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Fashionable winter hats: a selection of hats winter 2018-2019

Dressing stylishly does not mean at all - dressing is not comfortable. This is proved by fashion trends in clothes 2019-2020, welcoming comfortable and beautiful things in a women's wardrobe.

It is from the category of "Stylish and Comfortable" and the heroes of our today's post are fashionable hats 2019-2020.

If we look at fashionable hats 2019-2020 in terms of seasonality, we can say with confidence that the designers have offered an incredible amount of ideas, both for the period of rains, wind and snow, and women's hats for pleasant sunny and warm days.

Among the abundance of styles, one can distinguish amazing headwear 2019-2020 that demonstrate the most current trends in this direction, in particular knitted, fur, fabric and leather hats, beautiful felt hats, caps, light scarves, headbands, feminine scarves - yokes, etc. .

For those who are looking for a beautiful, stylish style, we offer you to look at fashionable hats 2019-2020, relevant in the period of cold and warmer seasons.

We have prepared for you a short excursion on the topic “Fashionable women's hats”, as well as selected ideas for the images of how and with what to wear women's hats.

Fashion hats 2019-2020: a few words about the trends

If we talk about what new trendsetters will offer in the near future, we can confidently say that color is important in any element of the wardrobe.

A rich palette and seasonal ornamentalism will affect fashion hats 2019-2020, decorating the hats with funny knitted patterns, cute little animals and flowers, intricate abstractions and geometric shapes.

Hats with bright mixes of color combinations, relevant classic and pastel shades, as well as rich tones, for example, red, green, blue, blue, purple, burgundy, etc. will be in harmony with the outerwear of the fall-winter season, complementing the set with the necessary warm accent.

Next, you will see which hats from which materials will be trending in 2019-2020.

Fashionable hats 2019-2020: hats, caps, hats ...

Someone's hats such as hats, cause not the most pleasant emotions. Many people think that a hat can ruin your hair - the work of several hours at the mirror.

Choosing women's hats, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to find the very successful style that would harmoniously fit into the autumn-winter look and suit you by face type and appearance.

But don't be upset. Today, fashionable hats in the form of hats are so diverse that even the most fastidious lady will be able to choose a hat to her taste.

In the trend, such hats 2019-2020 as knitted hats of small and large knitting turban and turban, luxurious winter hats made of smooth and long fur, hats with earflaps.

Such stylish hats 2019-2020 will not let you freeze even in the most severe frosts.

If you need more options, designers offered youth styles - light beanie hats (knitted or mohair), and knitted and knitted hats with a pompom.

Trendy berets that perfectly complement the romantic and retro look will be relevant in the fall-winter season.

The novelty of the fall-winter season is unusual hats, hoods that will appeal to teenage girls and women who prefer an informal style of dress.

And stylish and feminine felt hats 2019-2020 will become an exclusive find for real ladies who prefer graceful classic looks.

Women's hats 2019-2020: snood - as an alternative to hats

As we have said, no matter how stylish the caps are, for many such hats are very uncomfortable.

That is why fashionable hats 2019-2020 in the form of snood scarves or, as they are also called, a collar will become a successful alternative to hats.

Hats clamps 2019-2020 - this is the best solution for creating unique and feminine bows autumn-winter with an elegant coat, a luxurious fur coat, a bright fur coat or sheepskin coat, a beautiful down jacket-dress.

These hats are also present in the spring-summer season, complementing a delicate dress, or a tandem of a skirt, jacket and top with a light airy version of the collar, which you can always cover your head when necessary. Otherwise, you can wear a scarf in the form of a scarf.

As a rule, fashionable hats 2019-2020 snoods for cold days are made of knitwear, in the form of large knits, but more accurate and reverent knitted patterns are also welcome.

Stylish hats 2019-2020: original hats

Lovers of classics and elegant style, as well as lovers of extravagant street style, fashion designers are advised to choose for themselves such headwear 2019-2020 as hats.

The usual hats in the form of hats were replenished with exclusive novelties, demonstrating the diversity of hat fashion with such models as fedora, trilby, cloche, fez hats.

Fashionable hats with large brim in the actual shades of the season - a tribute to the jockey style, will become a favorite for young fashionistas who choose an urban style.

Many models will also be amazed, such as a current, a tablet hat, a retro bi-bi style, unusual fur hats.

We picked up for you original photo ideas where fashion hats 2019-2020 in the form of hats are also present, having looked through which you will see how stylish the image can become if you have a hat.

Original hats 2019-2020: stylish caps and caps

Although such hats 2019-2020 as caps and caps can also be attributed to hats, we nevertheless allocated them to a separate category, because fashionable caps and caps are very unusual, look very stylish, and are often suitable for those women who completely abandon others options.

You can wear fashionable caps and caps hats, both with sports-style clothes or casual, and with more elegant coat styles, for example, cape, poncho, straight cut, as well as with down jackets and short fur coats.

It is nice that these hats 2019-2020 can be worn in the spring and summer, and look very stylish and original.

Headwear 2019-2020: fashion dressings, bandanas, shawls

As you can see, there are not enough ideas on what to put on your head so that it is warm and beautiful. To the above-mentioned styles, you can also add such hats as bandages, bandanas and women's scarves.

They will create very successful and beautiful bows in different stylistic directions, refreshing your appearance and giving your image a special mood.

It is characteristic that bandages, bandanas and scarves can be worn both in warm seasons and in cold weather. It all depends on the material from which the headpiece is made.

Note that the bandages and bandanas are notable for a wide variety of styles, which will complement not only elegant sets, but will also look relevant in combination with a youth wardrobe in an informal direction.

But stylish scarves are an ideal solution for self-confident women who pay attention to trifles and details, are ready to give fabulous money for a handbag, and do not imagine their spring-summer, or even autumn-winter look without glasses.

Silk scarves and from denser material options will look unique with coats, cropped jackets and jackets, complement a fashionable cardigan, and will look spectacular in tandem with a fur coat and sheepskin coat.

Caps 2018 - 2019

Today, stylists and designers offer men a variety of fashionable ideas in clothing collections, which, as a rule, arise in advance of the desired season. The same can be said about the collections of winter clothes, which are already at the stage of creation and development, although the winter season 2018-2019 has not yet arrived. The collections offer classic, shocking, model and youth, and most importantly, fashionable men's winter hats for the next winter season.

Features and trends of the season

Like any previous seasons, weather forecasters predict that the Russian winter of 2018 will bring frost and cold, so you need to think about a cozy, warm, comfortable, but stylish and fashionable bow in advance. This task is set by fashion designers and stylists, developing collections of men's hats.

The following criteria are taken as a basis - practicality, minimal care for hats, but originality and compliance with fashion trends. Features of winter hats for the next winter season for men will be the following points:

  • simplicity of shades and restraint of the color gamut of products,
  • simple, simple models and styles,
  • minimum use of decor items and decorations.

The following models and varieties of caps will become new trends in the winter season of 2018-2019:

  • knitted patterns with decor and additional handmade jewelry,
  • stylish hats unisex models "bean",
  • elongated and round patterns for young men,
  • hats that can be worn slightly to the side or back to the back of the head, adjusting the shape of the face in a favorable light
  • light knit hats with logos and labels on the front, simplicity of lines and the presence of decorative accents,
  • fur hats for handsome and stylish men.

In general, experts note that the winter men's hats of 2018-2019 are a complete contradiction, the combination of large sizes and stylish original design. That is, at first glance, large, warm and comfortable styles in the next season will be a real trend. This will allow a man not to make a choice between comfort and fashion, but to successfully and harmoniously combine these two criteria in one headdress.

Varieties and models

If a man prefers stylish men's winter hats, designers and fashion designers have prepared many interesting ideas for the next winter season this year. Thanks to new collections, representatives of the stronger sex can always emphasize their special style and image, look elegant and modern.

Of the proposed models of hats, men should pay attention to the following types:

  1. Tight and thin hats made of knitwear. These are simple and very comfortable to wear things that sit perfectly on the head, taking its shape. Caps of bright colors with print and textured drawings, ornament will look original.
  2. Beanie hats are knitted. Such caps volumetric texture and youth style suggest volume in the neck. Here you can turn off the cap and form different styles from it. Models with stripes and handmade decor will be fashionable.
  3. Hats with buboes. Such a perky mood was immediately appreciated by representatives of the golden youth. Designers offer handmade hats with textured geometric patterns, as well as with the presence of buboes.

Also, special attention should be paid to caps, which are again in fashion. For the winter season, designers have prepared models with ears made of thick fabrics. There are also models that resemble in shape a baseball cap with a leather visor, as well as elegant fur models with a neat visor.

Material and color scheme

If you look at the proposed models of hats for men for the winter season 2018-2019, you can see that the current manufacturing materials are knitwear, wool, felt, melange, cashmere, natural fur and leather.

The most successful color schemes are as follows:

  • black hat for any look and age,
  • white hat for young guys
  • gray hat for connoisseurs of classics,
  • red hat for men with a bright appearance,
  • hats with Scandinavian patterns and geometric prints.

When choosing a color and model, classic low-key hats of dark shades will be a win-win option. Gray, ash, beige, brick and mustard tones will also be popular.

What will be the wedding dress 2019-2020: photos, ideas, fashion trends

Hats for women for the winter are an important part of every fashionista’s wardrobe, which not only takes care of their health, but also wants to look fashionable and stylish even in winter.

Stylish women's hats for the winter should not only be warm and beautiful, but also harmoniously complement your appearance, and most importantly, combine beautifully with all accessories and clothes in general.

Today there is a huge selection of a variety of hats for women for the winter: stylish knitted hats, as well as fur hats for women for the winter, among a wide variety of which you will certainly find the perfect headgear for you.

Designers offer knitted winter hats for women of large knitting, a turban hat, a classic fitting hat with or without pompom, animal beanies, hats with braids and many other hat options.

To always be in a trend and correspond to the latest winter trends, it is important to know about styles, materials, colors and beautiful models of knitted hats for the winter, as well as hats from different types of fur.

We offer you interesting options for knitted hats and stylish hats made of fur in 2019-2020, photos of which can be viewed in our selection.

Modern knitted winter hats for women 2019-2020

Original knitted hats for women do not go out of fashion and remain at the peak of popularity this winter.

Designers offer models of winter hats for women, which allow you to choose a knitted hat for the winter to a down jacket, jacket, sheepskin coat or fur coat.

You will certainly find fashionable women's hats for the winter for a stylish and modern image of every girl who is sensitive to her appearance.

Modern knitted winter hats for women offer different styles of knitting. Women's hats for the winter of 2019-2020 are presented in large knits, which looks unusual and original, perfectly complementing down jackets and even coats.

Women's winter hats 2019-2020 can be presented in one color - be it bright colors or delicate pastel shades, or unusual winter hats for women combined in texture and colors.

Especially fashionable and popular models of knitted winter hats for women with pompons.

The pompom can be in the color of the hat or differ in color, which looks very interesting and beautiful. The perky pompom on winter hats can be made from the same material as the hat itself, or fur, which is also very cute and will appeal to many girls.

Special attention should be paid to such a modern trend of this season as beanie hats.

These are fashionable knitted hats for the winter of 2019-2020, which sufficiently fit your head and can be with or without a pompom.

The most popular among fashionistas are knitted winter beanie hats with lowered tulle. Such models of winter knitted hats for women can easily be combined with fur coats and short fur coats.

Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme - knitted hats of deep saturated shades look incredibly stylish this winter, which gives the look a special chic.

Caps for women this winter can be decorated with different rhinestones, a brooch, a bow - the main thing is not to overdo it, everything should be in moderation. If you are not a fan of jewelry for women's hats, then you can easily do without them by choosing winter women's hats from beautiful threads with gold or silver elements.

Knitted women's hats are popular and modern, perfectly complementing your appearance, they are also incredibly comfortable and convenient, warm and protect from the cold.

Stylish fur hats 2019-2020

A chic option for hats for women for the winter are fur hats. Winter hats for women are perfect for a fur coat or short fur coat. Fur hats for the winter protect against the cold, warm in the winter and qualitatively transform your appearance.

For yourself, you can watch hats made of fur for the winter of various kinds and in different styles. Caps for women made of fur do not require special care and will delight you for a long time.

There are a lot of types and types of hats for women from fur, and you will certainly look at your version of an ideal and chic fur hat for the winter, photos of which are presented in our gallery.

Women's hats 2019-2020: stylish women's winter fur and knitted hats

We offer you interesting options for fur and knitted hats for women, photos of which are presented in our gallery ...

Fashionable women's hats 2019-2020: trends and trends

If we talk about colors, then fashionable women's hats 2019-2020 will remind you of the past warm seasons with brightness and richness of shades.

And although traditional hats of pastel and dark shades, in particular cream, coffee, beige, white, classic black, gray and brown, will not leave the wardrobes of fashionistas, nevertheless stylists advise to pamper themselves by choosing fashionable hats of turquoise, green, red, raspberry, emerald, orange, burgundy, plum, blue and pale pink.

You must admit that such fashionable hats 2019-2020 cannot go unnoticed, especially if they are worn with a scarf from the same material.

At the peak of popularity, fashionable hats of large knitting in the form of volumetric braids, color patterns, patterns in the form of fish scales, Norwegian patterns.

And although there were knitted hats in past seasons, in 2019-2020, fashion hats were replenished with such innovative models as bini, turban, Helsinki, snuds, etc.

And now on the shelves ... What fashionable women's hats 2019-2020 you definitely need to pay attention to look stylish.

Fashion hats 2019-2020: new items and styles of winter hats

Beautiful winter hats 2019-2020 are demonstrated with large-knit options that will successfully complement your autumn-winter bow in a sports direction, casual, street and urban style.

Helsinki coarse knit hats made of wool are not only special in their versatility, they are incredibly warm and will save you from the most severe colds, carefully wrapping your hair in severe frosts.

If fashionable hats are also decorated with a magnificent pompom, admire yourself, because you are in a trend!

Trendy hats fall-winter 2019-2020: turban and turban

Trendy hats fall-winter 2019-2020 called a turban on girls with thin features look incredibly elegant and elegant.

These fashionable women's hats with a typical thin viscous are most often made of gray, burgundy, blue, brown, black wool.

Fashionable turban hats are a great addition to luxurious outerwear, in particular fur coats of midi or floor length, a fashionable fitted or loose model coat or an elegant style sheepskin coat.

To emphasize the magnificence of the outfit, fashionable turban caps 2019-2020 can be decorated with a beautiful brooch with stones, which creates the effect of chic, flirty and luxury.

But voluminous knitted turban hats will be appreciated by those fashionistas who want to experiment with winter images. Such fashionable hats will agree to wear only originals and creative girls.

Fashion hats 2019-2020 with pompom - playful and positive models for active fashionistas

Despite the fact that fashionable women's hats 2019-2020 with a pompom were still in demand, this did not stop designers from presenting new hats with this cute element in new collections.

Knitted women's hats with a pompom will suit things in sports and street style, providing comfort and good mood to its owner.

Note that fashionable hats with a pompom will work well with parka jackets, bomber jackets, down jackets, puffed short jackets, etc., emphasizing the activity and courageous disposition of any fashionista.

Color variations of this model are very different: from calm to bright and saturated. Also, the designers made a bunch of options with contrasting combinations of shades, which looks very original and relevant for the autumn-winter season.

Fashionable hats for women fall-winter 2019-2020 in a classic manner: ageless berets and women's hats

Fashion for hats 2019-2020 did not deprive women who like to look restrained, offering them beautiful hats in a classic manner with lapels and without an abundance of new products.

The most popular and stylish are fashionable hats 2019-2020 autumn-winter in styles such as knitted berets and women's hats that complement the elegant business, office, city, romantic bow.

Fashionable hats in the form of berets can be made of large yarn, and can be smooth in texture.

Leather berets, which broke into the fashion season, have become trendy, creating good competition with traditional models.

The color scheme, as a rule, is calm, however, knitted berets, bright in color, also have a place to be this season.

Fashion hats 2019-2020 berets are a great solution for women with good imagination, because this model can be worn in different ways, which will help a woman to be always new and unique.

As for women's hats, fashionable autumn-winter images with this option of a headdress will interest both girls and older women, because you can wear them with raincoats, trench coats, leather outerwear, different coat models.

Fashion designers offered fashionable women's hats with wide brim and elegant warm women's hats made of felt, decorated with ribbons, stones, beads, feathers, which cannot but attract attention and charm.

Fashionable women's hats 2019-2020: beautiful women's hats of snood

Many women believe that no matter how beautiful women's hats 2019-2020 appear, they will not suit them, and wearing them is only to add extra trouble with hair styling.

In fact, this is not so at all. Nevertheless, if you do not like traditional women's hats in a classic or more original manner, you can try a fashionable style called a collar or snood, which is a scarf - hat and transforms as you like.

Beautiful women's hats 2019-2020 snoods of large or small knitting, with patterns, or one-texture will help to create stunning stylish bows with a coat, fur coat, sheepskin coat.

Depending on the color of your outerwear, choose fashionable snood hats in more delicate or bright contrasting shades, emphasizing the chic look, and emphasizing the femininity and fragility of the silhouette.

Fashion hats 2019-2020: youth beanie

Beanie hats became trendy. New beanie hats and more familiar knitted models will conquer girls with a new chip - a veil. By the way, the veil appeared not only in this style, but also decorated other models, for example, a turban.

Original women's beanie hats seem to be invented to create exclusive youth sets with puffed jackets, quilted down jackets.

It is characteristic that the new bean models proposed by well-known brands will be combined even with short fur coats and fur coats, modeling playful and unusual bows.

Fashion hats 2019-2020: women's hats with fur and cool women's hats

Every year, new women's hats appear. Despite this, fashionable hats made of fur and with fur inserts are unrivaled.

Fashionable hats are presented both from eco-fur and from natural fur options. This winter will not do without hats with earflaps, which will save you from the cold, harmoniously fitting into sets in a variety of styles.

Fashionable hats made of fur and with fur inserts of more elegant models will wonderfully complement outerwear with fur inserts of the same shade.

But for girls who want to attract special attention in the cold months, we recommend choosing cool hats 2019-2020 with all kinds of prints, daring and unexpected colors, fashionable youth models with several pompons, beautiful women's hats with ears or an elongated back, etc. .

For many women of fashion - the very thing - there will be fashionable novelties of hats - pipes, hats in the form of warm and beautifully decorated bandages and scarves, women's hats with a visor.

If you haven’t bought a hat yet, here’s a collection of fashionable hats that showcases new items, trends and classic hat styles for fall-winter 2019-2020 hats.

Fur hats

Winters are very severe in most of the Russian territory, and fur hats are the best escape from severe frosts. Clothing designers offer a wide range of fur hats, including trending options: kubanka and earflaps. They can be made from both natural and faux fur.


The trendy model of the 80s of the twentieth century, again turned into a squeak fashion. The hat will decorate a girl or woman, add charm, mystery. Lost in the crowd will not work.

Fur hats are combined with any outerwear, the choice simplifies the abundance of not only different models, textures and types of fur, but also a large color palette of this accessory.

A fur scarf will be very relevant in the winter of 2019-2020. It gives the feminine image status and chic.

Fur hats are perfectly combined with leather jackets and classic sheepskin coats (long and shortened).

These fur products will look good with down jackets, giving them a luxurious look.

Knitted hats

Knitted hats 2019-2020 simply amaze with their diversity in colors, numerous styles. All models are not only practical and comfortable, but also carry the main idea of ​​the designer - they will make the image of a girl or woman memorable, stand out from the crowd, and additionally decorate.

It is advisable to purchase several hats for the season at once, which can be perfectly combined with any outerwear: a down jacket, sheepskin coat, fur coat or coat.

The fashionable accents of the models are as follows:

  • fine even knitting
  • large and bulk knitting,
  • with and without twists
  • snud
  • with pompons or ears
  • complete with a scarf, while there may be one color scheme, but with different shades,
  • turban hat
  • balaclava
  • with or without decor
  • berets.

Models can be matched to any style.

We select a fashionable novelty for the image

For men, who are often on the road, designers offer comfortable and simple models of hats, whether it is a simple knitted fitting hat, warm earflaps made of leather or fur, or an insulated and stylish cap. If severe frost is expected, earflaps, voluminous knitted hats, hats and fur models will be more than ever helpful. Models with ornaments, a lapel and hats with a visor are perfect for young guys.

When choosing a hat, you should pay attention to such brands as Armani Jeans with light sports models, PUMA with ethnic, sports, light headwear, LACOSTE with models for real fashionistas, English knitted OSTIN caps with pompons and acrylic buboes, Calvin Klein with jockey caps etc. It is also important to consider the styling of the headgear and the style of other items of clothing in order to harmoniously and competently combine them in one bow.

Stylish trends 2018-2019: the most beautiful and fashionable models

Modern style is unthinkable without fashionable hats, which are used not only for the purpose of warming, but also to create the perfect look. It is worth noting that this season, designers focused on practical and comfortable models that can emphasize the main female qualities: natural beauty and personality.

The most relevant are universal styles, which are perfectly combined with clothes of various directions. For example, any image can be supplemented with a hat in the style of sport chic or retro.

Also, special attention is paid to the correct combination with other elements of the wardrobe. So, if you plan to wear a knitted hat, it is better not to combine it with a similar sweater or cardigan.

“Gangster” felt hats decorated with bright decor elements are becoming very popular.

Among the fashionable novelties of 2019, the following models can be distinguished:

In addition, the most discussed novelty of this season was the winter hat-scarf (balaclava). Despite the ambiguous attitude to this model, it is considered one of the most practical and warm this season.


Caps for men for the next winter season of 2018-2019 are ready, new products and original collections were presented by such fashion houses and designers as LACOSTE, Calvin Klein, Armani Jeans, PUMA, OSTIN, Gucci, Moncler Gamme Bleu and other manufacturers. Many of the proposed models and styles are distinguished by their unique zest, as well as manufacturing materials and colors. But they all perform immediately de functions - they protect from the cold in any weather conditions and transform the appearance of a man only in a favorable light.

Trend model fall-winter 2018-2019: fashionable cap or cap

Extraordinary hats with a visor are also one of the main novelties of the fall-winter 2018-2019 season. The best option for courageous and active girls are military style caps. If you want to keep up with the times, then this season you just need to get a cap or cap with a visor.

The most trending models will be made of felt, tweed, leather, suede or velvet.

Fashionable women's cap-caps, decorated with fur decor, checkered print, sequins, appliques or rhinestones, are becoming increasingly popular.

It is worth noting that warm cap models require a fur or fleece lining. And in order to protect your head from the wind, you can choose a style with special lapels.

Laconic and classic hats: knitted models 2018-2019

Undoubtedly, knitted hats are the main trend in the new season autumn-winter 2018-2019.

Fashionable novelties are represented by various models that can be decorated with elements such as:

It is worth noting that such models look equally good with both a fitted coat and a down jacket. Caps with a pompom or ears, which can be supplemented with a long scarf of the same knitting as the headpiece, also deserve special attention.

It should be noted that for a harmonious image, you should adhere to a suitable color scheme for all accessories.

Original hat ideas: news 2018-2019

Recently, such models have been especially popular among the fair sex. Despite the bad weather outside the window, the girls always want to look stylish and fashionable. In addition, everyone is trying to choose a hat that could emphasize its internal state and personality.

In this they are helped by designers who come up with modern and unusual styles of hats every year.

This season, the most popular include:

  1. Hat with ears. The so-called ears can have a pointed shape or be in the form of volume pompons. Typically, such models are presented in several versions: plain or knitted. They are harmoniously combined with street style.
  2. Hat-scarf. A unique headpiece that can be worn in different variations. Often it is used as a scarf or hood. This fashion accessory is suitable for any outerwear and is very popular not only among women, but also among men.
  3. Turban - a traditional oriental accessory. This season is considered one of the trending models of hats. Ideal for girls with long and thick hair. Such a style can be decorated with brooches, multi-colored beads, bows and other elements.
  4. A hat-helmet. A great option for a hat for the whole family. This unusual model is able to easily protect your face and neck from frost and wind. This hat is suitable for any type of appearance. This season it is presented in various shades.

It is important that in these models there are no all kinds of fasteners, Velcro, ties or lacing, so they are particularly comfortable and practical.

Beanie hat - fashionable solution

Modern fashionable novelties of hats include one more actual model of hats - beanie (photo see below in the article). They are popular among girls who are able to interest others with an original and bold style in clothes.

The styles can be completely different:

  • hats with smooth viscous,
  • models with patterns or inserts,
  • extended version
  • knitted thick wool patterns (with longitudinal or transverse lines),
  • model with a pompom.

The main difference between such a hat is comfort and uncomplicated accents. You can combine it with various styles: grunge, casual or classic. In addition, do not be afraid to experiment with colors, emphasizing both bright and calmer, pastel shades. In any case, the choice will depend only on your style preferences in clothes.

A variety of shades: hats 2018-2019

Do not forget that the presented models of fashionable hats should harmoniously complement your image.

It is also important, when choosing a headdress, to focus on its color, since a wrong shade can emphasize some of the existing shortcomings or appearance features.

In the new season autumn-winter 2018-2019, designers highlighted several relevant shades:

  • wild Orchid,
  • coffee,
  • beige,
  • plum,
  • olive,
  • fuchsia,
  • coral red
  • Bordeaux,
  • turquoise,
  • mustard.

In addition, the selected shade should suit you according to certain characteristics of the appearance. So, for blonde girls it is better to choose a hat of light shades: gray, pink or blue.

But brunettes suit brighter and bolder colors: red, purple or blue. Red-haired beauties should stay on products of green or yellow color.

Despite this, many girls are not afraid of experiments and prefer bright, neon shades:

As we see, the new season amazes with a large number of different models of hats, thanks to which each fashionista can create an individual and unique bow. And no gray everyday life can spoil the mood, if you have several bright accessories in your arsenal.

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