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Dressing gowns with inscriptions

A bathrobe is not just a home wardrobe item, it is for many people the opportunity for a comfortable rest and pastime. Therefore, when choosing a dressing gown, it is worth paying special attention to its style and production materials. In addition, design for many men plays an important role, so today we offer strict classic, fashionable prints, as well as humorous options, for example, inscriptions on men's robes.

With the help of a certain inscription, you can have a fun joke on the future owner of the dressing gown, so such models often act as a gift. Some prefer to order bathrobes with comic and funny inscriptions, others like nominal models with initials, surname or name, while others like philosophical bathrobes, which depict quotes and expressions of great people.

Men's bathrobes with inscriptions

Today, custom-made inscriptions on dressing gowns are one of the most sought-after ideas for a birthday present, especially such gowns among men. With the help of a special inscription, you can emphasize your special attitude to the future owner, and for a man to express his individuality and special style. Many manufacturers offer services to choose from a customer what to write on a man’s bathrobe.


Most often, the inscriptions are applied to terry bathrobes for men in the form of hand or machine embroidery. A home dressing gown, which has funky inscriptions, can colorfully dilute the life and routine of a man. Models with humorous phrases are more suitable for young men with a cheerful and easy temperament and character. For example, a dressing gown from a wife with the text “best husband” or from friends with the inscription “king”. Cool pajamas are also popular.


You can also emphasize a mature age and social status with a luxurious model of a bathrobe with original text. Best of all, men demonstrate robustness with robes with stripes of logos of world brands, whether it’s car brands or fashion houses of men's clothing. Yes, and the previously indicated version of the dressing gown with the text "king" will show who is the boss in the house.


A name coat is the most common dressing gown for a gift to loved ones or work colleagues. It can be patches in the form of initials, inscriptions with a surname and a name, supplemented with all kinds of logos, prints or crowns. For patriots, in addition to the name, you can draw up the national emblem, for important persons, a text such as “boss” or “king”.

Price bathrobe with the inscription

We want to create the perfect embroidery that will solve your problems. Therefore, we approach each order individually, choosing a set of services that is suitable for your purposes. To calculate the exact cost of the inscription on the dressing gown, please send a sketch to [email protected], indicate the size and number of copies, as well as all your wishes. If in doubt about the font, our designers will be happy to suggest options. During business hours we will reply within 15 minutes!

The table of approximate prices will help you find your way. Select the desired item in each row and summarize the prices indicated, so you will receive the cost of the retail order.

2000 rub

2000 rub

4000 rub

4000 rub

5000 rub

All bathrobes
designtext standard font
from 500r
text any font
from 1000r
simple logo
from 1000r
medium logo
from 2000r
complex logo
from 3000r
up to 10 cm
from 1000r
up to 20 cm
from 1500r
up to 30 cm
from 2000r

additional services

500 rub
1000 rub
Great dane.

Bathrobe. We can embroider on your bathrobe or purchase bathrobes for you for application.

Design. The design price for complex pictures and photographs is calculated individually. The design is paid once, with repeated embroidery, you do not need to pay for the design. If the hoodies will have several different images, each new design is paid separately.

Embroidery. The retail prices for the order of embroidery on caps from 1 pc are indicated. To clarify the cost of your circulation, fill out the form, write to [email protected] or call +7 (495 722-95-05.

Your sketchDesignApplicationResult

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Dressing gowns with a patch in the form of a text is a new trend in men's fashion, it is unlikely that any man will not appreciate such a present. To give a dressing gown with an inscription in the form of a joke, quote or initials, means to emphasize your special attitude to a man. With the help of a dressing gown, a man himself can emphasize his status, special style and even character. Only a confident person can wear a dressing gown with a funny, funny or other creative design in the form of an inscription.

Size table

Russian size444648505254565860
International sizeXSSMLXLXXLXXLXxxlXxxl
Chest circumference, cm86-8990-9394-9798-101102-105106-109110-113114-117118-121
Waist circumference, cm74-7778-8182-8586-8990-9495-99100-104105-109110-114
Russian size40424446485052545658
International size-XSSMLXLXXLXxxlBxlBxl
Chest circumference, cm78-8282-8686-9090-9494-9898-102102-106106-110110-114114-118
Waist circumference, cm58-6262-6666-7070-7474-7878-8282-8686-9090-9494-98
Russian size2628283030323234363840
Age years23456789101112
Height, cm9298104110116122128134140146152

Name bathrobe is interesting

Custom made men's robes are a unique thing. Each sample is created for a specific person. You can order clothes as a gift for a birthday or for another holiday. A good decision is to buy clothes for colleagues on February 23. In the form of decoration, you can choose the company logo, slogan or motto. The owner will like the branded thing and will tell other people about the company in which he works. Another solution is to order bathrobes as a gift to business partners, regular customers, as a prize during raffles and contests.

No less interesting is to choose a men's dressing gown with embroidery and add similar clothes to it for other family members. In our country, double-dressing is only gaining popularity, and many people support the decision of native people to dress equally. If the family comes to the bath in bathrobes with the same inscriptions, this will not go unnoticed.

Among the advantages of buying registered textile products in the company “1000 and 1 Stitch”:

  • high quality goods
  • low pricing, favorable price without any additional cheat,
  • free delivery throughout Russia with an order of 3 000 rubles!

Making clothes takes several days. This helps in cases where you have to buy a gift quickly, and there is no time for reflection. You can place an order directly on the site, independently creating a unique design of the thing. After that, the store manager will contact you to clarify the details. Only after all the wishes are clarified, the wizard will be able to start work. All that remains for you is to receive it at the appointed time and appreciate the high quality of the product.

Delivery of goods

In the studio of personalized machine embroidery “1000 and 1 Stitch” you can order original terry robes in any quantity. The cost of the work will depend on which model you have chosen, as well as the threads for embroidery. Residents of Chelyabinsk can pick up the ordered products on their own in our store. For all other regions, delivery is available, which from 3,000 rubles is completely free!

Order and do not doubt that your gift will not be left without attention. Custom-designed bathrobe will become a man’s favorite thing. If you wish, you can always add other items with personalized embroidery to the order, for example, towels, bedding, etc.


We always strive for the best in order to delight our customers with the best prices.

Sincerely, Wildberries online store.

  • size table
  • Model Parameters

Added to Waiting List

Reserve the goods and get in the store after 1 hour

Reserve period: 4 days

Payment: at the store, in cash or by card


Plush bathrobe for men with embroidery: “Beloved husband” - an ideal gift for a man. For a birthday or other holiday, a man is always pleased to feel loved, to be in the spotlight. This is not an ordinary men's gift, because a home men's robe with such an inscription will express the maximum connection with your beloved husband. Therefore, such a gift to her husband just will not be forgotten. The dressing gown itself is made of Velsoft material - it is very soft and body-friendly material. Many customers, having first touched a plush bathrobe, experience incredibly pleasant sensations of softness. At the same time, the dressing gown does not fade and does not stretch; Gift embroidery is made to last. The inscription is large, large - in the entire scapular part of the back. It is made with metallized threads, which means that the color of the threads is not yellow, but gold. It looks very cool. Such clothes are suitable for home use, as well as after taking a shower or visiting a bath.

Information on technical specifications, scope of delivery, country of manufacture and appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest available information from the manufacturer

About cozy bathrobes

Terry bathrobe, this is a great gift solution for all occasions. Mahra absorbs moisture well and is considered a natural material. For the manufacture of such robes used linen, cotton or bamboo fiber. The best material for this is considered to be natural Egyptian cotton.

The ability to absorb moisture has popularized such bathrobes and they are often taken to a sauna or bath. In addition, it is always a pleasure to wear such home-made clothes after a bath. The dressing gown keeps the body temperature and will not allow its owner to catch a cold.

Pile on mahr is on both sides. On the inside, the loops are shorter. They gently envelop the human body and give a certain massage effect, which gives the owner of the product special sensations. On the outside the pile is long, this guarantees the effect of thermal insulation. Therefore, even in the cold season, it will be warm in a bathrobe. In addition, materials of different densities can be used for the substrate. In summer, thinner products are used, in winter, respectively, more dense.

Another advantage of the dressing gown is the high quality of terry products. This is a reliable and durable thing that does not fade and does not change its shape during washing. Such home clothes can be washed in a washing machine. The main thing is to carefully read the rules for caring for this material.

Gift idea - a dressing gown with an individual personalized embroidery

Presenting a terry dressing gown for some celebration is appropriate in any situation. For friends and relatives, such a gift will mean a manifestation of care and love towards him. The main thing for such a gift is the right context, and of course, do not forget about the "highlight" of such a gift. Just a bathrobe? Not interested! But the product with personalized embroidery will turn out to be a more individual and interesting gift!

IMPORTANT! You cannot “cheapen” on such a gift. The dressing gown should be of high quality and beautiful. Choose a good craftsman who will do the embroidery and choose the right material (terry, silk, natural cotton, etc.)

Types of dressing gowns used for embroidery:

  • Bathrobe. As already mentioned, terry is the best option for such a gift. This is a warm and cozy homewear that will warm in the winter and give comfort in the summer. Ideal for visiting a bathhouse or sauna with friends, embroidery will help not to confuse it with a stranger and give comfort during a holiday.
  • Satin bathrobe. Such can often be seen in elite sports clubs. Glossy smooth material, most often plain, looks elegant with bright and interesting embroidery. For this, silk threads are often used, or at least with a silk sheen. Such a dressing gown pleasantly touches the body and looks graceful both on fragile girls and on courageous male shoulders.
  • An environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch option for such a gift - bamboo bathrobe. This material has a special bactericidal property, it is very soft, and the material itself shimmers in the sun.
  • The most elegant and expensive version of such a gift is embroidered silk bathrobe. This material looks unique, and only real professionals can embroider it. The combination of iridescent fabric and shiny threads looks amazing. The material itself pleasantly caresses the body and “breathes”, allowing air to circulate.


  • Name. With such an inscription, this item of home clothes will become the most beloved for the person who received the gift. This will tie him to the robe and, without a doubt, cause warm reviews regarding the person who gave it. You can buy finished products, but if the name is rare, such a dressing gown may simply not be. Then you have to make an individual order, but it has its advantages. You can choose your own color and way of writing.
  • Surname. Write a surname on the dressing gown, an equally good idea. This can be a great gift idea for the whole family. A gown with such an inscription will appeal to athletes; many athletes have their surname written on their clothes!
  • An excellent element of such embroidery, one of the most popular, can be considered a crown. If you consider crown as a symbolthen this is a sign greatness and power. It is worth recognizing that in men's robes such an element is more common. But female models are not excluded.
  • hen-party - The brightest day in the life of every woman. Today, personalized embroidery on bathrobes for such parties has become especially popular. This is a kind of dress code for such events. In the bathhouse, pool or in the SPA, wherever the bride wants to celebrate this day, such robes will always be relevant.
  • For children like being like adults name gown will give them this opportunity. This gift will be appreciated by both boys and girls. Depending on the gender, you can choose the color of the threads and the dressing gown itself. In addition, the inscription can always be supplemented with images of animals or interesting patterns.
  • Robe with a hoodIt’s not only fashionable, but also convenient. Most often, with a hood it is terry bathrobes. They are warm and comfortable, and the embroidery itself, so as not to be covered by a hood, is either below it or in front on the chest. Models of such a product are found for both adults and children.
  • For the whole family. An interesting gift for the whole family will be a bathrobe with similar inscriptions. Products are made in the same style, with the same inscriptions (for example, the name and surname of each family), will help to unite the whole family.

Original inscriptions and drawings for embroidery

You can approach the choice of inscriptions in a more original way, and supplement the name with something more interesting. First of all, think, who do you have this person? You can write “Beloved wife”, “Best of the best”, “Queen Mother” on the beloved’s robe.

In the same way, you can choose the inscriptions for the rest: “Vasik-Pivasik” for the brother of the comedian, “Alexander the Magnificent” for the husband, “Best Son” for the child. But the matter does not end with relatives, an interesting inscription can be invented based on the interests or position of the host. "BIG BOSS" in big gold letters and a dollar sign, what is not an idea? A boss with a sense of humor? Draw on his dragon robe! The main thing is to include imagination and not be afraid to use it!

Who and for what reason can I give a bathrobe with an inscription?

First of all, such a gift will be relevant for relatives and close friends, those people whom you have known for a long time. A warm and cozy bathrobe is a sign of care and love for a person. You can also give your loved one a bathrobe. Even the boss will be able to appreciate such a gift, but you need to carefully consider this decision. In general, such a gift will be relevant everywhere, the main thing is the right context.

When to give a bathrobe - TABU

A dressing gown is considered an element of a home wardrobe, therefore, before buying such a gift you need to weigh everything well and forgive.It is difficult to say exactly when this gift will be relevant, it is much easier to decide when it does NOT fit:

  • Unfamiliar people may not appreciate such a gift. If you know a person recently and did not have time to get to know him closely, it is better to give preference to something else.
  • It is believed that if a woman is not your wife, you should not give her such a gift. She may misunderstand such a gesture, and even consider it an insult to herself. But it all depends on the relationship with this person, some women with great pleasure will accept such a gift
  • Patients are also not given bathrobes. This is considered a bad sign, but even if a person does not believe in signs, a bathrobe as a gift can cause unpleasant emotions.

All other situations welcome a bathrobe as a gift. It is worth remembering only one thing - the quality of the product is very important. If you have already decided to buy a bathrobe, make sure that it is made of high-quality natural materials and is made in good faith.

IMPORTANT! A gift must be chosen based on the preferences of the party. Find out if a person likes to wear bathrobes or not, perhaps this gift will be useless.

Beloved / beloved's birthday

As mentioned above, for a birthday, such a gift is perfect. You can buy two products at once - yourself and your beloved. This will become a kind of bond between you and wearing such a bathrobe will always be nice.

Think what you call her? Little hare? Let a cute bunny be embroidered on a dressing gown and make such an inscription, and if your lady has a sense of humor, you can always make a funny caricature of a hare under a cute inscription. A loving wife will accept any gift, but if she approaches the choice with all her heart, she will be doubly pleased.


It all depends on age. For the elderly it is better to limit themselves to classics - just a beautifully embroidered name on a bathrobe. Younger grandparents can appreciate the humorous inscriptions, or you can focus on a recent event (if you became grandparents recently). “The best grandfather in the world”, “The best grandmother in the world”, you can make a pair kit for both at once, it will be very cute and interesting. You can use the diminutive words "grandpa", "granny". For such a case, you can supplement the inscription with a pattern: beautiful lines, the same crown, flowers for grandmother, etc.

New Year for a loved one

New Year is a holiday of winter, therefore it is best to pick up a bathrobe, warm, terry. The gift can be thematic, the dressing gown can be decorated with different deers, New Year's balls and hats, but it is preferable to stay on a neutral topic. If you want to emphasize that a gift is, nevertheless, a New Year’s one, it is better to embroider the inscription with red or green threads, prefer the contrast rather than the image.

Printed Wedding Gift Ideas

A pair of bathrobes is an ideal option for an anniversary gift. Embroidery can be supplemented with wishes or playful sayings. For the husband, a dressing gown with the inscription "King", and for his wife, "Queen". The names and surnames on the dressing gown will create some kind of connection, embroidery can be supplemented with the same crowns or patterns. Choose a beautiful font and suitable colors, this also plays an important role.

Robe for girlfriend / boyfriend

A man, if only he loves bathrobes, will surely appreciate a bathrobe from a friend with a playful inscription. You can slightly distort his name, or make a signature as you called him in childhood (if you have been friends for a long time). Image of a beer mug and a playful inscription. Of course, something like “Prince Vladimir” would also be a good decision.

For girls, things are a little more complicated, not all the fair sex can appreciate the humor in such a gift, so if you are not sure about your girlfriend’s sense of humor, it’s better to choose inscriptions like “Olga Unique” “Super-Girl” and similar options.

To kid

Of course, for a birthday and a new year you can restrict yourself to more interesting gifts, but on neutral holidays, such as February 23 and March 8, children will be happy to receive this gift. In addition, if you have a son, on February 23 you can make a gift in pairs for him and for the husband, and vice versa, for your wife and daughter on March 8. Such a kit will look original and unusual and everyone will be satisfied.

How to complement and strengthen the gift

Of course, just a bathrobe as a gift may seem too “cheap”, so you need to supplement it with something. First of all, it can be considered as a variant of a towel with initials. A full inscription on a set of towels will be inappropriate, but the initials look solid and perfectly complement the bathrobe.

If you presented a terry bathrobe, you need to give the opportunity to use it! Give a subscription to the sauna or arrange a trip there yourself! If a gift is for a woman, you can organize a day at the spa. Any lady will melt from such a gift.

Bathrobes can be added to the bathrobe. An expensive soap with an inscription that can also be picked up on your own is an unusual and original gift that will remind you almost every day! Spa kits with special labeling are also a great idea.

Name bathrobe - a great gift idea for any occasion. This will help demonstrate your care and love for loved ones. Choose high-quality natural materials, and this gift for many years will remind you of a loved one.

Possibilities for embroidering inscriptions on a bathrobe

Material. We embroider logos on dressing gowns from such material as terry, waffle, bamboo, cotton, linen, knitwear, silk, satin, velor. In addition, you can make embroidery on a dressing gown from a synthetic material, such as modal, microcotton, velsoft, microfiber, polyamide, polyester and others. Each type of material uses its own proprietary application technology to achieve maximum image quality. Terry bathrobes with the inscription are neat and beautiful, because we use a water-soluble film to tame the pile.

Size and place of application. You can make a dressing gown with the inscription on the back, on the chest, on the pocket, on the hood, on the cuffs, on the belt. The maximum size of embroidery on the back is 36x45 cm. The maximum size on the chest depends on the size of the dressing gown, check with the manager for specific numbers. Embroidery on the sleeves is a technically difficult task, it is better to work with the details of the cut or open the sleeve, embroider and sew back. If you want to buy a terry dressing gown with an inscription, remember that this material does not tolerate small print or thin small details, they will drown in a pile and will not be visible. If it is a fine drawing that is really needed, we recommend doing embroidery with a full background covering or using a patch on the dressing gown. However, remember that the cover and patch will make the surface stiff, stiff, which is not always convenient.

Colors and special threads. Up to 12 colors are used in one image, we suggest looking at the thread catalog. Using more colors will greatly complicate the embroidery technology, but we can do this for an additional fee. We also offer metallized, glowing in the dark, glowing in ultraviolet and melange threads.

Special offers. 3D embroidery will help to highlight the inscription in relief, it creates a convex unusual image. For elegant robes, you can use sequin embroidery and rhinestones.

Women's bathrobes with inscriptions

If men's dressing gowns with custom inscriptions are quite strict, then women's robes, however, recoup them! A woman’s dressing gown can be bright or delicate shades, the inscription on it can be made into an arbitrarily fancy font using countless decorative elements. Sometimes a terry female robe with the inscription becomes a work of art!

The inscription on the dressing gown for a woman is good to do using curls, italics, patterns. You can add hearts, stars, emoticons and other cute pictures. The more interesting the font, the better.

If you decide to buy a women's dressing gown with the inscription, use additional embroidery options: metallic threads, sequins, rhinestones. All this will turn a regular bathrobe into a luxurious and individual gift.

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