 days of abstinence, unclaimed spermatozoa begin to break down by the body, and the reproduction of new ones slows down. Therefore, in preparation for conception, one should not refrain from sex for too long. In reproductive clinics, the period of sexual calm before taking a semen analysis is from 2 to 7 days. In order to increase the chances of conceiving naturally, doctors recommend giving up sex for no more than 3 days (link to the study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30570220). A woman can become pregnant and after a long abstinence of a man, there will be no fundamental difference in the quality of sperm.

The opinion of doctors

Regular sex for men - One of the directions for the prevention of prostatitis and impotence (read about simple measures to avoid impotence), especially after 40 years. The genitals need oxygen, which enters the cells with each powerful blood flow during arousal. In young men, oxygen deficiency is partially compensated during night and morning erections. At an older age, such compensation no longer exists, the vessels become clogged with cholesterol, become brittle. Without regular contractions, the tissues of the penis and prostate gradually lose their function. But ejaculation is not the only way to maintain reproductive organs in good shape.

On the effect of abstinence on mental health, doctors agree that it’s crazy. On the contrary, sexual excesses often cause mental illness and impotence. If a man is very hard given a lack of sex, you can always relieve tension by masturbation or physical labor.

Opinion on the abstinence of the honored doctor of the RSFSR c.m.s. Yanushevsky I.K. (Health magazine, 2nd half of the 60s): “There are no physiological reasons that could justify sexual licentiousness; sexual life is not dictated by health interests. For moral and physical comfort, a person needs harmony with himself and a benevolent atmosphere in the family. ”


Vladimir, 30 years old: “Abstinence positively affected my athletic performance. The only negative is that the mood periodically jumps. I think this is due to the accumulation of testosterone. "

Dmitry, 27 years old: “I had to abstinence after prolonged masturbation and erectile dysfunction. After some time, I felt a surge of physical strength, an improvement in concentration. Self-confidence appeared, a clear awareness of their goals. Learned to redirect excitement in a constructive way. Now sex is not more than once a week, but Kegel exercises and exercises in the gym are mandatory. ”

Alexander, 33 years old: “I don’t know who and why is abstaining. I have, if I quarrel with my wife, and there is no 2-3 day sex, the eggs whine and tremor in my hands. Masturbation is not an option for me. ”


The harm and benefits of abstinence depend on the individual reaction of the man. Sex should not be regarded as a preventative measure against prostatitis or conjugal duty - this will automatically make it bland. Sexual intercourse should bring pleasure, satisfaction, create a good mood. The loss of such sex can actually lead to depression. Otherwise, there will be nothing wrong with abstinence. The movement of body fluids in organs can be caused by physical exertion, the sperm is utilized by itself, the reproductive system is self-regulating. Man is a highly developed being, therefore sex for him should not be exclusively a physiological need, but an embodiment of feelings for his partner.

Psychological factor

That is, the first obvious harm of abstinence lies in the psychic factor.

A person with a high sexual constitution will feel discomfort, constantly think about it, feel depressed and even depressed, as a result of which he is nervous and tense.

This will ultimately affect his health. But for men with more moderate sexual appetite, such deprivation will not seem to be flour.

Physiological factor

Urologists warn of the danger of prostatitis.

But in fairness, it is worth noting, in addition to abstinence itself, several other factors should be present: infections, stress, improper lifestyle, circulatory disorders, etc.

Doctors insist that a full-fledged treatment of prostatitis is possible only with active sex life.

This applies to stagnant forms, bacterial problems are solved by completely different methods.

Constant filling of the prostate gland with sperm helps to cleanse and preserve the functions laid down by nature.

Sperm quality and fertility

Israeli scientists conducted research using seed samples from seven thousand men.

They came to the conclusion that a long absence of sex life negatively affects the quality of sperm, although it increases its quantity.

Since it is quality that matters in the issue of conception, they do not recommend practicing sublimation for too long.

On the other hand, short (up to 7 days) abstinence will have a beneficial effect on the prospect of pregnancy.

Opponents of this theory believe that frequent sexual acts, on the contrary, contribute to the renewal of biologically valuable material and this is beneficial.

Matter of habit

Doctors say that the body adapts to our needs and, over time, can be rebuilt so much that the erectile function gradually disappears.

Morning and normal erections will disappear, and even pollutions will become a rarity.

Sexual contact is also seen as a way of physical activity and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, but by and large, just like running or yoga would do.

Oxygen starvation

Another evidence that the doctors operate on is the view that the male penis constantly requires a certain amount of oxygen.

It enters the body only with an erection.

If this does not happen for a long time, the vessels are clogged with cholesterol plaques and this adversely affects sexual health.

Tip: if you are thinking about the practice of sublimation, go through a survey to understand if there are only emerging problems, and whether such a long lack of sex life will affect your health.

Standards of abstinence and age limits

Regular sexual relationships have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system and heart muscle. Sex is especially important for men who have crossed the 40-year life threshold.

Long-term abstinence in various ways affects men's health, depending on age. The older the man, the more dangerous the long term sexual restriction. Why is abstinence dangerous for those over 40? In men, after forty years, it can lead to diseases such as:

What is abstinence?

The concept of sexual abstinence should be understood as a voluntary refusal for a certain period of time, or in general for the whole life of a man, of sexual acts with representatives of the opposite sex. It is impossible to accurately determine the period of sexual abstinence, since this is a purely subjective time frame. In fact, the need for sexual intimacy with a woman in a man is the result of a worldview and an individual type of temperament.

According to medical theory, it was found that on average men with low sexual activity can abstain from sex for no longer than 1-2 months, which will be an easy enough test for them. Men with high levels of testosterone and physical activity will have a shorter frequency of intercourse, considered weeks. Therefore, doctors divide men into two groups:

  • the first group - those who have an active sex life,
  • the second group - less active men due to the individual characteristics of the organism, whether it is temperament, upbringing, environmental living conditions, climatic zone, health and emotional background, etc.

For representatives of the first group, sexual abstinence is a great threat to health; for them, the absence of discharge will be accompanied by adverse manifestations. The second group, on the contrary, can live peacefully and without consequences, without an intimate life for a long time.

Scientific basis

Scientists have long been debating the pros and cons of physical abstinence, but there is still no definite answer. The opinions of experts on this issue were divided into two groups. Some sexologists say that abstinence from sex is an incentive for the formation of mental and physical disorders. Others assert that a temporary refusal of sexual activity is beneficial for the body. But which of them is right? Disputes about the pros or cons of abandoning a sexual life, about what is fraught with abstinence for men (the benefits and harms are also discussed), have been going on for a long time.

Is abstinence harmful to men and what causes a long absence of sex?

For many years, the benefits and harms of sexual abstinence have been actively explored by medical specialists, as well as scientists and research institutes. In addition to the term “sexual abstinence,” doctors are simultaneously considering a concept such as withdrawal or a condition of “breaking” due to the absence of sex and the discharge of the body. AND the first harm from this lies precisely in the mental negative impact on the person.

Due to the lack of sex life, a sexually mature and active man will suffer from discomfort and obsessive thoughts about sexual intimacy, which over time develops into a depressed depressed state. Sooner or later this will affect other organs and systems, including potency. If a man belongs to the second group with low sexual activity, abstinence will be an impossible task for him.

Doctors urologists note the fact that the absence of discharge after sex threatens men with the development of prostatitis. Especially if, in addition to this, a man has circulatory problems, stressful conditions, infections and an unfavorable lifestyle.In addition, a full and successful treatment of prostatitis is impossible without sexual activity, as this contributes to the destruction of stagnant processes.

Congestive prostatitis and inferior prostate function against abstinence threatens a man:

  • dilated veins in the scrotum (varicose veins),
  • an increase in hemorrhoidal nodes,
  • pathological changes in the spermatic cord,
  • venous congestion in the rectal zone.

Moreover long abstinence in men threatens him with irreversible processes in the hormonal system. Studies have also confirmed that the lack of sex leads to a deterioration in the quality of the seed and reproductive function of men.

Abstinence no longer than 7 days is considered useful for conception of a child.. Doctors also suggest that the body will simply get used to passive sexual activity, against which the erectile function begins to disappear. From a medical point of view, sex is physical activity as a prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

Numerous studies have found that only in the state of erection the penis receives the right amount of oxygen. The lack of sexual activity will lead to clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol, which will negatively affect the entire vascular system and potency. Therefore, before choosing for yourself the way of sublimation and refusal of sex, it is worth consulting with your doctor about the possible consequences.

Sex and Health

For the stronger sex, intimate life is a physiological need that ensures the normal functioning of the body. This is the possibility of emotional discharge. Intimacy has a positive effect on immunity, the cardiovascular system, prevents heart attacks, rejuvenates the body, and prevents obesity. Regular sex minimizes the risk of prostate cancer, and also reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes.

It can be concluded that abstinence for men, the benefits and harms of which are of interest to many, does not contribute to health.

Long-term rejection of sex and the ability to conceive

There is an opinion that frequent sexual intercourse reduces the possibility of conception. In such cases, a man is recommended to give up sex for some time. The goal is to increase the concentration and quantity of sperm, which, in turn, increases the possibility of conception. But such a method rarely gives the expected result. Most scientists have come to the conclusion that sexual activity leads to a deterioration in sperm quality and a decrease in sperm activity.

Scientists from Israel conducted an experiment for which they took more than 7000 semen samples. During the study, they observed a decrease in sperm activity in men who temporarily abandoned sex.

Male energy and an alternative opinion on the subject of abstinence

Today there are many alternative ideologies and opinions about the benefits of sexual abstinence. All of them today have many adherents from men, as well as specialists and doctors. Also, their teachings, practices and theories have weighty arguments and facts that speak about the benefits of refusing sex. For instance:

  1. Ancient Taoist teachings. In the teachings of the ancient Taoists, treatises are being held that the rejection of sexual intimacy for men promises great benefit. It consists in the preservation of vital and necessary useful resources by the body, as well as sex hormones. All this is necessary for a man to maintain physical strength and endurance. Taoists said that with his seed a man loses vital energy and strength. This energy not only heals the body, but also is responsible for creativity.

At the same time, Taoists had sex at times more than other people, but subject to a clear distinction between orgasm and ejaculation. They practiced skills that allowed them to have an orgasm, but not to throw away the seed. At the same time, an orgasm without ejection of sperm was an additional charge for the body.Multiple orgasms also allowed the man to control the duration of sexual intercourse and orgasm.

  1. Modern Taoist practices. Thanks to the experience of the ancient Taoists, today their adherents are world famous and novice athletes. Based on the beliefs of the ancient Taoists, today men prefer to refrain from sexual intercourse long before the upcoming sports competitions in order to preserve energy and strength. Great creative people also use Taoist practices to improve their creativity.

You need to understand that a man’s seed contains a large number of useful substances, hormones and body resources. Frequent orgasms lead to depletion of the body, many men are advised to refrain from orgasms by doctors before conceiving a child. In the event that a man experiences pain during abstinence, it is important to consult a doctor and not to delay a passive sexual lifestyle.

And yet, benefit or harm?

From the above opinions and teachings, a competent man should make general information for himself. First of all, these may be the following rules:

  • Frequent and unintelligible sexual intercourse leads to health problems and exhaustion. And if the connection is not accompanied by the use of contraceptives, this can cause serious illness.
  • The frequency of sexual activity should fully correspond to the temperament and sexual constitution of a man in a particular case. Reducing or, conversely, forcing the frequency of sexual intercourse can adversely affect your health. Conditionally, the rhythm of sexual activity involves 2-3 acts per week.
  • In order to improve creativity and physical abilities, you can hold back sexual energy for a while.

In addition, abstinence can be useful for planning and conceiving a child, which will allow a man to increase sperm concentration and volume. Abstinence cannot be harmful, even become useful for a man only if it is adequate in terms of time, and also does not cause psychological and physiological discomfort.

When abstinence is helpful

Sexologists have a positive attitude toward abstinence if a man is undergoing treatment for a sexual infection or is afraid of contracting infection from a sexual partner. There are cases when doctors prescribe for health reasons (heart attack, complex surgery).

Creative people argue that sexual abstinence for men, the benefits and harms of which are being studied, gives impetus to the development of creative potential, opens the way for inspiration.

Religion calls for abandonment of sex for the purification of karma, clarification of consciousness and spiritual growth.

With regard to long-term abstinence from sex, psychologists and doctors are unequivocally confident - this poses a danger to human health. Abstinence is especially harmful to people who are in the prime of their physical strength.

Sexologist and psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences A.M. Poleev calls abstinence a rather dangerous condition for the body. In men, he believes, physical health is primarily affected, in women, psychological. Representatives of the fair sex often refuse sexual relations voluntarily, because they do not want to sleep with an unloved person. Men have a different attitude to this issue, therefore, in the absence of their beloved and only, they do not cease to have a sexual life and satisfy their needs. Men abstain from sex most often for external reasons - forced, for example, military service and the like.

You probably heard about endorphins more than once. These are the hormones of happiness that are secreted in our body during sex, they positively affect our psycho-emotional background.If a person experiences a clear lack of these hormones, then the risk of long-term depression with all the associated problems and consequences increases significantly. However, not only sex is a source of endorphins: you can play sports or have frigging sweets - but this solution will only be temporary. Scientists argue that the rejection of sexual life (no matter for what reasons) is followed by increased irritability, aggression and difficulty in controlling your emotions.

Nowadays, women are often interested in issues related to the frequency or lack of orgasms. It is worth noting that if the body is too long-lasting from sex, then the brain sends him signals about the "futility" of sexual function, it simply atrophies. Thus, a woman who has not had sexual intercourse for a long time may not experience orgasms because her body has forgotten how to do this. For the same reason, for example, astronauts who have just returned to the earth cannot walk, because their body has simply forgotten how to do this, due to the prolonged non-use of the walking function.

Doctors and psychologists unanimously argue that abstinence from sex for more than a year threatens a significant susceptibility to stress. It is also important to understand that the body may not return to normal after such a break. A long pause can cause problems with potency in men and the inability to get an orgasm in women. In certain cases, under such circumstances, medical intervention can help, but this does not always happen.

It is worth noting that having sex in order to "improve health" several times a day will not bring your body much benefit. If this does not meet your individual sexual needs, you do not need to force yourself to have sex more often, otherwise it can provoke psychological problems. No need to turn sex into a useful duty.

The influence of abstinence on men

If a man is accustomed to a normal sex life, then often there are pollutions and a tendency to masturbation. Masturbation is considered quite common among young people, according to research. Sexologist L. Milman believes that adolescent masturbation does not pose a great danger, since 97 percent of people who are accustomed to masturbation, after starting a regular normal sexual life, forget this habit. They have no problems communicating with members of the opposite sex, only 46 percent may experience a slight weakness in their sexual desire.

The effect of abstinence on women

A woman needs to understand that if her partner has sex, it is not a frequent phenomenon, that this may well become the reason for his quick orgasm. This, in turn, will not allow a woman to enjoy, because of which sexual coldness often develops.

Sex is an important component of a person’s life, his need, due to physiology. Therefore, ignore this need is not worth it.

For a number of reasons, men and women are forced to be in a state of sexual dormancy. Sexual abstinence is carried by people individually in each case, and the degree of depression or irritation from the inability to satisfy sexual hunger depends on the person’s temperament and psychotype.

What does abstinence mean?

Sexual abstinence is, in scientific medical language, sexual withdrawal or deprivation, characterized by a forced state of rest c. The reasons for abstinence may be different:

  • health status,
  • lack of a partner for sexual intercourse,
  • spiritual practices
  • celibacy dinner (celibacy),
  • upcoming competitions for athletes,
  • asexuality
  • individual personal reasons.

  1. Partial withdrawal - the impossibility of real sexual intercourse is compensated by masturbation or nocturnal emissions in men (spontaneous ejaculation).
  2. Total withdrawal - sexual activity in all manifestations is completely absent.

What is abstinence needed for?

The justification of abstinence proceeds from the reasons that caused this condition. A short break in sexual life helps to shake the feelings of partners and enhances their attractiveness to each other. Long abstinence is necessary to restore strength during and after serious illness, when all the energy is directed to restore balance in the body and waste of energy during intercourse can aggravate a person’s condition. Conscious sexual total abstinence or celibacy is an important condition in the practice of spirituality in some religions.

Abstinence in women

For women, harmonious sexual intimacy with a partner is the key to a stable happy relationship. In the vicinity, a woman blossoms and creates a positive energy background around herself. Abstinence from sex is more common for women due to their physiological characteristics: menstrual period, pregnancy. The fair sex with a high level of sexual temperament (choleric, sanguine) is difficult to endure periods of abstinence, in contrast to phlegmatic and melancholy women.

The benefits of abstinence in women

Long abstinence from sex in women with a low level of sexual temperament does not have any negative effect and even stabilizes the activity of the nervous system. During menstruation, a sexual pause avoids the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the uterine cavity, which is vulnerable these days. It is important to remember that short sexual abstinence for a number of reasons is not a reason to despair, but the ability to focus on the positive aspects:

  1. Feelings update. With the next closeness, an exacerbation of the perception of relations takes place, everything happens on a "new" wave, with a more intense spectrum of feelings.
  2. Sublimation is the process of transforming sexual unspent energy into creation or creation. Creation of works of art, new projects, gushing ideas.
  3. Abstinence, as a necessity during pregnancy - in the I and III trimesters with the threat of miscarriage. Motherhood is an important component of a woman’s family happiness and the benefits of abstinence are obvious.

Abstinence in men

It is becoming more and more complicated with men, by nature, representatives of the strong think more about sex, and physiology immediately makes itself felt with excitement. Most men during the day can be excited several times. Abstinence is more difficult for men than for women. Forced sexual withdrawal is very difficult for hypersexual representatives. In the absence of a partner, men tend to resort to masturbation more often than women.

Long abstinence of men - consequences

Whether abstinence is harmful to men is not a definite answer, everything is individual, but if we consider the average statistics that draw a portrait of an active man in the prime of life and potency, and this is the vast majority of young men, then forced abstinence gives disappointing predictions for health. Possible consequences of sexual withdrawal:

  • persistent decrease in sexual desire, as such after a long abstinence,
  • premature ejaculation,
  • development of neurosis and inferiority complex,
  • fear of new acquaintances,
  • nervousness and aggression
  • suppression of prostate secretion,
  • varicose veins of the scrotum,
  • tumors (prostate adenoma, testicular cancer),
  • impotence.

Abstinence in sports

Sexual deprivation in sports dates back to ancient times, when military leaders noticed that warriors who were not in a relationship show themselves better in competitions and on the battlefield.So there was a strong opinion that the athlete before training should focus on the result. It is known that boxer Mohammed Ali observed abstinence for up to one and a half months before fights.

Abstinence in bodybuilding plays a significant role, although there are conflicting opinions on this. Abstinence and muscle growth are interconnected by the fact that with excessive sexual activity, the level of testosterone, which affects the increase in muscle mass, catastrophically decreases, instead, prolactin is produced - a female hormone. Experienced athletes know that sex is only useful after training or competition, but not in front of them.

How to learn abstinence?

If for some reason a person has decided on a temporary sexual respite (fasting, spiritual practices, parting with a loved one during a business trip), how can it be less painful to survive this period and learn to reduce the passions? It is important to remember that moderate abstinence from sexual activity is sometimes beneficial for the body.

What can help practitioners of abstinence:

  • focus on spiritual growth and self-improvement,
  • to develop creative abilities and creativity during this period,
  • practice various techniques of meditation (contemplation, dynamic meditation according to Osho),
  • to do active sport.

Myths of Abstinence

Sexual abstinence is shrouded in various speculations and stereotypes. The following abstinence myths exist:

  1. Lack of sex can cause schizophrenia, forms a tendency to pedophilia and bestiality. This is not true since endogenous congenital abnormalities often underlie these manifestations.
  2. Long abstinence in men and women can cause premature menopause. Yes, there is such a thing as male menopause. It is believed that this myth was created by pharmaceutical companies to better sell condoms.
  3. Transformation of sexual energy into creative with abstinence. This is partly true if a person is by nature initially creative and obsessed with ideas, the period of slight abstinence for him passes painlessly, for everyone else, a sexual pause causes at least discomfort.

Ancient philosophers claimed that sperm was identical in origin with regard to which, therefore, they recommended that men not waste this beneficial fluid. Abstinence is obligatory among the ancient priests who consciously took a vow of celibacy - body caresses were strictly forbidden.

In addition, most religions, cults and traditions actively promoted the restriction or complete renunciation of carnal pleasures and sexual life. It would seem that the ancient times when cultivated prolonged abstinence in men have already passed, and no one is engaged in these nonsense. Is it really so?

Sexual abstinence: pros and cons

There is an opinion that if a man cannot conceive a baby for a long time, then he is advised to refrain from sexual intercourse. It is refusal for some time from sex that increases the chances for a successful conception.

This is due to the fact that during abstinence in the body of a man, the accumulation of germ cells occurs. Such sexual abstinence sometimes gives positive results. But not everyone approves of this method, it also has opponents who claim that men who have an active sex life have much higher sperm quality than those who constantly refuse to have intimacy with a woman.

Scientific studies conducted in Israel have revealed that abstinence just before the delivery of this valuable fluid reduces its quality. Israeli scientists took more than seven thousand samples as an experiment and established: after a fairly long rejection of sex during sexual intercourse, only its volume increases, and this is not a guarantee for a successful conception. In addition, sperm motility decreases sharply.

Modern medicine claims that abstinence in men in most cases causes damage to health. Regular sexual training has a beneficial effect on and strengthens the heart muscle. Sex is especially important for those men who are over 40 years old. It is healthy sexual relations that contribute to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Abstinence in men: consequences

Long-term rejection of sex by the development of prostatitis, accelerated ejaculation, frequent and depression is dangerous. Medical studies claim that men are divided into two types. The first includes those who lead an active sex life and react very painfully to abandoning it. The second type is those with different life priorities, therefore, for them abstinence is not an important problem and does not affect their health and mood.

The degree of harm from sexual abstinence directly depends on the man’s age: the older he is, the more dangerous it is for him to have a long and unreasonable sexual restriction. Constant abstinence in men after forty years can lead to the development of congestion, prostatitis, adenoma, and the risk of a cancerous tumor increases.

There is no significant benefit from sexual abstinence. The only significant reason for him is separation from his wife or girlfriend. Abstinence from fleeting and promiscuous sexual intercourse is always certainly useful.

After forced abstinence in a man, it can be reduced, but with repeated contacts the function is restored again. For each man, the period of return to the previous regimen of sexual activity is individual: for some, half an hour, and for others a week. It is better not to leave for a long time from your soulmate and not to deprive yourself and her sexual pleasure. Moreover, it has already been proven that sexual abstinence leads to depression, irritability, lethargy and depression.

The psychological consequences of abstinence

What causes prolonged abstinence in psychological health? In men, the absence of sex leads to depression, emotional distress, neurosis and nervous breakdowns.

Often a man has thoughts about impotence, which are accompanied by an oppressed state. This situation in combination provokes premature ejaculation and fear of sexual relations.

The most correct decision is to calm down and try to try closeness.

Such negative phenomena as disturbance of night sleep and insomnia are inextricably linked to the lack of the ability to lead a regular sexual life.

Long-term abstinence is the path to excessive emissions, feelings of sexual neurosis, pushing a man to engage in masturbation.

These problems are natural and explainable, but changes in the prostate gland are still a great danger.

Sexual abstinence in men: what is dangerous

Sexual abstinence in men: what is dangerous

Ancient philosophers claimed that sperm was identical in origin with the gray matter of the brain, and therefore they recommended that men not waste this beneficial fluid. Abstinence in men was mandatory among the ancient priests who consciously took a vow of celibacy - body caresses were strictly forbidden.

In addition, most religions, cults and traditions actively promoted the restriction or complete renunciation of carnal pleasures and sexual life. It would seem that the ancient times when cultivated prolonged abstinence in men have already passed, and no one is engaged in these nonsense. Is it really so?

Sexual abstinence: pros and cons

There is an opinion that if a man cannot conceive a baby for a long time, then he is advised to refrain from sexual intercourse. It is refusal for some time from sex that increases the chances for a successful conception.

This is due to the fact that during abstinence in the body of a man, the accumulation of germ cells occurs. Such sexual abstinence sometimes gives positive results. But not everyone approves of this method, it also has opponents who claim that men who have an active sex life have much higher sperm quality than those who constantly refuse to have intimacy with a woman.

Scientific studies conducted in Israel have revealed: abstinence in male donor sperm just before the donation of this valuable fluid reduces its quality.

Israeli scientists took as an experiment more than seven thousand samples of seminal fluid and established: after a fairly long rejection of sex during sexual intercourse, only its volume increases, and this is not a guarantee for a successful conception. In addition, sperm motility decreases sharply.

Modern medicine claims that abstinence in men in most cases causes damage to health. Regular sexual training has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system and strengthens the heart muscle. Sex is especially important for those men who are over 40 years old. It is healthy sexual relations that contribute to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Abstinence in men: consequences

Dangerous long-term rejection of sex by the development of prostatitis, accelerated ejaculation, frequent mood swings and depression. Medical studies claim that men are divided into two types.

The first includes those who lead an active sex life and react very painfully to abandoning it.

The second type is those with different life priorities, therefore, for them abstinence is not an important problem and does not affect their health and mood.

The degree of harm from sexual abstinence directly depends on the man’s age: the older he is, the more dangerous it is for him to have a long and unreasonable sexual restriction. Constant abstinence in men after forty years can lead to the development of congestion, prostatitis, adenoma, and the risk of a cancerous tumor increases.

There is no significant benefit from sexual abstinence. The only significant reason for him is separation from his wife or girlfriend. Abstinence from fleeting and promiscuous sexual intercourse is always certainly useful.

After forced abstinence in a man, sexual intercourse can be reduced, but with repeated contacts, the function is restored again.

For each man, the period of return to the previous regimen of sexual activity is individual: for some, half an hour, and for others a week. It is better not to leave for a long time from your soulmate and not to deprive yourself and her sexual pleasure.

Moreover, it has already been proven that sexual abstinence leads to depression, irritability, lethargy and depression.

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Negative aspects of abstinence

Abstinence in men

The male body outwardly reacts more sharply to the absence of sex. Men become irritable, they have signs of cardiovascular disease. They can be expressed in heart palpitations, jumps in blood pressure, headaches and dizziness. As a rule, the root cause are diseases of the nervous system that provoke all kinds of neuroses.

Then, stagnation begins. The veins of the scrotum, seminal canal, hemorrhoidal nodes, rectum, etc. swell. They are accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the perineum, there are frequent urges to urinate.

Sexual abstinence in the period from 30 to 45 years weakens the sexual abilities of men, and long-term abstinence leads to their complete loss.

However, the degree of harm to the male body when refusing sex depends on its individual characteristics. Men with weak sex drive can refrain from sexual intercourse for several years without pronounced harm to health.

Temperamental men immediately begin to experience psychological and physiological problems.

Abstinence affects performance, physical and mental activity, emotional and sexual disorders and sexual neuroses occur.

Particularly difficult to tolerate the lack of sexual relations, young men. They begin insomnia, anxiety, irritability.

The most characteristic complication due to sexual abstinence is premature ejaculation.

As a rule, failure during sex after prolonged abstinence throws the man into shock, and instead of making subsequent attempts, he takes a break, which further exacerbates the situation.

As a result, failures follow one after another, further disabling the psychological and physiological state of a man.

Abstinence in women

Women have a different attitude to life without sex. It all depends on the sexual constitution, temperament, upbringing and emotional component. Women with mild sexual desire seem to tolerate abstinence quite easily.

However, everything is much more serious than it seems at first glance. In women who do not have sex, one way or another, physiological changes occur. Their skin deteriorates, wrinkles appear earlier and gynecological diseases more often occur.

They are more susceptible to excess weight and cardiovascular disease.

Women with a pronounced sexual desire are very suffering due to lack of sex. They become irritable, excitable, they have sharp mood swings.

Like men, women have neuroses, expressed in problems with the cardiovascular system. Differential pressure begins, the pulse quickens, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, etc.

If abstinence is long-term, there is a risk of developing female diseases.

If you regularly have sex, your blood contains 30% more immunoglobulin A than those who advocate abstinence.

Regular sex life strengthens the immune system, improves mood and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of all systems of your body.

Who abstained?

Who abstained?

Abstinence is not at all a cost to the male seed, although it sounds similar. Nobody has died from this yet. You just need to know your acceptable deadline. And be distracted. And how long and how, says the andrologist, Ph.D. Roman Rozhivanov.

- Roman Vladimirovich, what is abstinence?

- You will not find the exact definition.It should be understood that when speaking of abstinence, we can only mean a healthy man who, while experiencing sexual desires, consciously refuses to satisfy them. Consciously, and not due to illness, including psychosomatic.

- For what time refuses?

- This is an individual issue related to the sexual constitution. For some, abstinence is a week, someone for six months can refuse sex.

- Does the sexual constitution depend on age, nationality, social status?

- She is not determined by age. But over the years, of course, sexual function fades. Her connection with the national characteristics of the study was not confirmed.

- But what about the sexuality of black men?

- These are myths. It’s just that the hyperactive dark-skinned stories are passed from mouth to mouth, because such sex, of course, will be remembered by a white woman. A hyperactive male tribesman will pass as an episode almost unnoticed, and she will not share this with her friends. Among representatives of all nationalities, there are people with a strong sexual constitution, and with a very weak one.

- What about social status? For example, with the oligarchs, which, like diamonds, are all girls and even mature ladies dreaming of?

- Malnutrition and hard physical labor do not contribute to the strengthening of male power. But the life of the oligarchs freed from these misfortunes is full of other problems. These are stress, obesity, alcohol, physical inactivity. Spending days in the stuffy city office and staring at the secretary, you can’t strengthen the potency. And the most dangerous for potency is nervous shocks, without which it is impossible to imagine the life of a modern business person.

- How to determine whether a man refuses sex because he consciously goes on abstinence, or the reason is impotence?

- The question of simulation in sex is very difficult. An andrologist, after examining and analyzing, examining the patient, can make sure that the man, from a physiological point of view, is healthy, that is, there is no pathology of the reproductive system. Here it is already necessary to connect a sex therapist: for what reason a person chose abstinence - according to world outlook principles, or is it impotence caused by psychosomatic problems.

Is an andrologist a male gynecologist?
- Partly yes. Only andrologists are more aware of sexual dysfunctions than gynecologists. This medical specialty does not exist legally in our country. But the science of andrology is recognized.

Urologists, endocrinologists and sexopathologists are engaged in it. In some European countries, andrologists as specialists work officially. But this is not surprising. So it was with all medical specialties.

After all, medicine itself was once part of philosophy.

How do you feel about male sterilization? - Just as with women, it’s bad. I believe that any surgical intervention that is not aimed at saving a person’s life or improving his health should be used only in exceptional cases.

- But this is male egoism - let women drink contraceptives, and men enjoy sex that is safe for them!

- For many years, scientists have been trying to develop hormonal contraceptives for men. Colossal funds are being spent on this, which, if successful, will certainly pay off. But while it is not possible to find something comparable in effectiveness with the most ineffective female drugs.

- What are the consequences of male abstinence?

- Male abstinence leads to chronic prostatitis. It should be noted that, contrary to popular belief, prostatitis does not lead to impotence.

“Is that all?”

- Do you think this is not enough? What is the prostate? This is a smooth muscle organ with secretion glands. This secret should come out. With abstinence, he does not come out. The process begins, reminiscent of the formation of acne, eel.

- There is an opinion that inflammation of the prostate leads to the development of cancer.

- There is an opinion, but there are no studies proving this fact.

- Well, all the monks suffer from prostatitis?

- Firstly, are you sure that all monks abstain from sex life? Secondly, how do you imagine the design of a study of monks for prostatitis? Thirdly, most men are dominated by sexual motivation in life. Monks have religious motivation. This can affect the course of physiological processes.

- Is a man able to be faithful to his beloved wife?

- A certain percentage - maybe. It depends on many factors. We already spoke about one thing - the sexual constitution. The stronger the man has it, the more difficult it is for him to restrain his lust.

- How to determine that your chosen one is at risk?

- If, years after the beginning of a life together, he continues to fulfill his conjugal duty 7 - 9 times a week. But this does not mean that such a spouse will necessarily cheat on his wife. There are many other factors that determine the scenario of sexual behavior that a person follows. First of all, this upbringing is a pattern of relationships that he observed in the parental family. Influences him and the environment: how to spend leisure time among his friends and colleagues, which is considered the norm of behavior. And finally, financial opportunities. If a man was financially constrained, and then received financial freedom, then he will most likely try to satisfy his curiosity and at least once try to have a mistress.

“Or will he turn to the services of priestesses of love?”

“It's more complicated here.” Paid sex is a problem that psychologists deal with. In this case, it is not only physiology, but sometimes the attempts of a man to cope with internal complexes that can be caused by a lot of psychological problems.

- Can a woman develop in her husband a conditioned sexual reflex only for herself?

- I can’t please - it cannot, at least from the point of view of modern science.

- And how to defeat the craving for infidelity in a man with a strong sexual constitution?

- The best way is physical activity. And we are not talking about digging summer cottages on Saturdays. It is necessary to send him 3 times a week for two-hour classes in the gym.

- What does male libido react to?

- On a variety of things: on the appearance - the face, figure, proportions, on the timbre of the voice, on smells, on the style of dressing. And many many others. A matter of fantasy. A man who, choosing a woman, is looking for a friend, ally, mother of his children, as a rule, is guided by moral and ideological criteria, reacts to communication.

Sexual constitution - this is a set of biological properties (features) of the body, formed under the influence of hereditary factors and developmental conditions in the prenatal period and early childhood, which determines the level of sexual need, the limit of sexual activity and resistance to harmful influences affecting the sexual sphere.

The sexual constitution defines sexual temperament. The scale of the male sexual constitution was developed by Georgy Vasilchenko (1921-2006) - a neuropathologist, professor, and doctor of medical sciences. He secured the creation of a sexological care service in the country.

There is also a vector scale for determining the sexual constitution of women, developed by Vasilchenko's comrade-in-arms Irina Botneva.

Details are in the next issues of the magazine.

- That is, you are calculating a potential partner and putting on the mask you are looking for? - Will not help. When drawing up any scheme, there will be unaccounted factors that will change the situation. It is necessary to live as it is, enjoying it. You’ve never been masked all your life.

- Is it true that abstinence increases the likelihood of conception?

- The optimal abstinence period for couples whose goal is pregnancy is 3-5 days. No more. This is the time required to accumulate the desired concentration of mature sperm.With more frequent sex, the concentration decreases and the likelihood of pregnancy decreases.

- It turns out that abstinence is not so harmful.

- When masturbation is not harmful, but can this be considered abstinence? There is also one “but.” In an elderly man who has lowered testosterone in the blood vessels are sclerosed, but a conditioned reflex is maintained with a constant sexual partner, usually his wife, regularly, once a week, the mechanism continues to work. But during a forced break, for example, the wife went to the hospital for a month, it may turn out that even this short period of abstinence will be enough to turn off the system. Elder abstinence is not shown.

- And who can be considered elderly?

- There are different opinions on this. I only note that the level of testosterone in the blood of men begins to decline at the age of 30.

Abstinence - prolonged abstinence of men and women - consequences

By “abstinence” is meant a term denoting the complete absence of sexual life.

It is very significant that the concept of synonym is actively used in medicine - abstinence (sexual), which in any other case describes the condition of “breaking” in a drug-dependent person.

Official Medicine - Abstinence

Considering the issue of abstinence for men, as well as its possible benefits and harms, doctors like to frighten with terrible diseases, but this does not mean that they express the majority opinion.

Not everyone thinks so. Moreover, adherents of the theory believe that the constant release of sperm causes the loss of the most important nutrients: phosphorus, lecithin, cholesterol, etc.

The more important question is how abstinence can turn into a couple relationship.

The conservation of sex hormones provokes the processing of their body. You do not lose useful substances, which themselves are replenished very reluctantly.

They also put forward such facts in favor of abstinence:

  1. Orgasm in itself is a test for life. At this time, the body is in a state of shock, a powerful cramp appears, which leads to negative processes in the vessels of the brain and muscles.

Immediately after ejaculation, men always feel weakness, loss of strength, because they lose the lion's share of difficult to replace nutrients, significantly reduced immunity and energy potential.

  • The nervous system is so depressed that the appearance of neurasthenia is likely.
  • During copulation, damage to internal organs, increased blood pressure are possible.

    Scientists often cite the great geniuses and creators of Da Vinci, Newton, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Aristotle, who successfully practiced abstinence and did not notice any negative consequences. On the contrary, they gave the world great discoveries.

    Athletes of Ancient Greece were faster, stronger and healthier than all in their time.

    Abstinence was practiced by many great men, including Leonardo da Vinci

    They preferred to completely refrain from sexual intercourse before the competition and thus strengthened themselves.

    What do famous scientists think about the benefits of abstinence:

    1. Richard von Kraft-Ebing, an Austrian-German researcher of human sexuality, considered all “abstinence diseases” a fiction.
    2. Eduard Chasseniak, a French professor of anatomy and surgery, thought that the healthier a person was, the more often he should practice such a restriction. This is an absolute norm.

    Only sick (especially mentally) people are given this with difficulty.

  • German professor and anatomist Max Fürbinger expressed the opinion that all problems for bachelors arise precisely because of the unnatural satisfaction of lust, from masturbation, and not from abstinence.
  • Endocrinologist Ef.

    Jay Leedson (Illinois, USA) puts it literally as follows: “Abstinence can never be harmful.Moreover, preservation of the seed in the testes often has a positive effect on physical and mental activity. ”

  • Physiologist and venereologist Jean Alfred Fournier ridicules the very idea of ​​the “danger of abstinence” and insists that in all his many years of practice he has not yet encountered the case when sex would be physiologically necessary to resist the disease.
  • Dr. F.

    McCann speaks of abstinence as a way to maintain youth and health, because lecithin contained in semen has long been used to treat neurological and sexual disorders.

    Long-term observation of copulation of rabbits led to conclusions about obvious harm, because after the release of sperm all males were in a state close to epilepsy.

    There was a complete exhaustion of the central system, trembling limbs.

    Regular sexual contact is necessary to maintain harmony in a pair

    When observing young stallions, deaths occurred, as this led to overstrain and a complete loss of strength.

    Even young bulls lost consciousness for a while, which once again emphasizes the truthfulness of the theory of the apparent harm of frequent copulation.

    If you collect some general opinion, then doctors say that reproduction is the ejection into the woman’s vagina of all the best that the human body is capable of.

    A man loses a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and weakens. This is the price of breeding.

    Excessive sexual excesses for the male body are not desirable and will not lead to anything good.

    Many of these arguments look believable.

    Observing Lent and practicing spiritually, men often not only do not feel a breakdown during sublimation, but, on the contrary, they feel much more energetic than before.

    Of course, this does not happen immediately, but after the restructuring of a new lifestyle.

    And while many of the arguments on both sides look believable, don't go to extremes.

    Abstinence for men - benefits and harms after 50 years

    In this matter, scientists are also divided into two camps. On the one hand, after 45 years, men have better studied their body and can give a woman maximum pleasure.

    Doctors literally shout about the importance of a periodic sexual life, about how much it affects sexual function and its recovery.

    According to them, an erection and sexual intercourse should become an integral part of life.

    It also affects the level of testosterone in the blood, the improvement of the endocrine system and the protection of the function of the prostate gland.

    They believe that abstinence for more than 5 consecutive years can lead to impotence.

    On the other hand, opponents are confident that with age, the male body weakens, and such an overstrain is more likely to give rise to hemorrhage or heart failure.

    Especially if they did not give preference to physical activity and led a passive lifestyle.

    There are many examples where older people fell dead after intercourse.

    In adulthood, the issue of sexual relations should be treated with particular care.

    I recall the sad story of the general, military governor M. D. Sobolev, who at the age of 38 suddenly died in the bed of an elite courtesan from “heart paralysis”.

    Abstinence for men - benefits and harms according to tantra and Vedas

    Abstinence for men, according to the Vedic cults, is more beneficial than harmful.

    In Tibet, there are several opinions on this score at once.

    Vedic tantra is considered an ancient esoteric teaching, the meaning of which is often perceived incorrectly.

    In fact, there is no explicit propaganda for sex.

    Abstinence and sexual practice are used as such, but not for pleasure, but to comprehend the doctrine of the Superconscious.

    Each time it is used for self-improvement and concentration on the spiritual side of the issue.

    In fact, tantra considers abstinence and an active sex life equally useful.

    On the other hand, the doctrine recognizes that such a great sexual power can also be discharged for exalted activities: science, art, worship.

    The practice of abstinence is widespread in Tibet

    Abstinence also accumulates Chi energy and prolongs a person’s life.

    In general, moderation and control of their actions are promoted, all the same as modern doctors insist on.

    The Vedas consider sexual energy the most powerful in the universe, because thanks to it, a man (not without female help, of course) is able to create a new person!

    Up to 25 years, it is considered inappropriate to spend this precious resource, therefore full abstinence (virginity) is welcome.

    Sexual energy is the most powerful according to the Vedas

    Thus, the energy of tapas is accumulated, it makes it possible:

    1. Survive under any circumstances.
    2. Always get your way
    3. Iron Patience
    4. Be true to your goals
    5. Staying strong and happy throughout life

    Rami Blekt, writer, philosopher, mystic, deeply studied Vedic culture and believes that during ejaculation, valuable energy is lost - ojas.

    It is almost not replenished and affects the life expectancy and strength of the nervous system.

    Female energy makes up for the loss a little, but not 100%.

    And masturbation completely takes energy from the future of a man and can even affect his ancestors.

    Alternatively, you can use techniques where ejaculation is not associated with orgasm. The man at the same time enjoys.

    But negative health consequences can also be, and not everyone is able to fully master them.

    There is a theory in this regard in Ayurveda.

    Ayurvedic schools consider abstinence from the point of view of the caste to which one or another person belongs.

    That is, abstinence is desirable, depends on the purpose of life:

    1. The brahmanas (clergy, teachers) were recommended complete celibacy, because they dealt with spiritual aspects.
    2. Kshatriyam (warriors) - frequent reproduction is allowed, as these are strong personalities with good genetics and energy level. Their goal is to serve people.

    Vaishyam (merchants, farmers) could have sex, but they had to provide all their wives and offspring, as well as sacrifice a lot of time and energy for spiritual practices and charity.

  • The sudras (artists, simple workers) were not placed strict prohibitions as a lower caste, but sex life existed only within the framework of a legal marriage.
  • Abstinence from ejaculation and tao of love

    Tao believes that in order to extend the limits of his existence, it is necessary to be moderate in everything. This is especially true of sexual habits.

    Frequent depletion of the "vital elixir" leads to premature withering of the body, susceptibility to disease.

    It is required to clearly limit yourself in this regard.

    A Taoist doctor, Sun Xiu Mo, calculated the optimal frequency of ejaculation:

    • 20 years - every 4 days
    • 30 years - 1 time in 8 days
    • 40 years - 1 time in 10 days
    • 50 years - every 20 days

    At the same time, daily physical activity and proper nutrition occupied a special place.

    As a result, the Taoists came to the conclusion that the best option would be to have sexual intercourse without ejaculation.

    There are several methods:

    • Braking method. It consists in diaphragmatic breathing and interruption of sexual intercourse for 20 seconds with subsequent continuation. The man calms down and begins to feel the limits of the moment of ejaculation and learns to control himself.
    • Extrusion method. It is necessary during sex to take a deep breath and within 3 seconds to press on the point between the scrotum and the anus.
    • Kinsay-Simakin control. In anticipation of an approaching orgasm, a man must strain his buttocks and hips to achieve a reduction in all muscles. He can even continue to move, an orgasm will come, but without ejaculation.

    Tip: try practicing one of the suggested techniques for 2 months.With due diligence, you will get the expected result.

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