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Men's denim vests

A men's wardrobe cannot boast of such a variety of things as a women's one, which is not surprising. But for men there is good news - the vest will be a loyal assistant in creating fashionable and stylish bows.

A huge wide range of this item of men's clothing allows each representative of the stronger sex to choose a vest to their liking.


A stylish and bright wardrobe item that will allow you to create original images in a casual style, as well as unique bows for men. Especially those who relate to various subcultures and try to emphasize individuality.

There are denim vests with and without a hood, with pockets, insulated options and with each you can create an attractive image for any occasion.

What to wear:

  1. In the summer, a combination with a t-shirt, denim shorts and sneakers will be appropriate.
  2. For a cool time of the year, a jeans vest can be worn with jeans of a different color, turtlenecks, jumpers and sweaters.
  3. Shoes can be different: sneakers, loafers, moccasins, boots - depending on the season.


This vest is suitable for those who appreciate refinement and elegance and are not afraid of experimenting with their style, since a vest from a three-piece suit can decorate a bow in casual style.

A classic vest is combined with trousers and shoes in a simple business style, but in combination with skinny trousers and fashionable loafers and oxfords and a white shirt with a sleeve ¾, it will look stylish and bright.

reference! To make the vest in the classical style look really elegant and can play a “solo part” in the image, it is worthwhile to give preference to a product made from natural fabrics with restrained colors.

What to wear:

  1. Three-piece suit with classic shoes.
  2. Preference should be given to those vests, from under which the edge of the shirt peeks slightly from above.
  3. The lower button on the vests in the classic style should be unfastened.
  4. Tweed and velveteen vests are suitable for the cool season and are complemented by a turn-down collar.
  5. A scarf, in a breast pocket, you can dilute a monophonic classic vest.
  6. The image of a tweed vest, a checked shirt, classic skinny trousers and boots is a universal image for any occasion.
  7. A perfect pair is a jacket that can differ in color and texture - classic, denim.
  8. Lower the vest should cover the belt.

Important! This thing must be selected strictly according to the figure - fit the body tightly and, if necessary, adjust the figure and hide the loose fit of the shirt.

How to choose and what to wear a classic men's vest is described in the video:


Among men, there are many who prefer an informal style of clothing. A leather vest has become an integral part of the wardrobe of bikers, performers and fans of rock music. A leather vest looks brutal, courageous, but not always appropriate.

It is effectively combined with jeans, leather trousers or pants, as in the photo.

But restrained models of a leather vest will be appropriate in the style of city casual and will become a “highlight” of the image and will give it a truly masculine character.

C and how to wear: To create a brutal-romantic image, you can use a vest resembling a leather jacket. It can be combined with jeans or slim-fit trousers “classic” and massive boots or shoes, and depending on the season with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or rude sweaters.


Used as outerwear in the offseason and cold season. They can be presented in a casual and sporty style.

Unlike jackets, they are more comfortable, for which they are appreciated by most men.

Fabrics and fillers of blown vests can be very diverse:

  • For sewing, synthetic and natural materials are used, and for filling, fluff, feather, synthetic winterizer and other heaters can be used.
  • Often in vests use linings made of natural wool.
  • Inflated vests are often used in a sports style, as they are comfortable and do not constrain movement.
  • Combine with sports and casual wardrobe.

What to wear:

  1. Jeans, cotton pants combined with sneakers or boots.
  2. Sweatpants, pites and sneakers.
  3. Flannel shirts, knit sweaters, pullovers, hoodies, sweatshirts.

Important! Stop your choice on moderately puffy vests, so that the silhouette does not look bulky.


In the past few seasons, knitwear has become a real trend. Knitted vests with various types of knitting and patterns are also at the peak of popularity.

They make a strict look less stressful, and laconic men's knitted vests add a more businesslike character to a casual look.

reference! A knitted vest is not an echo of antiquity, but a really fashionable and stylish element of clothing, which is important to choose correctly.

What to wear:

  1. Plain or shirts with a classic pattern.
  2. Strict jeans, trousers with classic shoes.

Important! You cannot wear vests of the same color with a shirt. It looks boring and faceless.


The classic denim color is indigo, navy blue. However, modern designers and manufacturers offer men a wide selection of jeans vests of various colors. Often, many styles have additional decorative details - this is an imitation of abrasion of the fabric, tears. So, the main options for the shades of jeans vests:

There are also khaki vests with a camouflage pattern. One or more vest details may be made of khaki fabric. The combination of a camouflage pattern with a familiar shade of jeans looks unusual and very stylish.

There are also models on sale that combine fabrics from synthetic materials and inserts from blue jeans.

Popular brands

The inventor and founder of denim clothing style is a company Levi's. The first denim jacket was made by Levi's in 1910. In the thirties, the first model was modified, and the jacket acquired a more familiar appearance, had a patch pocket with a flap on the chest.

Another oldest brand is Lee. The first jacket created under this brand was intended for railway workers. It was in the early 20s of the last century. But the brand's popularity in the 50-60s brought the warmed model, which appeared in the early 30's.

Another famous brand of denim clothing - Wrangler.

All these brands and many others produce different models of jeans vests. Among the most popular brands are Diesel, Colin's, Montana, Guess and others.

With smell

New inventions of designers are gradually getting to the men's wardrobe. So, a men's vest with a smell, made of knitted fabric, became a novelty that was liked by fans of casual city style.

Voluminous pants, massive shoes, a thin T-shirt and a vest with a smell look original and even extravagant.

How to choose?

When choosing a denim vest, men need to focus on the set of clothes that they already have. First you need to make sure that the purchase will go well with other things.

Vests of semi-adjacent or straight cut indigo or black without decorative details and effects on the fabric will be a universal option.

With such vests, white or gray t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts that are in the wardrobe of almost every man look spectacular.

A denim vest can be combined with slacks, chinos and jeans, it should be remembered that things of warm colors and shades should be combined with clothes of warm colors, cold shades are complemented by cold ones. Jeans and a vest do not have to be the same color at all, it is enough that the tones match in warmth if they are not achromatic (as they call black, white, gray).

White, gray, black denim vests are combined with things of any color. For jeans of blue or blue color, you can choose a blue or blue vest if their sub-tone matches (both warm or cold), but it is better to combine denim of different colors (black - with blue, beige - with blue, blue - with gray, etc.). )

If you choose a vest that matches the color of jeans, then a shirt or t-shirt should be worn so that would stand out against their background so that the entire set does not look boring and does not look like overalls.

If the vest matches the color of a shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt, then jeans / trousers should choose a different color.

What can not be combined?

Men don’t spend much time on their style and unfortunately often make mistakes in combining different wardrobe items.

reference! An improperly selected vest can turn even a prominent male into a nerd, an adventure hunter in the jungle, or a hunter who forgot to change clothes when he leaves the forest.

How to wear a vest:

  1. Knitted vests with ornaments from deer of snowflakes or other cute prints will look cute, but not stylish.
  2. Knitted or crocheted vests must not be worn with shirts in the same color. This will erase the image, make it obsolete.
  3. Do not wear too short or long vests - this will ruin the silhouette and leave a negative impression.
  4. You can not wear a vest with many patch pockets, nets and other devices anywhere except hunting, fishing or hiking. This does not apply to those for whom the vest is a uniform. In this case, it can only be worn for work, and nowhere else.
  5. Do not wear a leather vest with classic wide trousers and a white shirt.

The vest is able to emphasize and adjust the figure. To do this, you need to choose it exactly in size - otherwise the whole image will look ridiculous.

What and where to wear?

Men's denim vests are easy to combine with many things. The possibility of combining specific things in one fashionable image depends on the type of cut jeans.

We list with what jeans vests can be combined:

  • with longslivy,
  • T-shirts
  • shirts (plain, checkered, jeans),
  • Hoodies (models without a hood)
  • jumpers.

Models tailored to the style of a classic men's vest, will look great with pants of classic cut or with slacks. In this case, you can put on a plain light shirt or jumper, add strict low shoes or oxfords to this, and the whole appearance will completely correspond to the style of business casual.

In cool weather, for walks and other informal occasions, a completely suitable option is a sweatshirt or jeans shirt combined with sports pants, jeans of a different color, slacks or chinos. In warm weather, you should choose a T-shirt or a cotton shirt and pants made of lighter fabrics.

A denim vest of a semi-fitted or fitted cut, worn on a T-shirt, in combination with jeans and boots, berets, will create a brutal image. You can choose a vest with buttons or with a slanting zipper. Not everyone can afford to come to work in this form, but such an outfit is quite suitable for moving around the city, meeting friends and other events that do not require a strict dress code. if it matches personal tastes.

The cut of jeans vests implies that they are designed for people who lead an active lifestyle, who like clothes that give freedom of movement. It is logical that vests made of straight-cut denim can be combined with sports clothing.

Where can I wear a sleeveless garment?

Appearance should correspond to the event, and then the weather, season. The vest, despite its versatility, must be carefully selected if it is included in the overall image.

  • For formal and business meetings, events suitable classic and knitted vest. In this case, the outfit will emphasize the business style, as well as the individuality of the owner.
  • Rock concerts, biker shows and parties are reasons to try on the image of the brutal and courageous rider of an iron horse. In other cases, such outfits can be bewildering and are suitable only for those who want to shock the audience.
  • Sporty puffy vests fit perfectly casual walk, or for everyday worries - shopping, sports, for outdoor activities with friends.
  • Casual vests relevant almost always and everywhere, except if a dress code is required. A walk, a date, a business meeting, attending official and not very events are those occasions that are ideal for a casual vest.

Important! In pursuit of their own style, those men who are just becoming fashionable can overdo it with a vest, the choice should be given to proven models and silhouettes, do not shock too much around. This can adversely affect the image.

Why a man should have a vest in his wardrobe is described in the video:

A vest is a really convenient, original and stylish wardrobe element.

Following the above recommendations for combination and selection, you can create images that emphasize the sense of style and taste of their owner.

Another important advantage of many models of vests is that they emphasize the figure of a man, which will draw the attention of many women and cause a lot of envy among rivals.

Stylish Bow Examples

With the help of jeans vests, you can create many stylish looks. For example, wear camouflage cargo pants, a white T-shirt, and a blue tank top.

A pair of dark slacks, a white T-shirt, and a black denim waistcoat is a good choice.

Black jeans, a gray T-shirt and a black denim vest with a hood can make up a beautiful set.

Beige slacks, a gray sweatshirt, a black denim sleeveless jacket with a turn-down collar, and black and gray sneakers are a stylish outfit for a weekday.

Blue jeans with scuffs, a black vest and a white jacket and a white outfit with long rolled up sleeves will make you look very stylish.

The combination of dark blue, gray, light blue, black in one image can be very successful.

The same applies to the combination of white, blue, bright blue, gray, black in clothes and accessories - despite the large number of colors and shades, the whole set is very harmonious.

Vest history

The ancestor of a men's vest is a camisole - it is fitted men's clothing, usually without sleeves and knee-length. Under the influence of Western European fashion, in Russia camisole was worn by nobles in the XVII - XVIII centuries. Around the end of the 18th century, a camisole was replaced in Europe by a vest. A little later he appeared in Russia.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the vest became a popular accessory that was worn with or without a jacket. The role of the vest has remained unchanged so far.

Varieties of Men's Vests

Vests have become an integral part of men's wardrobe. Since fashion designers came up with different types of men's vests, you need to be able to pick them up for your clothes. Today we will talk about three types of vest:

Each of them has its own combination rules. However, we must not forget that this element of clothing should ideally sit on a man. To do this, you need to correctly determine the size.

The vest should emphasize the figure of the stronger sex.. There are different cuts: narrowed or loose. The choice of cut depends on the complexion of the man. Slender guys fit skinny models, and full - free.

Classic vest

Often men wear classic vests to match the official style. Such men's vests can be worn under a shirt.Often, a vest is sold with a suit, and if it was not there, it is better not to supplement the image yourself, but to find a three-piece suit.

Vests of this style are of two types:

  • With open back. In this model, there is a narrow harness on the back at the waist. It has a very deep neckline.
  • Closed back. Seamstresses use several types of fabric to sew such a vest. Dense fabric is used on the front, and lining fabric is taken on the back, the one of which is sewn on the lining of the jacket. For such vests, the neckline is not very deep; it is designed for a tie.

These vests must be worn with suspenders and without a belt. Since this item of clothing has become fashionable, many guys are trying to combine it with their clothes. You can often see that the strong floor wears a belt along with a classic vest. The shirt should not stick out from under the vest; it must be tucked into the pants.

Formal Men's Vest

A Black Tie-style vest is a very specific piece of clothing. He should not be worn on his own, without a jacket. Many of them are generally sewn without a back, they have only a fastening strip in front. Formal vests often have lapels, which are rarely found in most other vests.

A formal men's vest typically has a much shorter front end than a vest that complements the three-piece suit. This is done in order to open the white shirt.

Although formal vests in the Black Tie style are usually made of the same black fabric as the tuxedo, it is possible at official events to wear a vest from another fabric instead. This is not prohibited by the Black Tie dress code.

The vibrant colors that you sometimes see in stores remain novelty details, but a dark green vest or Burgundy color is quite appropriate to wear even in front of the Queen of England. Traditions above all.

Classic men's vest in a three-piece suit

Three-piece suit was the standard at the beginning of the XX century, and began to fall out of fashion during the Second World War, when the need to save fabrics affected their availability.

The men's vest remains an expressive classic wardrobe item, as does a double-breasted jacket in its formality and elegance. The best men's vests are usually made with the help of a good tailor in order to get a snug fit and appropriate attitude (in terms of shape and line of lapels) to the jacket, which is necessary for the proper look.

Loose cut vest

This group includes leather, knitted and denim models. Due to the fact that these vests are free style, men can wear them with any clothes. Of course, you need to understand the basic rules for combining clothes and styles. Not everyone understands what to wear a men's leather vest with, but here it all depends on the cut of the model.

When choosing a free vest, remember that low-quality clothing will become unusable very quickly. It is also important to choose a model, given your wardrobe. Decide in advance which vest you need and combine the colors correctly.

Insulated vest

There are still warmed models. Choosing such a vest you need to understand what you want - look stylish or not freeze in winter. If you want to insulate for the winter, then when buying this type, pay attention to:

  1. Filler. Insulation can be of different quality. Of course, the price of clothes depends on this. Try to buy quality vests so that after washing the filler does not go astray.
  2. Collar. There are warmed models with a small collar, it serves as decoration. Give preference to that form of a collar which could replace a scarf and fits snugly to the neck.
  3. Hand Cut Out Shape. They should not be too deep to warm the muscles of a man.

If a man is only interested in fashionable styles, then he may not take these points into account and choose the model that emphasizes his taste. After you have purchased these clothes, you need to know how to wear a sleeveless vest, otherwise the man will not look stylish. A warmed vest can be worn instead of a jacket if there is a warm sweater underneath. Such models are suitable for athletes and truckers.

What is a vest?

Men's vest is a short swinging wardrobe element for sleeveless torso. A classic vest is a part of a three-piece suit and, ideally, its back should be sewn from lining fabric. But now designers offer a variety of men's vests for any style of clothing. Professional vests for the military, security guards, etc. are also widespread, and on their basis vests with ordinary and patch pockets from jeans or other dense fabric have already been created. Such vests can be worn over t-shirts, jumpers, turtlenecks as light outerwear.

How to choose a classic men's vest

Wearing classic vests in Russia is not common. To make your choice easier, here are some quick tips.

In the classic version, the vest is included in the package for a double-breasted jacket. If your costume sold without a vest, it is best not to experiment on your own.
Classic vests come in two types:

  • Closed (with a closed back). For the sewing of such vests there are several types of fabric. On the back there is a lining (the same as on the jacket with which it is worn), on the front part it is denser. The neckline of such vests is very small - strictly under the tie.
  • Open (suggesting an open back). Such a vest is easy to recognize not only by the absence of a back (it is replaced by a narrow harness with an elastic band or a strap on the waist line), but also by a deep neckline.

Remember: an open black vest should not be worn with a black bow-tie and dress coat - this is the uniform of waiters. As a solemn option, you should choose a white vest and a white bow tie.

By tradition, the vest is worn with suspenders, but without a belt. However, today a classic vest is a necessary attribute of the wardrobe of many fashionistas who easily change the rules to their liking, so wearing a vest with a belt is not uncommon in our time.

When did men's vests appear

A men's vest appeared in 1666 thanks to the English king Charles II, who sewed this garment on a personal order. Then the vests were made with long floors and sleeves. The fabric for sewing was used the same as for the outer suit. Only after hundreds of years, the vest shortened and “lost” the sleeves, and also became more of an ornament than an item of clothing, because at that time, vests were made of expensive fabrics and decorated with buttons made of precious stones.

Another version of the history of the origin of the vest is considered to be that it came from a camisole, which was worn in the 17th century under the Justocore. In 1760, the camisole turned into a vest, gradually losing sleeves and shortening.

In the 18th century, only large fashionistas and dudes wore vests; they had 20 buttons on them. Each gentleman of that time had more than 10 such variegated items of clothing in his wardrobe.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion for men's vests became extinct, but already in the 60s of the 20th century this part of the men's wardrobe became an element of a three-piece suit and a separate stylish piece of clothing.

How to choose a men's vest in a free style

This group includes jeans and leather vests, as well as the dream of all Soviet engineers - a knitted vest.

It’s easy to choose such a thing: take what you like and wear it with pleasure: for that, the style is called free.

The only rule: do not neglect the quality: denim should be dense, genuine leather, and the threads of which the vest is knitted should consist of wool at least 85 percent.

Remember: a cheap low-quality thing, even if it looks good when purchased, will soon lose its neat appearance and you will have to say goodbye either to your desire to look attractive or to her.

Types of Men's Vests

The assortment of modern vests is represented by a wide variety. In clothing stores or online stores, you can choose single-breasted or double-breasted vests, with elongated or shortened back straps, fitted and loose. By the type of cutout, vests can be with a round, V-shaped or understated neckline. In addition to these classic sewing options, there are also modernized models.

According to the style of the vest, it can be conditionally divided into 3 categories:

1. Classic vests can be a replacement for a jacket and add a twist to a business look. In order to look stylish in the office every day, you can only change the vest, because classic models can be loose and fitted, the corners below are sharp or rounded, with a turn-down collar or stand, with a high or low armhole, and also short and elongated.

2. The knitted vest has a more democratic style, so it is suitable not only for work, but also for walks or meetings with friends.

3. An insulated vest can even replace a jacket if worn over a sweater. This is an indispensable wardrobe item for motorists, athletes and students.

To jeans

Not everyone knows the answer to the question of whether it is possible to wear a men's vest with jeans. Since fashion has stepped significantly forward, we can say for sure that the vest goes well with jeans. It is important to remember only that these two clothes should be of the same style and similar color scheme. Remember, the right combination of colors is one of the indicators of a stylish look.

Like vests, jeans come in many forms. If you bought a classic vest, then choose clinical style jeans. They should not be too narrow. If you chose torn pants, then give preference to a free-looking vest. Under the insulated vest, you can choose absolutely any model of jeans.

Also, jeans or leather vests will look perfect with jeans. These two models are simply designed to combine denim pants. So that the image does not look cheap, try to buy quality things.

How to choose a warmed men's vest

To choose a men's vest with warm filling, you need to decide what is warm or style in the first place for you?
If the practical qualities of the vest are in the first place for you, then pay attention to:

  • the shape of the collar (it should reliably protect you from the cool wind),
  • filler quality
  • shape of cuts for the hands (too deep cuts will cause colds).

If the insulated vest is just a fashionable item for you, then choose simply relying on your taste.

Production material

Currently, designers are creating many styles of vests from various materials. The main manufacturing materials are leather, fur, wool, polyamide and textiles.

The advantage of leather vests is their durability. The classic colors of these vests are brown and black.

For an official style, vests from cashmere or plain suit fabric are suitable. Party lovers can choose a satin waistcoat. If you like stylish extraordinary images, then materials such as textiles, denim or jacquard are suitable for you.

Recently, hand-knitted vests have become fashionable, but you should not choose such a model too fitted.

To sweatpants

Stylish vests can not be combined with sweatpants. However, this does not mean that a vest cannot be matched to this style. To this image, you should choose either warmed models, or options for a free cut. There are special sports vests. They are worn in the cool season so as not to put on a jacket and freely exercise.

The peculiarity of the sports vest is that it is zipped and has a fitted cut. Although it fits tightly to the body, this does not prevent the man from making free movements. In addition to vests, there are also tank tops. Men often use these models instead of outerwear.

How to choose a men's vest by size

As you can see, the types of men's vests are a great many. But the rules for sizing for everyone are general:

  • The vest suggests a fit.
  • The cut of some models can be free, others - narrowed.
  • In any case, the vest should be in time, that is, it should not hang, but should not be small.

In the case of a classic vest, it is important that a shirt does not stick out from under it. More confident to feel when choosing a vest, our table will help you.

How to wear a vest

For everyday use, a denim vest with pockets is suitable. Such a model with a pattern or pattern on the back looks even more stylish. Fashionable denim pants will help to complement the image.

Leather vests look good with jeans and trousers, as they are almost universal. You can find such a vest of any desired color.

For a sporty style, appropriate vests are suitable, often they are made with a sintepon lining, so this element of clothing is also suitable for cool weather as a warming item.

Casual enthusiasts should love the combination of a vest, worn over a turtleneck.

Also note that you can not fasten the vest on the last button and do not allow the shirt to be visible from underneath.

Knitted vest in a dark shade is good for socks in the winter.

Those who prefer the presence of pockets on their clothes will always be able to choose the appropriate model of vest.

To trousers

Initially, the vest was invented as an addition to classic trousers and a jacket. Everyone knows that there is such a suit as a three. The vest allows a man to take off his jacket without permission and this will not be a violation of etiquette. Some men wear a vest without a jacket, so they need to combine it correctly with trousers and a shirt.

As already mentioned, if a man puts on a vest, then he should not wear a belt, but there are no strict rules - this is all a matter of taste. The style of the vest and trousers should be the same. If you bought a fitted model, then the pants should be narrowed. The vest should be a classic style and cover the men's waist. Choose the length of the vest so that no shirt is visible between it and the trousers.

If you decide to complement the image with a jacket, then the vest should be fitted so as not to stand out from under the jacket. If you want to have an original look, then the shoes should be combined with the buttons of a vest. Remember that trousers and vests do not have to be the same color, but you must be able to combine colors. With trousers, you can combine knitted vests for a casual look.

Men's waistcoat size chart

Size, RussiaInternational standardChest circumference cmWaist circumference, cmHips, cmUS sizeSize, Europe

A classic vest from a suit, in the past was a very important attribute in a gentleman's suit. It is difficult to imagine that in the past a man bought a classic suit in which there would be no vest.

In those days, if you wore a suit without a vest, you would most likely be considered abnormal, or, in extreme cases, a sloven. Perhaps fortunately, but those days are long gone. Views and fashion have changed for a long time, but nevertheless, the vest has not completely fallen out of fashion. In feather dresses, a suit with a classic vest will look complete and complete on you. Secondly, on a warm day, you can always take off your jacket and stay in a vest that will let in fresh air and at the same time keep your body warm, including the lower back. If your back is sweating a little, the back of your vest will hide this little embarrassment. Now a man can wear a classic suit with or without a vest. Moreover, you can wear a vest without a jacket and even without trousers, replacing them with jeans.

Men's classic vest SELECTED

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How to choose a men's vest

When choosing a vest, you need to choose the right size, because this item of clothing, especially the classic look, should sit perfectly in shape: be a little loose in the chest and tightly fit the waist. If the size is chosen incorrectly, then your whole appearance will deteriorate.

Also, when choosing a vest, its length is important: it should cover the trouser belt, and the front corners should be located on the femur. A classic vest should not be visible from under the jacket more than one button.

Many people think that a classic waistcoat can only be combined with business suits, but it’s not, it fits perfectly with a t-shirt or shirt.

When choosing a vest for a business suit, note that black, brown, blue or dark gray colors can exactly match the shade of a jacket and trousers. A vest with an ornament is not suitable for a strict business style.

If you are claiming elegance and style, then in your wardrobe must be present several models of vests that emphasize your personality.

A classic vest from a suit, in the past was a very important attribute in a gentleman's suit. It is difficult to imagine that in the past a man bought a classic suit in which there would be no vest.

In those days, if you wore a suit without a vest, you would most likely be considered abnormal, or, in extreme cases, a sloven. Perhaps fortunately, but those days are long gone. Views and fashion have changed for a long time, but nevertheless, the vest has not completely fallen out of fashion. In feather dresses, a suit with a classic vest will look complete and complete on you. Secondly, on a warm day, you can always take off your jacket and stay in a vest that will let in fresh air and at the same time keep your body warm, including the lower back. If your back is sweating a little, the back of your vest will hide this little embarrassment. Now a man can wear a classic suit with or without a vest. Moreover, you can wear a vest without a jacket and even without trousers, replacing them with jeans.

Men's classic vest SELECTED

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To leather pants

Not every man wears a leather vest. Such clothes are intended only for those men who belong to a certain trend, for example, bikers and rock music lovers. Men wearing leather pants are very different from society, so they need to choose a decent appearance.

They can only combine these pants with fitted or loose leather vests. In this case, classic and knitted patterns will be redundant. This combination of clothes is very catchy, so fashionable guys try to choose every part of their image correctly.

How to choose a suitable model?

Before you go to the store and buy a vest, you should decide on some indicators. Firstly, it is important to know why you are buying a vest, in order to emphasize howling style or for practical purposes. Secondly, give preference to quality models. Thirdly, consider your complexion when choosing a cut. Do not forget, the vest should be beautifully combined with your wardrobe.

How to wear a classic men's vest

In fact, in the modern world there are a lot of options with what to wear a classic men's vest. The easiest option is to wear a vest with a jacket and trousers made of the same material and the same color. If you choose a classic style, it is best to wear a vest with a buttoned shirt collar, the most advantageous option is to wear a vest or a bow tie. Thus, you will get a complete, strict and official appearance that will undoubtedly play in your favor. But you may well not give a damn about the rules and go your own way in search of your style. You can experiment and wear a vest with pants or jeans. You can put a vest on a shirt with rolled up sleeves, thereby creating the appearance of a workaholic and at the same time a business person.

Buttons and vest

The question of whether to fasten buttons on a vest is still very acute. The tradition of not buttoning the last button of the jacket comes from the English king Edward 7. His Majesty was rumored to be so full that he could not button the last button of his jacket, the courtiers adopted this sloppy tradition as a sign of support for their monarch, and the whole world was infected afterwards. It is believed that this rule applies to cardigans and vests. This tradition has been around for more than a hundred years, but my opinion is that nothing bad will happen if you fasten the lower button, with the button not buttoned you can show others that you are just honoring the traditions. A classic men's vest gives inexhaustible opportunities for your fantasy flight. It can be worn as part of a classic three-piece suit, and with jeans. With multi-colored shirts and trousers. With the right vest, you will always be a winner no matter how you wear it, in the old-fashioned or modern style.

Men's vest or sleeveless jacket today is far from rare. This is a detail of a classic men's suit and a warm jacket without sleeves, and special clothes are part of the uniform of the military, security guards or police officers. There is even bulletproof clothing - body armor.

Today we will talk about a classic men's vest, which has become an integral part of men's style and fashion. What place does a vest occupy in a men's wardrobe and is a stylish gentleman so needed?

The term “vest” has a broader meaning than “sleeveless”. A vest is a sleeveless garment that covers the waist of a person, hiding the top of the trousers and the bottom of the shirt. The sleeveless jacket is a sleeveless sweater or pullover that women or men like to wear while playing golf. Sleeveless jackets are also called insulated jackets without sleeves.

Men's vest is part of a classic men's three-piece suit. It is made of the same fabric and lining as the costume, creating a single ensemble from bottom to top. Vests and sleeveless jackets are complementary pieces of clothing that are used both with and with.

How to choose the size?

There is nothing complicated if you know your clothing size, and you can always use the help of a consultant if necessary. However, do not forget to consider the basic rules of choice:

  • The vest should not hang on you and should not be overly tight. It’s important to remember the golden mean,
  • a good model is one that sits exactly on the figure,
  • the cut can be different: both free and narrowed. Decide which option seems more convenient to you.

Choose material

Wool is the most popular option, and it is worth choosing a denser vest. Thin tissue quickly deteriorates, begins to shine and wear out. It is better to pay more, but be sure that the vest will last you a long time.

Cashmere is a more expensive and certainly more aesthetic material. Few afford real cashmere vests - but those who purchase them look impeccable regardless of the situation. We recommend not to save money if you often have to attend official events.

Suede is a versatile and comfortable material, but at the same time, vests from it are extremely rare. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, suede models are always very expensive, and secondly, such a fabric needs special, thorough care. Not everyone can handle this thing so carefully, so people who forget about it don't wear suede clothes for a long time.

Leather is not a material for everyone. Of course, leather vests look stylish and unusual, inexorably remind us of bikers, and over time they look only better, but in a business environment such a model does not belong - this is an informal thing.

Cotton is an option for warm weather. Such a fabric almost does not warm, and you should definitely consider this before buying. Among other things, cotton wrinkles a lot, and if you don’t like ironing, it’s better to choose something else.

Silk is a stylish and unusual material. Silk vests are rare, but they look luxurious, moreover, it is from such a fabric that, as a rule, models of the craziest colors are sewn. If bright shiny things are not your option, we advise you to look at vests made from a mixture of silk and wool: they are matte and almost do not shine.

The main models of men's vests

Everyone knows how designers love to give free rein to fantasy, so if you want, you can highlight many types of vests - however, it makes sense to dwell on the main three. All that comes after them is a variation on the motive.

This model is usually sold as part of a costume - along with trousers and a jacket. Extremely simple and comfortable, such a vest can be presented in one of two options: either with an open or closed back. The first option is always recognizable by a deep cutout in the front.

If you often have to wear a tailcoat, it is better to choose a closed vest. In open you will be taken for a waiter.

Free style vest

  • knitted vests
  • leather models
  • denim options.

Here you do not need to suffer from the pangs of choice: just buy the model that you liked more. But do not forget that any vest should be appropriate.

Men's vest is a wardrobe item that even the most novice mod can handle. Usually the vest plays the role of the second plan, or does not take part in wardrobe staging at all. Men do not have fiery feelings for this item of clothing. Vests do not like because they do not know how to successfully integrate them into their wardrobe niche or are faced with representative examples of its use by other characters. About how to wear men's vests, which models of vests to choose, read our article.

A vest is always an opportunity for a stylish experiment and going beyond ordinary social situations and dress codes! Moreover, a vest is a guarantee of convenience and comfort: both driving are not constrained, and in pedestrian / office life the vest will indulge in a cozy existence.

Men's vest. Solo part.

A solo part is always attention to only one thing. Therefore, if you do not plan to wear a vest in a multi-layer kit, it is very important that the vest usually sit. The vest should rest on the body on the shoulders, not pull the back and have high armholes (so as not to deform the lower layer of the kit). The main task of the vest is to make you slimmer and fit, the image is more collected. The vest should be your second self and repeat movements, but should not rise when you raise your hands.

Discard the vest if it is made of synthetic fabric with a shiny texture and lining.

The solo part is guaranteed to hear “Bravo” in his cries if he focuses on a non-standard cut. For example, look at vests with a smell, vests with round necks, vests with lapels, double-breasted models.

Men's vest with a round collar

Men's wrap vest in cotton

Consider the peculiarities of the figure: the above deviations from the classic form of the vest are an alternative for fit and slender men.

A vest is not always easy and boring. The chest pocket of a men's vest can be decorated with a scarf.

Male liquid: a scarf in a breast pocket

Remember that the sharp contrast of the color combination, for example, a white shirt and a black vest, can be like uniforms.

Classic tweed and velveteen are ideal for the cold seasons, cotton and heavy gabardine for the summer.

Men's tweed vest

A healthy share of brutal romanticism, sports, challenge, sexuality of a megalopolis - in general, the explosive mixture is contained in leather jackets. This kind of "devilish" accessory is as versatile as possible. Stylish vest can be used regardless of the season. In the summer, these are sets with T-shirts, in the demi-season with jumpers, golfs, rough sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, in the cold season, a leather vest can be the average level of a multilayer set.

Men's vest leather

Men's vest. For party with orchestra.

In multilayer sets, the vest can be read under the upper clothing units only in front (thanks to an interesting texture, color, cut), from the back, the vest should be invisible.

When creating a tiered set with a vest, rely on the invoice of fabrics. A certain classic dryness and archaicity of the vest cut will win with bold combinations of inconsistent textures and stylistic formats.

Complete with a denim jacket - a classic vest made of velvet or tweed will give a healthy share of officialdom, and will transfer the wardrobe image to the smart casual, city casual class. Similarly, on the contrary, a denim vest that accompanies a formal jacket will smooth out the seriousness and stiffness of the outfit.

Men's velvet vest with denim jacket

men's denim vest in a formal set

In formal images, a vest is easy to combine if it comes with a suit. The vest has the right to differ in color from the color of the suit, as if breaking it with its presence. In such cases, the options will be games with options total (total, dominant color). Work with shades - a gray suit - the vest may be of a gray tone, not different from the suit. Similar experiments can be carried out with black, and with blue, and with brown colors.

Puffed, quilted vests are the most common representatives of their class. Despite the fact that these models are more representatives of outerwear, there is a reason to go against the clock and use them in ensembles with tight jackets made of tweed or velveteen.

Men's quilted vest in a multilayer kit

And finally. Whatever model of vest you choose, remember the golden rule - the bottom button of the vest should always be unfastened.

Men's vest: the bottom button should always be unfastened

Casual vest or tank top

In addition to the classic vest, there are casual vests or tank tops. It can be both underwear and outerwear. For example, T-shirts or sleeveless vests are very popular in Russia, as they allow you to keep warm in the winter, and in the summer to protect from excessive sweating.

We already mentioned about a sweater or a pullover without sleeves. This is not such a common wardrobe item for men, but it is increasingly appearing among office employees.

Another type of vest is a fleece tank top. Great for relaxing with friends and family. The sporty style of the vest is a slight stylistic emphasis on usability.

Sleeveless jackets, depending on the style and how they are worn, can more or less fit the formal style of clothing. Plain or with a muffled pattern, items are a more formal option, including those worn with a tie and a shirt.

Vest in men's wardrobe

Men's vests and sleeveless jackets are elegant pieces of clothing that add more to the look than other accessories. They can add formalities to a suit, style to an ill-conceived outfit, comfort to casual wear and a warm business suit in cool weather.

A three-piece suit is a great start for a person who does not have other vests, since the vest can be worn separately. The only thing you need to be careful so that it does not lose color and shape due to frequent wear, and does not become lighter than other parts of the costume.

How often can I wear vests and tank tops? Any style that does not change becomes boring, so you don’t need to be a “guy in a vest”, but have a couple in case you want to stand out a little and diversify your dress code. And yet, the versatility and unusual style of vests and sleeveless jackets is too good for a stylish man to leave these clothes unattended.

Vests and tank tops today again returned to the TOP of popular men's things.They serve as part of the costume, and a separate piece of clothing.

Today we will talk about the vest, which has become an indispensable element of the masculine style.

A vest is called clothing that does not have sleeves and covers the body, hiding the top of the trousers. Sleeveless jackets mean sleeveless sweaters, like those that golfers often wear.

The vest is one of the elements of a three-piece suit and is made from the same suit fabric. Vests are also additional items of clothing used to create images in both business and casual styles.

The vest is obliged by the appearance to a camisole. Obeying the dictates of Western fashion, camisoles wore the “cream of society” three to four centuries ago. Then, in European countries, a vest took the place of the camisole.

In our country, the vest stood on the podium by the end of the XIX century. Then they wore it with or without a jacket. However, it continues to be used to this day to this day.

The Black Tie-style vest is a very special piece of clothing. It is worn only with a jacket. And many of these vests do not even have a back. Often vests of this style are endowed with lapels, which certainly distinguishes them from all other types of vests.

Typically, vests belonging to the type in question are sewn shorter than those that are included in the suit. This makes it possible to show a white shirt.

Usually Black Tie style vests are sewn from the same material with a tuxedo. But it is not forbidden to use products from another fabric.

Vests of bright colors are already new fashion trends. But green vests and a shade of burgundy are appropriate even at a royal reception.

Three-piece vest

At the beginning of the last century, a suit consisting of three elements was an ordinary, generally accepted element of a men's wardrobe. He went out of fashion when the war started, and people began to save on everything, including fabric.

Today, the triples are back in fashion, although not as popular as suits, consisting only of trousers and a jacket. Often vests are present in wedding suits. The vest in the suit should fit snugly against the body.

The cutout of the vest should be shown when a man puts on a jacket.

A vest in a suit can be made in one ensemble with a suit, or be made of another fabric. In the second case, the image is less formal and is suitable for evening events. In particular, a paisley or herringbone vest is appropriate for parties and other non-formal events.

Vest as a separate item

As an independent element, the vest is a frequent companion of business casual style. An unpaired vest first appeared in a man’s wardrobe at the beginning of the 19th century. Gentlemen picked up vests in contrasting shades with unusual buttons, from complex materials.

In fact, he acts as a blazer, shading the shirt. Such a vest has no claims on business style and does not try to repeat a business suit.

The vest in such cases usually differs in color from the bottom. If it matches the shade of the trousers, you get the feeling that the man lost his jacket.

Try rolling up your shirt sleeves to emphasize your awareness of matching vests and trousers. In addition, this technique helps to create a non-standard everyday style, appropriate also at work.

In this role, the vest is used according to milder rules than when it is an element of the suit. Here you do not need to strictly select patterns and colors. You can just wear classic trousers and a light shirt.

The vest is not one of the most common clothing. Therefore, its presence on a man in itself is of interest. And adding a bright shade or pattern will only improve the impression. It can be classic stripes or a cage, as well as oriental patterns.

Putting on a vest, it is worthwhile to understand that even in casual style, he may look inappropriate without a tie. You can complement the kit with either a regular tie or a bow tie.

If you consider yourself a true dandy, then try to tie a neckerchief. It will look very exquisite. The most important thing in choosing the details of the image is not to overdo it. You need to look businesslike and maintain elegance.

If you plan to choose a vest, you need to pay attention to a number of points.

It is extremely important to choose the right length of the vest. The vest should cover the belt of the trousers.

The vest should not have narrow armholes, because it does not have sleeves. This not only looks worse, but also interferes with freedom of movement.

If you wear a vest, it is better to refuse a belt. You can wear braces instead.

Knitted vests are increasingly shown on men working in the office. They look elegant and allow you to create a strict, business image.

Also, such vests fit perfectly into everyday looks and are appropriate for friendly meetings, walks in the city.

Vest in a man’s wardrobe

Vests are elegant and bring a special sophistication to the image of a man. They make everyday looks more comfortable, give formalities to a suit, and allow you to insulate business sets.

Using a three-piece suit, you can safely take off your jacket. Just keep in mind that a suit vest cannot be worn without a jacket at all.

In the salons "Gallery of men's fashion" in Novosibirsk you will find a wide selection of men's vests, as well as three-piece suits of various colors and sizes. Experienced consultants will help you make the right choice and recommend related products.

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