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Leg hair falling out - a sign of illness?

Every third man at a young age suffers from hair loss today, so this kind of problem is especially studied by medical specialists. But what if hair loss is observed not only on the head, but also in some parts of the body? Only an experienced trichologist knows, for example, why hair falls on the legs of men, in connection with the established reasons, the course of therapy is also determined.

In fact, the rare vegetation on the legs or its absence causes serious psychological discomfort to the man. Doctors say that sparse hair on the lower extremities can be both a physiological feature and a consequence of disorders within the body. Therefore, the problem must be identified by characteristic signs, and then examined in the clinic and follow the instructions of a specialist.

External causes

Patients who have recently suffered severe burns may notice that their legs begin to fall out. This phenomenon occurs due to damage to the hair follicles in the injured area. Deposition is observed only on the burned surface, and does not affect other areas. With damage to the hair follicles, the chances of restoring the hairline are negligible. Will have to put up with the lack of hair on the legs until the end of life.

Among other natural factors:

  1. Constant friction caused by wearing tight clothing - tight trousers, stockings, tights, thermal underwear. In this case, the loss is temporary and is observed mainly in the cold season. Due to contact with dense tissue, especially synthetic, the skin becomes dry and the hair becomes brittle. After a seasonal change of wardrobe, they will grow again without any treatment.
  2. Vitamin deficiency. Various vitamin deficiencies can also provoke loss, but it will be observed throughout the surface of the body. If you not only have hair loss on your legs, but also the first signs of alopecia have appeared, you should review your diet or choose a vitamin and mineral complex.
  3. Taking certain medications or a reaction to cosmetics. In this case, the problem is a special case of allergic dermatitis. Drugs from the group of steroidal anabolics, hormonal contraceptives, anticoagulants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants have an increased allergenicity. After eliminating the provoking factor, it will disappear on its own.

Contrary to popular belief, old age is not a natural cause of this problem. Nevertheless, the thinning of the cover may be indirectly associated with it - due to metabolic disorders, poor circulation, or dryness of dehydrated skin.

Reasons why hair loss occurs?

A big mistake is the perception of hair as an indicator of aesthetic beauty, since in reality it is an indicator of the condition of the hair. Any negative changes inside the body and aggressive external factors lead to hair loss, slow growth, their fragility and dullness. And only after healing the root cause, you can restore the normal condition of the hairline.

The reasons for the loss of hair on the legs can actually be several at once, for example:

  1. Hair injury by pulling, erasing, or breaking off hair. Close trousers made of strong and coarse fabrics can lead to such consequences.
  2. Lack of vitamins and minerals, especially ritinoids (B vitamins), zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. In the off-season, it is better to drink a course of vitamins, for example, Hair Expert, Complivit, Alphabet, Perfect.
  3. Taking potent drugsfor example, antibiotics, antiparasitic agents, antidepressants or immunosuppressants.
  4. Blood sugar spikes, which leads to the development of diabetes and various consequences.
  5. Thyroid diseasethat are accompanied by hormonal disorders. It is known that hair follicles in men exhibit excessive sensitivity to androgens.
  6. Skin diseasessuch as seborrhea, dandruff, psoriasis, epidermal infections. Only after their elimination can hair growth be established.
  7. Adverse environmental conditionsfor example, living in a chemically contaminated area or working in hazardous work.

External factors that can provoke hair loss on the legs include any chemical poisoning, intoxication, contact with chemical compounds, radiation and chemotherapy. Bad habits, an improper lifestyle and harmful eating habits can also affect the hairline.

Legs hair falling out

At a time when girls are struggling with undesirable legged vegetation, guys usually perceive hairline in such parts of the body as the norm. The male body deprived of hair causes mixed feelings and usually seems completely unnatural. Therefore, unexpected baldness is alarming and even scary. Sometimes it is caused by completely natural factors, for example, all sorts of injuries.

Trite violations of the integrity of the skin and more serious injuries can lead to the fact that the hair begins to fall out or stop growing. Doctors say that even a constant compression of the skin, for example, too narrow trousers, which have recently become tightly in fashion, can become a provoking factor in such a problem. Of course, it is impossible not to notice different wounds and burns on the body, just as it is very simple to correlate them with areas of sudden loss. But the habit of squeezing into tight trousers does not lead to such pronounced violations: the hairs on the body simply break off, wear, become shorter and thinner. By the way, hair loss on the legs of men can even be caused by wearing high tight boots. But the problem at the same time has quite clearly defined boundaries.

In places of wounds and burns, hair can never grow again. But most often, hair follicles recover over time. If the cause of baldness was wearing tight clothes, then the problem is solved by a radical change in wardrobe.

Why does hair loss occur in the legs of men?

Leg baldness in men can occur both over the entire surface of the scalp and in their individual areas. In some places of baldness of the legs, redness is noticeable, and even a sensation of itching may occur.

We list the main causes of hair loss in the legs of men:

1. One of the simplest causes of hair loss on the legs may be trauma to the scalp by wiping or breaking off the hairs. This can happen when a man wears too tight trousers made of thick fabric, such as jeans. Such baldness of the legs is often noted in the winter, when men put on several pants under their trousers or when wearing coarse high boots.

When the skin on the legs dries, it is worth lubricating them at night with a nourishing or moisturizing cream. And in the summer, when the clothes will be thinner and lighter, the hair on the legs will recover on their own, without any special treatment.

2. Hair on the legs can fall out from a lack of vitamins and minerals in the male body. In this case, you should choose the right vitamin complex to strengthen your hair.
Vitamins that give a good effect of restoring damaged hair are Vitasharm, Expert Hair, Complivit, Perfect, and some others.

3. Baldness in a man’s legs can be a reaction to medications that he takes to treat a disease. He should contact his doctor and replace an unsuitable drug for him with another.

4. Another cause of leg hair loss may be unbalanced blood sugar in men. To determine this, you need to take a test for blood sugar. When sugar levels normalize, leg hair will recover on its own.

5. Thyroid disease can also cause leg hair loss. In this case, men should consult an endocrinologist. After the necessary examinations, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment. After a course of treatment and eliminating problems with the thyroid gland, the appearance of the hairline on the legs will return to normal.
After analyzing and eliminating all the possible causes of hair loss on the legs or in other words alopecia, men will be able to get rid of troubling symptoms and improve their body.

Psychological reasons

With some mental disorders, leg hair falls out in places:

  • Frequent and severe stresses provoke loss of cover not only in the calves and hips, but also over the entire surface of the body. This phenomenon is due to excessive irritation of the nerve endings. If you do not eliminate the cause of the experience, you can bald at any age in a relatively short time.
  • Hair pulling syndrome is a pathological disorder in which a person involuntarily destroys the hairline. If pulling occurs frequently, the bulbs may collapse forever.

Therapy of psychological disorders usually includes both medical treatment and conversations with a specialist.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the patient consists in consulting a trichologist, who visually assesses the condition of the hairline. Further, to determine the causes of hair loss, a series of tests are performed, namely:

  • general and biochemical blood test,
  • a blood test to determine the level of hormones,
  • ultrasound examination of internal organs to identify pathologies.

Also, with the help of laboratory tools, a specialist studies the structure of hair and their roots. In the future, additional consultation with a gastroenterologist, oncologist, endocrinologist, hematologist, cardiologist, and other specialists may be required.

Pathological causes

Sometimes the skin becomes abnormally smooth due to various health problems. Consider the possible pathological causes of hair loss in the legs of a man:

  • Hypovitaminosis. Leg hair loss can be the result of a serious lack of various nutrients (vitamins and minerals). However, in parallel, such a violation causes other health problems, in particular, a thinning of the hair on the head, skin problems, decreased immunity, etc.
  • Medicines Different medicines with potent components can cause hair loss in various parts of the body. If such a side effect occurs, you should consult your doctor and inform him about the situation.
  • Diabetes. Doctors warn that one of the atypical, but very common symptoms of diabetes is precisely the loss of hair on the legs of a man. Unfortunately, few people pay attention to him, so a call to a doctor may be late. In case of incomprehensible baldness, it will be useful to undergo a complete medical examination and donate blood for sugar. Other manifestations of diabetes mellitus include the appearance of dry mouth, the occurrence of constant thirst and rapid urination.
  • Hormonal problems. If the hair on the legs has stopped growing or they become visually very small, perhaps this indicates the development of various malfunctions in the normal level of hormones (for example, thyroid diseases). Of course, such conditions are accompanied by other disorders of well-being, but at the early stage of development, other symptoms may not be so obvious.
  • Dermatological diseases. Zonal hair loss can be a manifestation of different types of baldness (with such pathologies, hair usually affects other parts of the body), fungal infections (including lichen), dermatitis, follicular keratosis and other diseases. To find out exactly why the hair is getting smaller, the doctor can do it. Most dermatological diseases are also manifested by other symptoms, in particular, redness, rashes, itching or burning, etc.

If the hair on the legs of a man has become noticeably less, it is better not to rely on chance. Such a phenomenon can be an alarming signal of the body about any malfunctions occurring in it.

What to do if hair begins to fall out on legs

Initially, partial hair loss or complete baldness of the legs requires analysis to determine the causes. Most often, hair begins to fall out in areas due to wearing tight clothes from rough clothes. Changing underwear and clothes for a looser and softer one should trace the dynamics of changes in the hairline. In the event that the problem is not solved, you need to look for its true cause.

Often bald patches on the legs can occur due to poor nutrition, passive lifestyle and dry skin. To get rid of such an unpleasant symptom, you need to eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, E, C, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc. Dry skin needs additional moisturizing with nourishing creams, additionally consuming 1.5-3 liters of water per day. In order for the hair to receive proper nutrition, it is better to lead a mobile lifestyle.

Hand hair

Another possible area for abnormal hair loss in a man can be his hands. Unlike legs, they are exposed to more contacts with the environment, and therefore with all kinds of aggressive factors. Loss may be a reaction to:

  • Exposure to chemicals. This problem is often found in men who work in hazardous industries. Aggressive substances can act gradually, accumulating in the body. In this case, the hairs become thinner and rarer, and eventually begin to disappear. If the hair on the arm has fallen out, it will be worthwhile to think about changing activities, so as not to harm too much to your body.
  • Injuries The hair on the arms, as well as on the legs, can easily become short when wearing tight, especially synthetic clothing. Of course, their growth processes are disturbed in places of various wounds, burns, etc.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals.
  • Stress. Sometimes a severe psycho-emotional shock can cause unexpected baldness in different parts of the body.
  • Taking various medications, especially potent ones.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Dermatological ailments.

You can find out the exact reason why the hair on your hands falls out in the doctor’s office. Most likely, additional studies will be needed to make a diagnosis.

Hair Loss Treatment Depending on the Cause

If the reason is a deficiency of vitamins, the doctor selects the optimal complex depending on the individual characteristics of the body. In the presence of hormonal disorders, a course of treatment prescribed by the endocrinologist will be required. A dermatologist treats skin diseases, and special attention should be paid to blood sugar levels. In case of psychoemotional disorders, the patient may be prescribed antihistamines and sedatives.

To restore normal growth of hair on the legs, the doctor, after eliminating the causes of such a problem, may prescribe various topical preparations. It can be a means to accelerate blood flow, making hair roots better nourished. There may be remedies with herbal extracts and vitamins that treat the skin, saturate the hair roots with the necessary resources.In any case, male pattern baldness should be phased and comprehensive.

Causes of Leg Hair Loss

Leg hair loss in men can be a consequence of the following ailments:

  • trauma of the skin,
  • complex vitamin deficiency or lack of certain vitamins,
  • drug reaction
  • imbalance of sugar in the body,
  • violation of hormonal processes,
  • skin diseases
  • blood poisoning.

Each of these reasons, one way or another, affects hair growth. On the one hand, access to the substances necessary for the hairline may be closed; on the other hand, the hair follicles themselves may be affected. So there is no need to diligently think about why hair falls out on the legs.

Will folk remedies help?

If the hair falls on the scalp, causing alopecia, you can treat this disease with folk remedies only in an auxiliary way. In the case when hair loss is observed on the calves of the legs and hips, trichologists do not diagnose alopecia areata focal or androgenic, but rather diagnose the problem as a symptom of internal disturbances in the body or external aggressive effects. The main emphasis a man needs to make on his diet.

The menu should include as much plant food as possible, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Nutrition should be varied, only in this case the hair roots and follicles will be saturated with the necessary substances. To moisturize the skin and local hair nutrition, you can rub various valuable oils - olive, sea buckthorn, linseed, burdock or castor.

Skin diseases as causes of baldness

In this case, several scenarios are possible:

  • The disease finally eats up the hair follicles on the skin, which makes their further growth impossible. In this case, this area of ​​the skin will remain bald for the rest of his life.
  • In case of burns after restoration of the skin in a certain area, further hair growth also seems impossible.

To date, there is no real way to restore hairline on the skin, except for hair transplantation. Once affected, the hair follicles are extremely rarely restored and continue to grow.

Safety Rules and Prevention

In order to timely change the situation, in addition to going to the doctor and following all his instructions, a man needs to take care of the rules of prevention and safety. First of all, a man needs to reconsider his choice of shoes and clothes, as well as underwear. Clothing should be spacious of soft natural fabrics, otherwise we can talk about traumatic hair loss on the legs and impaired blood circulation.

In order to prevent recurring incidents, a man needs to undergo regular preventive examinations in the clinic, and take tests. Particular attention should be paid to the hormonal background, to determine the level of androgens it is enough just to donate blood from a vein. Normal blood circulation and nutrition of hair roots is possible only with a mobile and active lifestyle and the absence of bad habits.

Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the skin of the legs. In winter, when a man wears tight clothes, is exposed to low temperatures, does not get the right amount of vitamins from food, the skin can become dry and flaky. In this case, you need to use moisturizing cosmetics, as well as take multivitamins to treat skin, hair, and nails.

Hormonal failure due to disruption of the processes in the thyroid gland

The main cause of hair loss for a hormonal reason is a violation of the endocrine processes in the body and a lack of the male hormone testosterone. The thyroid gland simply does not produce this hormone in sufficient quantities, which is why point bald spots arise throughout the body. In the future, this can lead to complete baldness.

To get rid of this ailment, it is enough to take hormonal drugs. They have a very strong effect on processes in the body, so they should be taken with caution, after consulting with a doctor. But what is the cause of hormonal failure?

Most often, the reason is heredity. After all, the lack of hormones is primarily an ailment arising at the embryonic stage. People with such an ailment have a rare hairline throughout the body.


Only knowing for sure the causes of baldness in men, you can choose an effective course of treatment. Initially, the trichologist selects drugs that eliminate any internal disorders and pathologies that provoke hair loss. Next, a man is prescribed a diet to restore the balance of the necessary substances, vitamins can be prescribed. To consolidate the results of treatment, you need to abandon bad habits, as well as lead a healthy lifestyle.

Old age as a reason

It is a fairly common mistake that hair falls out on its own with age. Yes, many old people and old women go bald, but a fairly large number of people aged 60-70 years old have rather thick hair, which did not even change pigmentation much.

Both in youth and in old age, hair loss can be cured. To do this, it is necessary to find and cure the disease that caused the baldness of male legs.

How to stop hair loss on the legs?

Before proceeding with treatment, it is necessary to identify the cause of this ailment. If the cause is damage to the bulbs as a result of external physical effects, then most likely the matter is in the clothes worn by the man. In such cases, it is recommended to wear smoother and lighter clothing. And in other cases, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor and identify the causes.

When identifying vitamin deficiency, you should pay attention to your diet. You need to eat more wholesome food, take vitamin complexes and stay longer in the sun and outdoors. Such events help restore vitamin balance in the body, which will lead to the restoration of the process of hair growth on the legs.

If the reason is still a violation of the sugar level in the body or in hormonal abnormalities, then it is necessary to apply special treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Many men do not perceive diabetes as a serious disease and do not take proper treatment methods. While this disease has the property to influence many organic processes in the human body.

In cases where baldness of the legs is a consequence of the effects of drugs, it is enough to consult a doctor who carries out the treatment and ask to replace the drug with another.

The effects of baldness

To avoid such a development of events, one should not pay attention to the fact of the absence of hairline. Mandatory presence of leg hair is just a male stereotype. Like any other prejudices, it can be discarded and continue to live a full life.

If, however, a man’s anxiety on this basis does not stop, and treatment is impossible, then you should contact a therapist who will help to take this fact for granted and continue to live without paying attention to lack of hair.

Leg hair loss

The sudden and unreasonable, at first glance, hair loss on any part of the body is alarming and makes you listen to your own body. This time we’ll try to figure out why the hair on my legs falls out. It is worth noting that this problem is more likely male than female. After all, women tend to the lack of hair on their legs consciously.

In any case, there is a problem, and it’s worth trying to figure out the reasons for its occurrence.

According to experts in the field of dermatology, hair loss on the legs can be triggered by a number of natural causes that are not a reason for unnecessary worries and worries. A winter drop in air temperature makes us dress warmer.

At the same time, we try to choose clothes that fit most closely to the body in order to minimize the possibility of penetration of the cold. Nobody wants to feel discomfort, earn a runny nose and catch a cold. Men in this matter are no exception.

Tightly insulated underwear, pants made of thick fabric - all this contributes to wiping the hair and dry skin. The change of season, entailing a change of wardrobe, will put everything in its place.

Hair will be restored without the use of drugs and additional procedures.

Sometimes the cause of hair loss lies somewhat deeper and is caused by more serious processes. This may be an indicator of the malfunction of the pancreas, which is responsible for blood sugar levels. High sugar provokes a hormonal disruption and stops hair growth and restoration.

Fungal diseases are also able to contribute to the problem. In this case, baldness of the legs can be local or focal.

All of the above is not a reason for a serious disorder. Nervousness is not the best condition for solving this kind of problem. Most likely, it can become another cause of hair loss on the legs.

So, listen to your body, analyze the situation and proceed with corrective actions. With proper attention to oneself, success will be ensured. And do not self-medicate - this can aggravate the situation.

Contact the specialists, they will help to cope with the problem faster and more reliable.

Find out about the treatment of hair loss on the legs here.

Leg hair falling out - a sign of illness?

  • External causes
  • Psychological reasons
  • Pathological causes

When the hair on the legs falls out, do not rejoice. Despite the aesthetic appeal of the symptom, it can indicate the development of dangerous pathologies. More often than others, hair loss in this area is observed in men.

Hair as an indicator of health

Body hair is an integral attribute of a man

Most people have a purely aesthetic approach to hair. We are concerned about their appearance only because we care about our image and the opinions of other people. Well, someone doesn’t care at all, and then they cut their hair to “zero” or forget about the existence of shampoos.

In fact, any negative changes that occur with hair: loss, slow growth, split ends, grease, dandruff - this is not an accidental attack, but a regularity, an indicator that something has failed in the body. And if you do not treat the root cause, but concentrate solely on maintaining the beauty of your hair, you can miss the important point of the onset of the disease.

Consider the main alarming “bells” from the hair and their possible causes.

How to preserve leg hair

To protect your foot hair from falling out, remove thick clothing from your wardrobe that could injure your hair.

To stop hair loss on the legs, it is worth first of all to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

Eliminate clothing made of thick and heavy fabrics that could injure your hair follicles. Please note, if the hair on the legs of a man falls out only in the winter, then this is most likely connected with winter clothes.

In the spring, when changing the wardrobe, the hairs on the legs should recover on their own. In winter, you can smear your feet with nourishing cream for foot skin at night.

If you eat poorly, or in your daily diet there is a monotonous high-calorie food, then the hairs on the legs may fall out due to a lack of vitamins. In this case, it is worth drinking one of the multivitamin complexes, such as Vitasharm, Hair Expert, Perfect, or any other.

If the cause of hair loss on the legs is a high or low level of sugar in the blood, then you need to establish its level and drink a course of drugs that will help normalize this violation. With a normal amount of sugar, the amount of hair will be restored.

When the hair falls out in the summer and the sugar level is normal, you should seek the advice of an endocrinologist so that he prescribes hormone tests and prescribes the right treatment. As soon as the level of hormones returns to normal, the hair on the legs will begin to grow back.

Diabetes is the main reason for the loss

Often men are less sensitive to the main signs of diabetes and do not want to admit themselves sick, because it is the same as admitting yourself to be weak, which the stronger sex does not like. Therefore, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the full list of symptoms:

  • Dry mouth and constant thirst are signs of diabetes
    impaired metabolism,
  • dry mouth
  • constant thirst
  • frequent urination
  • sudden weight loss
  • constant hunger
  • high blood sugar
  • decreased appetite
  • the presence of sugar in the urine,
  • malaise
  • bad dream
  • fast fatiguability,
  • feeling of constant fatigue
  • irritability,
  • vision problems
  • lower potency
  • tachycardia and heart pain,
  • taste of iron in the mouth
  • reduced immunity
  • stink of acetone from my mouth
  • dry skin or, on the contrary, increased sweating,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting
  • fungal infections of the genitals,
  • low body temperature.

Most of these symptoms are perceived by patients as ordinary prolonged food poisoning or heart problems. As a result, many people self-medicate and lose precious time and health. And only when the men begin to lose hair on their legs, or too many symptoms overlap, they go to the doctor.


If a woman does not have hair on her legs, then this is taken for granted and symbolizes that this woman is all right with female hormones.

If the hair does not grow on the legs of a man, then he is considered effeminate and many consider this a bad sign. And all of them, of course, are right, since an adult of the stronger sex with “bald” legs has definitely problems with hormones, or rather, too much estrogen.

This problem should be solved exclusively with an endocrinologist, since it is simply stupid to drink hormonal drugs on your own.

Very rarely it happens that the hair on the legs of a man simply does not grow, but this is a huge rarity. Such an anomaly is due to genetic abnormality, but this does not mean that such men have low potency.

The presence of thick hair on the legs of men is always a signal that they are healthy sexually.

Some women pay attention to the presence of hair on male legs, as this says a lot not only about health, but also about the man’s lifestyle.

For example, athletes often deliberately get rid of leg hair for greater aesthetics, as well as for better airflow. Without hair on their feet, photos of the model and the heroes of the series also go.

But the average men are in no hurry to follow their example, because they are already comfortable walking with natural hairline.

Are there any folk remedies?

The only thing that doctors recommend for hair loss is balanced and proper nutrition.

Traditional healers have come up with natural cures for many ailments, but hair loss on the legs of men is not one of them. The only thing that the wizards recommend is to eat right and balanced, because this is how hair follicles will receive vitamins in the quantity they need and will function more actively.

If your legs begin to fall out and there are other ailments, then you must go to the local therapist to undergo an examination and undergo general tests to exclude serious illnesses.

1. Body hair begins to grow in the womb

The first thing that men should know about body hair is that they begin to grow before birth.

Of course, it’s quite difficult to imagine a cute little hairy man in the womb, but by the time the baby is born, he is losing some of his first body hair, called lanugo. These small and very thin hairs cover almost the entire body of the baby.

In some babies who are born prematurely, you can see how the fluff covers their entire body, but do not worry, as they eventually disappear.

2. There are three different types of body hair

Lanugo is the first type of hair that appears, behind which there are soft, thin, colorless hairs called fluffy hair. Cannon hair is not attached to the subcutaneous tissue or sebaceous glands.

They are the exact opposite of another type of hair - core hair, which appears during adolescence.

They are much tougher, attached to the subcutaneous tissue and sebaceous glands, which contributes to the appearance of body odor.

3. Most women prefer naturally but gently

In cold weather, body hair helps to retain heat, and in hot time, as we sweat, body hair helps absorb moisture from the skin, cooling us

What do women think about the hair on a man’s body? At different times, women had different attitudes to men's hairiness, but this was always considered socially acceptable.

In Western culture, women themselves are expected to be flawlessly smooth when it comes to any vegetation on the body. However, surveys of women revealed that many would not mind that men also put themselves in order, although in most cases their requirements are much more modest.

We can say that shaving the hair on the legs, arms and armpit is too risky. Regarding the hair on the chest, women are divided into two opposite camps: for some, it turns on a lot, while others prefer smooth breasts.

As for the hair on the back, although women are ready to put up with this, they do not mind seeing at least attempts to pacify excessive hairiness.

4. Each hair is protected by the smallest glands

As mentioned, with the onset of adolescence, men lose most of their cannon hair, and they are replaced by rod hair. This thickened hair is protected by the sebaceous glands or glands that produce sebum. It protects the skin and hair follicles from bacteria. This is a positive side. However, the bacteria decompose, which causes body odor.

5. We exchanged body hair for fat

There is an interesting hypothesis regarding the relationship between body hair and body fat. People began to lose their wool as they acclimatized to living near the sea. The less hair was on the human body, the easier it was for him to swim and fish, and a large amount of adipose tissue helped offset the loss of protective heat.

6. Body hair plays two main roles

For the most part, people have evolved in such a way that they do not need body hair to survive, but they still have several basic functions. In cold weather, the hair on the body helps to retain heat, and in hot times, as we sweat, the hair on the body helps absorb moisture from the skin, cooling us.

7. The amount of body hair associated with intelligence

According to one American psychiatrist, the more hair you have on your body, the smarter you are. In 1996, in his study, Dr. Aikarakudy Alias ​​stated that chest hair is more common among doctors and highly educated people.

When comparing the academic successes of students, they found that hairy men had higher grades, and some of the smartest men also had dense vegetation on their backs. However, everyone who was born with smooth breasts should not be upset, because among smart men there are also many “hairless” ones, including Albert Einstein.

8. Body hair has muscles

Your body hair actually has muscle cells. You could observe this when the effect of goose bumps or goosebumps that run through the skin occurs. The smooth muscles of the hair follicles contract under certain conditions, such as exposure to cold, with fear or pleasure, and the hair rises. This reflex is called a pilo erection.

9. In summer, body hair grows faster.

According to Brian Thompson, an American hair specialist, body hair actually grows a little faster in spring and summer.

Why it happens? There are suggestions that this is due to a faster metabolism during these months.

In any case, faster growth concerns androgenic hair, that is, hair on the head and hair that is affected by hormones.

10. Sexual attraction comes from body hair

It is the hair on the body, and not on the head, that serves as a method of attracting the opposite sex. So pubic hair and hair in the armpit hold and contribute to the drying of the special hormones secreted by our body so that they soar in the air and reach the sense of smell of the opposite sex.

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