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Fashion trends: how to properly tuck men's jeans

Jeans are the most sought-after item among men and women of all ages and looks. Stylists note that jeans perfectly emphasize the charms of the figure, hide flaws, are perfectly combined with different wardrobe items and clothing style. Today, at the peak of popularity, shortened models that additionally need to be twisted. Not everyone knows how to properly tuck jeans for men, so mistakes are often made.

If you look at glossy magazines and images of stylish men from the world of show business, you can see that jeans with twists look great on both young and mature men. In sales, you can find models with already tucked edges, or you can take a standard model of pants and make cuffs yourself. At the same time, stylists advise to pay attention to body configuration and growth, as well as jeans models, in order to learn the correct design of gates.

Men's tucked jeans fashion

Most often, men's jeans with upside down topical in the warm season, and stylists advise trying on such a style for absolutely all men. After some time, due to the great popularity, such pants began to be actively used by men in the winter season. Perfectly tucked jeans will look with Redwing or Timberland boots, so that the edge of the lapel is located near the top of the shoe.

Initially, the fashion for this design jeans began in America in the last decade of the last century. Initially, designers and fashion designers added trousers to their pants to protect them from wind and cold, as well as to the method of tucking the bottom of their pants, cyclists were inclined for a practical purpose. Today, with the help of such a seemingly inconspicuous element, many men demonstrate their awareness of fashion trends and trends.

What jeans are suitable?

Before learning how to beautifully tuck jeans, men need to understand the models of such pants, since not all of them imply a similar design. Stylists call several varieties of pants that can be rolled into cuffs:

  • denim jeans
  • chinos or khaki pants,
  • skinny pants.

If we are talking about pants of a classic cut, stylists categorically forbid practicing this way of wearing. It is also not recommended to fold the hem of linen trousers or sports models into cuffs. Skinny is a popular model of trousers that looks stylish and bright, which means that it does not need additional design with twists. When choosing the length of the pants for a man, it is important to consider the season of the year and shoes, which will be complemented by the image.

Methods of Turning

Leading designers and stylists talk about how it is fashionable to tuck jeans. A fundamental factor is the length of the pants and the height of the shoe. If it is a cool time of the year when a man wears socks under his shoes, there should be no gaps between the cuffs of his pants and the rise of his shoes. The methods of tucking jeans depends on their style, namely:

  1. Wide jeans. In this case, it is important to correctly design the gates so that the image does not turn out to be too vintage. To do this, loose-cut pants need to visually narrow the lower part with a seamstress or another master, and then tuck their bottom by 2-3 cm, filling out several turns at once, so as not to leave folds. It is also allowed to simply roll up the pants with a roller, but carefully so as not to get an image in the style of Tom Sawyer.
  2. Pants with a classic cut. In this case, the width of the tackle can reach 5-6 cm, and so that the cuffs are clear and stable, a man can iron them. To begin with, during the doorway, you need to do the masonry, only after that already draw the cuffs.

Also, stylists today offer 6 fashionable ways to roll jeans, namely:

  • plain or single cuff - trousers are tucked in one roll to a width of 2-2.5 cm, which is appropriate on any jeans or chinos,
  • wide cuff - a single trouser leg roll, but with a width of 4 to 8 cm, it all depends on the model of the pants, shoes and the height of the man
  • thin triple cuff - the trouser leg is tucked 1.5 cm wide three times in a row, which is appropriate only on skinny jeans and under summer shoes,
  • slim double cuff - in this case, you need to make two upside down widths of up to 2-3 cm, but it is important that the edge of narrowed or straight jeans with contrasting stitching is hidden,
  • narrowed cuff - the extra part of the hem of the pants must be folded in a double layer, thereby narrowing the pants, and after that make two more turns,
  • cuff casual - an informal option, in which the cuffs are three times folded 3-4 cm wide, and if the pants have thin fabric, you can make the fourth twist.

What shoes does it go with?

If we are talking about the warm season, light models of jeans and pants with cuffs can be supplemented with bright T-shirts, T-shirts, as well as moccasins or slip-ons (without socks). Sports style accepts wearing straight cut pants with gates for sneakers and sneakers. In autumn, a man can wear such jeans with a voluminous sweater and medium-height boots. And for winter onions, timberlands and redwings are more suitable.

How did the fashion for tucked jeans come about?

The initially tucked-down hem of the jeans served practical purposes. In this way, they tried to protect clothes from dirt. Special often did cycling lovers. But gradually, by the end of the last century, this way of wearing became fashionable, and not only among young people, but also among adults.

reference! In Europe, even older men wear jeans in this way, and combine them with top-siders or comfortable suede shoes.

Techniques for performing twists on straight-cut jeans

It is better not to twist the straight fit trousers of classic cut on their own. They will look as stylish and youthful as possible only if the cuff is made on them initially and stitched on a typewriter.

If you decide to do it yourself, then you can narrow the trouser leg by making a small fold at the seam first. And only then turn up two or three times to a width of about 3-4 cm.

The most popular ways to tuck jeans

Total In the wardrobe of stylish men there are 6 ways to cope with the edge of the trousers and at the same time add piquancy to the image.

Plain or single cuff

A single lapel has a height of 2 to 3 cm. For it, it is necessary to turn the lower edge outward by the specified value and iron it. Such an option suitable for any models.

Wide cuff

This is a variation of a single ordinary cuff, the width of which cannot be less than 4 cm, and maximum is 8 cm. Best to do it with straight or slightly narrowedmodels and combine with high brutal shoes.

Important! You should not use a wide lapel for those with low stature, as this will visually reduce it even more. Also, do not create a massive cuff on chinos, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous.

Triple slim cuff

If you the owner of a narrow model, you can make a thin triple lapel. To do this, you need to make the first hem by 1-1.5 centimeters, and then repeat it another 2 times.

Combining this look with moccasins, sneakers or any summer shoes, you will look at the latest fashion.

Slim double cuff

The width of the lapel in this case is slightly larger than in the previous one. She reaches 2 cm and is performed twice.

It is better to conduct such experiments with straight fit trousers. If you do this on narrower models, then you may feel a tightness in the lower part of the leg, which will give the owner of such an image discomfort.

reference! You can combine this option with almost any shoe, even classic derby fit here, but made of non-standard materials, such as colored suede.

Narrowed cuff

Sometimes you want artificially narrow the leg in the lower part. To do this, it must be folded with a vertical fold along the inner seam and only then do the lapels about 2-2.5 cm repeating them several times.

Important! To complement this look, sneakers or suede boots should be chosen. In summer you can wear elegant leather slippers.

Casual cuff

This is the most negligent option, but do not think that it looks somehow untidy. Here, negligence is thought out and clearly designed.. The result is a kind of frivolous image, which is better to combine with the appropriate shoes: sneakers, sneakers or sandals.

To tuck a casual, you need to bend the leg up 3-4 cm and repeat the lapel several times. Moreover, if the jeans are tight, then three times is enough, for thin fabrics the hem can be repeated four times.


To understand how fashionable and in demand today tights on pants and jeans, just look at the fashion trends of past and current seasons, glossy publications and images of TV stars. Proper design of different styles of pants and jeans with cuffs from below will give the image of a man notes of rebellion, self-expression and originality. In this case, you need to take into account your height, body configuration, as well as the proportionality of the figure.

Why is it fashionable to tuck jeans?

Lately in the world of men's fashion there is slight negligence and a manifestation of individuality. And precisely because of this, it has become so popular to turn the edge.

In addition to the desire to create a new style, there are also practical points:

  • it is possible to achieve through these actions the transformation of a thing into another image and model,
  • during bad weather this way you can protect the bottom from getting wet and dirt.

How to wear jeans with a twist?

As for clothes, it is best for such a variation of jeans:

  • skinny white (color, preferably monochrome) shirt with tucked sleeves - it will be especially good if there are special straps on the shirt to fix the lapels,
  • T-shirts,
  • a free oversized sweater,
  • various jackets and jackets.

From shoes it is worth taking a look at a variety of sports models, for example, sneakers or sneakers.

If you want a more elegant look, suede moccasins or top siders will be an ideal item.. In winter Timberlands or coarse high boots emphasize brutality. In summer Stylish leather sandals or slippers will work.

Species overview

In recent years, jeans twists are trending and popular not only among teenagers. Now it is fashionable among middle-aged men, and in Europe - and respectable people. Consider the main characteristics of the most commonly used types of cuffs.

  • Single layer plain. Jeans are tucked in one layer by 2-3 cm, the tackle is neatly straightened by hands. In the male versions, it is allowed to hide the edge with a line inside the inside of the undercoat by about 1–1.5 cm, then this width should initially be increased by the width of the tucked fabric. These gates are matched with shoes, chukki or any wide-cut shoes. Classic shoes and sophisticated boots do not fit.

  • Single layer wide. Suitable for tall, confident men. Visually visibly reduces the length of the legs, so low people are not recommended to tuck jeans like that. The trouser-leg is bent at the bottom by 5–8 cm and ironed with a steam humidifier so that the cuffs do not slip down when worn. This tackle looks perfect on fashionable pants with a beautiful edge made of colored thread, suitable for tight-fitting models. It is worn with heavy shoes, with leather boots. Not suitable for light models.

  • Narrow thin. Looks stylish on lightweight jeans, visually lengthens legs. The fabric is bent at least three times by 1-1.5 cm, straightened and smoothed by hands, while the tack should be without the impression of a “roller”. It is appropriate to wear with neat shoes, light sneakers are acceptable. No massive boots fit.

  • Fixed narrowed. The material for such a tack should be easily bent to get the correct shape, heavy dense fabrics will not work. Approximately 2.5 cm of fabric is taken at the side of the seam from the width of the leg and a turn-up is performed, holding the captured fabric, then tucked again. You can fold on both sides. Tackle give the desired shape and smooth with your hands. Pants with such a twist visually become narrower. For this option, you need to carefully select the shoes, its appearance should be impeccable. If the shoe has a white sole, then its purity in this bow will have to be given double attention.

  • Double cuff. It is narrow, wide (in the palm) and with an open edge.

  • Narrow The edge rolls in about 2.5 cm, then a second hem is made.

  • Wide. The leg edge bends twice in the width of the palm. Emphasizes past traditions. Often used among people working in specialties.

  • With an open edge. The first hem is made wider, and the second is folded less, so the edge with a stitch remains visible. It is performed on pants made of medium-density fabrics. Almost any shoe is suitable, but its choice should correspond to the image being created. Stylists do not recommend rolling up wide jeans in this way.

  • Bicycle cuff. It is used during cycling to protect trousers from lubrication on the chain. You can confine yourself to performing a turn on the right leg, but in the heat you can also turn up the second leg. First, the edge is bent by 2 cm, then the second wide turn is performed by 5–6 cm. The trouser-leg with a tuck is pulled up the leg, transverse folds are formed.

With such cuffs on the pants, you can only ride a bicycle - do not wear in any other situations.

What jeans can be tucked in?

You can almost any style. The most effective result is obtained if tight denim jeans with a light wrong side are tucked in. The contrasting colors of the cuffs and jeans themselves look especially stylish.

Stylists advise caution with tackles only on tight-fitting skinny models. It is better to wear them without gimmicks - they already emphasize all the advantages of the figure. But if you really want to, then the acceptable option on such jeans is a thin neat twist of 1-1.5 cm with the obligatory observance of symmetry.

Pants with torn edges or with a fringe on the bottom should not be tucked up: they are self-sufficient, and a tackle will only spoil the image.

Practical modern people prefer not to throw away annoying jeans, but give them a "second life" and make them shorts or breeches. In this case sufficiently narrow double cuffs ironed for better fixation.

Basic Rules

In experiments with jeans, the main thing is to prevent inappropriateness. To do this, you must always take into account your height, physique, figure proportions, trouser length and shoes. Be sure to adhere to the basic rules in order to learn how to fold jeans properly and not get lost.

  • Wrong side. Check the wrong side. From the inside, jeans should look impeccable. If there is a fabric of an unpresentable appearance, a cracked seam with protruding threads, the color is "off topic", then this is a good reason for a "gateway taboo."
  • Height. With low growth, you do not need to make wide tackles: this will visually reduce the already small length of your legs.
  • Socks. They should not look out from under the jeans.The exception is hipster socks of unusual patterns and colors, which will complement their intended image with their originality. In the warm season, it is permissible to tuck jeans just above the ankles. Some do not like to go without socks, in which case it is necessary to pick up shortened socks, footprints: they will not be visible from the shoes.
  • Footwear. For a fashionable look, it is important to choose the right shoes. It should be appropriate for the season. Regardless of the time of year, only low shoes are suitable for a stylish look with trousers on trousers.
  • Style. The method of upheaval and style of jeans must be combined. In some styles, for example, “casual” (casual wear), slight negligence is allowed, the upside down is not ironed, and especially small irregularities are left.
  • Options where gimmicks are inappropriate, - these are official receptions and places of a strict dress code.
  • Do not tuck jeans too highotherwise your look will be associated with a teenager who has grown out of his pants.
  • Tackle before leaving home, and upon return, turn them around, otherwise creases and stripes will appear in the places of the bends.

Few by nature have perfectly even long legs. For most people, natural data are far from ideal, therefore, the choice of complementary style elements must be approached responsibly so that instead of a "highlight" you do not get inappropriate absurdity. Subject to the basic rules, the style will not be lost, and the conceived image will take place and will look fashionable and sophisticated.

Step by step instructions

Knowing the rules for the underpants of trousers for men is only half the battle. It is also necessary to correctly and beautifully tuck jeans to look fashionable and stylish. Many people think that doing this is “easy.” This is partly true, but, despite the apparent simplicity, it will not be possible to bend jeans for one or two without acquaintance with the technique of tucking. How to properly perform twists on jeans?

  • The classic way is done in one step. You just need to bend the bottom edge of the leg up to the desired width (up to 3 cm) and straighten the cuff.
  • Wide single doorway differs from the classical one only in the width of the hem (up to 8 cm), it is performed similarly, for better fixation, iron the tackles.
  • Subtle twist 1–1.5 cm wide is made in 3-4 layers. Suitable for skinny jeans.
  • Double upside down. The lower edge of the leg by 2.5-3 cm bends up twice, a dense double cuff is formed.
  • The narrowed gateway. Performed on jeans with extra width. On the inner side of the leg, a crease similar to a tuck is taken along the seam, the fabric is firmly held by the hand and secured with a double upturn.
  • Double tapered tackle. If the width of the legs allows, then a fold-tuck is done on both sides (from the inside and from the outside), the rest is performed similarly to the previous method.

In addition to the classical schemes, for each jeans model there is a suitable way to turn.

  • On thin skinny jeans, thin tackles of 1-1.5 cm are appropriate. You need to turn it up no more than 2 times or even limit yourself to one thin tuck, otherwise the rolled up trouser will become uncomfortable and it will be unpleasant to put pressure on the foot. You can skip the “skinny” model at all - this is a bright detail in the image, but if you still decide to try this option, show maximum accuracy, because negligence is not allowed on such jeans.
  • Jeans of a smooth cut should be decorated with a single-layer wide undercoat. The colored thread in the hem is the legendary little “trick” of the “Selvage” model, which remains in sight.
  • An unusual two-tiered tack with an open edge will give the straight-fitting jeans a youthful look. First, make a wide outer turn (about 7 cm), then fold the edge again by 2-3 cm, the second tack does not cover the entire width of the first tack, the stitched edging remains open. Such a twist will suit an image in which even signs of severity are completely absent.

Stylish examples

Stylists consider tackles an extraordinary and stylish touch of the image. This modern trend is democratic and loyal, allows slight negligence, does not require hours of searching for the right options and significant financial expenses for the purchase of expensive brands. You won’t need a dime to get a laid-back stylish look by adding a small, appropriate touch. It is only necessary to skillfully and tastefully tuck jeans. Almost every modern man always has more than one jeans.

It is enough to choose the style of trousers and the model of tackle in accordance with the growth and proportions of the figure.

How to tuck jeans tightly for guys and other nuances of a stylish element

1. Which jeans are best wrapped.

Cuffs look best on:

  • denim style jeans
  • trousers with a slightly narrowed cut,
  • chinos and khaki look the most harmonious with thin twists (no more than 2 cm).

2. What trousers should not be tucked.

Definitely not worth experimenting with design:

  • trousers of a classic cut,
  • sweatpants
  • linen trousers.

It is important! Skinny pants themselves are a rather bright detail of the image, because the cuffs in this case will be superfluous, in addition, from a practical point of view, they are uncomfortable and crush the leg in the process of wearing.

3. Is it worth buying jeans that are known to be longer?

In this matter, you should focus on the shoes that are in your wardrobe. Regardless of the season, the cuffs on the trousers look stylish only with low shoes.

It is interesting! Many people mistakenly believe that tucked jeans look inappropriate in winter. However, complete with boots, timberlands or redwings, this option is quite appropriate.

4. How to beautifully tuck men's jeans.

The main criterion is the height of the shoes and the length of the jeans. There should be no gap between the cuff and the upper edge of the shoe; people around you should not see the color of your socks.

There should be no gap between the cuff and the upper edge of the shoe

Here are some simple stylist recommendations:

  • the smaller the growth, the narrower the cuff width,
  • the width of the opening also depends on the texture and color of jeans, for dark enough tight trousers the best solution is a double cuff with a width of 4 to 6 cm, light, thin trousers can be turned up twice or thrice to a width of no more than 3 cm,
  • Considering that this is an informal style in clothes, one should not adhere to a too even fold line and even more so to smooth the cuff.

5. Who should not tuck jeans.

Perhaps there is only one caveat - low growth, for all other men, cuffs can become a fashionable detail of the image.

Stylist's advice

The ideal masculine style involves an individual twist for each pair of shoes. For example, for demi-season shoes, the cuff will be lower, and for summer shoes, higher. By the way, in hot weather you can tuck trousers stronger than usual, but don’t wear socks in this case.

In hot weather, you can tuck pants more than usual, but don’t wear socks in this case

Trousers should preferably be tucked immediately before leaving the house and after returning, the trousers should be restored to their original appearance. In this case, creases will not appear on the fabric, and the clothes will retain their aesthetic appeal for longer.

Especially stylish look cuffs that contrast with the basic shade of trousers. As a rule, the inner side of the jeans is light, and the upper part is dark - this is the most preferred option.

Especially stylish look cuffs that contrast with the basic shade of trousers

Here are some practical recommendations on how to choose the right style of pants in proportion to the figure:

  • overweight boys hide jeans with small lapels,
  • if you need to visually add volume and weight, it is better to choose jeans of bright colors, the cuff can be medium or wide,
  • Black jeans with a slim fit and narrow cuffs will seamlessly integrate into a business-style wardrobe.

It is important! Properly tucked jeans in no case shorten their legs, but give the whole image a stylish, extraordinary touch.

How to tuck wide jeans to become skinny

When dealing with straight-cut jeans, it is important to give the silhouette a certain gloss and style so that the image does not turn out to be too vintage. To do this, use the cuffs to slightly narrow the legs. A few practical recommendations:

  • you can slightly narrow the leg only on jeans of a straight cut or slightly flared models,
  • It’s not worth using such a technique on trousers with a very loose cut, otherwise the image will turn out ridiculous,
  • The perfect tack on jeans should be combined with the style of the whole image.

Techniques for rolling on straight-cut jeans

Given that loose fit pants are the most popular in men's wardrobe, many are interested in the question - how to tuck wide jeans. In fact, it’s easy to turn the straight style of the trousers into slightly narrowed ones.

1. Cuffs on jeans of a classic, strict cut.

Classic-fit jeans cuffs

The width of the tackle is approximately 5-6 cm, for greater comfort it is better to fix such a wide winding with an iron. Before rolling, you need to make a small fold and only then turn up the legs.

Alternatively, you can use the inner, invisible cuffs - they are made from the inside and also fixed with an iron.

2. Cuffs on thin jeans of a free cut.

Cuffs in slim fit jeans

In this case, the width of the doorway is 2-3 cm, after that a small fold is formed from the inside of the leg, which resembles a recess in shape, and then it is enough to make a few turns. A similar technique is also great for chinos and trousers of other styles.

In addition to this technique, a simpler and more informal technique is used - you just need to roll the trouser leg with a roller. The only nuance that stylists are urged to remember is moderate accuracy. If the roller turns out to be excessively careless, the entire men's set will instantly turn into a children's image in the style of Tom Sawyer.

Regardless of the chosen style of jeans, when creating cuffs, you must adhere to moderation. Too high a turn will give the impression that you plan to wade across the river. If you want to pick up socks for jeans with cuffs, pay attention that the bare leg should not be visible.

It is important! Trousers of a classic cut, as a rule, are not tucked up, but even in this case options are possible if a small cuff is provided for by a pattern and made in the atelier during sewing.

Wide cuff

This is a common analogue of a single cuff, but its width varies from 4 to 8 cm, depending on the height of the person, the style of the trousers and the height of the shoes.

It is best worn with slightly skinny trousers, denim-style jeans and straight-cut jeans. The best choice of shoes - massive and fairly high boots.

It is important! This version of the flap is not suitable for chinos, and men of short stature should also refuse it.

Triple slim cuff

In this case, it is enough to order the legs three times to a width of 1-1.5 cm. The width of each turn is the same. This option is suitable only for one style of jeans - a narrow cut, since it is impossible to perform a triple narrow twist on the pants of another style. Complement the look with moccasins, sneakers or sandals.

Slim double cuff

The width of the cuff is from 2 to 3 cm, performed by the double-turn method. A feature of the technique - the edge of jeans with contrasting stitching is hidden. To make the cuffs, it is enough to tuck the trousers to a width of 2-3 cm, and then repeat the fold up a few more times.

Such a method is preferable for jeans with a straight cut in trousers of a narrowed style. In the case of tight jeans, this option is not suitable for narrow jeans, since, most likely, there will be a feeling of leg tightness. Shoes fit the most diverse - sneakers, suede derby, top siders, sneakers Chukka boots.

Narrowed cuff

This option differs from all of the above by a single detail - the extra part of the trouser leg is folded in a double layer to artificially narrow the trousers, and after that it is folded twice more.

This technique is only suitable for jeans of a free cut, that is, for trousers where there is excess fabric. The best choice of shoes - slippers, boots, sneakers.

In custody

We hope that after reading the article there will be no questions about how to fashion jeans in a fashionable and competent way. The main thing is to decide on the cuff model, choosing it for growth, body proportions, style of trousers. Remember that tucking or not tucking jeans is a purely personal matter for every man. Remember that the traditional version of wearing trousers - without upside down - is still relevant.

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