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Which doctor treats snoring?

Snoring (ronchopathy) is a fairly common disorder diagnosed in both adults and children. If we talk about which doctor is involved in the treatment of pathology, then these can be different specialists. The choice depends on the cause of the development of ronchopathy, but more often the somnologist deals with this. That's what they call a doctor who professionally treats snoring.

Which doctor should i contact for snoring

When snoring occurs, the first specialist to whom it is recommended to contact is an otolaryngologist. In most cases, ronchopathy accompanies respiratory diseases, so an ENT consultation is justified.

The name of the next specialist who treats the condition is a somnologist. He is also able to establish the cause of the development of pathology. They turn to the somnologist for help if the ENT could not find out the cause and choose adequate therapy.

A dentist can fix the ronopathy. His help will be relevant in the presence of problems with the shape of the jaw. If necessary, the patient may need to consult other specialists.

What are the causes of snoring

The condition is a violation of the respiratory process. It is due to relaxation of the walls of the nasopharynx.

The second reason is the presence of an obstruction that narrows the lumen of the larynx. As a result, air does not reach the upper respiratory tract immediately, but initially swirls. This small whirlpool causes oscillation and contact of soft palatine tissues.

The development of snoring is an occasion to see a doctor, as the condition can be a symptom of a serious pathology.

The causes of ronchopathy may be:

  • violation of the physiological form of the nasal septum,
  • neoplasms on the walls of the pharynx,
  • polyps
  • congenitally narrow lumen of the pharynx,
  • swelling of the nasopharynx,
  • adenoids,
  • chronic diseases of the nasopharynx,
  • allergic edema and others.

Sometimes a pathology in a person is formed against a background of overexcitation of the central nervous system.

The child has

If the baby snores in a dream - even slightly - then you should consult a pediatrician observing the child. The doctor will give directions to specialists who can help in solving the problem.

Violation of night breathing cause:

  • nasal congestion, chronic rhinitis,
  • swelling of the nasopharynx of various origins,
  • curvature of the nasal septum,
  • very tired
  • adenoids.

A baby snoring in a dream must be shown to a doctor to establish the true cause of the condition.

In an adult

The reasons for the development of pathology in an adult are standard, in particular, adenoids, an increase in the lingual tonsil, and an extension of the palatine tongue can provoke ronopathy.

Snoring in women often occurs with the onset of menopause, since redistribution of hormones and weight gain occur during this period.

To get rid of ronchopathy, it is necessary to cure chronic diseases, the complication of which is snoring.

When contacting a doctor, a nasopharynx examination is mandatory. Sometimes this is quite enough to establish the cause of the pathology and prescribe treatment.

The elderly

The appearance of severe snoring in the elderly is most often due to hormonal imbalance. This applies to both women and men.

But one should not exclude the presence of various diseases. Ronchopathy can result from diseases such as:

  • hypothyroidism
  • diabetes,
  • chronic tonsillitis,
  • allergic reactions
  • polyps
  • sinusitis.

To prevent the development of the disease, you need to go to the doctor. It will help get rid of the root cause.

Snoring Treatment

Snoring in an adult or a child is almost always a consequence of pathology. The lack of adequate therapy leads to the fact that a person has a deterioration in well-being. That is why doctors, when detecting night snoring, recommend consulting a treating doctor.

With ronchopathy, many methods are effective, but the choice depends on the root cause of the condition.

Folk remedies

In some situations, snoring can be cured using folk remedies. Good recommendations received:

  1. The juice of cabbage. Fresh product (200 ml) mixed with honey (1 tbsp. L.). Drink a drink before bedtime. The result will appear after four to six weeks of regular intake.
  2. A mixture of herbs. When snoring appears, an infusion is prepared from elderberry, saber rhizome, burdock, and horsetail (1 tbsp each). Brew crushed components with boiling water (500 ml) and leave for 60 minutes. Drink 1 tbsp. l 5 times a day.
  3. Sea buckthorn oil. Bury the product in the nose before bedtime: two drops in each nostril. Improvement comes in two to three weeks.

Useful recommendations from a somnologist

Therapy for sleep disorders in the format of ronopathy will be ineffective if the patient does not follow the doctor's recommendations:

  1. Refusal of sleep on the back. In this position, the breathing in women and men is disturbed, the tongue sank.
  2. It is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks and sleeping pills at bedtime. These substances impair muscle tone and relax the muscles of the pharynx. The result is increased snoring.
  3. It is advisable to lose extra pounds.
  4. It is required to exclude smoking. Nicotine causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and trachea, accompanied by the formation of edema. The airways become narrower, which leads to the appearance of ronopathy.
  5. It is necessary to do gymnastics, which strengthens the muscles of the pharynx, lower jaw and tongue.

Snoring is dangerous for the development of apnea (short-term respiratory arrest in a dream). That is why the condition requires going to the doctor and getting medical help.

What are the causes of snoring

The origin of the disease can be different.

  • Physiological causes are not a threat to health.
  • If snoring is based on illness, you need to be vigilant and take care of your health.
  • In addition, the reasons vary depending on the age of the patient.

Separately, it must be said about congenital malformations of the facial bones.

Snoring always accompanies such developmental abnormalities:

  • cleft palate,
  • cleft lip
  • curvature of the nasal septum.

In addition, children often push foreign bodies (buttons, berries, balls, etc.) into the nasal passages, which also causes snoring and impaired nasal breathing.

People snore with these diseases:

  • Endocrine disorders (thyroid disease, diabetes, etc.).
  • Respiratory diseases (especially when a bacterial infection joins).
  • Obesity.
  • Polypous growths of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and throat.
  • Allergic reaction.

In addition, injuries of the bones of the nose and face are often found in adults, which also causes snoring.


Which doctor treats snoring depends on the cause of ronchopathy. So, physiological conditions in men and women do not need to be treated: they are easy to cope with at home.

It is incorrect to ask what the name of the doctor for snoring is called. By definition, one specialist on such a problem does not exist: snoring is not a specific disease, but only a symptom.

Which doctor deals with snoring, for a specific case, the therapist in the clinic will explain. This is the general specialist coordinating the treatment of the patient. After finding out the symptoms and collecting anamnestic data, a referral will be issued to the doctor who specialized in treating snoring in this patient.

An ENT specialist (ENT) most often accepts patients complaining of breathing problems in their sleep. This is due to the fact that pathologies of ENT organs are often provoking factors for the appearance of snoring.

Which doctor should I contact with snoring, an otorhinolaryngologist who receives at the place of residence will explain to an adult patient. The doctor will conduct an examination and establish the cause. If tonsils or adenoids need to be removed, the doctor will issue a referral to the hospital.

Causes of the disease and why is it dangerous?

This may occur for the following reasons.:

  1. tonsils and adenoids in humans are enlarged.
  2. The nasal septum is bent due to injury.
  3. Too narrow nasal passages.
  4. Pathologically long palatine tongue.
  5. Very small lower jaw.
  6. Overweight.
  7. Fatigue.
  8. Smoking.

Snoring is dangerous enough for humans. It can develop into a rather serious and dangerous disease, namely obstructive sleep apnea.

Simply put, then this is a disease in which breathing may stop in a dream.

Such stops per night can be from 2 to 500, depending on the degree of the disease. Due to such stops, the level of oxygen received by a person is reduced.

That is why it is necessary to treat this ailment.

We look in more detail about the danger of snoring in men in the video:

Which specialist can help with snoring

To understand which doctor to go to for snoring, it is important to know how many reasons there are that can trigger this ailment. Accordingly, for each of the cases you need your own specialist. But it is always necessary to start with a visit to a therapist who, on the basis of an initial examination, makes a decision about which direction to move on. Most often, patients with a similar problem are referred to an otolaryngologist, somnologist or dentist, less often to a gastroenterologist, neurologist, cardiologist, oncologist or even a psychotherapist.

ENT doctor

To get rid of snoring, you should contact him if the disease was caused by problems in the upper respiratory tract. It can be bacterial infections, chronic runny nose, sinusitis, a curved nasal septum, tumors and foreign objects in the larynx, and even too large glands. Depending on the nature of the pathology, the patient is prescribed medications or surgery is recommended.

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In some cases, a dentist will help

Often the cause of snoring is an incorrect bite - an excessively short lower jaw makes the muscles of the pharynx constantly rest in a relaxed state, and when a person sleeps on his back, he additionally provokes the tongue to fall back. The orthodontist dentist is involved in solving these problems, and in advanced cases, he is a specialist in the field of maxillofacial surgery.

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A somnologist deals with sleep disorders, including snoring. With the help of hardware research, he identifies possible pathologies of the respiratory tract, especially the anatomical structure of the skull, which can negatively affect breathing, and all changes that occur in the body during sleep.

Thus, we can say that a definite answer to the question of who treats snoring does not exist - each case is individual, which means that the choice of a specialist and a way to solve the problem completely depends on the reasons that provoked its development.

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Respiratory disturbances in a dream: types, degrees of danger

The mechanism of development of snoring is associated with problematic air passage through the respiratory tract during night or daytime sleep. The main cause of ronopathy is an impaired tone of the muscles of the larynx. In a normal state, they are in tension, due to which the lumen is wide, which allows a person to breathe freely.

During muscle relaxation, the lumen narrows, the stream of air masses becomes thinner, but their flow rate increases. This causes the tongue and the sky to oscillate. A characteristic snoring sound appears.

Other causes of ronchopathy:

  • excess weight,
  • problems with the nasal septum,
  • proliferation of lymphoid tissue of the nasopharyngeal ring.

Snoring contributes to a general deterioration in well-being. Patients complain of chronic fatigue, morning sickness. Experts attribute this condition to a disturbance in normal sleep. Problematic nasal breathing does not allow the brain to fully relax.

The functioning of the nervous system is disrupted. At the medical examination, the doctor identifies problems with memory and attentiveness. The risk of cardiac and vascular pathologies increases.


Which doctor should be consulted for snoring if the cause is the incorrect structure of the jaws or teeth of a woman or man?

Often snoring causes a small lower jaw or malocclusion. In this case, the consultation of the dentist and orthodontist is important.

There are many devices in the arsenal of specialists that can alleviate the symptoms and manifestations of ronopathy. These are all kinds of mouthguards, nipples, clips. At the dentist’s appointment, you can choose the best solution to the problem.

Consultation: what can be expected

There is a popular belief that the percentage of snoring men among all who suffer from such an ailment is much higher than the fairer sex. In fact, men are much more likely to wonder what kind of doctor treats snoring and seek medical help on this issue. Most likely, they have to take such a step under the pressure of their sensitively sleeping halves, who defend the right to rest in silence. In addition, snoring in women, as a rule, appears much later, aged 50-55 years and older, while men often know firsthand about this problem by the age of 40.

But both of them, having decided to get the help of professionals, should first of all visit a therapist who will make an initial examination, collect an anamnesis and based on them make a preliminary conclusion about the possible causes of this ailment. The consultation of an ENT doctor, who will conduct an examination and, if necessary, prescribe additional hardware studies and tests to identify pathologies in the structure of the respiratory tract or bacterial infections, is extremely important in this situation.

If during the examination there was an assumption that the cause of the vibrational sound during sleep is jaw defects, the patient is given a dentist consultation. His tasks include assessing malocclusion, on the basis of which special devices are selected - braces, jaw plates or mouth guards - which can improve the situation. The somnologist’s consultation also includes examination, first of all, of the nasopharynx, and hardware studies, on the basis of which the patient is given recommendations that can improve the quality of sleep and the state of the pharyngeal muscles.

Which doctor treats snoring in men?

Which doctor should I go to for snoring? The above are the causes of the ailment. As you can understand, most often it occurs due to problems with ENT organs. That’s why with snoring, a specialist who should be consulted first and will be an otolaryngologist. This doctor is most accessible to the patient. He is in almost every clinic. To him just get on the policy.

Nonetheless, the disease can also occur due to malocclusion. In this case, you should contact the orthodontist.

If you have snoring, which doctor should I go to? Basically, the one who treats snoring is a somnologist.

Where to go first

When a person is fully aware that he has breathing problems in his sleep, he has a completely logical question about which doctor treats snoring. Despite the fact that almost half of the world's population suffers from a violation, not everyone can think about the fact that there is a specialist who can cure the disease. To fall into the hands of an experienced professional, you need to immediately go to an appointment with a therapist or family doctor.

The specialist listens to a person’s complaints and conducts an initial examination. It is the therapist who decides which doctor to go to for snoring in order to receive full help.

After studying all the features of the violation and collecting an anamnesis, the doctor can refer the patient to an otolaryngologist, somnologist or dentist. Let's consider in more detail how these doctors can help.

The doctor who treats snoring

If there is snoring, which doctor should be consulted, the therapist will tell. Most often, 3 specialists examine the patient: ENT, dentist and somnologist. Each profile physician fights an ailment taking into account its etiology.

If the syndrome manifests itself in a mild degree, it is recommended to consult an ENT specialist. With severe problems with the lower jaw, you need to go to the dentist. A patient who has received an appointment with a somnologist is prescribed treatment with a special device. With its help, proper air circulation is ensured.

Such therapy prevents respiratory arrest in a dream. If a defect in the structure of the nasopharynx is found in a child or an adult patient, surgical help is required.


When asked which doctor treats snoring, a somnologist is usually called among generalists. He is approached when other doctors have not found problems in a narrow profile and specialization.

The somnologist is also remembered when it comes to which doctor treats snoring, accompanied by obstructive apnea. In addition, somnological centers conduct a wide range of studies to identify related problems. In such laboratories the latest equipment is installed and it is possible to check the health parameters.


To choose the appropriate way to get rid of the disease, the doctor who treats snoring needs to conduct a number of examinations aimed, first of all, to find the causes of its occurrence. To this end, each of the experts uses its own arsenal of methods:

  1. Somnologist examines the nasopharynx with a special mirror or nasifaringoscope, assigns an X-ray of the respiratory tract, cephalometry (X-ray examination of the skull) and polysomnography, which allows to assess the state of the body during night rest and establish the causes of sleep disorders.
  2. OtolaryngologistIn addition to examination, an X-ray can be prescribed to detect neoplasms in the larynx, as well as a clinical blood test and a smear from the throat in cases of suspected bacterial infection.
  3. Orthodontist DentistAs a rule, it is limited to examining the patient, but in special cases it can be referred to the maxillofacial surgery department.

In addition, the patient may be prescribed an electrocardiogram of the heart, ultrasound of the digestive tract and thyroid gland, hormone analysis, as well as a consultation of a neurologist and allergist.

A complex approach

Sleep disorders deals with such a branch of medicine as somnology. Usually several doctors work with a person who has a sleep problemthat treat snoring and eliminate the factors that influence it: somnologist, ENT, nutritionist, therapist.

An integrated approach to the patient helps in the treatment of snoring.finding out the reasons why snoring occurs. This comprehensive approach allows you to quickly identify the cause of snoring and eliminate it.

Such a specialist as a somnologist solves not only the problem of snoring. You can also deal with problems such as gnashing of teeth in a dream, somnabulism, and other sleep disorders.

Help of the somnologist

The science of sleep and its disturbances is called somnology. It appeared relatively recently and combined knowledge from the following areas:

  • pulmonology
  • otolaryngology,
  • neurology
  • psychiatry.

A somnologist specialist studies the problem of snoring and looks for its cause in various disorders. Diagnosis is based on the results of a patient examination and hardware tests.

First, the doctor listens to the patient and examines his nasopharynx using a special mirror or nasopharyngoscope, which is inserted directly into the nasal cavity. An X-ray examination may also be prescribed, it is necessary to exclude or confirm the presence of pathologies of the respiratory tract.

Used in the practice of somnologists and cephalometry. Using this technique, a specialist can confirm or refute the relationship between the anatomical structure of the skull and respiratory disorders.

In some cases, the patient is prescribed somnography. This is a study that is performed when the patient is sleeping. Using special instruments and sensors, doctors can monitor changes in the body during a night's rest.


In addition to the above specialists, a snoring patient may need the help of other doctors.

The most necessary doctors:

  • Endocrinologist
  • This doctor is indispensable when ronchopathy is caused by obesity or hypertrophic thyroid gland. In both cases, overgrown tissues press on the larynx and narrow the respiratory lumen.
  • Allergist
  • Allergic rhinitis and laryngeal edema can cause ronchopathy. The doctor will take samples, establish allergens and prescribe treatment.
  • Maxillofacial surgeon
  • The help of this doctor is necessary when you need to perform surgery on the nasal bones or lower jaw.
  • Pulmonologist
  • This is a doctor specializing in pulmonary pathologies. Ronchopathy can occur with diseases of the lungs, bronchi, and larynx. Then the direct road to this doctor.

This is not a complete list of specialists whose advice may be needed in the treatment of snoring. The patient is also often referred to a cardiologist, neurologist, oncologist and other professionals.

Possible treatments

Having decided which doctor should go to fight snoring, the patient should also learn about the most common methods of treating this ailment. If the problem is of a dental nature, that is, the cause of the snoring was an incorrect bite, a bracket system or a special intraoral applicator is selected to solve it, pushing the lower jaw forward and, thereby, increasing the size of the airways. In addition, to increase the tone of the muscles of the pharynx, an individual jaw cast mouth cap can be made, which will have to be worn during sleep.

An ENT doctor usually uses medications when it comes to inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx or larynx, and may also suggest surgical removal of neoplasms, enlarged tonsils, or defects of the nasal septum. Somnologist treats snoring with the help of special exercises designed to train the pharyngeal muscles, tonic homeopathic remedies, as well as SINAP-therapy, which effectively copes with the problem of apnea by using special massage devices during sleep, which provide constant air supply to the upper respiratory tract .

Is the problem of the compulsory medical insurance policy solved and what is needed for this?

Not always the problem of snoring can be eliminated according to the compulsory medical insurance policy. After all, the causes of snoring can be very diverse. Sometimes you need the help of a doctor who does not receive medical insurance for compulsory medical insurance.

But, most often, an otolaryngologist can help with the treatment of snoring. He leads a reception on the policy.

In order to get to it, you need to take a ticket to the ENT specialist in the clinic to which the patient is attached. You can take a ticket online. You can also make an appointment with this doctor by phone.

For online recording there is a special application on the social network Vkontakte. There is also a telephone number for appointment with a doctor. Each area has its own phone number. It can also be found on the site of the clinic.

On the day of recording, you must go to the reception about 20 minutes before the start of the appointment. During this time, in the registry you need to take your card and the statistical coupon, which the doctor needs for reporting.

Snoring doctor called somnologist. You can also contact him on the MHI policy. Reception is by appointment at state clinics. You can sign up online at the site of the nearest clinic.

Which specialist to go first

Violation of the muscle tone of the nasopharynx and narrow airways contribute to the appearance of rattling sounds in a dream. They not only interfere with sleep, but are also a symptom of pathological processes in the body. To maintain health, you need to find out the cause of snoring and undergo treatment prescribed by a doctor.

If you are worried about breathing problems during a night's rest, you should contact your local GP. The doctor will conduct a visual examination, interview the patient and prescribe the necessary tests. After examining the clinical picture of the patient, the doctor will redirect him to the right narrow specialists.

If snoring is triggered by respiratory diseases, trauma to the nose or throat, you should contact the otolaryngologist.

An ENT doctor has a wide range of knowledge and is able to differentiate complex diseases.

It can help when breathing difficulties appear due to:

  • foreign body in the nasopharynx,
  • damage to the nasal septum,
  • acute and chronic rhinitis
  • tonsillitis
  • adenoids.

First of all, the doctor examines the person, feels the lymph nodes, examines the mucous membranes. Endoscopy may be required to clarify the diagnosis. A thin tube is inserted into the sinuses or pharynx, equipped with a camera and a small flashlight. The image is broadcast on a computer monitor. The procedure allows you to diagnose the inflammatory process, the accumulation of pus, mucus, polyps and other problems that provoke ronopathy.

If the cause of snoring is inflammation of the tonsils or trauma to the nasal septum, the otolaryngologist recommends surgery. When the problem is related to the infectious process, medication and rinsing of the nose are prescribed.

Somnologist treatment

A doctor specializing in sleep disorders can prescribe treatment on his own. If the reason lies only in the loss of tone of the larynx muscles, the patient receives such recommendations:

  1. Perform special exercises for training the pharyngeal muscles. They consist in tension of the root of the tongue and lower jaw, and will automatically "pump" and the muscles of the pharynx.
  2. The use of homeopathic medicines. To increase muscle tone and remove the accompanying symptoms of snoring will help tools such as Snorex, MySleepGood and others. They are made on the basis of natural plant components that have a tonic, moisturizing and enveloping effect.
  3. Smoking cessation. In heavy smokers, the mucosa lends itself to constant irritation, which causes swelling, and the lumen of the pharynx narrows. To stop this process, you must completely give up smoking.
  4. Weight loss. Overweight is often the cause of snoring, as fatty deposits in the airways narrow their lumen. Losing weight will help get rid of the problem.
  5. Refusal from alcohol, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Alcohol and some drugs of the indicated groups cause complete relaxation of the muscle tissue of the soft palate and pharynx, which leads to the appearance of snoring.
  6. SINAP-therapy. If sleep apnea (temporary respiratory arrest) is the cause of the disorder, the use of an apparatus that maintains optimal pressure in the upper respiratory tract by continuously supplying air through a special mask is prescribed.

ENT doctor

An otolaryngologist is a specialist in snoring provoked by diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Preliminary studies are carried out in order to identify a foreign body and neoplasm. If there is a suspicion of infection, a laboratory diagnosis is prescribed.

ENT can prescribe surgery aimed at removing neoplasms and inflamed tonsils. Any deviations in the structure of the nose are eliminated by the surgical method. Sometimes snoring is a reason to install a clip. With its help, the respiratory passages expand, the process of air passing through them is normalized. This method is included in symptomatic and systemic treatment.


Which doctor should be consulted for snoring and what tests should be done are explained in detail at a GP appointment. During the examination, such studies may be prescribed:

CardiogramThis study is required because snoring is a common cause of heart rhythm disturbances.
24-hour blood pressure monitoringOf particular importance are data obtained at night.
EncephalogramA study of the nervous activity of the brain.
FluorographyThe lungs are examined first to rule out inflammatory processes and chronic diseases.
PolysomnographyAn informative comprehensive study that measures the parameters of several physiological processes that occur in the human body during sleep. This study is the gold standard in examining patients with ronchopathy and obstructive sleep apnea.

In addition to the listed diagnostic methods, each narrow specialist prescribes analyzes according to his profile. This can be allergy tests, functional tests of the lungs, hormonal studies, etc.

ENT help

An otolaryngologist is also a doctor who treats snoring. A person skilled in the art can prescribe an effective treatment for diseases of the upper respiratory tract if they caused a disorder. ENT performs hardware studies to detect foreign bodies and neoplasms, he also examines the patient. If a bacterial infection is suspected, laboratory tests of a throat smear and a blood test are prescribed.

An otolaryngologist can also have surgery. With the help of the operation, tumors and inflamed tonsils are removed. If the patient has deviations in the structure of the nose, they are corrected surgically.

In some cases, a specialist may recommend the Anti-Snoring clip, which expands the airways and normalizes the passage of air through them. This device is used both for symptomatic and systemic treatment.


The therapist himself does not treat snoring, but you can not do without a visit to him. The doctor collects an anamnesis, examines the patient, and only after that decides to which specialist the patient should be referred, and depending on the reason that led to the problem. In this case, the therapist can refer to the following specialists:


Snoring can be defeated on its own only when it is caused by physiological causes and does not pose a threat to health. In these cases, you need to change your lifestyle, change your sleeping position or moisten the air in the room.

If ronopathy is a symptom of a dangerous disease, self-medication is unacceptable in any form.

In conclusion, we can conclude: snoring is best treated by doctors. So there is a better chance of a favorable outcome and the prevention of complications.

Who to go with baby snoring

Parents who are faced with a similar problem, of course, are concerned about the question of which doctor should contact their child with snoring in order to get rid of it in time and avoid more serious consequences. The most common cause of this ailment in children is problems with the nasopharynx, for example, a runny nose, sinusitis, or adenoids, which means that you should first visit a pediatrician and otolaryngologist. It will be useful to show the child and the dentist, because it is better to start correcting occlusion defects as soon as possible.In addition, do not forget about the daily airing of the nursery, especially before bedtime, wet cleaning, a properly selected pillow suitable for the baby's age, and the use of moisturizing drops in the nose based on sea water.

How to identify a good specialist?

Which doctor to go with snoring decided on, and How to find a good specialist? A qualified doctor can be found on the reviews. It is not recommended to read reviews online. This is due to the fact that the heads of private clinics can try to increase the popularity of clinics and praise doctors in reviews on their own.

To select a doctor who treats snoring, rely on the feedback of your friends, as well as their friends. This is how it will be possible to get exactly real reviews about the qualifications of the doctor, and not wound up by the clinic management.

It is best to look for a good specialist by interviewing people you know. You can leave a request on social networks and ask for a repost. Usually, people who have already dealt with this problem, willingly advise those doctors to whom they went and tell how the treatment went, what result they achieved. Which specialists can be referred for additional examination, why this can be done

In the treatment of snoring, an ENT doctor can send an additional examination to the following specialists:

  1. Orthodontist - will determine whether the patient has the correct bite.
  2. Nutritionist. The problem of snoring can be caused by being overweight. A nutritionist will be able to adjust nutrition and reduce the patient's weight to normal.
  3. Therapist. This doctor helps determine the general condition of the patient, help quit smoking, if such a problem occurs.
  4. Somnologist. It will help to improve the quality of sleep.

Visit to the dentist

A fairly common cause of snoring is malocclusion. When the lower jaw is too short, the muscles of the pharynx are in a relaxed state, in addition, it can sink back the tongue if the person is lying on his back. The orthodontist can change the situation by installing bracket systems or special jaw plates. In advanced cases, the help of the maxillofacial surgeon is required.

A temporary solution to the problem may be the manufacture of individual mouthguards. The dentist takes a mold from the jaw, which serves as a "form" for future adaptation. The dental technician makes the mouthpiece directly. It is worn only at night to increase the tone of the pharyngeal muscles, to prevent the tongue from dropping and gnashing of teeth.

Who is a somnologist and what does he heal?

Somnology is a science that studies sleep and any problems associated with it. This is a young science that has appeared relatively recently. Somnology combines otolaryngology, psychiatry, pulmonology and neurology. Somnology specialists, respectively, are called somnologists. If you simplify the value of professionals in this field, we can say that the somnologist is a doctor for snoring. It is to him that therapists most often refer their patients, if this specialist practices in the nearest clinics.

Before you assign treatment, the doctor conducts a survey of the patient. Next, the somnologist prescribes studies to determine the cause of snoring:

  • Examination of the nasopharynx using a nasopharyngoscope through the nasal cavity,
  • X-ray examination to detect or eliminate pathologies of the respiratory system,
  • Cephalometry - it allows you to detect the presence or absence of a connection between the structure of the skull and respiratory system disorders,
  • Somnography is a study that is performed while a person is sleeping. Special sensors are put on the patient through which what is happening to the patient in this condition is displayed on the monitor.

Only on the basis of these measures does the doctor make an opinion. If the somnologist determined that snoring appeared due to weakening of the muscles of the larynx, the patient is prescribed the following therapy:

  1. Special exercises that help the muscles of the larynx. Gymnastics is based on regular tension of the lower jaw and the root of the tongue. Due to this, the muscles quickly gain elasticity.
  2. SINAP-therapy. The essence of the method is to stop breathing for a short period of time and at the same time air is supplied to the upper respiratory tract with a special device.
  3. Homeopathic medicines. The doctor prescribes funds that strengthen the muscles of the larynx. Thanks to these drugs, a person can completely get rid of snoring.

During therapeutic measures, the patient must adhere to the following rules:

  • Refusal to drink alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. These funds relax the muscle tissue of the palate and larynx and nullify the entire treatment.
  • To give up smoking. Cigarette smoke irritates the mucous membranes of the larynx, which leads to the occurrence of swelling of the soft tissues. This leads to a gradual narrowing of the lumen and worsening of snoring.
  • Normalization of body weight. When overweight, the lumen in the respiratory system narrows due to fat deposits. The result is snoring. Sometimes it’s enough just to lose weight to solve the problem.

Only an integrated approach to solving the problem guarantees a positive result. Failure to comply with the rules during treatment becomes the reason for its inefficiency.

Consultation with other doctors

In some cases, the cause of the rattling sounds in a dream is difficult to determine. An unpleasant phenomenon can provoke various disturbances in the body. Often, snoring is a symptom:

  • endocrine diseases
  • hypertension
  • allergies
  • cardiovascular disease
  • thyroid dysfunction,
  • malfunctions of the nervous system,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

For this reason, a thorough diagnosis requires the intervention of many specialists and an examination of the whole organism. To choose the right treatment, you will need a consultation:

  • neurologist and psychotherapist,
  • cardiologist and oncologist,
  • gastroenterologist and allergist.

Each specialist writes out a referral for tests and conducts medical research to determine the root cause of snoring.


It is very important to cure a disease such as snoring. After all, this disease affects the quality of human life. There are cases of death from the disease. Sometimes people suffocate in a dream. Which doctor should go with snoring, now you know - do not hesitate! Do not neglect the treatment of the disease and be healthy!

Is it possible to recover without doctors

Those who mistakenly think this problem is not so serious, and do not worry about which doctor to go for snoring, often look for unconventional ways to get rid of this ailment, primarily with the help of traditional medicine recipes. Indeed, for this case, there are special recipes based on olive oil that relieves swelling of the pharynx, honey with cabbage juice or lemon, as well as steam baths and infusions with eucalyptus. Of course, there will be a positive effect from their use, but snoring, especially caused by serious illnesses or tumors, cannot be completely cured without qualified help from specialists. Moreover, in some cases, self-medication can even be dangerous to health, because the true cause of this ailment will be ignored, which means that the risk of serious complications will increase every day.

Treatment at the otolaryngologist

An otolaryngologist is another doctor who treats snoring. His visit is relevant if the cause of the problem is a disease of the upper respiratory tract. The doctor diagnoses the pathology and prescribes therapy. Usually, treatment is based on taking medications.

The otolaryngologist is engaged in the treatment of the following pathologies that provoke the occurrence of snoring:

  1. Nose and nasopharynx - sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and adenoids,
  2. Laryngopharynx - an increase in the size of the tonsils, retraction of the root of the tongue,
  3. Oropharynx - tonsillitis, an increase in the size of the tonsils, a decrease in the tone of the soft palate, an elongation of the palatine tongue.

Before prescribing therapy, the doctor should conduct an examination of the patient's respiratory tract to detect foreign objects. It also helps to detect the presence of neoplasms on the larynx, if any.

If the otolaryngologist suspects infectious pathologies provoked by harmful bacteria, then he prescribes the delivery of a throat smear to the patient, as well as a general blood test.

If during the examination it was found that the person’s glands are enlarged, then the doctor prescribes surgery. The specialist performs the operation if there are neoplasms on the larynx that pose a threat to human health or life.

The wrong structure the nose is one of the causes of snoring. Such a problem may be congenital or acquired. The way to solve it is correction. The decision on the operation is made by the otolaryngologist in consultation with the patient.

Children's snoring: who to contact

If the phenomenon in question is observed in a child, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. A common cause of ronchopathy is problems with the nasopharynx, including sinusitis, adenoids. Therefore, the pediatrician can refer a small patient to the otolaryngologist.

Specialists advise visiting the dentist several times a year. Prophylactic examinations will help to timely detect malocclusion due to which the child snores.

To prevent bronchopathy it is necessary:

  • ventilate the nursery often
  • pick up a pillow by age,
  • moisturize the nasal mucosa with drops based on sea water.

What examinations can a doctor prescribe

Additional appointments depend on the accompanying picture of the disease.

  1. If a person is overweight and smokes, his lung function may be impaired, contributing to the appearance of apnea syndrome. Such patients have a reason to undergo pulmonary functional tests. They determine patency, bronchial volume and respiratory rate.
  2. They make an electrocardiogram without fail, measure pressure while lying and standing.
  3. To find out the breathing intensity of a sleeping person and to exclude hypoxia (oxygen starvation of tissues), the polysomnography method is used. The patient is placed on the body sensors. They record brain activity and heart rate in a dream.
  4. Pulse oximetry is used to determine the level of hypoxia in men and women. The technique reveals the degree of blood oxygen saturation.

At an early stage, it is easier to cure the pathological process and get rid of the cause of snoring. Timely access to a doctor is a reliable way to ensure a calm healthy sleep throughout the night.

In conclusion

Several doctors can treat snoring at once. The most competent in this matter are somnologists. However, in some cases, the help of other specialists may be needed, since various pathologies cause a violation. Timely seeking qualified help will be the key to a good night's sleep and good health.

When to go to the dentist?

A dentist is another doctor who should be consulted about snoring. A visit to this specialist is relevant if snoring has arisen due to malocclusion. If the lower jaw has a disproportionate size relative to the upper jaw, then this leads to a deterioration of the muscles of the larynx. The problem is solved in two ways:

  • With braces or special plates,
  • Surgery performed by the maxillofacial surgeon.

Note! An individual cap will help to temporarily fix the situation. The dentist performs an impression of the jaw, on the basis of which the dental technician makes the corresponding product. Such a device is recommended to be worn before a night's rest. Kapa improves the condition of the muscles of the larynx, prevents teeth from creaking in a dream and tongue falling.

Snoring in women and men: who will help

A woman, unlike a man, snores with less intensity and volume. Therefore, she may not be aware of such a respiratory failure in a dream. When referring to the therapist due to insomnia, the patient rarely receives adequate therapy. More often the consequence is eliminated, and not the cause of snoring.

The main etiology of the development of ronchopathy in men is associated with cardiovascular diseases. Nighttime sleep problems indicate congestion in the lungs, hypertension.


Can an osteopath cure snoring? Yes, if the cause of the pathology is a nose injury. The doctor visually determines if the patient has problems with the nose. In children, birth trauma is the cause. In adults, damage is obtained by mechanical action.

Injury to the nose leads to loss of tone of the palatine curtain. It becomes flabby, which leads to rattling during inhalation of air. Two muscles form the palatine curtain. One of them provides its tension, and the other supports. The muscles are in good shape due to the trinity and vagus nerve. Injury to the nose prevents the free movement of nerves to the muscles of the palatine curtain, which leads to a deterioration in the state of this muscle.

Damage to the sense of smell also leads to a deterioration of blood microcirculation in this area. This leads to swelling of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, which causes them to narrow. The condition worsens if the patient is obese or has harmful addictions. As a result, air passes through the nasopharynx with difficulty and snoring occurs.

An osteopath will help get rid of a nose injury, but only if the damage is not related to damage to the nasal septum. The doctor restores the correct position of the bones of the skull and helps strengthen the muscles of the palatine curtain. At the same time, it is important that the patient normalizes weight and refuses to drink alcohol and smoke.

If a person has snoring due to a damaged nasal septum, then in this case the osteopath will not solve the problem completely. The doctor can only reduce the swelling of the mucous organ of the sense of smell. This will reduce the likelihood of snoring during sleep, but will not completely solve the problem.

Surgeon's help

Which doctor treats snoring in women, men or children, provoked by deformation of the nasal septum, is decided by the surgeon. With this diagnosis, plastic surgery, radiofrequency ablation, endoscopy are performed. The method of performing surgical treatment depends on the diagnostic results.

Reviews of patients after treatment are different. Some experience pain during rehabilitation. Less common is bleeding.

Other doctors

Which doctor should be consulted for snoring depends on what caused it. If snoring is a symptom of a pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system or thyroid gland, it is recommended that you make an appointment with a gastroenterologist or cardiologist. In this case, the specialist prescribes therapy for the disease. Snoring goes away on its own after the patient recovers.

Snoring is a problem that cannot be ignored, as it can be fatal during sleep. For this reason, if a pathology occurs, it is recommended to consult a therapist who will give a referral to a specialist in snoring.

Reviews of people about different types of getting rid of snoring

Recently noticed that my baby in a dream snores. She began to listen to his breath. It seemed strange and heavy to me. We made an appointment with our pediatrician. She sent us immediately to the ENT. The doctor examined, it turns out - polyps. We decided to remove them with a laser. The operation was successful, there were no adverse reactions.

Vladimir, 39 years old

Recently, he began to snore heavily. My wife was tired, she wrote me to the family doctor. Assigned various tests, sent to a cardiologist.It turns out I have ischemia. The doctor prescribed pills. I have been taking them for more than 2 weeks. Indeed, the intensity and frequency of snoring decreased.

Antonina, 28 years old

My 8 year old daughter developed snoring and shortness of breath. After the pediatrician, we went to the orthopedist. It turns out that when changing milk teeth, the bite was broken. Put braces.

Alexey, 54 years old

Recently, adenoids were removed from the grandson. Many specialists and our pediatrician were inclined towards surgical treatment, since Sasha has recently had breathing problems. Adenoids were removed by laser.

But after the manipulation there was bleeding. The child lay in the hospital for more than a week. At the same time, painkillers were injected with him.

Diagnosis and treatment

To determine the correct treatment, a comprehensive diagnosis is performed. The somnologist prescribes polysomnography to assess the state of the body during sleep.

The otolaryngologist sends the patient an x-ray to detect a neoplasm in the larynx. An orthodontist often recommends examination by a maxillofacial surgeon.

If therapy is carried out by narrow-profile specialists, an ECG, an ultrasound of the digestive tract are additionally prescribed. After determining the etiology of snoring, treatment is indicated:

  1. In case of malocclusion, braces or applicator are placed.
  2. From inflammation, ENT prescribes medications.
  3. Neoplasms are removed operatively.
  4. A somnologist treats snoring with special exercises that help the pharyngeal muscles train. Additionally, homeopathic remedies are prescribed, SINAP-therapy is carried out.

Doctors advice on prevention

To prevent the occurrence of snoring, some wellness manipulations are shown, including exercises to strengthen the muscles of the tongue.

In addition, doctors advise getting rid of bad habits. It is not recommended to drink alcoholic drinks and sleeping pills before going to bed. You must always keep yourself in good shape.

If snoring appears periodically, it is contraindicated to sleep on your back. This situation violates breathing, leads to retraction of the tongue. In order not to lie on your back in a dream, it is recommended to sew pockets on your pajamas in the area of ​​the shoulder blades. A tennis ball is placed in it.

Turning over in a dream, the patient will experience discomfort. After a few months, the patient will develop a reflex that excludes the adoption of this posture. In order for the therapy to be successful, it is recommended to monitor your weight.

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