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How to grow a mustache: patience and labor, and a mustache will sprout

If a man asks how to grow a mustache, then he wants to change something in his life, and decided to start with the appearance. After all, with the appearance of a mustache (as well as with their sudden shaving), a man's face changes dramatically.

If difficulties with regrowth are associated with difficulties in hair growth, it is possible to contribute to this natural process in no less natural ways.

Increase testosterone. It is known that this particular hormone is responsible for “hairiness”, so you can take vitamins, in particular zinc.

Consume more dairy products. They contain calcium and amino acids that help stimulate the hair follicles.

Massage. By massaging the area above the upper lip, you will increase the flow of blood to this area, which will accelerate the growth of the mustache.

Nutritious masks. If the antennae have already partially grown, you can help them with the help of brewer's yeast. Need to wash their mustache every day.

The problem of growing mustaches usually does not lie in the fact that the hairs "sprout" slowly, but in the fact that the vegetation does not immediately take the form that we would like. Many who tried to grow a mustache from scratch know that at first these are incomprehensible bunches above the upper lip, which can hardly be called bristles. But in order for the hairs to take the form of at least a small, modest antennae, it takes time. But it’s impossible to lock yourself in an apartment and not show anyone for a week, so most men shave off their regrowing hairs, preventing them from becoming a full-fledged mustache.

If you suffer from such a problem as an incomprehensible form of vegetation at the beginning of mustache growing, then start to grow a beard as well. In combination with her meager hairs will look more harmonious. And as soon as the mustache reaches its climax, shave off the beard.

It’s not enough just to grow a mustache: you also need to immediately give them a certain shape. For the first time, it is better to contact a beauty salon. The wizard will do everything as it should in a few minutes and teach you how to properly follow the mustache. If you have grown a magnificent beautiful mustache, then you may be advised to purchase a special wax and comb for them so that the antennae is always “in shape”.

The existing antennae should be regularly trimmed with a trimmer, setting it to the desired mode. If you suddenly suddenly decided to shave off your mustache completely (whether they are short or long - it doesn’t matter), then keep in mind that a white strip of skin will remain in this area. Therefore, it is recommended to radically change the image in the winter season, when the person does not have the opportunity to sunbathe.

Why do not grow a mustache

Many guys, having decided to grow facial hair, are upset if after a week without shaving changes do not occur. It should be noted right away that it will not work to grow back in a few days or even weeks. But, if it is noticeable that even after a month no changes have occurred - in this case we are talking about pathologies of a dermatological or hormonal nature.

Therefore, if you want to see a beautiful mustache on your face, but they do not grow, the first thing to think about is the help of professionals. There are several reasons for the absence, this is not always a pathology. Often, stubble does not grow due to heredity. Pay attention to your male relatives. If they do not have vegetation under their noses, you should not expect that after a month you will have a beautiful and thick mustache - it is difficult to do something against the genes.

Adolescents have an unstable hormonal background. Testosterone levels fluctuate, so you should not count on active hair growth simply because the hair follicles on the face have not yet been activated. Special means should not be used either - you need to wait a bit to grow a mustache.

Consider the stages of hair growth in order to have a clear idea of ​​how they grow. This will help to understand when to start growing vegetation, and whether it is worth doing at all.

  1. Stubble. The first stage, at which it is already clear whether it will be possible to grow a thick mustache. Forget about the razor for two weeks. If you see that they grow slowly, bald spots are present - in this case it is best to abandon the idea of ​​growing antennae. If the mustache does not grow at all, try using professional shampoos, oils, lotions. Hairdressers or barbers can recommend them to you.
  2. Three months. The stage is not easy, because at this time the bristles look scruffy and create an unpleasant appearance. In the center, the hair will grow faster, and on the neck, cheeks - slower. If you want to look neat, then during this period trim the hair on the Adam's apple, you also need to cut them in the cheeks. After eating, hair over the lips needs to be thoroughly washed - it is possible that they will remain particles of food.
  3. Six months. This is the period of time that must pass if you want to let go of your mustache. They need to be looked after, regularly trimmed. To make the hairs soft and pleasant to the touch, it is important to use all kinds of balms. You can cut the vegetation with a special master - barber. Then you boast a beautiful and thick mustache.

If for half a year you have not seen abundant facial hair - consult a cosmetologist. It will help eliminate the cause (if any). When the cause is genes - unfortunately, only surgery will help to rectify the situation - hair transplantation from head to face. It is expensive and does not always pay off.

Many are interested in how to accelerate the growth of a mustache. Especially for this, there are a variety of cosmetics. Also look at the pharmacy, or google effective folk techniques.

When the cause of poor facial hair is a lack of testosterone, you can fix the situation. Change your lifestyle - go in for sports, switch to proper nutrition. It is necessary to give up alcohol and tobacco smoking, it is important to avoid stressful situations.

How to grow a mustache: what needs to be done and what is not worth it?

A few years ago, smooth-shaven men were in fashion. The beard was a sign of untidiness, uncleanliness and not grooming. So today everything has changed. Now the beard is a real trend among men. But the mustache never went out of fashion ever.

All the impressive men wore a small antennae under their noses - this was believed, and continues to be considered very attractive. However, not everyone knows how to grow such an antennae. So that they are moderately long, neat and well-groomed. Let's figure out how to do it right.

How to grow?

So, it’s already clear that you won’t be able to quickly grow a mustache, especially if there are some health problems. Experienced barbel must state that it will take at least six months to give them the perfect shape.

First of all, be patient. Indeed it is not fast. At the first stage, a man has stubble - about a month will be spent on this process. In a few months, a short beard and antennae will begin to emerge. And now, after six months, you can boast of a magnificent mustache.

In the process of growing mustaches, it is necessary to properly care for the skin of the face. Every day, it is imperative that you follow the rules of personal hygiene. In the evenings, it is imperative to wash and periodically do peelings to get rid of old skin cells, giving way to new hairs.

Trim the hairs and do not let them grow in the wrong direction. Correct at certain stages the desired shape.

Get a trimmer. It will be useful for normal use. With this completely safe device, you can easily pick up your mustache and thereby achieve the desired result.

If you want a chic mustache - do not disdain daily beauty procedures.

How to accelerate growth?

If you have good genetics, then the mustache will grow without any additional accelerators. If your genes contain a certain number of follicles, then it is impossible to a priori increase them. But to accelerate their growth is real.

To accelerate the growth of facial hair, you need to eat right. The body will receive the necessary trace elements and vitamins that strengthen and nourish the hair follicles.

It is necessary to include in the daily diet:

  • Low-fat fish and meat
  • Vegetables
  • Greens
  • Fruit
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Milk

But it is worth abandoning harmful fatty, salty, sweet food and, of course, from fast food.

In winter, when it is difficult to obtain vitamins from food, it is better to buy special complexes in the pharmacy aimed at stimulating and strengthening hair.

And you can take popular advice and buy several natural oils - castor and burdock. With the help of which, once a week you can make masks or just rub them into the skin. They will help to “wake up” the sleeping hair follicles and increase the number of facial hairs.

A very extreme folk recipe is a mask of pepper. It may burn, it may be uncomfortable, but the result will be good. A teaspoon of red pepper, aloe juice and olive oil. Mix all this and apply to the skin - no more than 40 minutes, keep it on your face, otherwise you can earn a household burn.

Care Features

The main rule in growing mustaches, as in principle beards, never cut facial hair when it is wet. Wet hairs will lie neatly and at first glance will be in perfect shape. However, as soon as they dry, they will start sticking out in different directions. And so it will be every time after every mustache wash.

Try as little as possible, and less often to cut them. It is better to comb them daily and put them in the shape you need. Cutting a part of them, you can go too far and get a bald island under your nose.

Here are some tips that can help you grow an irresistible mustache.

  • Comb the mustache in different directions. So it is possible to collect both long and short hairs in one shock.
  • Use a mustache wax to give a luxurious look. This will make it possible to create a perfect shape.
  • Using a trimmer, determine the outline of your mustache and maintain it regularly.

Of course, once a month it is better to trust facial hair to a professional who will do everything perfectly and beautifully. Fortunately, a trip to Barbershop is not just a trip to the hairdresser, it is a trip to the atmospheric place in which mustached masterpieces are created.

Mustache is fashionable

Fashionable, stylish and beautiful. Wearing a mustache today is not old. This is a real cry among men. And yet, mustaches make men sexy and courageous.

Women enjoy small vegetation under the nose of the stronger sex. They are attracted to such men by their beauty. And this is not surprising. By nature, such a beauty is given to men for free.

1. Dreaming of growing a long mustache - be patient and wax!

In order to grow thick and long stems you need a certain amount of time. Usually, facial hair in men grows one centimeter in one month. This indicator is average and largely depends on the characteristics of a particular person.

The mustache will grow not only NOT immediately, but most likely at the very beginning it will not look neat enough. Long hair obediently rests on the face under its own weight, while short hair strives to break out of the total mass, it sticks out and puffs in different directions. Styling wax will help to cope with this, with the help of which you can tame the naughty hairy vegetation and grow a neat mustache.


Why to begin not fast - need to be warned right away! - and not an easy process regrowth facial hair? It is assumed that you have already firmly decided to take this step, and there is no need to explain why this is necessary at all. Therefore, it goes straight to the point.

2. Clean skin is the key to success!

Want to grow a mustache - do it right! Down with sweat, dirt, food debris and other garbage! Daily washing with special means will relieve your skin of various kinds of impurities and possible consequences from them in the form of acne and other troubles. The presence of the latter in many respects complicates the uniform growth of the mustache and beard, creating bald spots in the places of rashes.

The habit of using a scrub will also be useful, which will help cleanse the skin of dead cells. After all, with the appearance of vegetation on it, getting rid of the stratum corneum will be more difficult.

You also need to remember about moisturizing and nourishing the skin, since under the mustache it can dry out quickly, which can provoke its peeling. To avoid such problems, apply a cream on the face that is suitable for your skin type.

Average speed

Before growing a mustache, a man should analyze whether this venture will succeed. It is worth recalling how quickly and how dense the vegetation grows with prolonged absence of shaving. If there are constantly bald spots in the area above the upper lip, and the stubble itself is slightly thicker, it will take a lot of time to grow, and the result may disappoint in the end.

Genetics is a factor that is unrealistic to get around. What is inherent in nature remains with man forever: it is very difficult to fix a liquid beard. The only sure way here is a cosmetology procedure for hair transplantation.

According to research conducted by expert Allan Peterkin, on average, the hairs on the face of a guy grow by 0.4 mm per day. The average calculations indicate that in a month it is possible to grow 1.25 cm of hairs above the upper lip.

These are averaged values ​​that vary depending on a number of factors.

Several factors affect the rate of growth of antennae.

  1. Heredity. If thin and sparse hairs that grow slowly are passed on from father or grandfather, there is very little chance of growing chic stubble.
  2. Improper nutrition. The abundance of fatty, sweet, flour, a minimum of fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy meat and fish slows the growth of hairs.
  3. Constant stress. The emotional overstrain in which a man stays for a long time leads to a deterioration in the growth of vegetation.
  4. Disorders of the hormonal background. The main male hormone, testosterone, affects the rate of hair regrowth. Its defective synthesis leads to slow hair growth.

At normal speed, a man with a European appearance will need about 2-3 months to grow a mustache.

The main thing in this task is to stop shaving, treat the hairline with natural masks based on castor oil, quit bad habits and normalize the emotional state.

3. To grow a beautiful well-groomed mustache, ordinary combing will help

We decided to become a barbel, then be sure to envy yourself a new "girlfriend": a special scallop or brush. Use these tools daily: comb the hair on the head - comb over the upper lip. This ritual will help set the right direction for the growth of the mustache. It is recommended to use the scallop as early as possible when the antennae are still short. Already at this stage of growing mustaches, you can beneficially affect their growth.

4. To make your mustache grow faster - make friends with a face mask!

Usually, a beautiful half of humanity uses masks for beauty. But in the modern world there is a place for care products in the life of brutal men. Masks for the rapid growth of mustaches and beards based on pepper tincture or mustard powder are especially popular. These components, acting on skin receptors, enhance blood circulation, which allows you to quickly grow a mustache.The method is also good because it can be used at home.

5. How to grow a chic thick mustache

It turns out that the quality of the hairline and its growth rate depend on the lifestyle and nutrition of its owner. Stress, alcohol, smoking and lack of sleep adversely affect the quality of the mustache. These factors can lead to slower hair growth or to hair loss. But a healthy lifestyle and food rich in protein will favorably affect the appearance and density of the grown mustache.
So, we introduced you to the basic rules on how to grow a mustache. You will have to accustom yourself to the daily care procedures, arm yourself with the necessary tools and means, but, and most importantly, patience!

How to grow a beautiful beard?

On the face of a man there are about 20 thousand hairs, they grow at a speed of half a millimeter per day. It would seem that there is nothing easier than becoming a bearded man. But in fact, if you fully trust Mother Nature, you can grow a shapeless tow. Moreover, not every man has facial hair growing evenly, but it happens that a beard does not grow at all.

The first thing a potential bearded man needs to know is that it is not worth growing a beard as a teenager. Thick and lush it will not grow due to the characteristics of the hormonal background. At the same time, taking synthetic hormones and drugs that accelerate the growth of bristles will still not give the desired effect, and they can harm health. In addition to hormones and age, there are several more reasons why a beard does not grow. The chances of becoming the owner of lush vegetation are affected by:

  • diet and the presence of micronutrients necessary for hair growth in food,
  • the state of the body's water balance,
  • physical activity,
  • quality of sleep, usefulness of rest,
  • stress level
  • bad habits
  • genetics.

Stage one: evaluate your chances

To assess your chances of success, you will have to keep your hands away from the razor for at least 2-3 weeks. During this time, everything from which your beard can be formed will grow, and it will become clear whether it will be possible to achieve the desired density in your case. But before that, experts recommend a deep shave with preliminary steaming of the skin, so that later the hairs grow back the same length.

Tip: The first two weeks of the shield on the face will look untidy. In order to avoid unnecessary questions from others and not to explain to everyone what happened with your razor, it is better to plan a beard growing for a vacation or to do it during the sick-list. By the way, in the cold season, the process of growing vegetation on the chin is more comfortable.

If your beard does not grow, there are bald spots or voids on it, you need to look for the cause among the above. In case of uneven facial hair growth due to genetics, beard specialists - barbers - advise to leave the plant with growing and confine to bristles or small areas of facial hair, such as goatee, Zappa beard. In other cases, if the beard grows poorly, you can speed up the process by adjusting the diet, revising your lifestyle. Vitamins and special preparations for internal and external use will be effective. But about them a little later.

The following section is dedicated to all those who after the first three weeks of unshaven did not leave this venture. We will tell you how to grow a gorgeous beard.

Stage two: grow the length

About a month from the day the hairs on your face began to grow frivolously, the most difficult stage of growth for many men begins. Here you will need all your patience and endurance. Alas, the beard does not grow immediately with an ideal shape, at first the hairs can naughty stick out in different directions.

Shield growth can cause unbearable itching. Discomfort will have to endure. High-quality moisturizing of the skin of the face can help, periodically it is recommended to do scrubbing. Relief can occur after combing the beard, even if its length is minimal. It relieves itching.

Tip: do not be lazy to wash your beard using special products: conditioners, balms, oils. They will make the hair softer and more obedient.

During this period, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor the shape of the beard, gradually giving it the right look. As the stubble grows, trim it on the sides so that the main “weight” of the beard is added around the chin. In this case, the Adam's apple should be open, you will have to shave your neck regularly. Do not forget to cut the hair under the lower lip, this will give accuracy to your appearance.

Tip: facial hair absorbs and retains odors well. Do you want extra problems? After eating, wash your face thoroughly and purchase a special hair fixer with a pleasant fragrance.

Choose a beard shape

Already at this stage, it is worth deciding on the shape of a beard, which will help you create your unique style. So, the surest way is to focus on the type of person, but do not forget about fashion favorites, because not every form is now in trend.

For men with an oval face, almost any form of beard is suitable. But remember that the oval is considered the standard, it is the owners of other face shapes who strive to come closer with the help of a beard and hairstyle. Therefore, having an oval face, do not violate its contours with an angular or too elongated beard. The best choice is the so-called medium length Hollywood beard. Her characteristic features are a completely closed chin, rounded soft contours, the absence of whiskers, and the presence of a mustache.

Men with an elongated shape of the face should combine a beard with a mustache. Clear horizontal lines in the middle of the face will make it visually shorter and give harmony. As you probably already guessed, you should not try to grow a long beard. This will only enhance the effect of the elongation of the face.

Chubby men, by contrast, should avoid mustaches and whiskers. The main task of facial hair is to stretch it visually. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to a beard in the form of a trapezoid, for example, an Anchor shape narrowed downwards or a beard with the funny name Duck Tail.

Holders of a triangular face should opt for a short, but magnificent, voluminous beard. She is able to hide a pointed chin and harmonize the proportions of the face as much as possible. A great option is Garibaldi's beard. This is perhaps the most trendy shape, having a rounded base, combining perfectly with a thick mustache. Another interesting shape is the French fork. Its feature is a split base, like the teeth of a French fork. And, of course, no goatee or goatee. This is not just a bad choice, it is absolutely taboo!

How to trim a beard yourself?

Do you want it to be like in the song: “But he is so beautiful with a beard ...”? Then you have to carefully monitor the appearance and maintain the shape of the vegetation on the chin. Ideal if you have the opportunity to use the services of a barber. But their own efforts will give a good result. Your faithful assistant will be a trimmer with various nozzles.

Tip: first attempts to use a trimmer should be unhurried and extremely careful. One wrong move and six months of work will go down the drain.

If you cut your beard on your own, be sure to get good hairdressing scissors with sharp blades. When giving the desired shape to the vegetation on the chin, never cut a lot at once. Cut a few millimeters, constantly combing your hair and pulling it to the side. Cut hairs only when dry!

What if the beard does not grow?

As we already mentioned at the very beginning of the article, up to a certain age, the representatives of the stronger sex do not grow a beard. The first vegetation on the young man's face is more like a fluff, and it can appear at the age of 14-16 years.

Note: it is interesting that nationality affects the density and timing of the appearance of vegetation on the chin of a young man. So, representatives of the southern peoples have observed rapid growth of facial hair, and at the age of 15, most guys already have shaving foam and a machine tool. But representatives of the Eastern Slavs begin to shave their faces by the age of 18-19 years.

If, after 18-20 years, the guy does not have a beard, it is worth checking the level of hormones and the health status of the body as a whole. To do this, you need a doctor's consultation.

In cases when there is vegetation on the chin, but the beard does not grow at the desired speed or has insufficient density, it can be stimulated to grow. You can speed up the process by acting on the body from the inside and outside.

Correct daily routine

Hair growth, including on the face, depends on the health status of the body as a whole. Negative effects on it can be lack of sleep, stress, a sedentary lifestyle.

Regular exercise can help grow a beard, no matter how ridiculous it may sound at first glance. The growth of bristles on the face depends on the production of the hormone testosterone, which sports can stimulate the synthesis of. At the same time, nerve stress reduces the level of testosterone in the blood due to the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Balanced diet

Improper nutrition, unbalanced diet, lack of fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products in the daily menu will inevitably lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. This, in turn, will negatively affect the condition of the hair, including the face.

Vitamins necessary for hair growth:

  • biotin (vitamin B7): present in nuts, beef, egg yolks, shrimp,
  • vitamin A: found in carotene form in orange and red vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, apricots, pumpkin,
  • Vitamin C: in large quantities is present in citrus fruits, rosehips, sea buckthorn, all varieties of cabbage,
  • Vitamin E: found in nuts, olives, avocados, oatmeal, spinach, dried apricots,
  • Vitamin B9: eat in seeds, peanuts, parsley, cod liver, legumes.

For a healthy appearance and rapid growth of hair on the chin, it is important to enrich your diet with products containing not only vitamins, but also trace elements. Zinc, calcium and iron must be ingested in sufficient quantities, especially if you decide to grow a beard.

Synthetic Vitamins for Hair Growth

If the vegetation on the chin is in no hurry to grow, it is possible that there are not enough vitamins with food in the body, or their absorption is disturbed. It is worth consulting with a doctor regarding the intake of vitamin complexes. There are many drugs, the composition of which is specially selected to stimulate the growth and strengthening of hair. Perfectifil, Pantovigar, Evalar, Merz, Revalid tablets will help grow faster on facial hairs.

Choose tools that accelerate the growth of bristles

On sale you can find special products for the growth of a lush beard. Initially, most of them were designed to accelerate hair growth on the head, but with the popularity of lush beards, these drugs began to be used to make hairs on the chin grow. Their main component is minoxidil. The substance dilates blood vessels and enhances blood circulation at the site of application. Due to this, oxygen and nutrients more actively enter the hair follicles, and the hair begins to grow faster. In addition, minoxidil is able to awaken the hair follicles in the latent phase. Due to this, hairs begin to grow where previously they were not.

Popular remedies with minoxidil:

  • Alerana spray 5% - is a medicine, is applied twice a day to the surface of the skin, it is not necessary to wash off the product, the price is about 700 rubles,
  • Regein Lotion 5% - the drug is hypoallergenic, odorless, used twice a day, designed specifically for men, the cost is around 1,500 rubles,
  • Generolon spray - when using the drug, the hairs begin to grow actively after about a month, at first they are thin, but over time their thickness increases, the price of the product is about 600 rubles.

Important: drugs with minoxidil are sold in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, however, it is worth consulting a specialist before starting treatment, since using them may develop side effects, including skin allergic reactions, swelling of the soft tissues of the face, headaches, jumps pressure.

Folk remedies to accelerate the growth of bristles

Affordable and safe means such as nutritious oils can make bristles grow faster. The most popular - burdock, but a good effect will give olive, linseed and almond oil. They can be used in pure form, rubbing the chin and cheeks into the skin. Before applying the oil, you need to hold it a little in the palms of your hands to warm up to a temperature that is comfortable for the skin. An hour after application, the remaining oil is washed off with warm water.

Important: use oils that affect the growth of the beard, you need no more than 2-3 times a week. If you overdo it, you can clog the hair follicles and impair the nutrition of the hairs, because of which they will stop growing at all.

Why not try making oil-based masks that enhance blood circulation? You can add a little ground cinnamon, dry mustard powder or red pepper to the oil. But before applying the self-prepared mixture to the skin of the face, it is better to first conduct a test on the hand. The fact is that if you go too far with the amount of the “burning” component, you may encounter redness of the skin, and possibly even burn it. And in no case do not apply the product on damaged skin! With carelessness, the use of folk recipes can have a bad outcome!

The simplest folk method that can make bristles grow is washing with ice water. Low temperatures stimulate a rush of blood to the tissues, due to which the nutrition of the hair follicles improves, and this positively affects the growth of the beard.

As you can see, growing a beautiful beard, and at the same time not being like a street homeless, is not so simple. We hope our tips will help you in such a difficult task. If you have a self-tested recipe that accelerates beard growth, why not share it in the comments?

5 fashionable mustache shape options

Consider which forms are currently the most popular. It must be said right away that it is thanks to the mustache that a special, unique individual style is formed and it is advantageous to differ among the gray crowd. Photos of haircuts can be found on the Internet, but we must not forget that the form should fit the oval of the face. In this situation, it is best to consult with a barber - this is the name of specially trained people who know everything about how to grow a beautiful and stylish antennae.

  1. Salvador Dali.
    Surely everyone knows this popular and talented artist. If earlier such a form seemed strange and comical, today it is in trend. It looks attractive both for young people and for older people. In a way, they look like a Fu Manchu mustache — and they cut it the same way. They are grown for at least six months. Two short, narrow bases, where there is a nasolabial - there is a gap. In the classic version, the mustache has tips that are bent up, but if you wish, fantasize - lay the antennae in the form of a spiral or wave.
  2. Handlebar.
    This year is extremely popular among people who consider themselves to be an informal movement, but love to look fashionable and stylish. To conquer everyone around, complement your image with a stylish hairstyle: the bangs are combed up. Outwardly, such a mustache looks like a bicycle wheel - that's why they got this name. Mustache should be thick, stack in opposite directions.The tips are left thick, while they need to be tightened up, for this special styling tools are usually used. As for the shape of the face, it is especially advantageous to look at such an elongated shape.
  3. Imperial.
    They are similar to Handlebar - this is due to the fact that both varieties appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. An ideal mustache option for young guys, as well as those older. Emphasize the subtle mental organization of their owner. The royal mustache is divided into several types: lush, wide, while they are laid smoothly, the tips are narrowed, they should clearly look up.
  4. Chevron.
    This option is more suitable for mature men. The shape is similar to a trapezoid, which has a wide base, the corners are smooth. Suitable for men who want to look brutal, but at the same time attract the admiring glances of the fair sex. Looks like a walrus type mustache, but there are some reservations: the mustache is shorter, does not go beyond the borders of the upper lip.
  5. Horseshoe.
    Already by one name it is clear how the mustache will look. Outwardly, they look like a wide horseshoe, which is turned upside down. The vegetation is dense, of medium length. It begins above the upper lip and gradually passes into wide lines that descend vertically. Finish at the base of the chin. A similar model was popular during the First World War. You can see a mustache of a similar plan with bikers.

Different shapes of mustache suit different types. Your task is to choose for yourself just such an option that will smooth out all the shortcomings of the appearance, and emphasize the advantages. Naturally, you need to take into account the style, the antennae should correspond to your views on life and the internal state of the soul.

Proper care is the key to an ideal mustache

Even the most chic mustache will look disgusting if you do not care for them. Therefore, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Mustache must not be trimmed.
  2. Comb vegetation at least once a day. This should be done in the direction from the nose, left and right. Thanks to this procedure, the antennae will lie neatly and grow in the right direction. In a specialty store, purchase a special scallop for this purpose.
  3. To make your hair beautiful, shiny - grease them with wax. Immediately after the shower, you do not need to thoroughly wipe them, leave them moist and apply a drop of wax. Just one drop is enough. After comb them.
  4. Do the styling. It sounds funny, but the mustache needs to be shaped. You can do this with your hands, using special modeling tools. If you want the mustache to curl - use the handle, it will be easier to tighten them.
  5. Regular care. Even if you managed to grow a mustache, this does not mean that they will always look perfect. In the absence of proper care, it is possible that you will look strange and untidy. Use care products regularly, wash your mustache, and wax. Apply a mixture of burdock and castor oil at night and do not forget to care for your skin.

If you have long dreamed of a long mustache, a long mustache has already been grown - we offer you instructions on how to properly wash and stack the vegetation so that it looks perfect.

  • Mustache must be washed with shampoo. But it’s not worth it - it is harmful to the skin, do this procedure every other day.
  • Apply balm - you can and should! The hair will become soft and silky.
  • Choose soap if you want a mustache to be magnificent.
  • Styling can be done with wax, gel, paste - your choice.
  • Before laying, carefully comb the vegetation. Apply a small amount of the product to your fingers - this is necessary to give a general shape. All barbers recommend applying funds only to the tips of the mustache. Bend the ends the way you want and hold them in this position for a couple of seconds.

When growing a mustache, the main thing to remember is that it will take a certain amount of time before you achieve the result you need. To maintain a beautiful and attractive mustache, you need to take care of them regularly.

Shape selection

It makes sense to turn to a professional barber - he will choose the type of beard, pots and mustache that are best suited to the shape of your skull and style. You can also download a special program from the Internet that allows you to "try on" different types of beards on your face online. You need to focus, as mentioned above, on the shape of the face and cheekbones and your image.

  1. An elongated, thin face - a lush beard will help smooth out angular features, almost any shape will do, ph only it is better to refuse a too long, wedge-shaped beard.
  2. Square cheekbones - and in this case, on the contrary, you need to strive for a wedge-shaped beard, then visually the face will look more proportional.
  3. Round face - a beard with a square or triangular edge is recommended. Rounded edges are contraindicated.

Tip: Please note that in some companies dense facial hair is not welcome. Therefore, once again weigh that the priority is a beard like a lumberjack or a career and a good salary.

Rules for care during growing

Take care of the beard from the first weeks. It’s too early to trim and shampoo it. But the skin will itch when the hairs reach a length of 1.5-2 cm. You can relieve itching with moisturizing oils and lotions. Alcohol-containing products must be completely discarded. It also does not hurt to remove scarves and sweaters with a collar, additionally rubbing the skin.

Correct and crop

For these purposes, a special machine or trimmer is purchased. You will also need scissors, a comb with frequent teeth and, possibly, a dangerous razor. And also the skills of wielding with all these tools. You still have to learn, since you need to take care of the beard regularly. But at first you can turn to specialists and take master classes from them.

What is important to do: trim the hairs on the sides, creating the desired shape, and free the neck in the Adam's apple and below. The emphasis is on creating volume in the chin area. Hair under the lower lip, growing untidy shred, you must immediately take control and regularly cut.

We focus on the edges

You can start this process starting from 2-3 months of growing a beard, when the hairs are already long enough, they can be washed, combed and laid. It is believed that this time was enough to master the skills of using a trimmer, training on yourself, friends, brothers, and indoor dogs. If this does not happen, it is better to turn to the barber. Otherwise, there is a high risk of spoiling everything that grew so hard.

Recommendation: the most modern trimmer models are equipped with a laser and backlight. Thanks to such chips, it is possible to correct the beard without problems even in a poorly lit place, and the risk of cutting the excess is reduced to zero - just focus on the laser mark.

Shade the lines

If your facial hair is not very dense by nature, then you can leave the lines on your cheeks natural, no matter how. And make sure that individual hairs do not creep out over the designated limits. If the bristles grow densely and abundantly, then the area of ​​the cheeks must be freed. Otherwise, you will soon look like a participant in the Arab liberation movement - do not be surprised if they start asking you for documents in the subway and inviting them to search the back room. Long hairs are cleaned with a machine or trimmer, the remains are shaved with a razor.

Reasons why a beard does not grow

Sometimes it happens that you are doing everything right, but still your beard does not grow - at least the way you wanted. Bristle breaks through the islands, grows unevenly, only on one side. Or it even crawls out and forms bald spots. What to do in this case? True, find out why this happens. There may be several reasons.

Health problems

All chronic diseases, metabolic disorders affect hair growth in general, not only on the face, but also on the head and body. Therefore, first of all, make an appointment with a doctor and take tests. In any case, this will only be beneficial, because it is about your health. You need to visit a therapist and a dermatologist, you may need to consult other specialized specialists.


The question, of course, refers more generally to the state of the body, but if you are very confused with the question, then you should pay attention to stress.

From him - all the problems in life, an indisputable fact. If you are constantly in a state of stress, process and lack of sleep, you have problems in your personal life, do not be surprised that the beard does not want to grow. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired result, get rid of stress and negativity is a prerequisite.

How to do it? There are several ways:

  • take a vacation, rest and sleep,
  • buy mild sedative pills
  • engage in meditation.

What else can be done: quit smoking cigarettes and pay attention to diets. Neither starvation, nor overeating fatty and acute do not contribute to the growth of stubble on the face. What must be in the diet is meat and fish, dairy products, nuts and greens. It is important to play sports: during physical activity, metabolism is accelerated and the hormone testosterone responsible for hair growth is released.


Everything is more complicated here, because you won’t be especially able to deal with genes. If none of your relatives has ever had thick hair on their heads and bodies, then you most likely will not appear on their own. Need help - first use vitamin supplements and folk remedies. If you want a quick result, Minoxidil will help (I made a description of it below in the article). And if it doesn’t help, consult a doctor. The most radical way to solve the problem is to transplant hair follicles. But it is probably easier to give up the desired image of Hemingway and be content with smoothly shaven cheeks.

What to do if the beard does not grow

You passed the tests, and found out that everything is fine with health (although such a result is rare these days, there will certainly be a couple of not-so-terrible, but neglected, sores). found out that with genetics, too, everything is in order by interviewing relatives. It's time to move on to action: you need to help the beard grow faster and denser. How to achieve this at home?


Minoxidil is a proven tool for growing beards and mustaches. This drug can be bought in pharmacies in various forms:

  • tablets and capsules for internal use,
  • foams and sprays for daily rubbing,
  • shampoos and beard washing gels.

Using this tool is very simple. Tablets just take 1-2 pieces every day. Oils, sprays and shampoos are also used every day, according to the instructions. It is not worth exceeding the dosage and frequency of use - it will not be faster, but allergies and irritation can be earned. Consulting a doctor does not hurt.

Minoxidil! this is MOST EFFECTIVE means. I use it myself.
And ordering a remedy is better here than running around pharmacies. I arrived in Vladivostok in 3 days. In Moscow or Novosibirsk, they will probably be delivered in a day.
Quality is on top. This store is not big, it deals only with Minoxidil, so the price is “tasty” and frequent discounts skip. In general, I recommend.

Vitamin therapy

Those trace elements that you get from food are clearly not enough, so you should look for a suitable vitamin complex. Necessary substances to you:

  • biotin or vitamin H,
  • fish oil or vitamins E and D,
  • B vitamins,
  • magnesium and calcium.

You can buy all the drugs separately and drink a handful of capsules and tablets. But it’s easier and more convenient to choose one complex supplement. Here I wrote in detail about vitamins.

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